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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is expressing concern over Burma's decision to exclude pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi from future elections. The statement from ASEAN follows the completion of Burma's draft constitution. But the regional bloc still says it will not interfere in Burma's domestic affairs.  东南亚国家联盟对缅甸当局有关不准民主运动领袖昂山素季参加未来选举的决定表示关注。东盟是在缅甸通过宪法草案之后发表声明的。不过,东盟仍然表示不会干预缅甸的内部事务。Singaporean Foreign Minister George Yeo says Burma's decision to bar Aung San Suu Kyi from participating in elections is odd and out of date. Singapore currently holds ASEAN's rotating leadership. Yeo spoke late Tuesday in Singapore, where foreign ministers from the 10-member organization are holding meetings. 新加坡外长杨荣文说,缅甸当局决定禁止昂山素季参加选举是奇怪的、过时的。新加坡目前是东盟的轮值主席。杨荣文星期二晚间在新加坡发表讲话。东盟10国正在新加坡举行外长会议。But, in keeping with ASEAN's history of non-interference in member states' affairs, Yeo also said the group could do little about Burma's decision. 杨荣文同时表示,遵照东盟不干涉成员国内部事务的传统,东盟对缅甸当局的这项决定几乎不能采取任何行动。On Tuesday, Burma's state-run radio said a 54-member commission had approved the draft constitution. It prohibits Aung San Suu Kyi from participating in elections because she was married to a foreigner. The democracy leader was married to a British national, who died of cancer in 1999.  缅甸官方电台星期二说,由54人组成的委员会已经批准了宪法草案。宪法草案规定,鉴于昂山素季与外国人结婚,因此不得参加选举。这位民主运动领袖与一个英国公民结婚,她的丈夫已于1999年死于癌症。Roshan Jason is executive director of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus in Malaysia. He said ASEAN's statement on Burma was weak, especially since it recently signed a charter that calls on member states to protect human rights in the region. 罗山.贾森是东盟设在马来西亚的缅甸问题议会委员会负责人。他说,东盟针对缅甸发表的声明是软弱无力的,考虑到东盟最近刚刚签署了敦促成员国保护本地区人权的宪章,尤其是这样。"I think ASEAN has failed in its first attempt to uphold its promises to make sure the region consists of countries which respect human rights," said Jason. 他说:“我认为,东盟在首次做出尝试的时候,就没有履行有关确保本地区各国都尊重人权的承诺。”Aung San Suu Kyi has spent 12 of the last 18 years under detention, and is currently under house arrest in Rangoon. Her party won a landslide election in 1990, but the military government refused to recognize the results. Since then, it has prevented the party from taking office. 在以往18年期间,昂山素季受到12年拘押,目前被软禁在仰光。她的党在1990年选举中获得压倒胜利,但军政权拒绝承认选举结果。此后,军政权一直不准这个党的成员担任公职。Jason said he does not expect ASEAN to take a stronger stance anytime soon, because addressing human rights in Burma could force other member states to acknowledge their own shortcomings. 贾森说,他不指望东盟会很快采取更强硬的立场,因为一旦涉及缅甸的人权问题,就会迫使其他国家承认本国的缺点。"You have countries in the region as well, member states of ASEAN, who have, who are in their own way, levels, committing human rights abuses," noted Jason. "You've got draconian laws in various countries; you've got arbitrary arrests; you've got former military dictatorships taking the form of civil, political groups." 他说:“本地区还有东盟的其他成员国,这些国家也存在侵犯人权现象,只是方式和水平不同。一些国家存在严酷的法律,存在任意逮捕现象,一些前军事独裁政权换用了文官和政治组织的形式。”Jason also says the bloc is choosing money over the basic rights of Burma's people, as many ASEAN members have strong business interests in Burma. ASEAN has argued that trade will help bring about reform in Burma, one of the poorest countries in the region. 贾森还说,很多东盟成员国在缅甸有着很大的商业利益,因此把金钱置于缅甸人民的基本人权之上。东盟坚持认为,贸易将有助于缅甸实行民主。缅甸是东南亚最贫穷的国家之一。Burma says it will hold a national referendum in May to approve the new draft constitution. The international community has criticized the document because Aung San Suu Kyi and independent political parties were barred from the drafting process. Burma's military government says general elections will be held in 2010.  缅甸表示,将在今年5月举行一次全民公投,决定是否批准新宪法草案。昂山素季和独立政治党派被禁止参与这部宪法的起草过程,因此宪法草案受到国际社会的批评。缅甸军政府说,将在2010年举行大选。200802/27662

