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四川省纹绣纹眉皮肤整形美容培训课程多少钱泸州市加盟美甲用品工具批发培训学校排行榜An American website launched a wage comparison between various countries in the world. According to the most recently released statistics by the national statistics bureau, 56,389 yuan RMB is considered part of the high-income group. This reporter entered 56,389 yuan and learned that this amount of pay is 6x that of an Ethiopian schoolteacher, comparable to the earnings of a South African driver, and just 0.00026 times the income of the Queen of England.美国一家网站推出了世界各国比工资的活动。根据国家统计局最近公布的数据,56389元人民币就属于高收入人群。记者输入数字56389元,得出这一工资水平是埃塞俄比亚老师的6倍,与南非司机的工资水平相当,是英国女王工资的0.00026倍。World’s Minimum Wage Rankings: China 17th Place世界最低工资排行:中国17位The world wage level report released in 2013 by strategists for technology company ConvergEx show that mainland China is ranked 17th, with a minimum wage of 0.8 USD per hour.科技公司ConvergEx集团的策略师在2013年发布的全球工资水平报告显示,中国内地排第17名,最低薪资水平为0.8美元每小时。Among the rankings, Australia was at the top of the rankings with 16.88 USD per hour. Ranked at the top were mostly developed countries, with France placing second with a pay of 12.09 USD per hour, and New Zealand placing third at 11.18 USD per hour. Outside of this, the ed Kingdom and Canada also successfully placed in the top five. Japan was above the ed States with a high pay of 8.17 USD, successfully surpassing the “median” of the ed States. Te minimum wage of the ed States was ranked 7th in the world, considered to be among the medium range.在该榜单中,澳大利亚以每小时16.88美元的高薪高居榜首。而排名位居前列的大多数为发达国家,其中法国以每小时12.09美元的薪酬位居第二,新西兰以11.18美元的薪酬列第三位。此外,英国、加拿大也成功挤进前五。而日本也以8.17美元的高薪位居美国之上,成功越过美国这一“中位数”。美国的最低工资在全球范围内排第七名,属中等范围。The BRIC countries were ranked near the bottom, with mainland China ranked 17th, with a minimum wage of 0.8 USD per hour. The actual lowest minimum wage was Sierra Leone, where the per hour wages of the workers there is just 0.03 USD.金砖国家排名靠后,中国内地排第17名。最低薪资水平为0.8美元每小时。真正工资最低的是塞拉利昂,那里的工人每小时工资仅有0.03美元。 /201401/274340什邡市刺青纹绣纹身美甲定妆学校机构

四川市日式法式美甲美睫美发业彩妆培训重庆纹绣美甲美睫批发商城市场学费课程需要多少钱French pensioner arrested trying to smugglehis young Russian bride home in a suitcase法国大爷行李箱私带新娘被抓A French pensioner was arrested for tryingto his new Russian bride home in a suitcase - before discovering she was freeto travel anywhere in the EU.一名法国退休老人因为试图将新婚的俄罗斯妻子藏在行李箱中偷运回国而被逮捕,结果他发现,他的新婚妻子其实可以在欧盟各国自由出入。The unnamed man, who is in his 60s, was oneof thousands of Western men who visit Russia every year to find love.该姓名不详的男子60多岁,是每年成千上万远赴俄罗斯寻找爱情的西方男人中的一员。It is not known where or how he met hisyoung wife, but he assumed that she would not be allowed into the EU without avisa.这名男子在何地或如何认识他年轻的妻子尚不可知,不过,他认为自己的妻子没有签无法进入欧洲。Because of these fears, he #39;folded#39; herinto a suitcase and placed her in the luggage rack of a train as he set offback to Nice, in southern France.出于上述担心,他把她;折叠;进一个行李箱里,并且放在回尼斯(Nice,法国南部)的火车行李架上。At Terespol station, on the border betweenPoland and Belarus, the woman was found by immigration officials, whoimmediately arrested the couple.该名女子在波兰和白俄罗斯交界的特雷斯波火车站被移民局官员发现,他们立即逮捕了这对夫妇。After searching the suitcase, Polishcustoms spokesman Dariusz Sienicki said: #39;The Russian wife of the owner of thebag was inside.#39;波兰海关发言人达里思兹·思恩尼可基搜查行李箱之后说:;这个行李箱主人的妻子在里边。;There were initial fears that she mighthave been kidnapped or abused in some other way, however it became clear thatshe was fine.官员们起初担心这位女子可能是被绑架或是被虐待,但后来搞清楚,知道她没事。