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凹甲陆龟采购信息大全养殖方法荣昌县印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养Australian Leader Urges Action by World Leaders to Drive Down Fuel Prices澳总理访日促施压欧佩克增加产量 Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has urged the international community to put pressure on major oil producing countries to curb high fuel prices. Mr. Rudd said OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, has to increase supply. The Australian leader made the comments as he prepared to travel on an official visit to Japan. 澳大利亚总理陆克文敦促国际社会向主要石油生产国施加压力,遏制高企的燃料价格。陆克文在准备启程前往日本访问时说,欧佩克组织必须增加原油供应。Kevin Rudd has insisted that a "blowtorch" should be applied to OPEC to put pressure on the oil cartel to increase production to help alleviate high fuel prices. The Australian Prime Minister said countries around the world were struggling with rising fuel prices, which he believes could be eased an increase in the supply of oil. 陆克文坚持说,应当对欧佩克施加压力,要求他们增加产量,以遏制高企的燃料价格。陆克文说,不断上涨的燃料价格使世界各国都穷于应对,增加石油供应能够缓解这种情况。He will take his message to Japan, where leaders of the G8 grouping of major industrialised nations meet next month. 陆克文将带著这个信息前往日本,参加下个月召开的8个主要工业化国家的领导人会议。Mr. Rudd says OPEC needs to act decisively. 陆克文指出,欧佩克需要采取果断行动。"Every head of government across the world is dealing with this challenge now and it goes to global oil supply in large part - the role of OPEC," he said. "OPEC need to open the production lines to a greater extent, increase global oil supply. They've done it a bit in response to representations from President Bush. The G8 provides an opportunity to apply the blowtorch to the OPEC organisation and it's time that happened." 他说:“世界各国的政府首脑都在面对这个挑战,而这主要是全球石油供应问题,欧佩克需要增加产量,增加全球石油供应。八国首脑会议是一个向欧佩克施加压力的机会。现在是施加压力的时候了。“Last week, Kuwait's Oil Minister Mohammad al-Olaim said while OPEC was willing to produce more oil if the market required it, the organization was not responsible for high prices. OPEC produces 40 percent of the world's oil. Its current output stands at about 32 million barrels per day.  科威特石油大臣欧莱姆上星期说,尽管欧佩克愿意在市场需要的情况下生产更多的石油,但是欧佩克并不对高油价负责。欧佩克生产全世界百分之四十的石油,目前产量是每天大约三千两百万桶。Australia's fuel prices are relatively low by international standards, but petrol is more expensive than ever at about US.63 a litre. 按照国际标准衡量,澳大利亚的燃油价格还算较低,但是汽油价格比过去任何时候都高,现在是每公升大约1.63美元。The country's reliance on private cars and rising inflation make fuel prices a potent political issue. 澳大利亚对私人汽车的依赖,以及逐渐升高的通货膨胀率,使燃油价格成了一个有影响力的政治议题。The Rudd government came to power in a general election last November, promising voters that it would tackle the rising cost of fuel. 陆克文政府去年11月在大选中获胜并开始执政。政府对选民保说,将会解决燃油价格升高的问题。Analysts say the Prime Minister's failure to do so is threatening to damage his popularity. 分析人士说,陆克文总理未能兑现承诺,因此他的公众持率可能受到损害。Mr. Rudd's visit to Japan will be dominated by talks on trade and is also likely to feature the sensitive issue of whaling. 陆克文访问日本将主要讨论贸易议题,还可能涉及敏感的捕鲸议题。Australia has made no secret of its distaste and opposition to Japan's annual whale hunt in the Southern Ocean. Earlier this year Canberra sent a Customs ship to monitor the whaling fleet to gather evidence for possible international court action. 澳大利亚并不掩饰对日本每年在南极洲捕鲸的反感和反对态度。澳大利亚政府今年早些时候派遣一艘海关船只前往监视日本捕鲸船队,为可能在国际法庭控告日本而搜集据。Mr. Rudd's four-day trip will be the longest visit to Japan by an Australian Prime Minister. 陆克文对日本为期四天的访问将是澳大利亚总理历来对日本进行的最长访问。200806/41554江西省印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养 Analysts Say Economic Crisis Started with Bad Housing Loans美经济危机最大原因为缺少监管? The economic crisis has sp into many areas of the U.S. economy--banks, investment firms, insurance companies, and even the oil markets. Experts seem to agree that the trouble started with bad loans in the housing industry, and grew into a widesp crisis of confidence. 美国的经济危机已经扩散到许多领域,包括业、投资公司、保险公司,甚至石油市场。专家们似乎一致认为,所有麻烦都起源于房屋市场的坏债,然后逐步发展成范围广泛的信心危机。