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恩施自治州微针缩小毛孔微针祛斑南漳县谷城县保康县纹绣眉型哪家好Voters in Burkina Faso have voted Sunday for a new president and parliament in what is being called the countrys most open election in its history.非洲国家布基纳法索的选民星期天投票选举了新一任总统和议会。这次选举被称为是布基纳法索历史上最为开放的一次大选。Five million registered voters were eligible to select from among a slate of 14 presidential candidates.该国五百万注册选民有资格从14名总统候选人当中选出一位新总统。Twelve hours of voting ended about 6 p.m. local time. Officials have begun counting the ballots and the first results are expected late Monday. If no one earns more than 50 percent of the vote, a second round will be held.历时12个小时的投票在当地时间下午大点结束。官员们开始计票工作,最初计票统计结果预计星期一晚间公布。如果没有候选人在星期天的选举中赢得超过半数选票的话,将举行第二轮投票,以定乾坤。Former President Blaise Compaore led Burkina Faso for 27 years before trying last year to get rid of a constitutional term limit and make himself eligible for another round in office. That move brought protests that forced him to resign.布基纳法索前总统孔波雷在领导布基纳法7年之后,去年试图改写宪法,取消对总统的任期限制,以便自己再度执政。此举引发抗议,并迫使他辞职。An interim government replaced Compaore, and the election was supposed to take place in October, but a brief, failed military coup forced the process to be postponed.孔波雷辞职后,布基纳法索是由一个临时政府领导。大选原本定0月份举行,但是军方发起的短暂的失败政变,迫使选举被推迟到本周日举行。来 /201512/412953天门市男士弯眉男士俊朗眉 LONDON Perhaps befitting a battle that ended French hegemony in Europe, Paris, it seems, has been outflanked once again.伦敦——或许与终结法国在欧洲的霸权的那场战役一样,巴黎似乎再次被打败了。After it objected to a decision in March by Belgium to introduce a new 2 euro coin to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, the Belgians retreated, scrapping 180,000 coins they had aly minted.为了纪念拿破仑在滑铁卢战00周年,比利时于今月决定推出一款新欧元硬币。但是在巴黎对此表示反对之后,比利时人作出了让步,销毁了他们已经制造出来的18万枚硬币。But victory for France is proving elusive.不过事实明,胜利对于法国来说似乎转瞬即逝。This week, Belgium decided to circumvent French resistance by invoking a little-known European Union rule that allows countries to issue euro coins of their choice, provided they are in an irregular denomination.本周,比利时决定援引一条鲜为人知的欧盟规定,从而绕开法国的阻挠。根据这条规定,各国可以自行选择发行欧元硬币,只要面值不常见即可。That led to the unveiling of a 2.50 coin a first in Belgium and 70,000 of them have now been minted. The coins, which can only be spent inside Belgium, display a monument of a lion atop a cone-shaped hill on the site of France’s humiliation, as well as lines indicating where troops were positioned when forces led by Britain and Prussia defeated Napoleon in the countryside near Brussels.于是,比利时推出了面值为2.5欧元的硬币——这在比利时历史上是头一遭——并已铸造了7万枚。这些硬币只能在比利时境内使用,上面的图案是一座狮子纪念碑耸立在法国受辱之地的锥形山丘上,下方还有线条代表着由英国和普鲁士带领的军队在这片靠近布鲁塞尔的郊区击败拿破仑时军队部署的位置。Johan Van Overtveldt, the Belgian finance minister, insisted on Monday that the new coins were not meant to provoke Gallic anger.比利时财政大臣约翰·范奥维尔威尔特(Johan Van Overtveldt)周一坚称,铸造这些新硬币并不是为了挑起法国人的愤怒情绪。“The goal is not to revive old quarrels in a modern Europe and there are more important things to sort out,he was ed as saying by Agence France-Presse. “But there’s been no battle in recent history as important as Waterloo, or indeed one that captures the imagination in the same way.”