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A: 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 我是杨琳!B: 我是Mike! 杨琳,来告诉大家今天都要学什么!A: Sure! 今天, 我们要给大家介绍一下在职场上非常有用的仪表姿态,谈谈在办公室里玩儿幽默该怎么样把握程度,还要告诉大家怎么说“放任不管”。不过首先我们来--B: Learn a word!Learn A Word 1690 counseling今天我们要学的词是counseling. Counseling is spelled c-o-u-n-s-e-l-i-n-g, counseling. Counseling 是名词,有咨询的意思。比如,financial counseling 金融咨询。Despite extensive support and counseling, 349 U.S. service members committed suicide in 2012. 尽管能够得到广泛的持和心理咨询,2012年还是有349名美国军人自杀。有研究显示,While the number of overweight and obese Americans is on the rise, the amount of weight counseling offered by primary care physicians has decreased. 美国超重和肥胖人口继续上涨的同时,家庭保健医生为患者提供的体重方面的咨询帮助却在减少。好的,今天我们学习的词是 counseling, counseling, counseling...A: 说到counseling 这个词, 我认识的一对夫妇正在接受marriage counseling, 也就是婚姻出现问题,接受专业人士的咨询帮助。B: So what happened? What seemed to be their problem?A: 据说是因为太太生孩子的时候和婆婆闹了矛盾,结果几年过去了,一直没有解开心结。The tension in the family builds up over time, and eventually leads to their divorce!B: Thats no good. Whatever problem she has with her in-laws, perhaps the wife should just let it slide.A: Let it slide? 这个短语我们要解释一下。来听words and idioms!Words and Idioms 825 Let Slide美国习惯用语第 825讲昨天我在办公室复印文件,结果发现,复印机里的纸用得一干二净,在我前面复印稿件的同事 Amy 竟然没有按照办公室里约定俗成的规矩把纸加好,后来我才知道,是老板当时叫她去参加临时会议,所以我就没再计较。在英语里,这就叫let slide. Slide is spelled s-l-i-d-e. Let-slide. Let slide.Slide 是下滑、滑落的意思。to let something slide 意思是说对某事采取放任的态度,听其自然。尽管 Amy 把纸用光了,没有填纸,让我很不高兴,但是我知道,她这么做不是故意的,而是迫不得已。Thats why I chose to LET IT SLIDE. 我决定还是不跟她计较了。在下面这个例子里,房东一开始对房客的处境还是挺同情的。让我们听听他是怎么说的。M: ;After my tenant lost his job, I understood why he didnt have the rent on time. I decided to LET it SLIDE for a couple of weeks. Then I told him that hed have to pay or plan to move out. I couldnt overlook what he owed me.;房东说:我的房客丢掉工作后,我知道他为什么会拖欠房租,所以头几个星期一直没有催他,再后来,我告诉他说,如果再不付房租,就得搬走了,我不能再对他欠的房租不闻不问了。我觉得这个房东已经算得上是仁至义尽了。虽说有的事情不用过份计较,但是在教育孩子的问题上,我可是丝毫也不放松。我女儿最近在学校里学会了骂人,这在我们家可是绝对行不通的。每次发现她说脏话,我们都会严加管教,Were not LETTING IT SLIDE. 我哥哥就不一样,他觉得说脏话也是小孩子成长的一部分。因此大部分时间,He lets it slide. 他往往都会听其自然。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;After my tenant lost his job, I understood why he didnt have the rent on time. I decided to LET it SLIDE for a couple of weeks. Then I told him that hed have to pay or plan to move out. I couldnt overlook what he owed me.;我的一个邻居,特别注意锻炼身体,锻炼固然是件好事,但是即使生病,他也不间断,我觉得这就有问题了。他的医生同意我的看法,让我们一起听听他是怎么说的。M: ;When youre not feeling well, its easy to LET exercise SLIDE. In fact, you should forget about working out for a while. Whats important is to get proper rest so that your body can fully recover. Soon enough, youll be y to get back to your routine.;医生说:身体不舒的时候,很容易在锻炼上懈怠。病人其实就应该暂停锻炼,重要的是好好休息,尽快让身体康复,这样用不了多久,就能恢复日常锻炼了。这倒是提醒了我,我该跟医生预约,去检查身体了。定期的身体检查对保健非常重要,绝对不能懈怠。You cant let it slide. 定期去看牙也是一样。我父亲牙齿不好,但是又不肯去看牙医,结果不到七十岁,牙齿就都掉光了。Perhaps if he hadnt LET his dental care SLIDE, hed have all his teeth today! 如果他没有在牙齿保健上推延懈怠的话,他现在还有满口好牙呢!好的,我们再听一下上面的例句。M: ;When youre not feeling well, its easy to LET exercise SLIDE. In fact, you should forget about working out for a while. Whats important is to get proper rest so that your body can fully recover. Soon enough, youll be y to get back to your routine.;听了上边这些例子,我倒要问问大家。