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富阳妇科医院好富阳宫颈糜烂手术的价格A:I’ll be darned.A:我是被诅咒了吗?A:Laugh tracks!A:微笑足迹! /201505/373719富阳人流钱 A painting by Pablo Picasso and a sculpture by Alberto Giacometti have set new records as the most expensive works ever sold at auction, underscoring rising demand for Impressionist and modern art.帕布罗#8226;毕加索(Pablo Picasso)的一幅画作和阿尔伯特#8226;贾柯梅蒂(Alberto Giacometti)的一个雕塑作品创下了拍卖史上最昂贵艺术品的新纪录,凸显出人们对印象派作品及现代艺术作品的需求日益增长。Picasso’s “Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O)” sold for 9.4m on Monday night at Christie’s in New York, while Giacometti’s life-size “L’homme au doigt” sold for 1.3m. The buyers elected to remain anonymous.周一晚上,毕加索的作品《阿尔及尔的女人(0)版》(Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O))在纽约佳士得(Christie#39;s)拍卖行拍出了1.794亿美元的天价。与此同时,贾科梅蒂真人大小的作品《指示者》(L#39;homme au doigt)则拍出了1.413亿美元的天价。两宗交易的买方选择不公开自己的姓名。Prices and demand for art works have been soaring to new heights, driven in large part by the growing ranks of wealthy collectors across the world, especially in Asia, mainly led by a new breed of ultra-wealthy Chinese.如今,艺术品的价格和需求已经一路飙升至新的高度。在很大程度上,推动这一行情的原因,是全球富有的收藏家日益增加——尤其是主要以超级富有的新一代中国富豪为首的亚洲收藏家。“We have entered a new era of the art market where collectors from all parts of the world compete for the very best across categories, generating record prices at levels we have never seen before,” said Jussi Pylkk#228;nen, the sale’s auctioneer.这次交易的拍卖商尤西#8226;皮尔卡宁(Jussi Pylkk#228;nen)表示:“我们已进入艺术品市场的新时代。全球的收藏家在竞拍各个门类的最佳艺术品,而且这类竞拍催生了过去从未见过的创纪录价格。”Last week an unidentified Asian collector paid .3m for Van Gogh’s “L’Allée des Alyscamps”, painted in 1888 shortly before the Dutch artist sliced off his ear, at rival Sotheby’s spring auction of Impressionist and modern art.上周,一位未公开身份的亚洲收藏家,在佳士得的对手苏富比(Sotheby#39;s)印象派及现代艺术春季拍卖会上,斥资6630万美元拍得梵高(Van Gogh)的《阿里斯康道路》(L’Allée des Alyscamps)。该画作绘于1888年,就在这位荷兰艺术家割去自己耳朵不久之前。That auction raised 8.3m, achieving the second-highest result in Sotheby’s history for any sale of similar works.那次拍卖会斩获3.683亿美元,在苏富比类似艺术品的拍卖会历史上名列第二。In total Christie’s sale on Monday evening, entitled “Looking Forward to the Past”, reaped 5.9m.在周一晚上这场名为《展望过去》(Looking Forward to the Past)的拍卖会上,佳士得总计收获了7.059亿美元。Previously the most expensive work sold at auction was Francis Bacon’s 1969 triptych “Three Studies of Lucian Freud”, which sold for 2.4m at Christie’s in November 2013.在此之前,拍卖会上出售的史上最昂贵艺术品,是弗朗西斯#8226;培根(Francis Bacon)在1969年创作的三联画《弗洛伊德肖像画习作》(Three Studies of Lucian Freud)。该作品于2013年11月在佳士得拍出1.424亿美元的价格。“Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O)” was painted in 1955 and was once owned by the celebrated American collectors Victor and Sally Ganz. The vibrantly hued painting depicts several nude or scantily clad women and was the final work a 15-part series in which Picasso drew inspiration from French master Eugène Delacroix.《阿尔及尔的女人(0)版》创作于1955年,曾一度由著名美国收藏家甘孜夫妇(Victor amp; Sally Ganz)持有。这一画作色泽明快,主题是几名一丝不挂或不着片缕的女性,它是一个15幅画作组成的系列作品中的最后一幅。毕加索创作这个系列的灵感,来自法国绘画大师欧仁#8226;德拉克罗瓦(Eugène Delacroix)。Giacometti’s “L’homme au doigt” depicts a 5ft 9in skinny figure in bronze, and has been in the same private collection for 45 years.贾柯梅蒂的《指示者》则是一座高5英尺9英寸的消瘦铜制人像,此前该作品已在同一位收藏家名下收藏了45年。Among other highlights at Christie’s were works by Andy Warhol, René Magritte and Marcel Duchamp. Another Picasso work, “Buste de femme (Femme à la résille)” dating from 1938, fetched .4m.佳士得拍卖会的其他亮点还包括安迪#8226;沃霍尔(Andy Warhol)、勒内#8226;马格利特(René Magritte)及马塞尔#8226;杜尚(Marcel Duchamp)的作品。毕加索作于1938年的另一作品《女人半身像(戴发网的女人)》Buste de femme(Femme à la Résille)则拍出了6740万美元的价格。 /201505/374896富阳中山门诊子宫内膜异位症