“这样做并非是想在当今的欧洲重燃旧的纷争——我们还有更重要的事情需要解决,”法新社(Agence France-Presse)援引他的话报道。“但是在近代历史中,没有哪场战役比滑铁卢战役更重要,也的确没有哪场战役像它一样激起人们的兴趣。”There is no doubt that the European Union has bigger struggles to wage at the moment. But in its small way, the skirmish has signaled the challenges facing European integration, and the limits of Europe’s open borders at overcoming old nationalist impulses.毫无疑问,欧盟有更大的问题需要处理。但从小的方面来看,这次纠纷表明了欧洲一体化面临的挑战,以及在克由来已久的民族主义冲动方面,欧洲开放的边界存在的局限性。Tensions among the 19 countries that use the euro have mounted as Greece teeters perilously close to defaulting on its debt.随着希腊债务违约的风险加大,使用欧元9个国家间的关系也愈加紧张。Yet history has its own currency in Europe, which even a common currency has yet to overcome. Back in March, officials in Paris wrote a letter to the European authorities insisting that the Battle of Waterloo, which took place on June 18, 1815, and altered the shape of European history, had a deep and damaging resonance in the collective French consciousness.不过在欧洲,各家自有通行的历史论断,即便使用统一货币也不能改变这一点。今月,巴黎的官员致函欧盟当局,坚称滑铁卢战役深深伤害了法国民众的集体情感。这场于18158日爆发的战役改变了欧洲历史的格局。France protested Belgium’s plans for its original coin by saying that basking in France’s defeat threatened to undermine European unity, troubled enough aly. The 2 coin, it said, could spur an “unfavorable reaction in France.In Belgium, the victory embodied in the 2.50 coin is being lauded as if the tiny country had itself triumphed on the battlefield.法国反对比利时的铸币计划,理由是以法国的战败为乐可能会破坏欧洲的团结,而这里的麻烦已经够多了。法国称,这款面欧元的硬币可能会在法国引发“令人不快的反应”。在比利时,推出2.5欧元硬币代表的胜利却受到了人们的称赞,就好像这个小国自己在战场上打了胜仗一样。“Belgium creativity at its best!Jean-Yves Jault, the Brussels-based head of corporate communications for Toyota Europe, boasted on Twitter.丰田欧洲(Toyota Europe)驻布鲁塞尔的企业公关部门负责人让-伊夫·Jean-Yves Jault)在Twitter上夸赞,“这是比利时最好的创意!”Nevertheless, the move has inspired no little annoyance in France. An article on the website of Bfmtv, the French broadcaster, noted that 200 years later, the defeat of Napoleon was “still hard to swallow.”尽管如此,此举在法国引发了不少恼怒情绪。法国电视台Bfmtv的网站上有一篇文章指出,200年后,拿破仑战败的事实“仍然让人难以接受”。The article asked whether France was a “poor loser,even as it stressed that the 2.50 coin would not be legal tender outside of Belgium, where it is to be sold in plastic bags at a cost of 6.这篇文章提出,法国是不是一个“输不起的败者”?但又同时强调,除了在比利时,这款面.5欧元的硬币不属合法货币。在比利时,它装在塑料包装里售卖,标欧元。In Britain, where the 19th-century poet laureate Robert Southey called the Battle of Waterloo “the greatest deliverance that civilized society has experiencedsince Charles Martel repelled an Islamic conquest of Europe in 732, the new 2.50 coin aroused similar adulation.19世纪的英国桂冠诗人罗伯特·骚塞(Robert Southey)称,滑铁卢战役是自查尔斯·马特Charles Martel)于公32年击退攻取欧洲的伊斯兰大军以来,“文明社会经历的最伟大的解救”。这款新.5欧元硬币引发了类似的吹捧。“Well done Belgium beat the French at their own game of finding ways around EU rules, the English should take note!!Michael Dunn, from Stratford-upon-Avon, wrote on Twitter.来自英格兰埃文河畔斯特拉福德镇的迈克尔·邓Michael Dunn)在Twitter上写道,“干得漂亮。