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Turmoil and terrorism in the Middle East are as grave a security threat to Europe as that posed by the Soviet Union during the cold war, the former head of MI6, the British secret intelligence service, has warned.英国秘密情报局(SIS)——亦称军MI6)——前局长约#8226;索厄斯爵Sir John Sawers)警告称,中东的动荡和恐怖主义对欧洲构成的安全威胁与冷战时期的苏联所构成的威胁一样严重。Violent attacks on European soil are both more difficult to interrupt than ever before and more likely to occur, Sir John Sawers told the Financial Times in his first interview since leaving office in November.索厄斯在去年11月离任后接受的首次采访中告诉英国《金融时报》,针对欧洲本土的暴力袭击比以往任何时候都更难挫败,而且发生几率更大。The Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris and the spate of terror warnings and clampdown on Islamist extremists around Europe were a wake-up call to the “heightened threat the 59-year- old former spy chief said.这位59岁的前情报局长表示,巴黎《查理周刊Charlie Hebdo)遇袭,欧洲各地大量恐怖袭击警告和针对伊斯兰主义极端分子的打击都提醒人们,“威胁有所加大”。“The rigidity we had on Europe’s doorstep for two or three decades posed a set of problems and now the turbulence we have got on Europe’s doorstep is posing another set of problems, in a sense more acute ones because the #173;disorder in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen creates a whole series of challenges for us,Sir John said.索厄斯表示:“在(冷战的)二、三十年期间,我们在欧洲家门口的刚性态度曾带来一系列问题,如今我们在欧洲家门口所遭遇的动荡正带来另一系列问题,在某种意义上这一次更为严峻,因为叙利亚、伊拉克、利比亚和也门的无序给我们带来了种种挑战。”Thousands of Europeans fighting with extremist organisations such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) and al-Qaeda were “the vector for the transmission of that terrorist threat to Europe he added.他补充称,为“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国Isis)和基地组al-Qaeda)等极端组织作战的数千名欧洲人是“向欧洲传递恐怖主义威胁的工具”。They represent a more serious terrorist threat than ever before because they are “a thousand miles closer to Europe than they were in Afghanistan [and because] they are learning from their own experience and adopting cruder tactics mass casualty attacks rather than dramatic 9/11-style attacks这些人代表着空前严重的恐怖主义威胁,因为他们“与欧洲的距离比他们在阿富汗时近000英里,(而且)他们正从自己的经验中学习,并采用更粗放的战术——大规模杀伤性袭击,而非9/11那种戏剧性的袭击”。While he described Syria as the “centrepieceof the problem, he added that the entire Middle East was at a critical juncture.尽管他形容叙利亚是这个问题的“核心”,但他补充称,整个中东正处于危急关头。“We should be worried about the entirety of the region,he said, citing the collapse of stable governments in many countries, the dramatic fall in the oil price, the policy uncertainty posed by the Saudi king’s failing health and the fraught international negotiations with Iran over its nuclear programme.他表示:“我们应担心整个地区,”他列出了很多例子,包括很多国家稳定政府的倒台、油价大幅下跌、沙特阿拉伯国王健康状况恶化所带来的政策不确定性,以及围绕伊朗核计划的棘手的国际谈判。来 /201501/355257

Scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on Monday said they had detected cesium 134—radioactive fallout from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown—about 100 miles offshore of the Northern California town of Eureka.来自伍兹霍尔海洋研究所的科学家在星期一表示,他们已经检测到源于2011年的福岛核危机的34的放射性沉降物,已经到达加利福尼亚北部100英里的Eureka小镇近海。But dont freak out.但是不要被吓到了;This Fukushima-derived cesium is far below where one might expect any measurable risk to human health or marine life, according to international health agencies,; the scientists said in a statement. The levels were 1,000 lower than the limits for drinking water set by the ed States Environmental Protection Agency, they said.