如果听到别人在背后辱骂你的朋友,你会怎么办?Would you let it slide? 你会假装没听见吗?如果你发现同事把办公文具拿回家,Would you let it slide? 如果你看见有人打孩子巴掌,Would you let it slide? 再比如,如果你的邻居好几个星期时间不割草,Would you let it slide?Let something slide 这个习惯用语的历史可以追溯到十六世纪下半叶。如果大家有什么问题,可以随时跟我们联系,I dont want you to let it slide. 好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。下次节目再见。A: 我倒觉得, Its not helpful if you always let the small things slide, 在所有所谓的小事上都放任,不计较,并不是好事。B: Because?A: 因为这样一来,别人不知道你心里其实不高兴,也不知道自己其实踩了你的地雷。B: So youre saying we should set clear boundaries by telling people their behavior has upset us.A: 对啊,把话都说开了好啊! 特别是职场上,有时候更需要让别人知道你的底线在哪儿,不能瞎容忍。B: Speaking of that, lets listen to todays Business Etiquette!礼节美语BE-225 Body Language III公司主管Andy又请专门研究肢体语言的Monica给公司销售员 Sara和James培训。Andy说:Andy: This morning we once again have business consultant Monica Wolf with us. Monica is going to speak to us today about body language and how it affects business relationships.Monica: Hello again everyone! So....did you experiment with some of the pointers I gave you last time?Sara: I did. I found that making a conscious effort to look people in the eye has been very useful. I think people find me more trustworthy now.M: Thats great!Monica问大家有没有尝试着把上次她教的东西用到实践中去。她用到的一个名词 pointer 意思是指点,建议。Sara说,她发现,讲话时有意识地看着对方的眼睛真的很有帮助,别人会觉得她更可靠,让人信得过,trustworthy. 上面那段话里另一个语言点是,to make a conscious effort to do something 意思是有意识地去做某事。James说,J: Ive been working on my posture. I find when I stand up straight with my shoulders back, I actually feel more confident going into a business negotiation.V: Wonderful! Im so glad you applied the principles I shared with you. Today lets talk a little bit about attitude. Whats the first thing you notice about a character like James Bond?J: Hes very cool and composed.S: Yeah, he doesnt ever seem to get too worked up over anything.James说,他也在有意识地改进自己的站姿和仪表,而且他发现,挺胸抬头,真地会给自己平添一份自信。Monica听说大家把上次讲到的理论付诸实践,很高兴,说今天就来谈谈工作时的态度 attitude, 她问大家英国特工007 James Bond有什么特点。James和Sara都说,007很酷,很镇定, composed, 处变不惊。这里用到的一个短语 worked up 是形容词,意思是兴奋,激动。Monica 说:M: Thats right! The reason hes so cool is because hes in charge of the situation and he knows it. People who are in charge dont get overly excited. So, what I recommend is that you try to appear to be in control by maintaining composure. If you find yourself in a very stressful business negotiation try to limit your body gestures and control the tone of your voice.S: So even if I dont feel confident, I should try to fake it?M: Yes. Youll be surprised that even if youre faking, youll start to feel more in control. Try to reveal as few of your emotions as possible.A: But of course you still have to appear friendly.M: Absolutely. But like a poker player, you dont want to show your cards.Monica说,James Bond 007 之所以老是那么淡定,是因为他知道,情况都在自己的掌握之中,所以建议大家一定要保持情绪的稳定,参加十分棘手的谈判时,要 limit your body gestures and control the tone of your voice 尽量减少肢体动作,控制自己的音调,越少暴露自己的情绪越好,就好象是在打扑克牌,不能让别人知道你手里的牌。A: wow, 看来,即使不淡定,也要装淡定。 The fewer emotions you reveal, the more in control you appear to be, and the more respect you get from others. Right?B: (Slowly, emotionless): I suppose that is right.A: What are you doing, Mike?B: Im working on being composed. Do I look like James Bond now? 