Mr Sienicki added: #39;She was in good shapeand wasn#39;t in need of any medical attention.#39;思恩尼可基先生补充道:;她身体状况良好,不需要任何检查。;Despite this, the arrests were deemed validbecause the couple had attempted to avoid border controls, which is a criminaloffence.尽管如此,此次逮捕仍然是合法的,因为这对夫妇曾试图逃过边境检查,这属于犯罪行为。The wives of men with EU passports cantravel wherever they like in the EU, so if the woman had simply sat next to herhusband there would have been no problem.持有欧盟护照的男性的妻子可以畅游欧洲,所以,如果该名女子只是坐在他丈夫旁边,那么不会有任何问题。The Russian bride was said to be in herthirties and extremely supple, making it relatively easy for her to fit insidethe suitcase.据称,该名俄罗斯女子30多岁,身体柔软度极高,所以她能相对容易地被装进行李箱。The couple had risked a three-year jailsentence by attempting to evade border control.二人冒着被判3年监禁的风险,试图逃脱边境检查。Mr Sienicki said: #39;This was the first timeI#39;ve seen someone travel like this. She very well could have been a victim ofhuman trafficking.#39;思恩尼可基先生说:;我第一次看到有人这样旅行。她很有可能成为人口贩卖的受害者。;The couple were eventually released afterquestioning and were allowed to carry on with their journey.经过审问以后,这对夫妇最终被释放,得以继续行程。 /201506/382123Hong Kong’s summer of political discontent has taken a fresh turn, with a pro-establishment campaign group attracting almost 1m signatures to a petition denouncing calls for pro-democracy protests in the city.今年夏天弥漫在香港的政治不满情绪出现了新的变化。一个持现有制度的活动团体征集到了近100万人的签名,持一项请愿,即谴责走上街头的民主抗议活动。The Alliance for Peace and Democracy, the latest addition to Hong Kong’s wide array of political groups, said on Tuesday that 935,635 people – equal to nearly one in seven of the population – had put their names to a statement that s: “I oppose violence. I oppose ‘Occupy Central’. I support peace in Hong Kong. I support democracy in Hong Kong.”“保普选、反占中大联盟”(Alliance for Peace and Democracy)是香港众多政治团体中的最新一个。该组织周二表示,935635人(占香港人口的近七分之一)签名持一项声明:“我反对暴力、我反对‘占中’、我持香港和平、我持香港普选。”The signature campaign is in response to pro-democracy group Occupy Central, which has threatened to stage disruptive sit-in protests in Hong Kong’s main business district if its calls for electoral reform are ignored.这一签名活动是对民主团体“占领中环”(Occupy Central)的回应。“占领中环”威胁称,如果其要求选举改革的呼声遭到无视,他们将在香港主要商业区静坐抗议。这势必会扰乱社会秩序。The alliance has been endorsed by Leung Chun-ying, chief executive, and has set up signing stations across the city that it plans to run until mid-August. It has no way of preventing people from signing more than once, but says it relies on an “honour system”.“保普选、反占中大联盟”得到了香港特首梁振英(Leung Chun-ying)的持,并在香港各个地区设立了签名站,签名活动计划到8月中旬结束。该联盟无法阻止人们重复签名,但表示尊重签名者的自律。The group was formed earlier this month with the backing of Hong Kong’s biggest worker organisation, the Federation of Trade Unions.该联盟于本月早些时候成立,得到了香港最大工会组织香港工会联合会(Federation of Trade Unions)的持。Gary Cheng, a former lawmaker and spokesman for the alliance, said those behind the petition want to maintain Hong Kong’s “rule of law”.前香港立法会委员、该联盟发言人Gary Cheng表示,持请愿的人希望保持香港的“法治”。“We think it’s fair that the real Hong Kong accepts different voices. Before the alliance formed, it seemed Hong Kong only had one voice – that of violence,” he said. “The silent majority is no more silent. People say we cannot tolerate such a situation in Hong Kong.”“我们认为,真正的香港会接受不同的声音,这是公平的。在大联盟成立之前,香港似乎只有一种声音,那就是暴力的声音,”他表示,“沉默的大多数现在不再沉默。人们说,我们无法忍受香港这种状况。”Hong Kong has for months been rocked by a political battle over how the promise of universal suffrage will be delivered. About 5m citizens are set to choose their chief executive – Hong Kong’s top politician – for the first time at the next election in 2017.