“国际健康机构表示,这些由福岛泄露的铯对人类健康或海洋生物其造成的实际危害风险,远远小于之前人们的估计。”科学家们在一份声明中这样表示。放射性物质的含量只有由美国环境保护署规定的饮用水指标的一千分之一,他们说。In an ;Ask Me Anything; post on Reddit on Monday morning, Ken Buesseler, a Woods Hole marine scientist, said that if a person swam for six hours a day, 365 days a year, off Eureka, the radiation exposure would still be a thousand times less than what a person would be exposed to from a single dental X-Ray.在星期一上午红迪网上的“知道求助”页面上,Ken Buesseler,伍兹霍尔海洋科学家,表示如果说一个人一天游泳游了六小时,一年游65天,在Eureka小镇的沿海进行的话,暴露在其下所受到的辐射仍然只有在牙科中做一次X光的照射所受到的辐射的千分之一。Since the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the radiation dispersed from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident has been making its way across the Pacific Ocean. The power plant meltdown released unprecedented amounts of radioactive elements into the ocean, with cesium 134 traces in waters off Japans coast tens of millions of times higher than what Buesseler and his team have found here.011月地震和海啸以来,从福岛第一核电厂事故中散发出来的核辐射物质已经跨越了太平洋。核电厂熔炉熔毁泄露放前所未有的大量的放射性元素进入海洋,34的踪迹显示在日本海岸线附近的水域该放射性物质的含量比科学家Buesseler和他的团队所发现的含量高出一千万倍;When cesium levels are in the 10s millions, there are possible direct impacts on mortality and reproductive ability of marine life,; Buesseler said on Reddit.“当铯的含量在千万水平的时候,这可能会对海洋生物的繁殖能力和死亡率有直接的影响,”Buesseler在红迪网上说。Those concerns prompted Japanese officials to close fisheries and impose some of the strictest radiation testing on food products in the world.这些问题促使日本政府关闭渔业和对食品产品实施最严格的一些放射性物质检测。In the U.S., scientists have been measuring Fukushima-influenced radioactivity in kelp forests off Southern California, fish caught from San Diego to Seattle, and Wood Hole has been monitoring water samples from Alaska to Mexico.在美国,科学家们测量了被福岛核辐射影响的加利福尼亚南部的海带森林,以及从圣地亚哥捕到西雅图获的鱼,并且伍兹霍尔海洋研究所监控从阿拉斯加地区延伸到墨西哥的水样本Buesseler said the Eureka offshore sample was the only one that showed traces of cesium 134.Buesseler说尤里卡小镇是沿海样品中唯一一个发现铯134的踪迹的地方。So when do scientists expect the radiation to reach the West Coast?因此科学家预计核辐射什么时候到达美国西海岸;We dont know exactly when the Fukushima isotopes will be detectable closer to shore because the mixing of offshore surface waters and coastal waters is hard to predict,; Buesseler said in a statement.“我们不知道什么时候福岛核原料的同位素将更靠近海岸以致可被检测到,因为地表水和沿海水域的海洋混合之后是很难预测的,”Buesseler在一份声明中说。While the detected levels are well below those deemed harmful to humans, models predicting how much radiation could be along the West Coast suggest cesium levels will increase over the next two to three years.尽管检测到的水平远远低于那些被认为对人体有害的程度,然而数据模型预测沿着西海岸的辐射量表明铯的含量将在未来两到三年增加。Buesseler said careful and consistent monitoring of the water is needed to keep tabs on the radiation.Buesseler说,监视辐射的状态需要谨慎和持续对水质的测量才行;We need both citizen scientists to keep up the coastal monitoring network, but also research vessels and comprehensive studies offshore like this one, that are too expensive for the average citizen to support,; he said.“我们既需要平民科学家保持沿海监测网络的工作状态,也需要像之前提到的职业科研人员和海上综合性研究,但是这种形式的研究对于普通国民来说负担太重了,”他说。来 /201411/343211