看我这样子,多淡定啊!A: No, you still look like Mike Bond.B: Come on! Play along!A: 算了吧,咱们还是继续听Business Etiquette吧。礼节美语BE-226 Body Language VI公司主管Andy又请专门研究肢体语言的Monica给公司销售员 Sara和James培训。Monica说:Monica: Okay, so we talked about composure. Lets go in the other direction now and talk about humor.J: Ah, thats something thats always puzzled me. Is it a good idea to make jokes?M: Research shows that people are more likely to accept an idea if its wrapped in humor. But the point isnt about finding a really funny joke. Laughter is actually about bonding.S: Yes....Ive noticed that many times people at a meeting are all laughing about something that really isnt all that funny.Monica接下来谈到了幽默在生意场上的作用。他说,有调查发现,用幽默的方式把一件事情说出来,更容易被对方接受。但关键不是要讲一个特别好笑的笑话,而是笑声能加强人与人之间的纽带。M: Thats right! They are not really joking....they are attempting to bond.A: So go ahead and throw in a funny comment or a clever remark...but theres got to be some minefields we should avoid as well, right?M: Yeah....dont make dirty, sexist or racist jokes or comments. And of course dont humiliate anyone.J: I have a question. Im never quite sure where to sit during a business meeting.M: The ancient Chinese art of ;Feng Shui; teaches that you should never sit with the door behind youand actually theres a scientific reason for that.虽然及时讲个笑话,或是发表一点幽默的能有助于调节气氛,加强纽带,但讲笑话也有一些需要忌讳的地方,或者说是 minefield 雷区。Dont make dirty, sexist or racist jokes or comments. Monica说,不要讲黄色笑话、性别歧视的笑话和种族歧视的笑话,而且不要 humiliate 羞辱别人。James问了一个很简单的问题,那就是,开会的时候应该坐在哪儿。Monica 说,按照中国风水里的讲究,后背不要对着门,这是有科学道理的,为什么呢?M: When a persons back is placed towards an open space he becomes stressed; his blood pressure increases and his heart beats faster.S: That makes sense! People subconsciously worry about getting attacked if they dont know whats lurking behind them.J: Interesting. Ill be sure to sit facing the door from now on!A: Monica, thank you for another great class! I think we all learned a lot today.M: My pleasure! See you next time!Monica 解释说,如果后背对着开放的空间,那这个人就容易有压力,血压升高,心跳加速,因为他们不知道身后可能会隐藏着什么危险,They dont know whats lurking behind them. 所以会下意识地感到不安全,因此在选择座位时,最好是脸冲着门。怎么样,大家是不是也学到了一些以前不知道的事情呢?A: 我倒没听说过开会背对着门风水不好,离门近多方便啊,会议如果没意思,马上就能溜!B: Is this the correct message we want to convey to our audience?A: Okay, Mr. Worker of the Year, 那我们换个话题, 再来学个词儿吧!Learn A Word 1696 expansion今天我们要学的词是expansion. Expansion is spelled e-x-p-a-n-s-i-o-n, expansion. Expansion 扩展,扩充。The Kennedy Arts Center unveiled a 0 million expansion plan. 肯尼迪艺术中心宣布扩展计划,耗资一亿美元。President Obama supported the expansion of H1B visas from 65,000 to 115,000 a year. 美国总统奥巴马持将每年的外籍人员工作签发放数量从六万五千个增加到11万五千个。The Pentagon is moving toward a major expansion of its cyber security force to counter increasing attacks on the nations computer networks. 美国五角大楼计划扩充负责网络安全的人员和能力,抵御美国电脑系统受到的越来越多的攻击。好的,今天我们学习的词是 expansion, expansion, expansion...B: Speaking of expansion, I have an issue against the commercial real estate expansion in my neighborhood.A: 怎么?你们家那边的商业区又扩张啦?B: 对啊! Now the developer is thinking about closing down a local park to make room for a shopping mall. Isnt that a horrible idea?A: 关了小公园建商场?不是挺好么?逛街就方便了!B: But we aly have two shopping malls nearby and we need the park for exercise, hangout with friends, and to give kids a playground!A: 你说得也有道理,你们家那边最近是开发太快了点。