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富阳看妇科哪个医生最好Cooking Class烹饪课One day during cooking class,一天在上烹饪课的时候,our teacher ,Mrs,Brown,was extolling her secrets for preparing perfect sauces .我们的老师布朗太太正在颂扬她:准备完美酱料的秘诀。When she ordered us to the stoves to the prepare our assignments,当她把我们叫到炉子边作准备工作时,she said, ;Don#39;t forget to use wooden spoons .;她说:“别忘了要用木制的汤匙”。As I stirred my sauce ,当我在搅拌酱料时,I contemplated the physica behind the mystery of the wooden spoon我一直苦思木制汤匙奥秘的背后所隐含的物理原理,and decided it must have something to do with heat conduction.然后认定它一定与热传导有关系。I approached Mrs.Brown to test my theory .我走向布朗太太来测试我#39;韵理论。;Why wooden spoons?;I asked .我问:“为什么要用木制汤匙呢?”;Because,; she replied , ;If I Have to sit here listening to all your metal spoons banging against metal pots ,I will go nuts!;她回答:“因为,如果我必须坐在这里听你们全部的金属汤匙砰砰敲着金属的罐子,我会发疯喔”。 /201503/361448 There is something ofa misconception that all the good things in life are bad for us while all thebad things are too good to resist long term.人们有种误解,好像良药总是苦口,什么东西越是让人喜欢,就越是有害。Dieters#39; meals inparticular are renowned for being insipid and bland, so we tend to eat them fora while then indulge in sugar and fat- laden treats.减肥餐就是这样一个典型,大家总是认为减肥食品肯定寡淡无味,所以往往吃不了几天,就又回到大糖大油狂嚼的生活中了……But food that is good for you does not have to be dull and tasteless if you follow the advice ofLorraine Clissold in Why the Chinese Don#39;t Count Calories– in fact, the diet that she discovered after 10 years of living and working inChina is so tasty and satisfying that it puts an end to cravings for junk food.不过,对你身体有好处事物也不一定就那么难吃。洛林·克里索德是一位在中国生活并工作了10年的作者,在其著作《中国人为什么不计算卡路里》一书中,洛林列举了健康美味的中国菜,足以让你从此告别对垃圾食品的渴望。It is the use of five flavours that makes the real Chinese diet so delicious and nourishing. Sour,bitter, sweet, spicy and salty, will sometimes be found in a single recipe butmore often in the combinati、on of dishes thatmake up a Chinese meal.中国菜之美味,在于运用酸甜苦辣咸五味,这五味有时能同时融合到一张菜谱上,不过更常见的还是以各式菜肴的形式组合成一套大餐。After eating five flavours you will find yourself comfortably full. Chinese dietary therapy(which is a branch of Chinese medicine) explains that the five flavours keepthe five different organs (the liver, heart, stomach, lungs and kidneys) in thebody in balance.食此五味,定会让你感到心满意足。作为中医的一个分,中国的食疗认为这五味能够帮你体内五个器官(肝、心、胃、肺、肾)处于平衡的状态。Our Western diet, onthe other hand, is based on sweet and bland flavours, which feed the stomach atthe expense of other organs, with disastrous results.而我们西方的菜肴用糖居多,调味寡淡,胃中饱足却让其他脏器受损,最后大大不利于身体。It is easier to incorporate five flavours in your diet than you might think. The most difficult to find isbitter (which is why most medicines are bitter) but Chinese people drink plentyof green tea as for their bitter fix, especially in the summer when it isparticularly important to eat bitter foods.如何在饮食中包含这五味呢?其实没有你想象的那么难。其中苦味是最难得的(这也就是为什么大多数药物都是苦的),而中国人常饮绿茶,夏天饮茶尤多,此时吃“苦”尤为重要,而茶就为他们补上了“苦”之一味。