  ATHENS Greece will keep its banks closed on Monday and place restrictions on the withdrawal and transfer of money, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a televised address on Sunday night, as Athens tries to avert a financial collapse.雅典——希腊总理亚历克西斯·齐普拉Alexis Tsipras)在周日晚间的电视讲话中表示,本周一,希腊将关闭,同时对取款和汇款加以限制。当前,雅典正在努力避免发生金融崩溃。The government’s decision to close banks temporarily and impose other so-called capital controls and to keep the stock market closed on Monday came hours after the European Central Bank said it would not expand an emergency loan program that has been propping up Greek banks in recent weeks while the government was trying to reach a new debt deal with international creditors.希腊政府决定暂时关闭,实施其他一些“资本管制”措施——并在本周一关闭股市。在这个决定做出的几个小时前,欧洲央European Central Bank)表示将不会扩大一项针对希腊的紧急贷款计划。最近几周,当希腊政府试图与国际债权人达成新的债务协议时,这一计划为该国的提供了持。The debt negotiations broke down over the weekend after Mr. Tsipras said he would let the Greek people decide whether to accept the creditorslatest offer. That referendum vote is to be held next Sunday, after the current bailout program will have expired.齐普拉斯此前表示,他将让希腊民众决定是否接受债权人的最新提议,债务谈判随即于周末期间宣告破裂。全民公投定于下周日举行,而当前的救助计划将在那之前过期。Mr. Tsipras in his televised address criticized Eurozone finance ministers for refusing to extend Greece’s loan program, a decision that in turn prompted the the European Central Bank to decline to increase its emergency loans to Greek banks.在电视讲话中,齐普拉斯批评欧元区财长拒绝延长希腊的贷款计划,而该决定又促使欧洲央行拒绝增加对希腊的紧急贷款。“It is clearer than ever that this decision has no other goal apart from blackmailing the Greek people and obstructing the smooth democratic procedure of the referendum,he said.“现在的情况比以往任何时候都更加清楚:除了敲诈希腊民众和阻碍公投的民主程序顺利进行之外,这个决定没有其他目的,”他说。Mr. Tsipras’s remarks did not include details of the bank closings and other controls on the movement of money, which the government was expected to explain later in the evening. Greece, though, appears to be taking steps similar to ones by Cyprus in 2013 to avoid a bank collapse.齐普拉斯的此番讲话并没有谈到关闭等资本管制措施的细节,预计政府将在晚间稍后的时候对此进行解释。不过,希腊采取的举措似乎与塞浦路斯2013年为避免系统崩塌而从事的行为类似。In that case, however, the Cypriot government acted in concert with other European governments as part of a new bailout program. In Greece, the emergency banking measures were a result of a breakdown in talks with other eurozone countries. The breakdown has intensified pressure on cash-poor banks as jittery Greeks withdraw their savings.然而,塞浦路斯政府当时与欧洲其他国家的政府一起行动,以此作为新的救助计划的一部分。而希腊这次是在与欧元区其他国家的谈判破裂后对业实施的紧急措斀?谈判的崩溃加剧了现金吃紧的那些面临的压力,紧张不安的希腊人纷纷取出存款。When Greek officials huddled before Mr. Tsipras addressed the nation, it had not yet been decided how long the banks would remain closed or what cap would be placed on daily withdrawals from A.T.M.s, according to a person briefed on the discussion. But the person, who was not authorized to speak publicly, said that the daily limit could end up as low as 50 euros据知情人士透露,在齐普拉斯向全国发表讲话前,希腊官员会面进行了商议。他们还未决定关闭的时长,或者自动提款机每天的取款上限。但这名人士表示,每日的限额可能最终会定为低至50欧元(约50元人民币)。此人没有获得公开发表的授权。来 /201507/383517


  Italys coast guard says the navy has rescued 3,000 migrants off the coast of Libya after responding to requests for help from more than 20 vessels.意大利海岸警卫队说,意大利海军响0多艘船只发出的求救请求,在利比亚沿海救起三千多难民。Italy has been routinely carrying out similar rescues, bringing hundreds of migrants to its shores, but the scale of Saturdays operation was unusually large.意大利一直在采取类似救援行动,将数百名难民救上岸,但是星期六的行动规模异常大。So far this year, more than 100,000 people have made the Mediterranean crossing to Italy. The journey is dangerous, with small boats struggling in rough waters or overloaded with too many people.