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Italian luxury goods maker Gucci has sent warning letters to Hong Kong shops selling paper versions of its products as offerings to the dead.日前,意大利奢侈品牌古驰表示,该公司已写信给香港的商店,要求它们停止销售使用其品牌的祭品。Paper replicas of items like mansions, cars, iPads and luxury bags are burnt in the belief that deceased relatives can use them in the afterlife. Demand for these products is highest during the Qingming ;tomb-sweeping; festival.中国人将高楼大厦、小车、平板以及奢侈包包等纸质仿真祭品焚烧给已故的亲人,因为人们相信,他们在阴间能使用这些东西。在一年一度的清明节期间,这类商品的需求会达到顶峰。;We fully respect the funeral context and we trust that the store owners did not have the intention to infringe Gucci#39;s trademark,; Gucci Hong Kong said in a statement. ;Thus a letter was sent on an informational basis to let these stores know about the products they were carrying, and by asking them to stop selling those items.;古驰香港在一份声明中写道:“我们完全尊重相关的殡葬习俗,并相信相关商铺的持有人并非蓄意侵害古驰商标。因此,我们向这些商铺发出资料性信函,让商铺了解到他们正在涉及的品牌商品,并请求他们停止售卖该等产品。”The ancient tradition of venerating one#39;s ancestors, even after death, is alive and well in the Chinese speaking world. If you want to avoid bad luck, the belief goes, then you#39;d better keep your ancestors happy.在讲中文的国度和地区,尊重长辈的古老传统一直很盛行,即使是在他们死后。这种信仰认为,如果你想避免霉运,那最好让祖先们在阴间过得舒适开心。How? Traditionally, it was by regularly tending their graves, bringing them fresh fruit and gourmet food and drink and burning joss paper. Also known as ;hell money; or ;ghost money;, they are pieces of paper money in outrageous denominations, which are meant for use in the afterlife.那怎么做呢?传统习俗是这样的:定期修整坟墓,给他们带去新鲜水果、美食、饮料,还要给他们烧纸钱。纸钱也被称作冥币,是一些面额大得离谱的钞票,方便他们在阴间消费。And these days, devotees can burnish their reputation with their deceased ancestors by offering items that many were never able to enjoy while still alive: luxury cars with European drivers, brand-name clothing. One of the best sellers at these shops are enormous villas complete with swimming pools, multiple car garages and Western domestic helpers.如今,后人们为了显示自己的孝顺,都给祖先们烧一些他们在世时未曾享受过的东西:欧洲进口的豪车、名牌装等。而最畅销的商品之一就是带有游泳池、多个车库和西式帮佣的豪华别墅。In Hong Kong, some of the shops that had reportedly received the letters had removed their Gucci wares. But other brands, including Louis Vuitton, Yves St Laurent, Burberry and New Balance were still on sale.据报道,一些收到信件的香港商店已经将古驰手包撤下架。然而,其他一些品牌,比如LV、YSL、Burberry和New Balance仍在出售。Hong Kong residents shared a mixture of comedy and scorn on social media.香港市民在社交平台上表达了对此事的观点,有些人觉得好笑,有些人觉得不屑。;Does Gucci want to open branches in the underworld?; Vincent Charles asked.Vincent Charles说,“古驰是要把连锁店开到阴间去吗?”Sammi Ng said on Facebook: ;Maybe Gucci should launch their own paper offering products.;Sammi Ng在脸书说上,“或许,古驰自己应该开一家仿真祭品店。”Sai Ken made reference to Gucci pricing: ;Living people cannot afford (Gucci products), and they still do not let you own Gucci products after death!;Sai Ken则提及了古驰的奢侈,“人们活着时买不起古驰,到死了,还是没有享用古驰的机会。” /201605/442563。

  • Today in;Million Dollar Listing;...今天在“百万美金豪宅”……This show is ruining my confidence...这个节目毁了我的信心…… /201608/463088。