In China, people avoid cold drinks and raw food, because they believe they are hard to digestand can lead to something known as dampness in the body which makes itdifficult to shift unwanted weight. In the stifling West of China (Sichuanprovince) the diet is based on spicy food to keep the body in tune with theclimate. If you do choose salads for summer eating, then be sure to dress themwith a spicy dressing (see Romaine lettuce with sesame sauce) as these createthe fire needed to digest them.在中国,人们会避免喝冷水、吃生食,因为中国人认为这些东西不好消化,会令身体积累湿气,让体重居高不下。在中国潮湿闷热的西部省份四川,为了与当地气候协调,当地饮食以辣味居多。如果你想在夏天吃些沙拉,可以试着加一些辛香作为调味(比如油麦菜拌麻酱),这样这种搭配就能产生“火”以便消化食物。Try these simple but flavour some recipes as part of your summer eating plan. They are all deliciousenough to be eaten alone, with rice or homemade b, or serve them as part ofa Chinese style multi-course meal or to accompany Western dishes.让我们来试做一下这些简单美味,适用在夏季食用的菜肴吧,他们不仅可以单独吃,配上米饭或是自制面包,乃至与其他中餐或西餐搭配也十分美味。Rice noodles with chilli and prawns辣味大虾米线In China ;soup noodles; are actually more popular than the stir-fried variety and areparticular favourites in the summer months.在中国“汤面”甚至比各种炒菜还流行,在夏季尤其受人青睐。This recipe looks complicated but is really just a case of throwing everything in the pan (oreven better – use a wok). You can vary the amounts of the different ingredientsin this recipe if you prefer some to others. These quantities will provide ahearty meal for two or a starter or side dish for four.这道菜看上去复杂,但实际上只要把各种材料往平底锅里一倒(如果有条件的话最好用中式炒菜锅)就行了。你也可以根据个人喜好对原材料进行一些调整。下面这些是按照两个人的量定的,也可以当做四个人吃饭时的配菜前菜。6 Chinese dried mushrooms(Shitake) – soaked overnight6个中国干蘑菇(香菇),泡发一整晚2 spring onions –finely chopped2勺小葱,切末1 red chilli –deseeded, halved and sliced thinly1根红辣椒,去籽剖开切成薄片1 cm piece knob ofginger – finely chopped姜切成1厘米的薄片250g raw prawns250克的生虾250g butter nut squash– peeled, sliced and cut into 2 cm pieces250克的奶油南瓜,去皮切成2厘米大小的片8 asparagus tips8根芦笋150g beansprouts150克豆芽1 litre water orlight fish or vegetable stock1升水或高汤200 ml coconut milk200毫升椰奶2 tsp palm or brown sugar or honey2茶勺香椰糖或红糖或蜂蜜1 tbsp fish sauce1茶勺鱼露1 tbsp lemon or limejuice1茶勺柠檬汁或酸橙汁100 g dried ricestick noodles or 300g fresh100克干米线,或是300克新鲜米线1 tbsp oil forstir-frying1茶勺油If you are using dried rice noodles, place them in a heatproof bowl, pour over boiling water and leave for about five minutes until they are just tender, then drain before theygo too soft.如果你用的是干米线,请把米线放到耐热的碗里,倒上滚水,放置五分钟让它自然泡开,然后在面条软过头之前捞出来沥干。Heat a pan or wok,add the oil, and when it is hot throw in the spring onions, chilli, ginger and mushrooms.把锅烧热,倒油,油热后倒入小葱、辣椒、姜和香菇。Stir briefly to let them change colour but not burn, add the fish sauce, water or stock and coconut milk.简单翻炒一下,变色后加入鱼露、水或高汤,还有椰奶。Bring to the boil then add the butter nut squash slices, simmer for a few minutes then add the prawns and asparagus, followed by the noodles and bean sprouts. Stir in thesugar or honey and lime juice, mix well, and taste adjusting seasonings ifliked.汤料煮沸后放入南瓜片,炖上几分钟后加入虾和芦笋,然后放入面条和豆芽。如果你喜欢的话,还可以加入红糖、蜂蜜和柠檬汁搅拌均匀,或是加入你喜欢的调味品。As soon as the prawns are pink, the asparagus is bright green and the beansprouts begin to wilt, thesoup is y to serve.虾变成浅红,笋变成亮绿,豆芽变软的时候,汤就做好了。Do not over cook as the rice noodles will break up.注意掌握火候,不要煮过头把面条煮烂。Garnish with chopped fresh coriander.还可撒上一些切碎的新鲜香菜作为配料。