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富阳治疗宫颈糜烂要多少钱杭州市富阳区第三人民医院网上预约富阳哪个医院做无痛人流 Fred: So, Shibika, weve been talking about your accident and how this has changed your life and how you spent almost a month in bed, so how did that month in bed change your daily routine, like, did you experience any trouble brushing your teeth at night? Was it hard for you to eat? Was it hard for you to go to the bathroom? What? How was that?弗雷德:史毕卡,我们之前聊了你发生的车祸,还有车祸对你生活的改变以及你怎样在床上度过了一个月的时间,那你卧床休息的那一个月对你的日常生活造成了影响吗?你晚上刷牙时有没有遇到问题?你吃饭和上厕所是不是也很困难?当时的情况怎么样?Shibika: Right. Every bit of it. Every bit of it changed because, like you use your hands to do everthing, you know, in your daily routine, from sleeping to eating to everything, so basically, yeah, and it was initially it was really frustrating because for everything, even while getting up from bed, to going to the bathroom as you said, or eating by yourself, I needed help. I needed assistance. But then I just tried to do it by myself because its not like to call my mom, or call somebody for every small pain you know, to help me, so I tried to do it by myself or I used to use my left hand while doing it, so it was interesting, rather and I developed new hobbies because I had to be in bed the whole time so I couldnt really go out so I started ing. I picked up ing.史毕卡:对。所有事都有问题。一切都改变了,因为像睡觉、吃饭等在日常生活中做的每件事都需要用手,一开始的时候我非常沮丧,如你所说,像起床、睡觉、去卫生间等所有的事情我都不能自己完成,我需要别人的帮助,我需要帮助。不过之后,我开始尝试自己去做所有的事,因为不能因为一点点小痛苦就给妈妈或其他人打电话,让他们来帮助我,所以我尝试自己做所有的事,尝试使用左手,我发现那很有趣,而且我开发了新的兴趣,那段时间我要卧床休息,我不能出门,所以我开始看书。我重新开始了阅读。Fred: Really, what kind of hobbies?弗雷德:真的吗,哪种爱好?Shibika: Yeah, exactly, like ing. I used to a lot and then I used to play games a lot. I got really hooked after that, so I used to play games and watch movies and stuff. Activities that did not require a lot of effort.史毕卡:就像读书这样的爱好。我以前经常看书,玩游戏。之后我上瘾了,所以开始玩游戏、看电影,做一些不需要太多精力的活动。Fred: Ok, ok. Wow, that is really great. So, on a daily routine, so for, could you eat your food at the same time, like breakfast, lunch, dinner? Could you eat regular food?弗雷德:好,哇,那真是不错。那你那段时间的早午晚餐和平常的饮食一样吗?Shibika: Yeah. I could eat regular food, but I had to eat it from my left hand. I had to brush my teeth from the other hand, and like anything, I couldnt really move one hand completely. It was tied to a sling that was tied across my neck so, I couldnt move that hand at all, and if anything required both my hands, like if I had to wash my face or something I had to ask my mom to do it for me.史毕卡:一样。我和平常吃的一样,就是我要用左手吃饭。还要用左手刷牙,做所有事都要用平常不用的那只手。医生在我脖子上绕了吊腕带,我的右手完全不能动,所以像洗脸这种需要两只手完成的事情,我就会找我妈妈帮我。Fred: So how long did it take you to heal?弗雷德:你用了多长时间痊愈?Shibika: It took me a month and a half to actually be you know allowed... after a month and a half the plaster was opened and the sling was taken out and then I could actually move the hand. But after that, also the doctor advised me not to pick up any heavy luggage or not to put any strain on the hand.史毕卡:大概一个半月,一个半月之后拆掉了石膏,解掉了吊腕带,然后我的右手就能动了。不过医生建议我拆掉石膏以后不能提重行李,也不能给右手施加压力。Fred: So, still today do you still have any constraints from your accident?弗雷德:那直到今天,那场车祸仍会制约你的活动吗?Shibika: Not really constraints, but sometimes, like I can not go to the gym and I cant exercise the hands, or sometimes I forget that that hand was injured so I cant really put a lot of weight on that hand still.史毕卡:不算是制约,就是我不能去健身房,不能做手部锻炼,有时我会忘记我的手受过伤,还会用右手提重东西。Fred: Im really glad that youre healthier now and that you can start living your life normally.弗雷德:我很高兴你现在很健康,你可以开始正常生活了。Shibika: Thank you, Fred. Thank you, so much.史毕卡:谢谢你,弗雷德。非常谢谢你。译文属 /201603/430861杭州市富阳地区区第三人民医院做药物流产多少钱