  • The UK#39;s first double hand transplant operation has taken place at Leeds General Infirmary and the patient says his new hands look ;tremendous;.英国首例双手移植手术在利兹总医院进行,病人表示,他的新手看起来;非常完美;。Chris King, from Doncaster, lost both his hands, apart from the thumbs, in an accident involving a metal pressing machine at work three years ago. The 57-year-old received two new hands from a donor .来自唐卡斯特的克里斯·金在三年前一场金属碾压机的事故中失去了双手,只留下了两个大拇指。随后,有人给这位57岁的男子捐献了双手。Prof Simon Kay led the operation at the UK#39;s centre for hand transplants. Mr King is the second person to have a hand transplant at Leeds, but the first to have both hands replaced. He said: ;I couldn#39;t wish for anything better. It#39;s better than a lottery win because you feel whole again.;西蒙·凯教授是进行该移植手术的主刀医生。克里斯·金是利兹医院第二个进行手部移植手术的人,但是他是第一个双手都要移植的人。他表示:;我别无所求了。这比中票还要好,因为这让我觉得自己很完整。;Mr King said the operation, which took place in the past few days, appeared to have been a complete success. ;They look absolutely tremendous,; he said. ;They#39;re my hands. They really are my hands. My blood#39;s going through them. My tendons are attached. They#39;re mine. They really are.;此外,克里斯·金还表示,几天前进行的手术现在看来很是成功。他说道:;它们看起来简直完美,它们就是我的双手。我的血液流过它们。我的筋脉也连接起来了。它们就是我的,真的就是我的。;Mr King said he couldn#39;t wait to take the bandages off to look at them properly. And he said he was really looking forward to holding a bottle of beer and wearing shirts with proper buttons again.据悉,金表示自己现在都等不及想要拆掉绷带,好好看看他的双手了。他现在特别想用这双手拿一瓶啤酒、穿上衬衫、扣上扣子。After his accident, Mr King was introduced by Prof Kay to Mark Cahill - the first person to have a hand transplant in the UK, in 2012. He said Mr Cahill encouraged him to have the operation and they#39;re now good friends, he said. ;We#39;ll shake hands one day. It#39;s wonderful stuff.;事故发生后,克里斯·金经凯医生找到了于2012年在英国第一个做手部移植手术的马克·卡希尔。据金表示,马克鼓励了他进行手术,现在他们已经是好朋友了。;我们有一天会一起握手。这是很美妙的一件事啊。;The team at Leeds General Infirmary is hoping to perform between two and four hand transplant operations a year and there are currently four people on the waiting list. Mr King encouraged more people to pledge to donate their hands.利兹总医院的医生团队一年会进行两到四个手部移植手术,现在已经有四个手术在准备之中了。克里斯·金鼓励更多的人捐献他们的双手。 /201608/457991。
  • A Legend Related to the Origin of the Cold Food Day与“寒食节”起源相关的一个故事According to the legend, during the Spring and Autumn Period, a person named Jie Zhitui followed his master Chong#39;er,the prince of Jin, and stayed with him during all the 19 years when the prince was in exile. Jie Zhitui was so loyal to his master that once when the prince was starved to death,Jie cut one piece of flesh from his leg to feed his master so as to save his life.据传说,在春秋时,一个叫介之推的人跟着他的师傅重耳,金的王子,并一直陪伴着他19年,直到王子流放。介之推是如此忠诚于他的主人,一次当王子快要被活活饿死时,介之推从他的腿上切一块肉喂他的师傅,以挽救他的生命。However, when the prince ascended the throne and became king of the Jin state, he forgot about Jie Zhitui completely. He awarded all his other followers except Jie. Jie, on his part, left his master with his old mother without even one word of complaint. The local people were very indignant about this and they compiled a rhyme to satirize the king. The king learned about this and in order not to ruin his reputation, he ordered his men to go to Jie#39;s home to bring him back,yet they failed to find Jie. The king then learned that Jie had hidden in the Mian Mountain,so he ordered his men to search the mountain, again,they failed to find Jie. The king knew that Jie was a filial son,so he thought if he set the mountain on fire,Jie,for his mothers sake,would definitely come out.然而,当王子登基,成为金王时,他完全忘了介之推。他嘉奖所有其他的追随者,除了介之推。介之推离开了他的主人和他的老母亲一起生活毫无怨言。当地的人都很气愤这一点,他们编制押韵诗来讽刺国王。