B: Its been developed like crazy!A: 说到这个,咱们先来听下面的words and idioms, 教一下Like crazy 这个短语。Words and Idioms 826 Like Crazy美国习惯用语第 826讲今天播音我差点儿迟到。本来出门挺早的,谁知道路上遇到车祸,堵了个水泄不通,原来半个小时的路,我足足开了一个半小时。我一停好车,就向办公室飞奔,冲进演播室的时候,只剩下三分钟的时间了。这倒让我想起一个可以跟大家交流的习惯用语,叫like crazy. Crazy is spelled c-r-a-z-y. Like-crazy. Like crazy.大家都知道,crazy 是疯狂的意思。Like crazy 就是不管不顾,象疯了一样。现在你能想象我下车后往办公室飞奔的样子了吧!在下面这个例子中,一名雇员讲述了他们公司最近是如何解决定单的难题的。让我们一起来听听他是怎么说的。M: ;Our factory is expected to ship a new product by tomorrow, but the order isnt y yet. Thats why the boss has ordered extra shifts. If we work LIKE CRAZY, well meet the deadline. But that means there cant be any slowing down.;他说:我们工厂明天要运走一批新产品,但是到现在还没有完成。所以老板决定加班加点。如果我们全力以赴的话,就能赶在最后期限之前完成定单,这就意味着我们丝毫不能松懈。这就要看老板的号召力,或是工人们的干劲了。不久前,我年迈的祖母不远万里,到美国来看我们。我们几个人连续三天,没日没夜的打扫卫生,准备饭菜。We cooked like crazy. 最后让祖母在吃住上都格外满意。这让我想起了每年的感恩节。美国人每年十一月最后一个星期四都要庆祝感恩节,感恩节最重要的一项节目就是感恩节大餐,包括火鸡、蔬菜和甜点等,而且大家都要 eat like crazy 大吃特吃。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;Our factory is expected to ship a new product by tomorrow, but the order isnt y yet. Thats why the boss has ordered extra shifts. If we work LIKE CRAZY, well meet the deadline. But that means there cant be any slowing down.;刚才说到感恩节。感恩节过后的那天,对很多喜欢购物的人来说,恐怕比感恩节更为重要。让我们听听其中的缘由。M: ;Have you ever heard of ;Black Friday;? Its the day after Thanksgiving when stores sell electronics at significant discounts. Prices for such items as computers, plasma TVs, and MP3 players can be so low that customers stand in lines for hours, and then shop LIKE CRAZY. Youve never seen such excitement!;这个人说:你知道“黑色星期五”吗?黑色星期五就是感恩节的第二天,商店大降价,电器类商品,例如电脑、液晶电视、MP3播放器都降价出售,很多顾客排好几个小时的队,疯狂地购物,从来没见过这么狂热的。这就叫“早起的鸟儿有虫吃”。不过,我来美国这么多年,感恩节第二天早上从来没有去排队抢购过,原因很简单,你不仅需要披星戴月地起床,还要在彻骨寒风里排队,这一点我可做不到。好的,我们再听一下上面的例句。M: ;Have you ever heard of ;Black Friday;? Its the day after Thanksgiving when stores sell electronics at significant discounts. Prices for such items as computers, plasma TVs, and MP3 players can be so low that customers stand in lines for hours, and then shop LIKE CRAZY. Youve never seen such excitement!;这个习惯用语最早是二十世纪二十年代前后出现的,可以跟like mad 通用。LIKE MAD, thats M-A-D, ;MAD;. LIKE MAD. 你可以说,为了录音不迟到,I had to run like mad. 为了完成订单,the employees worked like mad. 黑色星期五那天,the customers shop like mad.最近,我同事的儿子象疯了一样学西班牙语。He is learning Spanish like crazy. 家里人很奇怪,后来才发现,原来他喜欢上了一个刚刚从阿根廷移民过来的姑娘。那个女孩不会英语,两人无法沟通,小伙子为了爱情,苦学西班牙语,看来爱情也能成为学习的巨大动力。 好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。下次节目再见。B: To preserve our local park, the residents in our town decide to write and call the government like crazy until they agree to stop the development project!A: 好吧,祝你们成功! 好了,同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。 /201501/349706。

  • 小咖实用英语口语 第107期:傻笑 smirk /201510/401851。
  • 27.Oh,my!Its broken.啊,我的天呀!打破了。Useful Expressions常用语句1.I bought this item here yesterday,but it was broken.我昨天在这里购买的东西,但它已经破了。2.I found a crack in the glass of this picture frame.我发现这个画框玻璃裂了。3.I didnt notice when I bought it.我买的时候没有注意到。4.Can I change this to a new one?我可以换个新的吗?5.I wonder if you could replace this to a different one,as I think this is quite fragile.我不知道你是否可以把这个换个不同的,我认为这个容易破碎。6.Would you mind if Id change this to another color of the same design?如果我要把这个换成另一种颜色你同意吗?7.Will you send it to this address in Japan?