The significance of international taxation国际税收意义A:This is really a vivid and interesting lecture. Do you think?A:这节课真是既生动又有趣啊。你认为呢?B:Definitely. Professor Zhao is one of the best teacher in the Department of EconomicMangement. We are very lucky to be her class. From her lecture we can learn a lot of useful knoeledge.B:肯定的。赵老师是经济管理系最好的老师之一。我们能上她的课真是很幸运啊。从她的课上我们能学到好多有用的知识。A:Absolutely. From todays lecture, I have an entirely new understanding about the International Taxation. I quite agree with Profess Zhao on the point that international Taxation involves this national sovereignty and taxation rights and interests of the nations, but also have influece on the international flow the agent of pruduce and the international development of economy. Therefore, it is an essential political relations.A:绝对是这样的。从今天的课上我对国际税收这个概念有了一个全新的认识。我特别同意赵老师讲的那一点,她说国际税收既涉及到一国的国家主权和税收权益,又影响到生产要素的国际流动和国际经济的发展,因此它是国际经济关系、乃至国际政治关系的重要组成部分。B:On the contrary. I have some reservations on this point. I do not think inernational Taxation has anything to do with the political relations. They belong to complete different fields. How can these two be mixed up?B:我和你恰恰相反。我对那一点有保留意见。我不认为国际税收和国际政治之间有什么联系。它们分属完全不同的领域,两者怎么能够相提并论呢?A:Dont you know that politics is determined by economy which we learnt from philosophy in hight school?A:你难道不记得我们中学时学过的哲学知识吗?经济决定政治。B:Of course I know the theory, but I do not see in the real life. Its just a theory to me. As the defintion of Internalional Taxation says, it just refers to the tax distributing relationship among countries when two or more countries are exercising their rights to collect tax from the intemational tax payers. It just displays the economic relationship between countries:it has little connection with the politics.B:我当然知道这个理论。但是在现实生活中我并没有理解这个理论。它对于我来说就是一条理论而已。正如国际税收的定义所说,国际税收是指两个或两个以上的国家,在对跨国纳税人行使各自的征税权力的过程中,所发生的国家与国家之间的税收分配关系。它只是体现了国家之间的经济关系,而和政治关系毫无关联。A:I dont think so. As the development of the world globalization is the key word nowadays. Everything or everybody has a connection with others. No one dares to say that there is one thing or one person that is isolated in the world. Economics and politics are connected especially tight.A:我不这样认为。随着世界的发展,全球化这个词已经成了一个核心词汇一每一件事或者每一个人都和其他事物或其他人联系着。没有人敢说有哪件事或哪个人是孤立在这个世界上的经济和政治的联系尤为紧密。B:Well, I have a suggestion. We both write an essay on this topic and next lecture. Lets give our essays to Professor Zhao and see whether your or my theory is more reasonable. What do you think?B:嗯…我有个主意。我们各自写一篇关于这个话题的文章,下节课交给赵老师让她评判一下我们两个的理论究竟谁的更合理一些。你认为怎么样?A:All right. Deal.A:好的。就这么说定了。 /201603/428821

Its late at the offices of Tip Top Trading.来到Tip Top Trading的办公室已经很晚了。Anna is alone, working. Again.安娜又在一个人加班了。Shes been doing this all week, she wants her presentation to Mr Lime to be perfect so shes been spending hours and hours on it. Anna?她一整周都在准备着,她希望给 Lime先生做的报告尽善尽美,所以她花了无数的时间为此工作着。安娜?Dont interrupt! Im busy. Sorry.别打扰我!我忙着呢。对不起。Anna, youre really burning the candle at both ends. What?安娜,你真是劳累过度。 什么?Burning the candle at both ends – it means working very hard – working late and getting up early to work all the time.一根蜡烛两头烧的意思是劳累过度,总是工作得很晚而且起得很早。I didnt know that expression.我不知道这个表达。Well here are some more: Youre doing overtime; which means youre working longer than office hours.还有一些表达:“Youre doing overtime”意思是你超出了工作时间。Youre putting in the hours; which means you are spending all the time needed to achieve something.“Youre putting in the hours”意思是你花了很多时间完成工作。Yes, Im putting in the hours to make sure my presentation is perfect.是的,我花了很多时间为了让我的报告尽善尽美。And if you dont mind me saying so, you might burn out; which means you are working so hard that you might get very tired and run out of energy.如果你不介意我这么说的话,你非得累死不可,意思是你工作太努力了,很可能变得十分疲惫无力。Im not burning out. Im full of energy.我不会累死的。我全身干劲。I just need to finish this bit...我只需要完成这点……My goodness, nothings locked.上帝,都没上锁。 /201701/483822

