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泉州新阳光医院预约Svetlana Alexievich, the recently announced recipient of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature and a prominent critic of Soviet and post-Soviet regimes, offered a bleak assessment of the political situations in Russia and her native Belarus while addressing journalists in Berlin on Saturday.刚刚获得今年诺贝尔文学奖的斯韦特兰娜·阿列克谢耶维Svetlana Alexievich)是前苏联与前苏联政权著名的批评者,周六,她在柏林接受记者采访时,对俄罗斯与她的祖国白俄罗斯的政治局面发表了悲观的意见。“Every four years, new European officials come to power and think they can solve the Lukashenko problem without knowing that he is a man who is untrustworthy,Ms. Alexievich said. She spoke on the eve of a presidential election in Belarus in which President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko, often referred to as Europe’s last dictator, is widely expected to win a fifth term.“每过四年,新上任的欧盟官员都认为他们能够解决卢卡申科的问题,殊不知他根本就不是个值得信赖的人,”阿列克谢耶维奇说,周六正值白俄罗斯总统选举前夕,现任总统亚历山大·格里戈里耶维奇·卢卡申Aleksandr G. Lukashenko)很有可能连续当选第五个任期,他往往被视为欧洲的最后一个独裁者。Ms. Alexievich described Sunday’s election as a rigged contest. “No one doubts that Lukashenko will win,she said. “To paraphrase Stalin, it’s unimportant who votes for whom; what matters is who counts the vote. I don’t think we can expect any surprises.”阿列克谢耶维奇说,周日的选举是一场非法操纵的竞争,“没有人认为卢卡申科会输,”她说。“这和斯大林是一回事,谁为他投票并不重要;重要的是谁来计票。我不认为选举结果会出现任何意外。”European officials have said the European Union is prepared to suspend sanctions against Mr. Lukashenko after he released the country’s last political prisoners this year. A decision is expected before Oct. 31.欧盟官员曾经表示,在卢卡申科于今年释放该国最后一批政治犯之后,欧盟将会暂停对白俄罗斯的制裁。这个决定有望在101日之前做出。Ms. Alexievich, who was awarded the Nobel for her sweeping nonfiction works about events like the Soviet-Afghan war and the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, also described Russia as a place where “one can no longer speak of democracyand “where ‘liberalis a dirty word.”阿列克谢耶维奇因她的非虚构写作而获得诺贝尔文学奖,她的作品广泛地描写了阿富汗战争与切尔诺贝利核泄露事件等重大问题,在她笔下,俄罗斯是一个“人们再也不能谈论民主”的地方,在那里“‘自由’是一个坏字眼”。“It isn’t about Putin,said Ms. Alexievich, 67, referring to the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin. “It’s about the collective Putin. He has a huge approval rating, perhaps 80 percent.”“这不是关于普京,7岁的阿列克谢耶维奇说起俄罗斯总统符拉迪米尔·V. 普京(Vladimir V. Putin)。“这是关于群体对普京的持。他拥有极高的持率,大概在80%左右。”“I now understand what Hannah Arendt meant when she talked about ‘dark times.Russia is now living in dark times,she added, referring to the German-born political philosopher who wrote about totalitarianism.“我现在明白汉娜·阿伦Hannah Arendt)所谓的‘黑暗时代’是什么了。俄罗斯现在就处于黑暗时代,”她补充说道;汉娜·阿伦特是生于德国的政治哲学家,曾经写过关于集权主义的专著。Because of her criticism of the government in Belarus, where press freedoms are under constant threat, Ms. Alexievich spent a decade in exile in Italy, France and Sweden, among other places. That time widened her horizons, she said, and helped her to “see the world in color.”在白俄罗斯,出版自由常年受到威胁。由于批评政府,阿列克谢耶维奇在意大利、法国和瑞典等地度过了十年的流放岁月。她说,这段时间拓宽了自己的视野,让她“见识了这个多的世界”。