比利时用法国惯用的想方设法绕过欧盟规定的把戏击败了法国,英国人该好好看看!!”Others were less impressed. On Facebook, Manuel Di Pietrantonio suggested that the value of the dispute was about 2.50.其他一些人则没有这么强烈的感觉。曼纽尔·迪彼得兰托尼Manuel Di Pietrantonio)在Facebook上表示,这场争端就.5欧元。来 /201506/380033A Chinese documentary about reformist leader Deng Xiaoping’s 1979 visit to the US has triggered a wave of excitement over a scene depicting an attack at a hotel in Texas.中国近日上映的一部讲述改革派领导人邓小平1979年访美的纪录片,因描绘了邓小平在德克萨斯州一家酒店遇袭的一幕而引发强烈关注。Mr Deng Goes to Washington , including interviews with then-president Jimmy Carter, opened this weekend in Beijing. The documentary depicts for the first time in China an attack on Deng by a Ku Klux Klan member, which was not then reported by China’s heavily controlled official press, but stops short of calling it an assassination attempt.《旋风九日Mr Deng Goes to Washington)上周五在北京首映,情节包括邓小平与时任美国总统的吉#8226;卡特(Jimmy Carter)的会晤。这部纪录片首次在中国披露了邓小平遭遇三K党人袭击的事件,但没有将之称为行刺事件。中国受到严格管控的官方媒体当时并未报道这起事件。Reactions to the incident show the growing sense of the US as a menace combined with a public hunger for previously suppressed incidents.纪录片引起的反响表明,中国公众日益觉得美国是个威胁,同时又十分渴望了解先前被禁止报道的事件。But the documentary also promotes a positive vision of engagement with the US, at a time of increasing friction between the two countries. The trip was a momentous one for Deng, who had recently consolidated power after the Cultural Revolution.但在中美两国擦加剧之际,这部纪录片还能够促使人们积极看待中美交往。对文化大革命之后刚刚巩固了权力的邓小平来说,那次访美之旅意义重大。The KKK attack, previously reported in the US, has consumed local media. “A KKK member rushed to the podium where Deng Xiaoping was speaking and pulled a knife out of his sleeve,according to one report. Going a step further, the Beijing News described “details of Deng Xiaoping nearly being assassinated during his visit中国国内媒体对影片中的刺杀一幕十分着迷。一家媒体报道称,一名三K党成员“一边朝讲台上的邓小平冲去,一边从衣袖中抽出一把短刀”。《新京报Beijing News)则更进一步,称上述纪录片还原了“邓小平访美险遇刺杀这一惊险情节”。In fact, Deng was approached in a hotel lobby by a white supremacist who planned to spray him with red paint. The would-be assailant was punched by a member of Deng’s secret service detail.实际上,当时在酒店大堂,是一名白人至上主义者企图接近邓小平,向他身上泼红油漆。这名图谋不轨者被邓小平身边的一名特勤人员制。The inclusion in the documentary makes the incident a part of “official history said Victor Gao, who joined the foreign ministry a few years later. “Real history in China is something the government officially reports.Lucy Hornby, Beijing事件发生数年后进入中国外交部工作的高志凯(Victor Gao)表示,这部纪录片提到这起事件意味着,它已成为“正史”的一部分。“在中国,真正的历史是官方讲述的东西。”来 /201505/376116湖北水光针美白嫩肤

松滋市公安县监利县江陵县做纹绣整形多少钱湖北眉弓 Thai authorities have arrested a suspect in Bangkok’s deadliest ever bomb attack, the prime minister said on Tuesday, capping 72 hours of fast-moving developments after the investigation had appeared to be stalled.泰国总理周二表示,泰国当局逮捕了一名曼谷爆炸案嫌犯,这一事实2小时来事态的快速进展画上了句号。此前,爆炸案的调查工作似乎陷入了停滞7日发生在曼谷四面佛神Erawan shrine)的爆炸案,是该市有史以来致死人数最多的爆炸案。Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, the premier who seized power in a military coup in May last year, said a foreign man had been detained in eastern Thailand close to the Cambodian border.