富阳包皮过长治疗费用Two of Finn and Feifeis colleagues are having an argument. Finn asked Feifei who started the argument. Which expression did Feifei use in her answer? What does her expression mean?芬恩和菲菲的同事起了争执。芬恩问菲菲是谁挑起的事端。菲菲在回答时用了什么表达方式?她用的短语是什么意思?Finn: Hello, Im Finn.芬恩:大家好,我是芬恩。Feifei: Hi, Im Feifei. Sorry Im late — Peter and Dave are having an argument in the kitchen. I was trying to calm them down.菲菲:大家好,我是菲菲。抱歉,我迟到了,彼得和戴夫在厨房吵起来了。我刚才试图让他们冷静下来。Finn: Oh, really? What are they arguing about?芬恩:哦,真的吗?他们在吵什么?Feifei: Something about who spilled the milk — it was getting very heated.菲菲:到底是谁弄洒了牛奶,他们吵得不可开交。Finn: Oh, no. Who started the argument?芬恩:哦不。是谁挑起的事端?Feifei: Hmm, I dont really know, I think its six of one, half a dozen of the other.菲菲:嗯,这个我不清楚,我想两个人都有错吧。Finn: Good expression, Feifei.芬恩:菲菲,这个表达方式用得好。Feifei: Thank you, Finn. I learnt this phrase just the other day. I think I can use it in this situation, cant I?菲菲:谢谢你,芬恩。我也是那天学到的这个短语。我想可以用来形容这个状况,对吧?Finn: Yes, indeed you can. We normally use six of one, half a dozen of the other when we think there is very little difference between two choices. We also use it when two people are equally responsible for something. Now, lets hear some examples.芬恩:对,当然可以。我们认为两种选择之间的差异很少时通常会用“半斤八两”这个短语。另外,如果两个人在某件事上要负同等责任,我们也会用这个表达方式。现在我们来听几个例句。Examples例句A: I dont know whether to give my mum flowers or chocolates for Mothers Day.A:我不知道母亲节那天是要送我妈妈花还是巧克力。B: Its six of one, half a dozen of the other.B:这两个都可以。A: Do you think we should take the third ring road instead of the second ring road?A:你认为我们应该走三环,而不是走二环吗?B: Oh, I dont know, its six of one, half a dozen of the other.B:哦,我不知道,我感觉差不多。A: They keep blaming each other — whose fault was it really?A:他们一直在互相指责,到底是谁的错?B: Oh, it was six of one, half a dozen of the other.B:他们两个都有错。Feifei: So remember you can use six of one, half a dozen of the other when two choices are very similar and it doesnt really matter which one you choose.菲菲:记住,在两种选择很相似,选择哪种都可以时,可以用“半斤八两”这个短语。Finn: Yes, thats right. Ah, sorry Feifei, wait a sec, I need to go now.芬恩:对,没错。抱歉,菲菲,等一下,我现在要走了。Feifei: Where are you going?菲菲:你要去哪儿?Finn: Im going to dinner with Sophia. Quick, help me decide — should I wear this blue shirt? Or this pink one?芬恩:我约了索菲亚吃晚餐。快点,帮我决定一下,我是应该穿这件蓝色衬衫,还是那件粉色衬衫?Feifei: You know what I am about to say, dont you?菲菲:你知道我要说什么,对吧?Finn: The pink one?芬恩:粉色那件?Feifei: No, they are very similar. Its six of one, half a dozen of the other...菲菲:不是,这两件很像。这两件差不多……Finn: Oh, youre not helping! Im off, bye.芬恩:哦,你没帮上任何忙!我走了,再见。Feifei: Wait...菲菲:等等…… 译文属 /201603/431712杭州富阳区妇幼医院做药物流产多少钱 unit 439搭乘软卧dialogue 英语情景对话A:Good afternoon, can I help you?A:下午好,请问我有什么可以帮忙的么?B:Yes. Do you have any train available to Shenyang today?B:是的。请问今天有到沈阳的票么?A:Yes. It is Train No. K92. It is an express train. It leaves at 11:30 tonight from Guangzhou and reaches Shenyang at 9 a. m. the day after tomorrow.A:有的,K92次列车,是特快。今天晚上11点半从广州出发,准点到达沈阳的时间是后天早上9点。B:Sounds wonderful. Okay, thats it,B:听起来不错啊。好的,就要这趟。A:Want a seat or sleeper?A:卧铺还是坐票?B:A soft-class sleeper, please. And I prefer an upper berth.B:一张软卧,我想要上铺。A:Okay, 900 Yuan, please,A:好的,请付九百元。B:Here you are.B:给你。 /201606/449615浙江省富阳市骨科医院人流

富阳治疗妇科哪个医院好13. Heavy enquiries witness the quality of our products.大量询盘明我们产品质量过硬。还能这样说:Heavy enquiries can prove that we have good quality.A lot of enquiries bore witness to the quality of our products.应用:bear witness to sth. 明某事物,为某事作;eye-witness 目击者;a witness against sb. 对某人不利的人;witness to sth. 在法庭等上作14. Weve aly cut down our prices to cost level.我们已经将价格降到成本费的水平了。还能这样说:The price we give you is the cost level.This is aly our cost price. We cant reduce it any more.应用:hair cut 理发;power cut 停电;a cut above 高人一等的;cut across sth. 与通常的分类不符;cut and run 急忙逃跑;cut no ice 不起作用15. I wish that this business will bring benefit to both of us.希望这笔生意对我们双方都会带来好处。还能这样说:I hope that both of us will benefit from the business.I desire that this business will do good to both of us.应用:for ones benefit 以对某人进行指引、指导;give sb. the benefit of the doubt 因据不足而承认某人无罪;benefit from sth. 从某物中利益;be of benefit to 对……有益16. You may trust me that any money spent now will bring you big profits in future.请您相信我,今天投入的资金以后会为您带来巨大的利润。还能这样说:You can believe in me, the money you spent today will make you gain a lot in the future.You can have faith in me that if todays little money doesnt go out; tomorrows great money doesnt come in.应用:have big ideas 想要做大事的;get too big for ones boots 自大,自负;a big cheese 要人,大亨;big deal 重要的人;a big fish in a little pond 小地方的大人物 /201503/365116 讲解文本:fuss 大惊小怪,瞎忙乱,小题大做Stop fussing and do your work!别大惊小怪,干你的工作吧!I dont want to make a fuss, so I will let it go.我不想小题大做,我就让它算了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201611/479284大源镇妇幼保健医院医生排名富阳什么时候做人流比较好




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