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The signs and symptoms of acute leukemia in children depends on how much of the child’s healthy bone marrow cells have been taken over by leukemia cells, as well as whether or not the leukemia cells have clustered together in other organs—also called extramedullary sp.儿童急性白血病的症状和体征取决于白血细胞取代多少骨髓细胞,以及白血细胞是否在其他器官里面会产生堆积,也称为髓外蔓延。Most children will display signs (listed below) that the leukemia cells in their marrow are interfering with the production of healthy red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.大多数孩子都将显示一些迹象(下面列出),在骨髓里面的白血病细胞正干扰健康的红细胞、白细胞和血小板的产生。Don#39;t forget that many of these symptoms are also signs of more benign conditions.别忘了,这些症状很多都是以更良性的迹象开始。1) Anemia (low red blood cells)1)贫血(低的红细胞)When the leukemia cells in the child’s marrow crowd out the production of red blood cells, this may lead to a condition called anemia. In anemia, there are too few red blood cells available to carry oxygen around to the tissues of the body. If your child is anemic, they may be more tired or weaker than usual, look pale, or become short of breath easily.当孩子骨髓里的白血细胞排斥红细胞的产生时,这可能会导致贫血的状况。在贫血症状中,红细胞运输到身体其他组织时携带的氧气太少。如果你的孩子是贫血,他们可能会比平常更累或更弱、脸色苍白或者容易产生呼吸急促。2) Thrombocytopenia (low platelets)2)血小板减少(低的血小板)If the bone marrow becomes too overcrowded by leukemia cells to produce normal numbers of platelets, a condition called thrombocytopenia occurs. In thrombocytopenia, too few platelets are available to help the blood form clots. Your child may bruise or bleed very easily.如果骨髓里的白血细胞太多,会对正常血小板数量的产生有影响,那么这种状况称为血小板减少症。血小板减少症、血小板太少不利于血液形成凝块,你的孩子可能很容易擦伤或流血。3) Frequent Infections3)频繁感染The white blood cells that are over-produced in leukemia are abnormal and to not fight infection.在白血病中,白细胞的过多产生是不正常的,而且不能对抗感染。You may notice your child has been getting a lot of fevers and infections that they can’t seem to fight off.你可能会注意到你的孩子得了发烧和感染时,他们似乎无法抵抗。4) Bone or Joint Pain4)骨头或关节疼痛As the marrow in the center of the child’s bones becomes crowded and full of leukemia cells, they may complain of pain in their bones or joints, or you may notice they are limping or walking abnormally.随着孩子骨骼中心的骨髓变得拥堵和白血病细胞的充斥,他们会感到骨头或关节疼痛,或者你可能会注意到他们正一瘸一拐的行走。译文属 /201612/483555Shehuo in Modern China当今中国的社火In recent years,with the improvement of people#39;s living condition and the increase of international economic and cultural exchange, shehuo, as a special flavor of Chinese culture, tend to be more popular. Combined with advanced light and sound effect technology,shehuo is more varied in content and spectacular in scene. Shehuo not only displays traditional Chinese culture but also flavor to people#39;s happy life.近年来,随着人们生活水平的提高和国际经济文化交流的增加,社火,作为中国文化的一种特殊的风情,变得比以往更受欢迎。结合先进的声光效应技术,社火在内容上更为丰富和有更为壮观的景象。社火不仅展示了中国传统文化,而且也是人们的幸福生活的风味。 /201611/474531Here are some signs your friendship might actually be emotional infidelity.这些迹象表明你们的感情正处于精神出轨状态。1. You feel like you have to instinctively hide your texts from your partner1. 本能的,你觉得不能让另一半看你的信息If you get a message from That Person and your immediate movement is crouching over so your back is facing your partner, or turning away from them in bed, there’s something up. Wanting privacy is normal, but doing James Bond-level maneuvering to make sure they don’t see that this person just sent you five texts is a red flag.如果收到了“那个人”的信息,你会立马蹲下来,这样你就不用面对你的另一半了,或者在床上转身背对着她们,那么肯定有猫腻。想有隐私十分正常,但如果你做出了詹姆斯#8226;邦德的高难度行为以确保另一半不会看到“那个人”给你发的五条信息,那这就是(精神出轨的)危险信号了。2. You lose track of time talking to That Person2. 和“那个人”聊天时,你完全忘了时间You find yourself falling behind at work due to an endless game of emoji tennis over Gchat, and sometimes, if they text you while you’re with your partner, you get so absorbed that you don’t notice your actual bae has been silently staring at their brunch for 15 minutes now. You’re not one to get so tied to your phone, but when That Person’s involved, a lit-up phone screen might as well be a blaring siren.