Critics like Elizabeth Warren believes that there would be fewer complains if the credit card industry clearly disclosed how its business works, particularly when it comes to the minimum monthly payment.If people knew that the cost of minimum monthly payment was that they would still be paying for yesterday's trip to the shopping mall for the next 35 years, some people might decide to pay a lot more than the minimum. And the industry knows that. That's why they don't want to tell.You advertise in your bills what the minimum monthly payment is. But you don't tell people, "how much that might cost you if you stuck to the minimum payment." Why not?The disclosure would be wrong 99 percent of the time because nobody, almost nobody, pays exactly the minimum, that minimum, every month for through the 20 years and never charges another thing. This can be a hyper technical extensive disclosure that nobody would understand. So we are against disclosures that nobody would understand and that are wrong. We are for disclosures that help people understand. That's simple.This is a nonsense argument. In the line directly under the line, it says minimum monthly payment; there is a simple sentence that can be added: If you make minimum monthly payments, it will take you how many years, 35 years, and how many months to pay off this bill.The man who takes credit for inventing the two percentage minimum payment thinks more disclosure is useless.This is a fascination that every now and then someone with an act to grade or someone who thinks he is going to help consumers has on his mind, but if we had a tape and we ran a computer on transcript of 10, 000 customers service calls with questions. Ok, I don't think you'd ever heard that question. So I am kind of baffled at the artificiality of that. I don't think that's what consumers want to know because they are not expected to make minimum payments forever.Do you know if you made the minimum payment, for instance, on your bill, how long it will take you to pay it off?I am not nary to find out how long I'm gonna to pay it off.Would like to know? Sure, yes, yeah, en.That would inspire me to put down more. That would inspire me. And I think that's probably why they don't put it down; they wouldn't inspire more people to pay more than a minimum.Virtually everyone who holds credit card one way or the another under existing laws today and provisions can be completely taken advantage of by the credit card industry. So there is a deception going on, to get you into the game, once you are in, and I've got you in, then if you / get out, I charge you, if you don't meet your obligations, I charge you, you move left, you move right, I've got you.So what you are gonna to do about it? I got legislation as I get a bill. There is always a quick answer here and I don't know far ago because I've tried this in the past and I knew of the issue.A good deal of the blame for the crisis of credit card debt/ was seen in America, lies in the how the practice is, are followed by credit card companies.In the summer of 2004, Senator Dodd introduced a credit card reform bill that would among other things require credit card companies to disclose how long it would take consumers to pay off their balance. But it is not optimistic that the bill will pass, as many previous attempts to reform the credit card business have all failed.Why haven't you and other lawmakers been able to put some regulations into place? Is it their political power?Sure there is no question about it, I mean, every time we threat to offer legislation, this industry has become very powerful, and it is very successful in defeating every legislative attempt that were made over the last several years to inject some responsibility and a part of this credit card industry.200810/52017

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