Gus Faucher, the Director of Macroeconomics at the economic website Moody's Economy.com, is one of many experts who say the crisis began in the U.S. housing market. He says prices rose unrealistically high and credit was given too easily. "We had people who, in retrospect, were given mortgage loans but should not have been given mortgage loans because they really could not afford them. So now we are seeing the effects of that," he said. 穆迪经济网站宏观经济主任格斯·福谢是许多认为眼下的经济危机最初始于美国房屋市场的专家之一。他说,房价涨得远远超出实际价格,而借贷又太容易。福谢说:“现在回头看一看,有些得到房屋贷款的人根本就不应该得到,因为他们根本就无法偿还。所以我们现在就看到了后果。”International economist Robert Scott, at the Washington-based Economic Policy Institute, blames the Federal Reserve--the U.S. central bank--for allowing housing prices to rise too high. "For the last seven or eight years, until just the last year or so, Alan Greenspan, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, said that the housing market was sound, that there was nothing wrong with the rise in housing prices, (which) many, many economists were saying was unsustainable. So he let that bubble build up, he did nothing about it, and he bears a lot of responsibility for this crisis," Scott said. 设在华盛顿的经济政策研究所的国际经济学家罗伯特·斯考特怪罪美国中央“美联储”放任房价无节制地增长。斯考特说:“在过去七八年里,美联储主席格林斯潘一直在说,房屋市场是健康的,房价上涨也没有任何问题。但是许多经济学家却认为,这样高的房价是难以维持的。因此,是格林斯潘放任泡沫越吹越大,他要对眼下的危机承担很大的责任。”But that may not be the whole reason. Ted Truman, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, says while the financial woes started in the mortgage lending industry, the causes of those problems have been afflicting other financial markets. "Everybody calls it a subprime crisis, in the sense that if no subprime mortgages had ever been made, we would not have had a crisis. And even the thought that it is all about housing, I think, is an exaggeration. It is about easy credit, and financial engineering that went wild, and people who thought that the good times would never come to an end and were planning accordingly," Truman said. 但是这并不是所有的原因。彼特森国际经济研究所的资深研究员泰德·杜鲁门说,虽然麻烦始于房贷业,但是其他金融市场也问题重重。杜鲁门说:“每个人都说这是一场次级房贷危机,意思是说如果次级房贷没有出现麻烦,就不会出现现在的危机。我认为,即使把它说成整个房屋市场的麻烦,也是夸大其词。问题的根源在于金融机构滥发信贷,让人们感到经济的大好时光无边无际,并基于这种认识来计划投资。”According to Faucher, the bad loans that were handed out by mortgage lenders are still causing trouble for consumers and for financial institutions. "There are simply a lot of bad housing-related securities out there. Those are falling in value. The problem is, we are not sure who is holding all of those. And as we find out about institutions that are holding them, those institutions start to fail, and that is causing problems throughout the entire financial system."Faucher says banks are reluctant to lend to one another, because they are not sure which institutions are holding bad debt. He says the banks are also reluctant to make loans, so the entire system is coming to a halt. According to Faucher, worries that one failing financial institution could drag down others led the U.S. government to buy out most of the huge insurance company A.I.G."The Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department were concerned that A.I.G. is involved in many different financial markets. And they were concerned that if A.I.G. failed, that would bring down the entire financial system. So therefore, they decided to step in and have, essentially, the federal government take over the firm."Many economists, including Scott, believe tighter regulation could have prevented the crisis. "Mistake number one was failing to regulate the financial sector. We should have required them to hold much greater reserves. They are not required to hold any reserves now. Secondly, we should have limited which they can invest in these high-risk assets," Scott said. 包括经济政策研究所的罗伯特·斯考特在内的许多经济学家都认为,强化监管有可能防止眼下经济危机的发生。斯考特说:“最大的错误在于失去了对金融行业的监管。我们本应当要求他们增加储备金。按照法规,他们现在不需要有任何的储备金。第二个错误是,我们本应当对哪些人可以在高风险领域进行投资加以限制。”