你发现自己和那个人用Gchat玩网球表情的游戏,而且根本停不下来,因此工作进度落后,有时候,如果你和另一半在一起的时候收到那个人的信息,你会完全沉醉于和她聊天,根本注意不到你的对象已经盯着早午餐长达15分钟了。你并不是一个手机控,但涉及“那个人”时,也许手机的闪亮屏也鸣响了警笛。3. You go a little out of your way to hang out with That Person3. 和“那个人”在一起的时候,你特别殷勤It’s natural that when you start dating someone, spending time with all of your friends, as much as you want to see them, might require some extra effort and scheduling. But with That Person, you are eager to squeeze in a happy hour when you’re dead tired, or jump at the opportunity to make plans with them the moment your S.O. has to work late. You marvel at your newfound penchant for making plans, even if you really only make the effort for them.当你开始约会,又要与自己的朋友相处时,尽管你想要见他们,可能还需要再花点心思、另作安排,这很正常。但是在面对“那个人”时,就算你累的要死,你还是很愿意挤出一个小时和她开心相伴,或者只要你的另一半不得不加班,你就会抓住机会计划与“那个人”独处。你会对自己制定计划的新趋势感到惊叹不已,即使你只愿意为那个人花心思。4. You never want to invite your S.O. when you’re hanging out with That Person4. 当你和“那个人”在外面的时候,你从未想过邀请你的另一半If you do bring your partner along, you end up feeling like this time would’ve felt more meaningful without them. Of course, space in a relationship is vital for both parties, but if the idea of your boyfriend or girlfriend joining in makes you incredibly anxious, that’s a sign that you either can’t bring them anywhere (which is an entirely separate issue) or you just don’t want them getting in the way of your one-on-one time with That Person. Honestly, it’s a red flag either way.如果你的确带了另一半,那你最后肯定会想要是没带她来,肯定会更有意思。当然,对于恋爱中的男女双方来说,空间十分重要,但如果你的男朋友或女朋友加入了你们的聚会会让你感到尤为焦虑,那这就表明:要么你哪儿都不能带他们去(这完全是另一个问题),要么就是你不想让他/她阻碍了你与那个人的一对一时间。说实话,不管怎样,这都是一个危险信号。译文属 /201611/476614

1. You haven’t found the right workout1.你还没找到合适的锻炼Barre. Crossfit. Yoga. Running. Pilates.扶手杠。体能训练。瑜伽。跑步。普拉提。There are more workout options than ever these days, and it can be pretty overwhelming choosing one. How do you know which one’s right for you? What if you shell out for a membership at a yoga studio and then find that you hate it? It’s easy to feel like you’re doing something wrong when your BFF has found her fitness love and you’re still confused.现在比以前的运动形式选择要多多了,但是要选择一种还是很有压力的。你如何知道哪种运动形式适合你呢?如果你花钱在瑜伽馆买了一张会员卡,然后发现自己讨厌瑜伽,该怎么办呢?当你发现你最好的朋友已经找到了她最喜欢的健身运动,而且还很困惑的时候,你会很容易感觉自己做错了事情。If you haven’t found the right workout for you, then, of course, you’ll hate working out. Anyone would. Spend some time trying different classes and don’t stress about it. You can try Class Pass and you won’t have to empty your entire bank account. Eventually, you’ll find your perfect fit. It just might not happen overnight.如果你还没找到适合你的运动,那么当然你会讨厌锻炼。任何人都会的。花时间尝试不同的健身课程,而且你不会感觉压力很大。你可以尝试自由类课程,这样你就不会花光你账户里面所有的钱了。最后,你会找到适合你的最好的健身方式。只不过这不会一晚上就能找到。2. Walking counts2.走路也算是一种运动Studies show that walking is actually an amazing form of exercise, which should be music to your exercise-hating ears. Experts generally agree that walking for half an hour every day will do the most good health-wise. You’ll be fit, and as an added bonus, you won’t suffer from insomnia.研究发现走路实际上是一种很惊人的锻炼形式,就像是音乐对于讨厌运动的耳朵一样。专家普遍认为每天散步半个小时会对你的健康大有好处。你会很健康,而且额外的福利就是,你就不会遭受失眠困扰了。The best way to get some steps in? Walk to and from work. Walk at lunch. Go for an after-dinner stroll around your neighborhood. You can even get up an hour earlier and go for a nice walk before your a.m. commute.最好的开始方式?走路去上班和下班。走路去吃饭。晚饭过后,在社区周围散步。你甚至可以早起床一个小时,在你早晨通勤之前好好散散步。3. Rest is important3.休息很重要We’re starting to see a shift in our modern society. While we used to say that hustle was literally everything and sleep was for the dead, we’re starting to realize that rest and relaxation are equally great.我们在现代社会看到了倒班制度。虽然我们以前经常说忙碌简直就是一切,睡觉时死人才需要的,然而现在我们开始发现休息和放松也同样很重要。 /201702/493425

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