请你把它寄到日本这个地址好吗?8.Will you get it insured?你要办理保险吗?Practical Conversation实用会话A:Hello,I bought the pendant in your shop,just before.喂,这个垂饰我刚在你的店里买的。B:Yes.Thank you very much.是的,非常谢谢你。A:Now I come back to the hotel and try to show it to my friend,the pendant is broken,Im afraid.现在我回到饭店,想给朋友看,但是这个垂饰破了。B:Oh,is it?啊,是真地吗?A:Would you change it to a new one?请你把它换个新的好吗?B:Yes,certainly.You have the receipt?是的,当然,你有收据吗?A:Yes,I do.是的,我有。B:Then would you kindly come to our shop with the receipt by 10 oclock?We will replace it.那么,请你的10点钟携带收据到我们店里来,我们就更换。A:Thank you so much.非常谢谢你。 /201502/355392。
  • 1.Didnt you find my passport on the ground?你在地上有没有看到我的护照?2.Dont you have my passport here?你有没有拿过我的护照?3.If you find it,please let me know.如果你找到了,请告诉我。4.I cant find my passport I left in my room.我的护照放在房间里找不到了。5.Did the maid take it by mistake?是不是女侍者拿错了呢?6.Where do I have to go to have it reissued?我必须到哪里去重新申请?7.You have to visit the consulate or embassy.你必须到领事馆或大使馆去。8.Is it located in this town?它在市区内吗?9.Did you inform the police of it?你把这件事告诉警察了吗?10.Please tell us how the matter was when you had it stolen.请告诉我你的护照被偷究竟是怎么一回事?11.I dont know whether I lost or its stolen.我不知道究竟是掉了,还是被偷了。12.Maybe I left it somewhere.也许我掉在某处了。13.I dont know where it was.我不知道它掉在何处。14.Im afraid I left it in the taxi.我怕它是掉在出租车里了。15.Please contact the taxi company.请和出租车公司联系。16.I dont remember my passport number.我忘了护照上的号码。17.Please report the loss of passport.请申报护照遗失。18.Is there any place to have my picture soon?有地方可以拍快照吗?19.Must I go to the immigration control office?我必须要到入境管理处吗?20.Please tell it to the consulate soon after you reported to the police.在你向警察局报告之后,请立刻向领事馆备案。21.What is the phone-number of the consulate?领事馆的电话号码是多少?22.Will you reissue my passport for Ive lost it?请你为我重新申请护照因为我把它遗失了。23.Please connect me to the person in charge.请帮我和负责人联系。24.Please someone who speaks Chinese.请会说中文的人来。1.I cant find my purse.我找不到钱包。2.Please return to the hotel because I lost money on the way.请转回旅馆,因为途中我遗失了钱。3.Is there any police station near here?附近有警察局吗?4.A travelers check and cash were in it.里面有旅行票和现金。5.It contained about two hundred dollars.里面约有两百元。6.When I was going to pay the taxi driver,I couldnt find the purse.当我要拿钱给出租车司机时,我就找不到钱包了。7.I found when I tried to get a ticket at the zoo.当我在动物园里想要买票时发现钱包没了。8.It seems I lost it on the way to the zoo.我好像把它遗失在去动物园的途中。9.I dont remember the name of the taxi company.我忘记了是哪一家出租车公司。10.I took a yellow cab.我搭的是一辆黄色出租车。11.About what time did you find you lost it?大约什么时候你发现遗失了钱包。12.Between nine and eleven in the morning.早上九点到十一点之间。13.There was all of my money in it.我所有的钱都在里面。14.Please lend me some as I dont have a taxi fare.我付不出车资,请借给我一些。15.My friend is in the same hotel so I can borrow the money.我的朋友也住在同一个旅馆里,我可以借到钱。16.I want to report the loss of my travelers check.我的旅行票不见了,我要报失。17.Can I have it reissued by tomorrow?我可以在明天之前就申请吗?18.What shall I do to get a remittance from Shanghai?要从上海汇款过来应该办什么手续?19.Will you lend me some money until I borrow some from my friend?请你借我一些钱,一直到我向朋友借到钱为止。 /201503/362668。
  • 外教带你学地道口语 第41期:知心朋友To stand by someoneTo have ones backBack one upOnes rockMy right hand man/my left handDont know where one would be without … /201509/397007。