Robert Reich, who was Labor Secretary under President Bill Clinton, says the troubles have worsened to this point because there was not enough regulation of the financial industry between 2002 and 2006, when the economy was strong.  克林顿总统任内的美国劳工部长罗伯特·赖克说,麻烦越来越大的根本原因在于从2002年到2006年,当美国经济状况很好的时候,对金融行业没有足够的监管。"Wall Street increased its borrowing dramatically. Our financial institutions increased borrowing much faster than economic growth. Individuals increased their borrowing, also, much faster than economic growth. But nobody was minding the store. Our regulators were not overseeing the system to make sure that there was adequate disclosure (and) capital requirements, so that information could get to the right people at the right time. The system was no longer transparent," he said. 赖克说:“华尔街大把大把地借钱,金融机构的借贷大大地超过了经济增长的速度。个人借贷也大大超过了经济的增长。没有人查看收平衡。我们的监管人员也没有尽职尽责地监督我们的体系,保有足够的信息公布和融资要求,以便让相关信息在正确的时候达到决策者手中。整个制度不再透明。”Reich says America's financial markets need to adhere to the same standards that the U.S. encourages in other countries. "The ed States continues to tell developing nations, as the I.M.F. and World Bank continue to tell developing nations, that they have to have a transparent capital market before capital will be attracted to them. Well, the same principle applies to the ed States. Unless our markets are transparent, capital, at some point, is going to be afraid and start stampeding out of those markets, and that is exactly what has happened," he said.In recent days, both U.S. presidential candidates, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama, have advocated tighter regulation of financial institutions. And U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is said to be considering creating an institution to deal with troubled banks and investments. 近日来,两位总统候选人--共和党的麦凯恩和民主党的奥巴马--都在提倡加强对金融机构的监管。据称,美国财政部长保尔森正在考虑建立一个专门的机构,来处理身陷困境的和投资公司。200809/49446蒙城县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养

伯格海角陆龟繁殖养殖注意事项US Evaluating Ties With Belarus美国评估与白俄罗斯外交关系问题The Bush administration is denying media reports that it is ordering Belarus to close its embassy in Washington as well as its consulate in New York, but is not ruling out such actions in the future. 布什政府否认媒体有关美国下令让白俄罗斯关闭其驻华盛顿大使馆和驻纽约领事馆的报导。但是,布什政府表示,不排除将来采取这种行动的可能。Amid rapidly-deteriorating relations between Minsk and Washington, recent weeks have seen Belarus scale back its diplomatic presence in the ed States. In addition, the former Soviet republic has ordered roughly half of the U.S. diplomatic staff serving in Belarus to leave the country. 随着白俄罗斯和美国之间的关系迅速恶化,白俄罗斯在最近几星期里减少了在美国的外交人员。另外,这个前苏联共和国还下令让大约一半的驻白俄罗斯的美国外交人员离开白俄罗斯。Media reports e unnamed U.S. officials as saying the Bush administration has informed Belarus that it must close its embassy in Washington and its consulate in New York - a drastic step that would signal a break in relations between Washington and Minsk. 媒体报导援引没有透露姓名的美国官员的话说,布什政府通知白俄罗斯,要它必须关闭驻华盛顿的大使馆和驻纽约的领事馆,这一激烈步骤暗示了两国关系的破裂。State Department spokesman Tom Casey said no such action has been taken, although he confirmed that consultations over the future of bilateral relations have been held. 美国国务院发言人凯西说,美国没有采取这样的行动,不过,他确认已经就未来双边关系的问题进行了磋商。"We have told them that we have very serious concerns about this step that they have taken, and that means we need to think very carefully about our future and their future diplomatic presence in our respective countries. But we have not made any decisions at this point," he said. 他说:“我们已经告诉他们,我们对他们采取的行动感到深切的忧虑。那意味着我们需要仔细考虑我们两国各自在对方国家内的未来外交部署。但是,目前我们还没有作出任何决定。”At the same time, Casey did not rule out future action. 与此同时,凯西没有排除美国在将来采取行动的可能。"I am not saying that there will not be further action," he said. "There are probably some other shoes that will drop [developments that will materialize] in this process. But at this point we have not made a decision to formally ask them, or informally ask them, to reduce staff further." 