今年5月通过军事政变掌权的巴育怠敓差将Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha)表示,泰国当局在靠近泰柬边境的泰国东部地区逮捕了一名外籍男子。Speaking to reporters following a cabinet meeting, Mr Prayuth said the detainee was one of the main perpetrators behind the August 17 bombing at the Erawan shrine in the Thai capital. But he did not say whether the suspect was believed to be the young man in a yellow T-shirt caught on security cameras dumping his rucksack at the shrine shortly before the explosion.巴育在出席内阁会议后对记者的讲话中表示,被捕男子7日爆炸案主犯之一。不过,他并未透露是否认为这名嫌犯就是监控摄像头拍到的那名身着黄色T恤衫的男子。摄像头拍到,那名黄衫男子在爆炸发生前不久,将自己的背包弃置在该神庙。He offered few further details and warned against speculation: “Dont say just yet its about this and that. It could affect international affairs,he said. “We have to do a lot of tests, fingerprints. If he is the guy, he is the guy.”巴育未提供更多的细节,并警告人们不要乱猜。他说:“现在先别谈此事涉及这个那个,否则可能会影响到国际事务。我们必须做大量的检测,检测指纹等。如果结果明是他,那他就是那个凶手。”Television pictures showed the suspect to be a thin man wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses and with a moustache.电视画面显示,这名男子是一名戴着棒球帽和太阳镜、留着胡须的清瘦男子。Rumours have swirled of a connection between the bombers and Turkey in particular over Thailand’s deportation in July of more than 100 members of the Turkic-speaking Uighur minority to China, where they say they are persecuted. The deportation prompted protests in Turkey, where an angry mob ransacked the Thai consulate in Istanbul.有传闻称,放炸弹的人与土耳其有关,尤其是考虑到今月泰国曾00多名中国维吾尔族人遣返回中国。维吾尔族是中国的少数民族、讲突厥语。这100多名维吾尔族人自称在中国受到迫害。泰国这次遣返在土耳其引发了抗议,愤怒的暴民洗劫了泰国驻伊斯坦布尔领事馆。来 /201509/397107susoo素秀国际武汉学院漂眉哪家好

汉南蔡甸区做半永久化妆多少钱Washington (AFP) - The ed States on Tuesday denounced a flag-raising ceremony at Taiwans de facto embassy in Washington, saying it violated a long-standing pact on US-Taiwan ties.法新社华盛顿1日电 美国周二1日谴责了台湾在华盛顿实际开设的办事处进行的升旗活动,说这件事违反了存在已久的有关美台湾关系的协定;Were disappointed with the action,; State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said when asked about the hoisting of the Taiwanese flag at the compound on New Years Day.美国国务院女发言人Jen Psaki当被问到在元旦当天台湾旗帜在建筑群中升起的事件时,她说“我们对这次举动感到失望”。The ed States has long held a one-China policy, and as such does not have full diplomatic relations with Taiwan, the island Beijing claims as a renegade territory.美国长期坚持一个中国的政策,因此与台湾这个北京宣称是叛变领土的岛屿没有正式的外交关系。Instead, Washington has a representative office in Taipei, while Taiwan maintains a representation at a luxury estate in the US capital known as Twin Oaks.相反,华盛顿在台北设有办事处,而台湾在美国首都一个豪华庄园“双橡园”里有一个办事处。Taiwans English-language daily the China Post said the islands flag was raised over the building on Thursday, for the first time in 36 years since the US switched diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979.台湾的英语日报《中国邮报》说,这个岛屿的旗帜周四在建筑上方升起,是自从美979年与台北断交、与北京建交6年以来第一次升起。Psaki stressed however that the US administration had not been informed in advance of the move.Psaki强调,然而美国政府没有以任何方式预先得到这次举动的通知;The flag-raising ceremony violated our longstanding understanding on the conduct of our unofficial relations,; she told reporters.