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大丰市治疗月经不调哪家医院最好的盐城的哪个医院妇科好MOSCOW — The Georgian capital, Tbilisi, became the city where the wild things are on Saturday night, with lions, tigers, bears and other carnivorous animals roaming the streets after catastrophic flooding destroyed the enclosures of the main zoo.莫斯科——格鲁吉亚首都第比利斯在周六夜间成了野生动物横行的地方,在一场特大洪水摧毁了动物园的围墙之后,狮子,老虎,熊和其他肉食动物开始在街头游荡。Residents were warned to stay indoors after heavy rains and roiling waters inundated the center of the city. At least three zoo workers were dead, according to local press reports, which ed the mayor, Davit Narmania, as saying that at least eight people had been killed and that search and rescue operations were continuing for about 10 more missing.在暴雨后,洪水淹没了市中心,居民被告诫不要出门。据当地的新闻报道透露,至少有三名动物园的工作人员死亡。该报道援引第比利斯市长达维特·纳玛尼亚(Davit Narmania)报道称,至少有八人死亡,10多人失踪,而搜救工作还在继续进行中。It was not immediately clear how many animals were on the loose and how many had been killed in the floods.目前无法迅速得知有多少动物在外游荡,又有多少动物在洪水中丧命。Images from the city underscored the animal anarchy — one showed a group of people herding a hippopotamus along a street choked with mud, after it had been hit by a tranquilizer dart. Others showed the corpses of animals amid the debris of wrecked cars and buildings.从一些城市的画面中就可以看出动物带来的混乱景象。其中的一个画面显示了一群人站在满是泥泞的街边,围着一头被麻醉飞镖击中后的河马。从其他画面可以看到,汽车和建筑物的残骸中出现了多具动物尸体。A special police unit was dispatched to the neighborhoods around the zoo to hunt for the roaming animals, according to Rustavi 2 television.据鲁斯塔维电视2台(Rustavi 2 Television)报道,一只特警部队被派往动物园附近的地区,搜捕四处游荡的动物。Some of the animals were killed when they could not be captured, the report said, including six wolves found on the grounds of a children’s hospital as well as a bear and a hyena. Some residents expressed indignation at those killings, but officials said various animals were too aggressive to be captured.据报道,一些动物因无法被捕获而遭到射杀,其中包括在一家儿童医院发现的六匹狼,一只熊和一条鬣。一些居民对射杀动物的行径表示愤怒,不过官员表示很多动物攻击性太强,难以捕获。Helicopters were swooping low over the city to try to spot the animals. Those missing after the flood included 20 wolves, eight lions, and several tigers and jaguars, Interfax reported. Only three of 17 penguins survived, the Russian news agency said.直升飞机在城市上空低空盘旋,试图找出动物。据国际文传电讯社(Interefax News Agency)报道,洪水发生后,大批动物失踪,其中包括20匹狼,八头狮子,数头老虎和美洲豹。据该俄罗斯新闻通讯社透露,17只企鹅中,只有三只幸存。One zoo worker who died while trying to save the animals, Guliko Chitadze, a 25-year veteran of the Tbilisi Zoo, had her arm amputated in late May after she was attacked by a tiger, Interfax said.一名动物园工作人员在试图解救动物时丧命。古莉科· 赤塔泽(Guliko Chitadze)是第比利斯动物园的资深工作人员,已在那里工作了25年。据国际文传电讯社透露,她在5月末因为被一只老虎袭击而截去了一只手臂。 /201506/380852江苏省东台市人民医院前列腺炎多少钱 阜宁县中医院割包皮多少钱

盐都区私密整形多少钱盐城/哪个医院包皮手术好 Teachers may seem strict and boring but I bet they crave for being a student again and have fun. Probably, that is why this school teacher from Thailand carried away while checking test papers.教师通常是又严厉又乏味的,不过我相信,他们内心也渴望能再和学生一样愉快的玩耍。大概正由于此,这位泰国的老师在批改试卷时着实“任性”了一回。 Students usually doodle when, either they finish exam early or they don’t know what to write on the question paper. These doodles are mainly unfinished and totally random. However, this school teacher took the opportunity to complete the unfinished doodles with his own artistic skills. After a while, when students noticed what their teacher was doing, they started drawing more and requested to add more stuff. 当学生们在考试时间截止前完成了试卷,或者不知道该在试卷上写什么的时候,他们常常在试卷上涂鸦。这些涂鸦之作往往是未完成的随性之作。可是,这位老师却趁此机会,运用自己的美术天才续画了这些未完成的涂鸦画。后来,当学生们发现老师的续画作品之后,他们开始变本加厉的画画,要求老师再接着他们的作品画下去。A few of these drawings only needed a little touch from the teacher while others got new body parts or characters.下面这些涂鸦画中,有的只需要老师画龙点睛,有的则被加上了新的主体或者人物。 /201504/369452盐城流产究竟需多少钱