他说:“我并不是说,我们不会采取进一步的行动。在这个过程中还可能会有其它事态发展。但是,目前我们还没有作出决定是否要正式或非正式地要求他们进一步减少外交工作人员。”The Bush administration has been a severe critic of the government of president Alexander Lukashenko, pressuring Belarus to release political prisoners or face possible sanctions. Washington has imposed sanctions on a state-controlled petroleum and chemical processing company over Belarus' treatment of critics and dissidents. 布什政府一直严厉批评卢卡申科总统领导的白俄罗斯政府,并且向白俄罗斯施加压力,要求他们释放政治犯,否则将可能面临制裁。美国由于白俄罗斯处理批评人士和异议人士的方式而对白俄罗斯的一家由国家控制的石油化工企业实施了制裁。 Belarus has accused the ed States of meddling in its internal affairs. 而白俄罗斯指责美国干涉其内政。200805/37336常山县靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养 Google, Starbucks and Motorola, they are all brands easily recognizable around the world and getting even more so according to a new survey of the top 100 global brands. Of All, tech companies seem to be gaining dominance, Coca Cola still holds the number 1 spot. Microsoft is number 2, and IBM comes in at number 3. BusinessWeek and Interbrands team up annually to determine these rankings, and joining us now to discuss them is Interbrands' Chief Executive John Allert.John, thanks for being here. Very briefly, what is the criteria? The criteria is that we need brands that have strong franchise with consumers, but importantly, businesses underlying those brands that have very large amounts of revenue. Large amounts of revenue, so basically you look at, dah, numerically, and just the, the list unfolds? Well, it's a combination of numerical factors and, and more soft marketing factors, so we look at the degree of resonance that the consumers have with a particular brand proposition, and that allows us to actually discount from an entire group of earnings, how many of those earnings are attributable to the brand? Let's, let's take a look at some of these. Coca Cola, for instance, because it's, it is more than just a brand. I think for a lot of people, it almost has a certain nostalgia. Yeah, look, Coke is, uh, Coke is obviously famous for a proposition around refreshment. What Coke's been able to do very cleverly is, is take that through generations, but also take it through different ethnographies and through different market demographics. So the people all around the world buy into the Coke proposition. Microsoft, a lot of people, of course, hate Microsoft, you know, because they feel that it's, you know, monopolistic and so on and so forth. Yet, it runs most of the software for computers (Well, Micr..) or has the software that runs most of computers.Mi, Microsoft is a good lesson and I'm not sure whether people hate Microsoft, I mean Microsoft is great. Well, a percentage of people do, I mean, you know, (Of course, of course) a lot of anti-competitive practices and so forth. I am not expressing an opinion here, but, you know, talk to somebody who has an Apple computer for instance.Sure, as I have had. Microsoft actually has a fantastic product underneath its brand, and, and of course without a fantastic product you can't build a valuable brand. Er, and we've seen that through, uh, through some of the great er, rises in the table this year with, with the likes of eBay which has a fantastic product, the likes of Google which has a fantastic product. It really does come down to the functionality of the product.Well, it's not just the functionality, it's about delivering on the promise and, and brands obviously, uh, are promoted to build a promise to consumers and, and if they continuously deliver on that promise, people will go back again and again, er, and build loyalty with those brands.Why do you think some companies've been so successful at, at building a brand, be it Coca cola, Microsoft, Google, Starbucks which is another one of your top er, names, and some aren't able to do it. Well, I