几个月来,有关普选承诺如何实现的政治争议震动了香港。在2017年下届香港行政长官选举时,约500万香港市民将首次选出自己的领导人。However, there are divisions over how the candidates for the post are to be nominated. Mr Leung recently delivered his own report on the topic to leaders in Beijing, in which he indicated that the voting committee of 1,200 drawn from the city’s elite offered a template for the future nominating committee.然而,人们对于香港特首候选人如何提名存在意见分歧。梁振英最近就这一问题向北京领导人递交了自己的报告,他在报告中表示,从香港精英阶层选出的1200人组成的选举委员会,为未来的提名委员会提供了一个样板。Organisers of Occupy Central want the public and political parties to have the power of nomination and staged an unofficial referendum on the issue last month, which attracted almost 800,000 votes but drew criticism from Beijing.占中组织者希望公众以及政党获得提名权,并在上月就这个问题发起了非官方公投,此次公投吸引了近80万人的投票,但引来了北京方面的批评。The increasingly heated debate coincides with repeat warnings from some sections of the business community. On Monday, the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with three other business groups, said protests would damage the economy and scare off tourists.在这场日益激烈的辩论进行的同时,企业界不断发出警告。周一,香港总商会(HKGCC)与其他三家商业团体表示,抗议将破坏经济并吓跑游客。Last month the big four global accounting groups issued a joint statement saying that multinationals might quit Hong Kong if Occupy Central went ahead with street demonstrations.上月,全球四大会计师事务所发布联合声明称,如果“占中”继续采取街头示威手段,跨国企业可能会退出香港。Investment analysts have offered divergent views on whether Occupy Central presents a real risk to business activity.投资分析人士对于“占中”是否会给商业活动带来切实风险意见不一。HS recently published a report listing the potential for political unrest as a key reason behind its bearish call on the Hong Kong stock market, although it later expanded its argument to include other factors.汇丰(HS)最近发布了一份报告,将潜在的政治动荡列为对香港股市持悲观看法的一个关键原因,不过该随后补充了其看法,又列出其他一些因素。Economists at Citi have said that a 10,000 person protest would potentially force some companies to move to back-up offices, but that any disruption “would be brief”.花旗集团(Citi)经济学家表示,1万人的抗议活动可能会迫使一些企业转移到备用办公室,但任何混乱都“将是短暂的”。 /201407/316541四川市日式法式美甲美睫电话地址和微信qqWhen young girls are sold into marriage, as 38,000 are every day, they can expect a life with no education and few opportunities, little public autonomy outside of their adult husband#39;s control and an increased risk of death from pregnancy or childbirth, which are the number one killer of girls age 15 to 18 in the developing world. One in seven girls born in the developing world is married by age 15, usually sold by her family.世界上每天几乎会有38,000例买卖婚姻,如果被卖掉的年轻女生一生基本不会再有受教育或者其他机会的可能了。在她们成年丈夫的控制下,她们几乎没有公共自主权。她们死于怀或者生产的几率也大大提高,这几乎成了15到18岁女生的头号杀手。在发展中国家,每七个女生当中就会有一个在15岁左右结婚,并且通常是被她自己的家人卖掉的。But some girls who grow up in Egypt#39;s poor rural communities face an even scarier sort of child marriage: the temporary kind. Sex tourism to Egypt tends to spike in the summer, when wealthy men from Gulf countries flood into Egypt and thousands of underage girls are sold by their parents into temporary ;marriages,; according to a story by Inter Press Service.但是,一些生长在埃及贫穷农村地区的女孩子们还面临着另一种更加可怕的童婚:临时童婚。国际新闻社的一个报道称,夏天,埃及的色情观光业总是会迎来高峰。当那些来自海湾国家的有钱人涌入埃及,成千上万的未成年女性将会被他们的父母卖到所谓的临时“婚姻”中。Child sex tourism is difficult to track, but the ed Nations estimates that it affects two million children every year, often in countries that are poor but have pre existing tourism infrastructure, such as Thailand, India, Costa Rica and others.儿童色情旅游难以被追踪,但是联合国估计每年有将近二百万的儿童被它所影响。