她告诉记者:“这次升旗仪式违反了我们之间对非正式关系处理长期以来的理解。;We have a robust set of cultural relations, but we do not have diplomatic relations.;“我们文化上的关系很强大,但没有外交上的关系。”US officials in Washington and Taipei were discussing the issue with their Taiwanese counterparts, she added.她补充说,在台北的华盛顿办事处正在和台湾的对等人员讨论这件事。来 /201501/353373 Social media accounts run by Central Command, the US military command covering the Middle East, have been hacked by a group claiming to be linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as Isis.美国中央司令部(ed States Central Command ,代号USCENTCOM)的社交媒体账号被一个自称与“伊拉克与黎凡特伊斯兰国Isis)有联系的组织侵入。中央司令部是美军覆盖中东的指挥部。The hackers posted a number of messages on Centcom’s Twitter feed, including screenshots of what they claimed were internal Pentagon documents. The Florida-based military command, which coordinates operations against Isis in Iraq and Syria, also had its YouTube account hacked.黑客在中央司令部的Twitter账号上发布了许多信息,包括他们所称的五角大楼(Pentagon)内部文件的屏幕截图。以佛罗里达州为大本营的中央司令部负责协调在伊拉克和叙利亚打击Isis的行动。其在视频网站YouTube的账号也被入侵。Centcom’s Twitter feed was suspended just after 1800 GMT, or 1300 eastern time, about 20 minutes after the hack first started, and the suspension of the YouTube account followed minutes later. A Pentagon official told N News that the attack was “embarrassingbut did not represent a security threat.黑客首次发起攻击后,中央司令部的Twitter账号在格林尼治时8时(美国东部时间13时)刚过暂停了大0分钟。几分钟后,YouTube账号也随之暂停。一位五角大楼的官员告诉全国广播公司新闻N News),这次袭击“令人难堪”,但并不代表安全威胁。The hack started less than an hour after President Barack Obama proposed three new pieces of cyber security legislation, calling for companies to provide earlier information to clients when they have suffered a data breach.此次黑客攻击开始前不到一个小时,美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)提出3条新的网络安全立法,呼吁企业在遭遇数据外泄时早些向客户提供信息。In a statement on the Centcom Twitter account before the account was suspended, the attackers wrote: “American soldiers, we are coming, watch your back. Isis. Cybercaliphate在美国中央司令部Twitter账号暂停使用之前,黑客攻击者在其Twitter页面上写道:“美国士兵们,我们来了,小心背后。Isis。网络‘哈里发’”。Cyber security experts have warned since last year that Isis would follow in the footsteps of the Syrian Electronic Army to target cyber attacks at western governments and corporations.自去年以来,网络安全专家一直警告称,Isis将仿效叙利亚电子Syrian Electronic Army)的做法,针对西方政府和企业发动网络攻击。David De Walt, chief executive of FireEye, a New York-listed cyber security company, told the FT that Islamist militants were hoarding cyber weaponry bought on underground markets.在纽约上市的网络安全公司FireEye首席执行官大#8226;#8226;沃尔David De Walt)告诉英国《金融时报》,伊斯兰主义武装分子正囤积在黑市购买的网络武器。One hacktivist group, Lizard Squad, which was also linked to the attack on Sony Pictures, previously claimed links to Isis when targeting gaming companies including Sony and Microsoft.黑客组织Lizard Squad此前声称与Isis有联系,当时该组织针对包括索Sony)和微Microsoft)在内的游戏公司发动了黑客攻击。该组织还与索尼影视(Sony Pictures)遭黑客攻击有关。来 /201501/354173茅箭区张湾区丹江口郧县做水雾眉多少钱西陵区伍家岗点军猇亭夷陵区绣眉哪家好



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