截至目前,今年有10万多人越过地中海抵达意大利。不过旅程非常危险,小型船只要么在波涛中挣扎,要么因人太多而超轀?More than 2,300 people have died trying to reach Europe this year. There were 3,279 fatalities for all of 2014.2300多人今年试图抵达欧洲时遇难014年全年有3279人遇难。Europe has struggled to cope with an influx of migrants. They often first land in Italy and Greece, and then sometimes head to Europes northern countries, where some communities have welcomed them and others have protested their arrival.欧洲疲于应对大量难民涌入。难民经常首先在意大利和希腊上岸,然后他们有时前往欧洲北部国家,那里的许多社区欢迎他们,而有的社区则抗议他们的到达。来 /201509/399523

  Russia said Tuesday one of its Su-24 fighter jets was shot down along the border between Turkey and Syria, but said ;firing from the ground; was responsible for downing the plane.俄罗斯星期二说,一架俄罗斯Su-24战机在土耳其与叙利亚边界坠毁,并说这架战机被“地面炮火”击萀?Turkish military officials, however, said their F-16 jets shot down the plane after it violated the countrys airspace and ignored 10 warnings in the span of five minutes to leave.土耳其军方官员说,这家俄罗斯战机飞入土耳其领空,无视土耳其五分钟内发出0次要求其返回叙利亚空域的警告,随后被土耳其的F-16战机击落。Russias defense ministry said the jet never left Syrian territory. Russia also said its pilots ejected, but that their status was unknown. Video from the area appeared to show two pilots parachuting down from the sky, and Turkeys Dogan news agency said Russian helicopters were searching the area.俄罗斯国防部说,这架战机一直从未飞离叙利亚领空。俄罗斯还表示,这架战机的飞行员跳伞,但目前的情况尚不清楚。来自该地区的视频显示,两名飞行员使用降落伞从空中下降。土耳其媒体说,俄罗斯直升飞机正在搜索这一地区。A Kremlin spokesman called it a ;very serious incident; but said it was too early to draw conclusions.克里姆林宫的一位发言人称之为“非常严重的事件”,但是说要下定论为时尚早。A U.S. State Department spokesman says they cannot confirm press reports that Turkish jets have downed a warplane of unknown origin, but are monitoring the situation closely.美国国务院发言人说,目前还不能实媒体有关土耳其战机击落一架国籍不明战机的报道,但正密切关注事态发展。来 /201511/411921Chinese President Xi Jinping announced Saturday that leaders attending a major summit here have reached consensus on lifting China-Africa relations to a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.中国国家主席习近平周六宣布参加峰会的各国领导人已就改善中非关系,实现全面战略合作伙伴关系,达成共识。The summit, attended by Xi and heads of state and government and representatives from about 50 African countries, adopted a declaration and an action plan for cooperation in the coming three years.习近平与0个来自非洲国家的各国国家元首,政府首脑和代表出席了此次峰会,并通过了未来三年合作宣言与行动计划两份文件。The two documents, Xi said, represent an all-round planning for future development of China-Africa relations and pragmatic cooperation in various areas.习近平表示此次两份文件体现了对中非关系与各领域务实合作未来发展的全面规划。Xi said the two documents would inject fresh impetus into the comprehensive development of China-Africa relations, and provide strong guidance and political guarantee for the two sides to conduct mutually-beneficial cooperation in more areas and on higher levels. The two documents, he added, are guidelines to the development of China-Africa relations, and were achieved through equal and friendly negotiations between China and Africa.习近平表示,这为中非关系的全面发展注入新动力,为双方开展高级别互利合作提供了有力指导与政治保。他补充道,这两份文件是中非关系发展的指导方针,是通过中非平等友好的谈判从而实现的。The two documents made clear the future development goals and missions for the two sides relations, and proposed major measures for win-win cooperation and hand-in-hand development.两份文件明确表明了双方关系未来发展的目标与使命,为双方的双赢合作与携手发展提出了主要措施。