这通常发生在贫困且有先存的旅游基础设施的国家,比如泰国、印度、哥斯达黎加等等。Egypt#39;s illegal child sex tourism trade appears to have put a regional- friendly spin on the practice by portraying the buying and selling of children as a form of marriage, thus giving them a thin veneer of religious acceptability by circumventing Islamic rules against pre-marital sex. (Despite a 2008 law banning child marriages, enforcement is thought to be low and an Egyptian official told the Inter Press Service that#39;s it#39;s nearly ceased since the chaos of the 2011 revolution.) Child marriages are, after all, somewhat common in Arab countries, although not nearly as common as in neighboring regions. And such child marriages often involve “dowries” that human trafficking activists say are akin to a purchase price.埃及非法的儿童色情旅游潮中,常常把这描绘成是一种以婚姻买卖儿童的形式,因此在表面上似乎回避了伊斯兰教的教条反对婚前性行为,似乎可以为宗教所接受。(尽管2008年的一条法律禁止童婚,但实施率低下。一位埃及官员告诉记者,这条法律在2011年的革命之后基本停止了。)但毕竟童婚在一些阿拉伯国家是很普遍的,尽管不及其邻国那样流行。这样的童婚还通常伴随着嫁妆。据人贩子说,这大大影响着买入价。By making the unions temporary, Egyptian child sex tourism manages to capture much of the worst of child marriage and child prostitution. Girls still bear the long-term risks of child marriages – some are expected to double as domestic workers – as well as the routines of children sold for sex in other countries. ;Some girls have been married 60 times by the time they turn 18,; an Egyptian government official who works on the issue told Inter Press Service. ;Most ‘marriages’ last for just a couple of days or weeks.;通过这样一种“临时”的形式,埃及的儿童色情旅游业导致了很多的童婚和雏妓的出现。女孩子们仍长期承受着童婚和被卖到其他国家从事色情行业的危险。“一些女孩子18岁的时候就结过60次婚了,”埃及一位官员管理此事的官员这样告诉记者,“大部分的所谓婚姻通常只持续了几天或者几周。”An investigation by an Egyptian government body, the Child Anti-Trafficking at the National Council for Child hood and Mother hood, found that 75 percent of respondents in surveyed rural communities knew girls who were involved in the trade and that most believed that rate was increasing. It estimated that the vast majority of the buyers came from Gulf countries, with 81 percent from Saudi Arabia, 10 percent from the ed Arab Emirate and 4 percent from Kuwait.埃及政府的全国母童委员会打击贩童组织做了一个调查,发现在贫穷农村参与调查的百分之75的人都知道女孩子们处在这样一种状况之中,并且他们认为比率正在不断提高。据估计,大部分的买家来自海湾国家,其中81%来自沙特阿拉伯,10%来自阿联酋,4%来自科威特。The study estimates that a summer-long marriage, usually lasting the duration of a seasonal Gulf tourist#39;s visit, cost about ,800 to ,000. The unions can at times last a year or two, though; the “bride” is typically expected to travel back to her buyer’s home country where she may work as a domestic. One- day marriages can cost as little as 5.调查估计这些只持续一个夏天的婚姻通常发生在海湾国家的游客来旅游的时候,往往要花费大约 ,800 t到,000。但是,也有婚姻也许会持续一到两年;“新娘”通常会被送到买家所在的国家,在那儿做个保姆。而那些只有一天的婚姻只要5。Egypt#39;s economy has been in free-fall since the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak in early 2011, with unemployment rising and public services declining. Rural families, driven apparently by a sense that the practice is socially acceptable and a desperate need for income, pressure daughters to enter the trade at puberty, according to the government study. ;The girls know their families have exploited them,; the Egyptian official told Inter Press Service. ;They can under stand that their parents sold them.;自从2011年初,埃及总统霍斯尼#8226;穆巴拉克被驱逐后,埃及的经济就一直呈现低迷的状态。失业率不断升高,公共务不断下降。政府报告称,农村家庭常常在买卖婚姻是可以被社会说接受的这样的思想以及金钱的驱使下卖掉他们未成年的女儿们。“那些女孩知道她们的家庭在利用她们,”埃及一个官员告诉记者。“她们可以理解父母的这一行为。” /201407/312262眉山市美甲美容微整形化妆纹绣培训学校

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