  • Todd: Hey, Michael, I just met your wife. Shes a really nice woman. Really friendly.托德:迈克尔,我刚遇到你的妻子了。她真是一个好女人,非常友好。Mike: Yeah. yeah. We met a long time ago. Weve been married a lot of years, now.迈克:是啊。我们相识很长时间了。我们结婚也很多年了。Todd: How did you meet actually?托德:你们什么时候认识的?Mike: Oh, gosh, we back when we were both students, at Arizona State University in Tempe Arizona, and I had volunteered to be one of the tour guides for new students, foreign students who just coming in for that school year, and it was the end of August, and it was very steamy, a very hot day, and I remember I met the students, there were maybe four or five of them at the Student Union for this walking orientation tour of the campus. Its a beautiful campus, by the way, and so, you know, I remember she was sitting on this bench and I went and, you know, she smiled at me and I smiled at her, and there was some kind of spark.迈克:哦,天哪,我们还在亚利桑那州滕比谷的亚利桑那州立大学上学时就认识了,当时我志愿为在新学年刚入校的新生和外国学生当导游,我记得那是八月底非常湿热的一天,我在学生会见到了这些学生,大概有四五个人来参加校园游览活动。那是一个很漂亮的校园,我记得当时她坐在长凳上,我去了以后看到她对我微笑,然后我也对微笑,我们就这样擦出了火花。Todd: Yeah, yeah, like a connection.托德:哦,就像有了某种联系。Mike: There was a connection. There was a connection there, and I, you know, we went on this walking tour of the campus and when we were you done, you know, I kind of reluctantly, sort of said goodbye to her and the rest of the group, and you know, kind of said, see you around, and I think the next day even, she went found out who I was and where I worked and she dropped in my office.迈克:有种联系。确实有某种联系,你知道,在漫步校园活动结束以后,我有点不太想和她还有其他人说再见,所以我说了后会有期,之后第二天她就知道了我的名字和我工作的地方,然后她就来到了我的办公室。Todd: Wow, thats pretty cool. Thats pretty romantic.托德:哇,那太酷了。太浪漫了。Mike: It was very cool. Very romantic. You know the funny thing is, that particular bench, where we met, on our anniversary, 20th anniversary, we went back to the campus (no way) where we met and we took a picture of ourselves on the same bench because this is where we first met.迈克:的确又酷又浪漫。你知道,最有意思的事是,在我们结婚20周年纪念日那天,我们重返校园,然后在我们初次相遇的那个长凳照了张相。Todd: What a great story.托德:太精了。Mike: It was very cool to go back there.迈克:能再回到那里感觉真的非常好。Todd: So, in terms of your personality, how are you guys similar?托德:来谈谈你们两人的性格吧,你们的性格相似吗?Mike: How are we similar? Oh, man, I think were more different than anything. I think our biggest similarity is that were both so different, in other words that were both very tolerant (yeah) of people who are different and so we, you know we kind of get along. We have an understanding thats were going to misunderstand each other most of the time.迈克:我们的性格有多相似?伙计,我们两个人完全不同。我觉得我们最大的相似点就是我们的不同,换句话说,我们能忍受与我们完全不同的人,所以我们相处得很好。我们有一个共识,那就是大多数时间我们可能会误解对方的意思。Todd: Right, right.托德:好。Mike: But we sort of approach that with a kind of humor and flexibility so I think thats what makes our relationship work is that we got that kind of agreement.迈克:不过我们可以用幽默感来解决并适应这种误解,所以我认为我们保持婚姻长久的秘诀在于我们达成了这种共识。Todd: So you think thats the key to any successful marriage?托德:那你认为这也是其他成功婚姻的秘诀吗?Mike: Is not getting so upset at misunderstanding each other or kind of using misunderstanding as a way of getting to know each other. I think that is one of the keys.迈克:秘诀是不要因为互相误解而难过,而是要通过误解去互相了解。我认为这是其中一个秘诀。Todd: Thats nice. Thanks.托德:说的好。谢谢你。Mike: Sure.迈克:不客气。 译文属 /201503/366789。
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