盐城男宝宝二十个月包皮长To honor the many sacrifices moms make, most men would opt for flowers or chocolates. But three male coworkers who really want to understand the mom experience are taking their celebration of motherhood a (giant) step further — by wearing 33-pound pregnancy suits, complete with breasts and a fake 9-months-along belly。为了向女性怀胎做出的大量牺牲表达自己的敬意,大多数男人会送上鲜花或者巧克力,但是英国的这三位男士却选择用体验一回当妈的感觉来表达他们的敬意。他们的做法是穿上一件重达33磅的怀装,这套设备包括假胸和怀胎9月的假肚子。Biggins and his colleagues Steven Hanson and Jason Bramley each committed to wearing the “empathy belly” for one month, leading up to U.K. Mother’s Day on March 15. They wear the suit all day and night, only taking it off to bathe, and each of the men is documenting his experience being nine months pregnant with posts and s on their blog, Three Pregnant Dads.Biggins和同事Steven Hanson、Jason Bramley三人承诺穿一个月的假肚子假胸,一直坚持到3月15日英国母亲节。三人白天和晚上都要穿上妇套装,只有洗澡的时候可以脱下来,三人各自将自己的体验记录下来,用文字图片和视频的形式发布到客《3个怀爸爸》上。“We’re trying to empathize a little and go through some of the physical discomforts women go through, though not all of them,” Biggins says, pointing out that the three men are spared plenty of the biological pregnancy trials like swollen ankles or tender breasts. Still, the suit is intended to put pressure on the bladder, stomach and lungs and cause the wearer to feel bloated, a common pregnancy complaint。“我们尽最大努力去体验妇遭遇的身体上的不适,”Biggins说道,但是他们还是无法体会妇出现的很多生理期反应、如脚踝肿胀和乳房胀痛等。同时会使穿戴者感觉臃肿,这也是妇们常常抱怨的不适感。Nine days into the project, Biggins, a 45-year-old father of two, says he has a whole new appreciation for what pregnant women go through.今年45岁,是两个孩子的爹,穿了这套衣后的第九天他说他对女性怀要遭受的痛苦有了全新的感触。“I’ve had to slow down. Little things like picking something up or tying your shoes becomes a huge task,” he says. Nights, too, have been rough. “It’s like sleeping on a boulder, it’s really uncomfortable. But you start adapting and customizing to make it work。” Biggins says he’s added a second seat to his bicycle to rest support his belly, and has to wear a maternity band to minimize chafing。“我不得不把动作放慢,从地上捡东西穿鞋子这种小事情都成了艰巨的工程。睡觉感觉就像躺在一块大石头上一样,非常不舒。”为了撑多出来的重量,平时骑车的Biggins在自行车上安装了一个新座位用来放假肚子,为了不让妇装磨破皮肤他还专门佩戴了妇托腹带。Bramley, a 44-year-old dad of one, blogged about how hard it is to simply get around with his new belly. “I wonder why pregnant women don’t use wheelchairs,” he wrote. “I have a chair in the office with wheels, this is a blessing.44岁的Bramley也是爸爸了,他也参加了“怀体验”。在客中他提到带着这个“妇肚”真的很不舒,“我真不明白妇为什么不使用轮椅呢?”他写道,“幸好我办公室里面有轮椅。”Hanso, a 45-year-old dad of one, noted that while his newfound breasts seemed exciting at first, that moment passed quickly. “What an awful night, I just couldn’t get settled,” he wrote. “What were at first quite a pleasurable novelty, my boobs soon became about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit。”45岁的爸爸Hanso在客中提到,新乳房一开始还挺好玩,但新鲜感很快就过去了。“多么糟糕的一个夜晚啊!我就是说什么也睡不着。”他写道,“一开始让人十分愉悦的体验,但后来难受极了,就像是困在宇航员太空里的屁一样令人抓狂。”“At the end of the day, women are superhuman,” Biggins says。“坚持到怀最后一天,女人真是无敌了!”Biggins说道。 /201503/363253 In the game of life, if it often seems like you’re on the losing end of things, you’re not alone. Life can be one giant conundrum filled with ups and downs. When you feel like you’re experiencing more downs than ups, sometimes it helps to get a little tough love once in a while. That’s why we put together this list of 10 harsh truths that will help you grow。在人生游戏中,总会感觉自己总在经历失败。你并不是一个人。人生就是一个巨大的谜题,充满了起起伏伏。如果你觉得你经历的失败多于成功,偶尔感受一点严厉之爱也许会有帮助。所以我们总结了会帮助你成长的10个残酷事实。1. Life isn’t fair。人生是不公平的Life will hand you lemons, often when you least expect it. The sooner you embrace this harsh truth, the better prepared you’ll be to handle tough situations that are sure to arise。往往在你最意想不到的时候,人生会让你尝到柠檬的酸味。你越早明白这个残酷的事实,在处理这些必将出现的麻烦事时,你就会准备得越好。2. The first step is always the hardest。万事开头难Let’s face it: changing bad habits is tough. Research proves it. Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step。” So if you want to change something, start with baby steps. Take a small action–any action–and grow from there。让我们面对这个事实:改掉坏习惯非常困难。研究实了这一点。中国的哲学家老子说过,“千里之行,始于足下。”如果你想要做出改变,就从第一步开始。做出一点小的行动,任何一种行动都行,然后就从这里开始。3. Good things usually don’t come quickly。好事情不会来得很快Great accomplishments in our lives normally don’t come easy. And if you think about it, would you have it any other way? There’s a basic psychological principle called instant gratification, which means that we expect to get rewards instantly. But sometimes you need to fight the impulses your brain throws at you and trust that the journey you’re on is the right one。