国王得知这个情况后,为了不破坏他的声誉,他命令手下去介之推的家中把他带回来,但他们没能找到介之推。国王随后了解到,介之推藏于绵山,所以他命令手下搜山,再次,他们没有找他。国王知道介之推是个孝顺的儿子,所以他认为,如果他放火烧山,为了他的母亲他肯定会出来。Based on this thought,he ordered his men to set the mountain on fire. The fire lasted three whole days and nights,yet to the king#39;s disappointment,Jie never came out. In the end, Jie and his mother#39;s burned bodies were found beside a tree. That was the 103th day after the Winter Solstice. The local people admired Jie Zhitui for his moral integrity. To commemorate him,they ate cold food and restrained from making fire on that day and the following two days. This is how han- shi,the Cold Food Day,came into being.基于这个想法,他命令手下放火烧山。大火持续了整整三天两夜,但国王很失望,介之推没有出来。最后,介之推和他的母亲的烧焦的尸体被发现在一颗树旁。这就是冬至后的103th天。当地人崇拜介之推的道德操守。为了纪念他,在那一天他们吃冰冷的食物和禁止生火,并持续两天。这是寒食节产生的原因。 /201607/452779。
  • Do your own thing today, and don#39;t take nonsense from others. Take control of the issue when you see that something needs to get done. Other people may be acting out rashly today and may say things completely different from the way you see things. Do not change your point of view just to make it easier on others. If people are in your way, run right into them.今天,只管做好分内事,不要理别人的无稽之谈。当你觉得需要完成某些事的时候,好好管控这个问题。今天其他人可能表现轻率,说出的事情与你的观点截然不同。不要为了让他人舒心而改变自己的观点。如果人们阻碍了你,直接朝着他们走过去。Your well being horoscope幸福运势This is bound to be an exciting day. Certainly it will be a busy one! You are likely in the mood to do something different today, as your sense of adventure is much heightened. Why not invite some friends to go out with you this afternoon? You could catch the local comedy act. You#39;re sure to enjoy the change of pace.今天注定是令人激动的一天。毫无疑问,你今天会很忙。因为冒险感增强,有可能你今天想做些不同以往的事情。为什么不喊上一些朋友下午出去逛逛呢?你可能会赶上当地的喜剧表演。你肯定会喜欢上变化的步伐。Your finance horoscope财务运势People from your past will be coming into your life today. Whether physically, or mentally, this person will be reminding you of certain patterns that you developed as a result of having this person in your life. Take a critical look at this person and what kind of life he/she has today. Make a solid plan of what you want to get done.过去交好的人可能今天会来找你。不管是身体上,还是精神上,这个人的出现将会让你想起和他/她在一起时的某种模式。要带着批判的眼光看待他/她,想想看现如今他/她过着怎样的生活。制定一个你想要完成的计划吧!Your love horoscope爱情运势This is a fantastic day for you, so live it up. You are the star of the show today. People will look up to you and respect you for your incredible leadership skills. Be confident and make sure to express yourself from your heart. Actions should run smoothly; you have the ability to accomplish quite a bit. Don#39;t let this day go to waste. Do creative work, and sing extra loud in the shower.对你来说,今天十分美好。今天你是众人的中心。因为你出众的领导力,人们都会仰望你、尊重你。要自信、确保表达出内心深处的想法。行动应该会很顺利;你有能力完成不少的事情。今天不要白白浪费这一切。做些创造性的工作,洗澡时大声唱出来吧!Your career horoscope事业运势Today you might be feeling just a little bit under the weather, though, you could also be feeling hyper, as if you simply have to get out and do something. Under the circumstances, it might be best to channel that energy into intellectual activity. Your imagination is working overtime, and your level of inspiration high, so if you#39;ve wanted to start an artistic project, this is just the day to do it.今天你可能会觉得有点不舒,但也有可能很亢奋,就好像你要出去做些事情一样。在这种情况下,最好将这种能量用到智力活动中。你的想象力丰富,高涨,所以如果你之前考虑要开始一项艺术项目,那么今天开始最好不过了。译文属 /201608/459743。
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