Yet for most of her life, Ms. Alexievich has lived in the Belarussian capital, Minsk. It is only by being there and speaking to people, she said, that she can express the realities of their lives. “How people actually live you can’t find that on the computer,she said Saturday.然而她人生的大部分时间还是在白俄罗斯的首都明斯克度过。她说,只有生活在那里,并与人们交谈,她才能够表现人们的现实生活。“人们的真实生活是怎样的,在电脑上可找不到,”星期六接受采访时,她说。Since 1994, her books have not been published in Belarus.994年起,她的书在白俄罗斯被禁止出版。Though she said she hoped that winning the Nobel Prize could mean expanded protection for her and other dissenting voices, Ms. Alexievich said she was less optimistic about whether the award could make a larger difference in political terms.尽管她说,她希望这一次获得诺贝尔奖能够帮助她与其他异见者获得更广泛的保护,但她也说,自己对这个奖在政治层面能否产生更大影响不甚乐观。“I’ve won a lot of international prizes, and that had no impact on our authorities, our government,she said.“我曾经获得过很多国际奖项,但我们的当局和政府完全没有受到影响,”她说。来 /201510/403301泉州妇幼医院体检多少钱 晋江人民医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗

洛江区 中医医院能刷社保卡吗 Iraqi forces appeared poised to regain control of the city of Ramadi on Monday in what would mark their most significant victory against Isis fighters to date, although analysts warned myriad difficulties still lay ahead.伊拉克部队周一似乎有望夺回拉马Ramadi),这将标志着他们在打击“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)作战人员的战斗中迄今取得的最重大胜利,尽管分析人士警告称,无数困难仍然摆在面前。State television broadcast footage of government soldiers raising the Iraq flag over Ramadi’s main government complex while a Sunni politician said that Isis fighters were fleeing the city towards rural areas. But questions still remained over just how much of the city, which Iraqi forces were forced to abandon in May, was under government control and just what was left of the city for civilians to return to.官方电视台播出了政府军官兵在拉马迪主要政府大楼升起伊拉克国旗的画面,同时一名逊尼派政界人士表示,ISIS作战人员正从该市逃往农村地区。但是,对于伊拉克部队在今年5月被迫放弃的这座城市有多大部分处于政府控制之下,对于该市还剩下些什么在等待平民重返家园,仍有很多问号。“Militarily speaking, we can say that the city of Ramadi has fallen back into the hands of the Iraqi forces,Sunni politician Jaber Jaberi told the Financial Times. “It is considered a fallen city because there is no resistance from Isis.”“从军事上说,我们可以说,拉马迪市已经回到伊拉克部队手中,”逊尼派政界人士贾比尔贾比Jaber Jaberi)对英囀?金融时报》表示,“它之所以被认为是一座已经攻陷的城市,是因为ISIS方面没有抵抗。”Still, Iraqi forces had yet to enter some areas of Ramadi where Isis fighters had left explosives behind, Mr Jaberi cautioned and another Iraqi analyst, Hisham al-Hashimi, said only 14 of the 43 neighbourhoods in central Ramadi were under government control.话虽如此,贾比瑞告诫称,伊拉克部队还没有进入ISIS作战人员留下炸药的拉马迪某些地区。伊拉克另一名分析人士希沙姆哈希Hisham al-Hashimi)表示,拉马迪中心城区3个地段中,只4个处在政府控制下。Any victory could also be Pyrrhic with months of heavy bombing appearing to have left much of the city in ruins, other analysts cautioned.其他分析师告诫称,任何胜利也可能是得不偿失的惨胜,因为连续几个月的猛烈轰炸使该市大片地区沦为废墟。“Getting a town back that you should not have lost in the first place is not going to matter very much if it has been completely destroyed,said Anthony Cordesmann, a military expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.“收复一个你本来就不应该失守的城市,而这座城市已被彻底摧毁,那没什么了不起,”华盛顿智库——战略与国际问题研究中心(CSIS)的军事专家安东尼科德斯曼(Anthony Cordesman)表示。来 /201601/419678泉州阳光女子医院泉州市人流要多少钱



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