guess product, as I said, is, is critical, but a number of these, a number of these brand markets have been around for a long long time.Let, let me, let me just go back, you say product is critical. Now, Starbucks would say their coffee is certainly different than what you'll get er, from one of the competitors. But the basic coffee is not that different, so there is some atmosphere that's also created or some perception that's created that makes people want to buy this brand.Sure, I, I guess, what I, I mean by product is that is an entry-level criteria. If you don't have a good product, you can't build a strong brand. So in, in the case of Starbucks, what they have been able to do is build an emotional base on top of that product that people have brought into and understand Starbucks has been something more than just functional coffee.John Allert, chief executive of Interbrands, as always, thanks for your answers. Pleasure, Todd.1. demographics:n.人口统计资料(如年龄、性别、收入等等)200810/51863武川县黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养

内蒙古自治区拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养China to Host International Meeting on Iran中国主办下轮伊朗核问题国际会谈  The Chinese government says it hopes the Iranian nuclear issue can be resolved through peaceful dialogue. China also announced it is hosting the next round of international talks on Iran.  中国表示希望能够通过和平对话的方式解决伊朗核问题,并宣布主办下一轮有关伊朗问题的国际谈判。 The next high-level international meeting on Iran will be held April 16 in Shanghai. 下一轮有关伊朗问题的高级别国际会议4月16号将在上海举行。Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu announced the meeting at a regular briefing in Beijing. 中国外交部发言人姜瑜在北京举行的例行新闻发布会上宣布了这一消息。She says the main purpose of the meeting will be to discuss strategies to persuade Iran to resume nuclear talks at an early date. She called for all parties concerned to display "creativity and flexibility" in seeking a "comprehensive, long-term and proper" solution. 她说:“当前形势下,有关各方应充分发挥创造性,显示灵活,积极寻求有利于全面、长期解决伊核问题的妥善办法。”Participants will include the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council - the ed States, Britain, China, France and Russia - as well as representatives from Germany and the European Union. 参加这次国际谈判的国家包括美国、英国、中国、法国和俄罗斯等5个联合国安理会常任理事国以及德国和欧洲联盟的代表。China has been a host for the six-party talks on the North Korean nuclear issue. Jiang says China is also y to play a more active role in the Iran process. 中国一直是北韩核问题六方会谈的东道主。中国外交部发言人姜瑜表示,中国也愿意在伊朗问题上发挥更加积极的作用。Jiang says she hopes the Shanghai meeting will have positive results. 她说:“中方希望,在各方共同努力下,上海会议能够取得积极成果。”China and Russia have opposed harsh Security Council sanctions against Iran and have worked to water down efforts to impose harsh penalties on Tehran for its nuclear defiance. The first set of U.N. sanctions against Iran for its nuclear program were passed in late 2006. 中国和俄罗斯反对安理会对伊朗采取严厉制裁措施,并一直寻求削弱对伊朗在核问题上的不妥协立场施加严厉制裁的努力。联合国就伊朗核项目问题对伊朗实施的制裁在2006年年底获得通过。On a related issue, Jiang last week dismissed media reports ing unnamed senior diplomats, who accused China of providing intelligence about Iran's alleged nuclear arms program to the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Chinese spokeswoman called the reports "totally groundless, and out of ulterior motives."  在另外一个相关问题上,一些新闻报导援引一些没有透露姓名的资深外交官的话说,中国向国际原子能机构提供了有关伊朗核武器项目的情报。中国外交部发言人姜瑜上个星期表示,这些报导“毫无根据,是出于不可告人的目的”。 