Romaine lettuce withsesame sauce麻酱拌油麦菜Salad is not atraditional Chinese food; modern chefs will occasionally include it on a but only if accompanied by a suitably spicy dressing. This sauce can also beused to top poached chicken mixed with spring onions, or cold noodles mixedwith shredded blanched vegetable.沙拉并不是传统中国食物,但现代厨师有时也会做一做沙拉,并配上适当的辣味增色。这种酱也会用来和小葱一起浇到清蒸鸡肉上,或是和焯过切碎的蔬菜拌冷面吃。For the salad制作沙拉所用材料:Two heads romainelettuce2颗油麦菜4-5 cloves garlic(authentic but not absolutely necessary)4-5瓣大蒜(正宗做法是这样的但是不加也可以)100g raw peanuts(Alternatively use roasted unsalted peanuts or even lightly toasted pine nuts)100克生花生(或者也可以用烤过的新鲜花生,甚至是被稍微烤过的松子)1 piece Star Anise1片八角茴香1 teaspoon of Sichuan peppercorns1茶勺花椒tsp salt盐For the sauce制作酱料所用材料:3 tsp. chilli oil3茶勺辣椒油2 tsp. Chinese black vinegar (or use Balsamic)2茶勺中国黑醋(意大利香醋也行)2 tsp. sugar2茶勺糖1 tbsp. soy sauce1茶勺酱油1 tbsp. sesame oil1茶勺芝麻油1 tbsp smooth peanut butter1茶勺花生酱2 tbsp. dark sesame paste (tahini)2茶勺黑芝麻酱(中东芝麻酱也行)2-3 tbsp. water2-3茶勺水Soak the raw peanutsovernight then place in a small saucepan with enough water to cover, adding thespices and salt. Bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes or until the nutsare soft. Drain and remove the spices. Slice the garlic.生花生泡水一晚,放到小锅内,倒入足够量的水,加入各种调料和盐。水烧开后煮20分钟直到花生变软,沥干捞出调味料。大蒜切片。Wash the lettuce,drain well and chop into 2cm pieces. Place in a bowl with the nuts and garlicslices. To make the sauce mix together the chilli oil, the vinegar, the sugar,the soy sauce, and the sesame oil; stir until the sugar is dissolved. Usechopsticks to stir in the sesame paste and peanut butter, gradually add thewater, stopping when the sauce has reached the consistency you desire. Mix thesauce into the lettuce, nuts and garlic and transfer into a clean dish for thetable. Serves four.洗干净油麦菜,但不要沾水,切成2厘米宽,放到碗里,加入花生和大蒜片。把上面辣椒油、醋、糖、酱油、香油这些搅拌均匀,让糖充分溶解。用筷子搅拌芝麻酱和花生酱,缓缓倒入水,稀释程度看你个人喜好。将酱料拌入油麦菜、花生和大蒜,最后装盘上桌。可以让4个人分享哟。Hot, sweet and sourchicory酸甜辣菊苣Chicory is now widelyavailable in Western supermarkets. The beauty of this recipe is that itcomplements the bitter flavour of the leaves with four other flavours. Twoheads will feed two people with other dishes and you can double the quantitieswithout overcrowding the wok.菊苣如今在西方超市也相当多见了。这道菜的美妙之处在于叶子的苦味与其他四味的组合,堪称五味俱全。两颗的话足够作为配菜让两个人吃,不过你加量的话照样可以做,不用担心锅装不下。Two heads of chicory2颗菊苣1-2 pieces dried red chilli1-2片干红辣椒1 tsp. minced ginger1茶勺姜末1 tsp. minced spring onion1茶勺葱末1 tsp. light soy sauce1茶勺生抽1 tsp. vinegar1茶勺醋1 tsp. sugar or honey1茶勺糖或蜂蜜pinch salt or to taste按口味加少量盐1-2 tbsp. of groundnut oil1-2茶勺花生油Quarter the chicoryvertically. Then chop the long pieces horizon tally to create small squarepieces of roughly even size. Heat the wok, add the oil and heat until the oiljust starts to move. Throw in the chillies and let them sizzle but not burn,stirring briefly.把菊苣竖着切成四分,然后横着切成大小基本一致,烧热锅,倒入油烧热,加入辣椒,简单翻炒一下,炒的发出嘶嘶声时即可。Add the chicory,ginger and spring onion. Toss and fry, keeping the pieces moving so that theycook quickly and evenly. Then, as the leaves start to soften, add the vinegarand sugar/honey and stir-fry for another minute. Add the soy sauce and thesalt, stir, and fry for another minute or so. Test for seasoning and adjust if necessary.加入菊苣、姜末和葱末。不断翻炒让它们受热均匀,等叶片变软后加入糖和醋,然后煸炒个几分钟。再加入酱油、盐,继续翻炒个几分钟。尝一尝感觉味道合适即可。 /201501/353367杭州市富阳区妇幼保健属于私人医院吗杭州富阳中山综合门诊部白带常规多少钱



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