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Step 1: Underwear tricksGet a proper bra fitting and then splash out on a Push Up or Plunge bra as they're designed to push your breasts up and out. Foam, air, and gel inserts are made to be inserted into your bra but if you do this, make sure the fit isn't too tight and it doesn't look like you've been shot in the back by a couple of cruise missiles. Silicone inserts are good here as they're worn directly on the outside of the breast and look more natural than other inserts.Step 2: Over timeStrengthening and toning the muscles beneath your breasts helps make them look bigger by making them sit higher and more evenly on your chest. Start doing some daily pectoral exercises like press ups and pull ups and over time this will force your breasts up and out. You can also try massaging the upper and outer area of your breasts in circular motions each day to help stimulate circulation and tone-up the fatty tissue. Sesame seeds are also very effective in enlarging the breasts so try and eat several handfuls a day. If this regime still hasn't got your breasts growing as fast as you'd like then you should move to defcon four....Step 3: Sex yourself up a bitHorizontal stripes with a high neckline are a good way of increasing your breasts appearance but you should also try experimenting with ruffles and frills to draw attention to your cleavage. Wearing spaghetti strap tops and accessorizing with low hanging pendants that fall just above the top of the breast will draw more attention to the bust area. If you're wearing a low cut top, apply eyeshadow or blusher, a shade darker than your skin tone, between the breasts to suggest shadows and cleavage. A touch of shimmery glitter on top of each breast will highlight the rounded top and make your chest look fuller.201002/96371

42 Star on Pressure of Meeting Jackie Robinsons WidowChadwick Boseman discusses the success of the biopic of the iconic baseball star.《42号》主演查德威克·斯曼专访,谈论这部传记片的成功,并表达对杰基·罗宾森的尊敬和喜爱。《42号》根据美国职业棒球大联盟首位黑人棒球运动员杰基·罗宾森的生平拍摄的一部体育传记电影,种族平等将是本片的主题。《42号》片名是杰基·罗宾森球衣的号码。他出生于1919年01月31日,1972年10月24日逝世,是美国职棒大联盟史上第一位黑人球员。Now we have a special guest to mark the day 66 years ago when Jackie Robinson became the first black player in Major League baseball. In honor of Jackie Robinson Day every Major League player today is gonna wear the Number 42. And we’re pleased to welcome the star of the new movie ;42.; Chadwick Boseman plays Jackie Robinson. Great to have you, Bose.Good morning.And Bose, itll also be great, you guess a blown-away box office this week and youre No. 1 and thats got to be so gratifying.Its really satisfying and just having a great time, I mean, just having a great time.Ill bet you guys have been to the White House. President Sbama hosted a screening(放映) as well?Thats right. Thats right. Its been amazing just, just being able to have this movie be appreciated in the cultural significance of it. So, yeah, the First Lady and the President then hosted two screenings, one for kids, and the second one he hosted at night.And the movie really firngs home how tough things were for Jackie Robinson that wasnt that long ago. I want to show a scene where hes getting booed, jeered on the field. And Peewee Reese, his shortstop(游击手) comes up and talks to him. Lets take a look.They can say all they want. Were just here to play ball.Its just a bunch of crack pots still fighting the civil war.Well, hell, we would have won that sum of a gun if the corn stalks would have held out. We just ran out of ammunition.Better luck next time, Peewee.Aint going to be a next time, Jack. All we gots right here.Tough stuff right there. I hear you guy hit and get in shape to play?We, we did some really intense training. They gave me a, a trainer, Phil Carlson, who is just an amazing conditioning coach and, um, and then I had baseball coaches. So I did two-a-days, baseball practice in the morning and in the afternoon, I worked out with Phil.And I, any, no pressure. But Jackie Robinsons widow comes up to you and says she thought in the original movie, Sidney Poitier was going to play him. You have to follow in the footsteps.Yeah, I mean, there is no way you can, you could live up to that. So I just told her that I would work as hard as I could and that Ill do my best to honor him and try to give her a sense of what I knew about him aly. And I said, I will research and find out as much as I can. You tell me as much as you can. And I said Ill put my whole life into it.Well, it is so clear on the screen. You did a magnificent job. Congratulations on that lot of success.Thank you.Chadwick, thanks very much. /201304/236348

White House Says Syria Used Sarin Gas on Its Own PeopleMartha Raddatz discusses the U.S. assessment that Syria has used chemical weapons.and that of a stunning statement from the White House, the US saying that it now has evidence that Syria has used chemical weapons on its own people. President Obama has said many times that would be a red line for the US to take action. But is the evidence strong enough? A question for As Martha Radith join us now in Washington with Morgen. Good Morning to you Martha. Good Morning Josh. The language in this assessment is the strongest we have seen and very specific. The White House saying that the intelligence community believes that the Syrian regime has used the nerve agent Sarin on a small scale. That is a nerve agent that essentially paralyzes and suffocates its victims. But there are many caveats(告诫) in the statement they make clear that there is a varying degree of confidence that Sarin was used, and basically want more tests to prove it. So this seems a red line, Josh, that still has shades of gray. But a red line, nevertheless, Martha. This is something again the President had been very clear about in the past.President Obama did say at one point there would be enormous consequences if President Assad used chemical weapons, but we are talking about the possibility of military action in Syria or a no-fly zone so the administration is not rushing into this. /201305/238093

Where would you be without your neck? For one, you wouldnt be able to turn your head to see, hear, smell, or talk in the direction of your choice. And youd be a lot shorter. So be good to your neck—give it a stretch.如果没有脖子,你会怎么样呢?首先,你不可能转向希望的方向去看,听,闻,或者说话。而且你还会比原来更矮。善待你的脖子,做一下伸展运动。Step 1 Lie on floor1.平躺Lie down on the floor.在地板上平躺下来。Step 2 Turn amp; hold2.转头Turn your head to one side until you feel a comfortable tension, and hold for about 10 seconds.将头部转向一边,直到自己感到舒适的拉伸感,坚持大约10秒钟。Focus on keeping your spine aligned straight up through your neck—dont tilt your chin up.脊柱与脖子保持在一条直线上,不要扬起下巴。Step 3 Rotate amp; hold3.旋转Slowly rotate your neck so youre facing the other direction, stretching the other side. Hold this for another 10 seconds.缓慢地旋转颈部,面向相反的方向,向另外一边伸展。再坚持10秒钟。Step 4 Repeat rotation4.重复Repeat this rotation 3 to 5 times, each time trying to go slightly further into the stretch.重复该动作三到五次,每次都努力将伸展的幅度稍微增大一点。Step 5 Release amp; relax5.放松Release the stretch and relax. Youll be turning heads in no time.结束伸展运动,放松。现在,你转动头部将会非常顺畅。The bassist from the heavy metal band Metallica quit after 14 years, citing irreparable neck damage from head-banging.由于头部受到撞击造成颈部不可挽回的损伤,重金属乐队Metallica的低音歌手经历14年的生涯终于退出乐坛。201302/225649

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