我们认识中的伟大成就都来之不易。想想看,你还有别的办法吗?有一个基本的心理学 原理,叫做即时满足,意思是我们期待立刻获得回报。但有时候你要和大脑中的这种冲动作斗争,要相信你正在走一条正确的路。4. Not everyone will support you along the way。人生路上不是每个人都会持你In life, there’s no shortage of doubters, haters, and pessimists. Overcoming this harsh truth is simple: don’t listen. Choose to stick with your guns, trust your instincts, and forget about people who don’t support your goals and passions。你的人生中从来不缺乏怀疑者、嫉妒者和悲观主义者。克这个残酷的现实很简单:别听他们的。坚守自己,相信你的直觉,忘掉那些不持你的目标和的人。5. You can’t always be in control of everything。你无法永远掌控每件事 Listen, letting go is hard, especially if you’re a go-getter. But if you want to continue to grow, there are times when you need to relinquish your control on everything and let things unfold how they’re meant to be. This doesn’t mean your mentality for everything should be “wait and hope。” You can still strive for greatness, but put the work in and then let go with complete faith that the universe will make things right for you. You’ll be amazed at how well it works。听着,放手不是件容易的事,尤其如果你还是一个能干的人。但如果你想继续成长,有时候你需要放弃对某些事的掌控,让一切顺其自然。这并不意味着你对待事情的 态度是“静观其变”。你依然可以为了成就伟大而奋斗,只不过在努力之后,就可以放手,要相信上天会为你安排妥当。你会惊讶地发现一切都很顺利。6. You can’t accomplish great things without taking great risks。不入虎穴焉得虎子Here’s another harsh truth many people have trouble grasping: if you don’t take risks you will have a lot harder time accomplishing what you want in life. People who truly change the world are the biggest risk takers. They’re the ones who are willing to put everything on the line and fail for something they believe in. And they treat each failure as an opportunity to grow and get better。这又是一个很多人不能领会的残酷现实:如果你不能冒险,想实现你所追求的就会更加困难。那些真正改变世界的人都是最大的冒险家。他们情愿让一切出于危险之中,也肯为了他们所信仰的事而失败。他们认为每一次失败都是一次成长、变得更好的机会。7. You may be better off without some of the people you currently care about。 没有了你眼下在乎的某些人,你的生活也许更美好This one is tough to hear, I know. But chances are, there’s someone in your life you care about deeply who is holding you back. That’s not to say you should give up on the people you love. However, there comes a time when you need to make the tough decision to say no to people who aren’t helping you grow。我知道这一点听起来很难以接受。但有可能你生命中某个你特别在乎的人阻碍了你前进。这不是说你要放弃那些你爱的人。可是有时候你需要作出艰难的决定,对那些不能帮助你成长的人说不。8. Death is a part of life。 死亡是人生的一部分Nothing can prepare us for the earth-shattering pain of losing a loved one. The harsh truth of life is that it’s a viscous cycle. However, there’s something you can do to make losing someone you love a lot less painful: make them a part of your life right now. Don’t put off making that phone call or paying a random visit to a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while. Treat every moment with your loved ones as if it’s your last, and you won’t have any regrets。面对失去所爱之人的巨大痛苦,我们总是无所适从。残酷的现实在于,这是一个黏性的循环。但是你可以做一些事情,让这种痛苦减轻一些:从现在起就让他们成为你 人生中的一部分。别推迟给那些好久没见的朋友或家人打电话或者上门拜访。每次和你爱的人们相处时都把它当做是最后一次,这样你就不会有任何遗憾了。9. You are the only thing holding yourself back from greatness。你是自己通向伟大的唯一阻碍Often we get so caught up hoping for the next great thing that we don’t realize what’s unfolding right in front of our faces. Don’t hold yourself back with negative thoughts. Instead, focus on the positive things you have going in your life. Choose to be happy right now。我们总是期待着下一件好事情,却没有意识到它正在我们面前发生。别被消极的念头所阻碍。相反,要关注那些发生在你生活中的积极的事情。选择快乐,就是现在。10. Sometimes bad things happen to good people有时候好人也会遇到坏事Suffering is part of life. But here’s the cool thing: it makes us stronger. There’s a randomness to how the world works that’s really hard to understand. We see evidence of this every day, and it can really make you question the future of mankind. How you choose to view the world is up to you. Just remember, the truth, however harsh, will set you free。磨难是人生的一部分。但好处在于,它会让我们更强大。世界的运转总有随机性,这确实难以理解。我们每天都会看到这种据,这的确会让你质疑人类的未来。你如何看待这个世界由你自己决定。只需要记住,现实不论多么残酷,都会让你自由。 /201507/386990建湖县第三人民医院男科医生阜宁县中医院预约



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