200804/34009 Oprah: You are a very good reporter.Leo: Thank you very much. Oprah: Because in, in the earlier show, when you're asking a guy about the hybrid costs, how you know you are good. When I as a viewer, I'm watching, and I'm thinking of the question and then the question comes out of your mouth. It's really good.Leo:Well, thank you.Oprah: So, so when you were doing that, were you nervous doing that?Leo: No. I wasn't nervous as, as I was on the show,that's.... Oprah: But as I was saying to you backstage, you know about it, I don't know about it. I'm just getting educated about it, because I'm like you guys that ing, er, global warming, ok, the temperature's gonna go up. Ok, they know, go to a cooler place. But now I feel a sense of responsibility, anybody else, today, feel that way, a sense of responsibility? Yes.An identified woman: Well, I just have a question on a hybrid. Is it more expensive to, you know, get that type of car?Leo: it is~it is more expensive. But you know,the~ the truth of the matter is, there're, there was an option in the curb that we showed earlier that if you just get a car that gets better miles per gallon, you are, you are essentially doing a great deed as well. You don't have to go for the hybrid vehicle. It's about the miles per gallon, the emissions that will release in the atmosphere, you know, being really concerned about...Oprah: So what is a hybrid, what's a hybrid cost?An Identified man: It's... Well, actually it costs a couple of thousand dollars more. But the government gives a tax rebate, which eliminates most of the difference and then you are gonna save even more on using less gasoline in future years.An identified woman: In the long run, you're, gonna use less gasoline to save money.Oprah: In the long run, it's like a light bulb.An identified woman: It's like a light bulbOprah: like a light bulb.An Identified man: Think ahead.Oprah: Yeah, and so do you think will be a hybrid generation?An Identified man: Eh,I, look! There's more demand for hybrids right now. They can't produce the cars fast enough, so I think there will be a lot of hybrids for, at least a decade, after that, maybe they'll come up with something even better.Oprah: And then, probably the prices will go down also, that....An Identified man: Prices will go down. Leo: And we need these consumers really endorse these technologies and demand that car companies give us these, especially American car companies, 'cause like I said the Japanese are away ahead of the curve here.Oprah: Why is that, as you said, use that figure, 5%, we are 5%, and use 25%. Why is that?An Identified man: We are rich. We have a lot of money, and traditionally, that gets spent on making life easy, easier on those amenities, like a lot of lighting, big houses, big cars so you can go wherever you want, take whatever you want with you. Those all have taken a lot of energy. Now we need to focus on how we can do. Most of that also, by using less energy and of course, smart, technologically it can't be done. That's what this light-bulb shows.Oprah: Ok.Leo: And it's not just us, you know, it's up to our political leaders in the future, they, you know, create new ways to, you know, make energy for our homes and new technologies as far as cars are concerned, we need to really vote for the right people and support the right organizations. So we are... The demand, the supply can generalize.... Oprah: I think you are right. cause there's really just so much we can do. I mean we are gonna, I'm gonna get the bulb today. Somebody's gonna get performing. But ah,I'm gonna get, we're gonna, we can get the bulbs; we can get the cars; we can do whatever we can, but in the end, if your whole country is dependent upon oil, what, we can't, we don't have anything to do with that. Correct?An Identified man: Well, you know, if everybody went out and got that high fuel economy car, you could affect it. And what's more, the price of oil is up right now; the price of gas is very high. The one thing that people can do to try to moderate those~those pricing increases,to buy high fuel economy cars, cause then it has used less. But in addition, it reduces demand, and that can bring the price right back down.200809/47060巫溪县印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养苗栗市花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养



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