The Chinese president also reaffirmed the importance of the five major pillars he highlighted a day earlier that China and African countries should focus on.中国国家主席习近平也重申了五大柱的重要性,他前一天强调中非双方应该给予关注。The five pillars include consolidating political mutual trust, striving for win-win economic cooperation, enhancing exchanges and learning from each others cultures, helping each other in security, and cementing unity and coordination on international affairs.五大柱包括加强政治互信,努力寻求双赢的经济合作,促进交流并学习双方文化,安全上互帮互助,加强在国际事务中的团结与协作。To realize the upgrade of relations, Xi said leaders at the meeting have been determined to push forward the all-round development of China-Africa relations by focusing on implementing 10 major cooperation plans covering the areas of industrialization, agricultural modernization, infrastructure, financial services, green development, trade and investment facilitation, poverty reduction, public health, people-to-people exchanges, and peace and security.为实现关系的改善,习近平表示参会的各国领导人已下定决心推进中非关系的全面发展,通过关注涵盖包括工业化、农业现代化、基础设施、金融务、绿色发贸易和投资便利化,减贫,公共卫生,人文交流,和平与安全0大领域来促进计划的实斀?Xi summed up China-Africa relations by saying the two sides should maintain equality, mutual trust and support for each other no matter how the international situation changes, and uphold the principle of win-win cooperation for common development no matter how volatile the economic situation is. China and Africa should also adhere to the spirit of coordination featuring mutual understanding and common progress no matter how much the times have changed, and be committed to standing side by side in all weathers no matter how severe the challenges are.习近平总结中非关系时说道,无论国际风云如何变化,双方都应保持平等,相互信任、相互无论经济形势如何不稳定,也应秉持合作共赢、共同发展的原则。无论时代怎样变化,中非也应坚持相互理解,共同进步的协作精神,无论面临多么严峻的挑战,致力于肩并肩同行,风雨无阻。来 /201512/414454


  Tony Blair is preparing to step back from his role as a Middle East peace envoy as the US and Europe review policy options before Israel’s election this week.在美国和欧洲赶在本周的以色列选举之前审查政策选项之时,托#8226;布莱Tony Blair)准备卸任中东和平特使。After nearly eight years as an envoy for the Quartet of Middle East peace negotiators, the former British prime minister has recognised that a frontline role is no longer tenable, according to several insiders. Mr Blair’s move comes amid deep unease in parts of Washington and Brussels over his poor relations with senior Palestinian Authority figures and sprawling business interests.多位内部人士表示,在担任中东和谈四方特使年之后,这位英国前首相意识到,一个前方角色已经失去了意义。也就是在这个时候,美国和欧盟对布莱尔的也感觉很不放心,布莱尔与巴勒斯坦民族权力机构(Palestinian Authority)高层之间关系薄弱,而他的商业利益在不断扩展。The former UK premier is embarking on delicate talks to recast his Middle East role but is determined to remain part of the peace process. Mr Blair met John Kerry, US secretary of state, on Saturday in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, to discuss a possible role change. He also spoke to Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign policy chief, who is pushing for a revamp of the Quartet and for Europe to take a more robust stance on Israel’s conduct.这位英国前首相正在参加重塑其中东角色的微妙谈判,但他决心在中东和平中继续发挥作用。上周六,布莱尔在埃及的沙姆沙伊赫会见美国国务卿约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry),讨论了可能的角色转换。他也与欧盟(EU)外交政策主管费代里卡#8226;莫盖里尼(Federica Mogherini)举行了会谈,后者正推动对中东问题四方进行改组,推动欧洲对以色列的做法采取更强硬的立场。If Mr Blair does step aside or take an informal position it would end an arrangement that has made him a fixture of Middle East diplomacy while conducting private business with some regional governments that he also deals with through the Quartet, which represents the UN, US, EU and Russia.如果布莱尔卸任,或者担任一个非正式角色,将结束一项原有的政策安排。本来,布莱尔一方面参与对中东外交进程,另一方面,他在通过中东四方(联合国(UN)、美囀?欧盟和俄罗斯)与一些中东国家政府打交道的同时,也跟它们展开私人商务活动。No final decisions have been taken but a clarification of Mr Blair’s role could come this week. His office declined to comment.最终决定现在尚未做出,但布莱尔的角色可能在本周尘埃落定。布莱尔办公室拒绝置评。Although Mr Kerry is a supporter of Mr Blair’s continued involvement, some other senior figures in Washington told the Financial Times they wanted the former prime minister to step aside. Concerns include his multiple charitable, diplomatic and commercial interests. Ms Mogherini, meanwhile, is looking beyond Mr Blair as she recalibrates Europe’s approach and appoints a new EU Middle East envoy.尽管克里本人持布莱尔继续参与中东问题,但华盛顿的其他一些政要对英国《金融时报》表示,他们想让这位英国前首相卸任中东和平特使。他们担心的是布莱尔在慈善、外交和商业多方面的利益。与此同时,莫盖里尼正在寻找布莱尔之外的人选,她重新调整了欧洲的思路,并任命了一位新的欧盟中东特使。来 /201503/364805




  The city of Brussels will pass a third day under a security lockdown today, after the prime minister said the risk of a Paris-style attack remained “serious and imminentin the Belgian capital.布鲁塞尔今日将进入防恐警戒第三天,此前比利时首相表示首都仍面临着“严重且迫在眉睫的”巴黎式恐袭风险。Charles Michel said the authorities had credible intelligence that several jihadis were planning an assault, possibly using guns and explosives in simultaneous attacks. He announced the closure of schools and the metro system.夏尔猠歇Charles Michel)表示,比利时政府接获可靠情报显示,多名圣战分子正在策划袭击,可能会使用和炸药发动同步攻击。他宣布关闭学校和地铁系统。“What we fear is an attack similar to what happened in Paris, with multiple individuals, maybe even that strike in several locations at the same time,Mr Michel said, noting authorities were “particularly attentiveto the public transport system.米歇尔说:“我们担心的是类似发生在巴黎的袭击,即有多名袭击者,甚至有可能同时在几个地点发动袭击。”他同时指出比利时政府“尤其关注”公共交通系统。Parts of Brussels were rendered ghost towns over the weekend after the authorities cancelled markets, concerts and almost all sporting events to avoid a repetition of the shootings and suicide bombings that killed at least 130 in Paris on November 13.周末布鲁塞尔部分地区成了“鬼城”,比利时政府取消了集市、音乐会及几乎所有体育赛事,以避免遭13日发生在巴黎的击和自杀式爆炸袭击,至少130人在此次袭击中丧生。Fears about a local terror cell were heightened by the continuing manhunt for Salah Abdeslam, the alleged attacker from Paris who was driven back to Brussels immediately after the attacks there and is feared to still be armed with an explosive belt.比利时政府担心国内潜伏着一个恐怖小组,对萨拉赫阿贝德斯拉姆(Salah Abdeslam)的追捕加剧了这一担忧。阿贝德斯拉姆涉嫌参与巴黎恐袭事件,袭击发生后他迅速搭车返回布鲁塞尔,比利时政府担心他仍穿戴炸药腰带。In a sign of the anxious mood, crisis phone lines were overwhelmed by as many as 400 calls per hours.比利时政府的危机热线每小时接到多00通来电,反映出民众的焦虑情绪。There were false alarms over suspected bombs in the Flemish towns of Vilvoorde and Mechelen. In Brussels, armoured cars were a common sight as soldiers joined police in patrolling the streets. “This is about several suspects. That is why we have put such a concentration of measures in place,said Jan Jambon, the interior minister, who added that the government had intelligence about a wide-ranging plot.荷语区的菲尔福尔Vilvoorde)和梅赫伦(Mechelen)一度出现疑似炸弹的虚假警报。布鲁塞尔街头常能看见装甲车辆,士兵与警察一起执勤。比利时内政部长扬让Jan Jambon)表示:“这是因为有几名嫌疑人,所以我们才会投入如此密集的措施。”他同时表示比利时政府掌握的情报显示,会出现大范围攻击。来 /201511/412211

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