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Suppose you are an animal. Well, actually, you are an animal, but suppose you’re another kind of animal, maybe something small that might make a tasty snack for a larger predator. You’re walking along one day when you see a big dog. What do you do?假设你是一只动物。额,你其实本来就是一只动物。但假设你是另外一种动物,也许是一种可以被食肉动物当成可口点心的小动物。如果有一天你在独自散步时看到一条大,你会怎么办?Well, depending on what kind of animal you are, you have different options. A skunk can spray a noxious liquid that will repel predators, a cat can make its hair stand on end so that it seems larger than it is, or some animals, such as opossums, may pretend to be dead aly.好吧,这取决于你是哪种动物,你有不同的选择。一只臭鼬可以释放毒液击退捕食者,一只猫可以让它的毛发倒竖起来,让它看起来比往常更大,还有一些动物,比如负鼠,也许早已装死躺在地上了。There’s another strategy all these animals have, though. You’ve seen it before, but maybe never thought about it. They can freeze.其实这些动物还有另外一条策略,虽然你可能以前见过,但也许你从来没想到过。它们可以冻结。When a squirrel or a rabbit or a chipmunk freezes, it can remain almost entirely motionless for minutes at a time. Try it yourself. Whatever position you’re in right now, move nothing at all for the next minute. It’s not so easy!当一只松鼠,兔子或花栗鼠冻结时,它可以一次保持完全静止不动达数分钟之久。你自己试试。不管你现在是什么姿势,在下一分钟内保持一动也不动。这可没那么简单!The reason an ability to freeze works as a defense is that a predator’s attack behavior may actually be triggered by motion. A frog, for example, will literally starve to death in a box full of dead flies. Pass one of those flies in front of its eyes on a little string, though, and it will automatically gulp it down.冻结能作为一种防御的手段,其原因在于一个食肉动物的攻击行为可能只是由运动而引起。举例来说,一只青蛙,会在装满死苍蝇的盒子里活活饿死。用一根线绑住其中一只从它眼前经过,它就会不假思索的把苍蝇吞下去。The response to freeze is completely hard-wired, so freezing shows us something about both predator and prey. Evolution has caused the freeze strategy to come into existence precisely because it fits in with the way the visual systems of predators operate.对冻结的反应是动物与生俱来的,所以冻结给我们展现的是捕食者和被捕食者双方的特性。进化已使得冻结策略应运而生,因为它适应了捕食者视觉系统的运转方式。 /201205/183558According to the Daily Mail on February 17, a gadget made by an American company could sterilize shoes' bacteria which cause odors by UV light.美国一家公司生产出来的紫外线“小物件”可以把鞋里引发臭味的的细菌给清除干净。The device called SteriShoe, which looks like a shoe tree, can be inserted into your footwear and a simple press of a button starts a 45-minute treatment cycle.这个叫SteriShoe的“小物件”看起来像是一个鞋掌子,把它插到鞋里,轻轻按下按钮,只需45分钟后就完成一个清理过程。 /201102/126015Though Google#39;s search engine is all but unused in China these days, the company#39;s latest gadget, the Google Glass , aly has some early adopters here. 尽管谷歌(Google Inc., GOOG)的搜索引擎现在在中国使用的已经很少了,但该公司最新的设备谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)已经在中国找到了用户。Apart from Tuesday#39;s one-day sale of Glass to the general public, Google has sold the headsets by invitation only, but that hasn#39;t stopped China#39;s dauntless online merchants from getting ahold of the product. A simple search of Alibaba#39;s popular online Taobao marketplace turns up dozens of listings for Glass, many of which seem to be real. (The product is also available for sale on eBay in the U.S.) 除了周二仅一天的公开销售外,谷歌目前仅向受邀者销售这款眼镜,但这并未妨碍无所不能的中国网商们拿到谷歌眼镜的货源。只要在阿里巴巴(Alibaba)旗下的淘宝(Taobao)网站上搜索一下,就能搜到数十款待售的谷歌眼镜,其中不少看似真货。(在美国,该产品也能在eBay上买到。)As happened with Apple#39;s iPhone, mom-and-pop electronics resellers in China have discovered there#39;s a business to be made out of the arbitrage of buying items not yet available here and offering them at a markup online. 与苹果公司( Apple)的iPhone一样,中国的小型电子产品经销商们已发现,通过购买中国国内尚未销售的商品,然后在网上加价出售,这也是一桩不错的生意。Two Taobao merchants said they didn#39;t bother to take advantage of Tuesday#39;s sale because they had aly procured enough by buying Glass directly from those with invitation to purchase the product. Still, the merchants said the public sale has helped to spur demand for the smartglasses, which retail for ,500 and sell on Taobao for 12,000-20,000 yuan (,950-,252). 两位淘宝店主称,他们根本不必利用周二的机会购买谷歌眼镜,因为他们已经从那些获邀购买该产品的人那里拿到了足够多的货。不过,这些店主表示,公开销售帮助刺激了该款智能眼镜的需求。每副谷歌眼镜的零售价为1,500美元,淘宝上的售价是人民币12,000-20,000元 (合1,950-3,252美元)。One of the merchants, Xu Wei, said he has been selling Glass on Taobao since January, with an average of one or two purchases a day. That number jumped at the beginning of this month to five or six a day, he said. 其中一位淘宝店主徐伟(音)称,他从今年1月份就开始卖谷歌眼镜了,每天能卖出一至两副。不过本月以来,每天的销量一下子跳升到五至六副。#39;Many people have been buying it as a present to give to others, some have even bought two or three pairs at once,#39; he said. 他表示,许多人买了当礼物送给别人,一些人甚至一次就买两、三副。Mr. Xu said Chinese consumers have some reservations about the product. Many worry Glass may not work behind China#39;s Great Firewall, while others wonder whether the product has an operating system that can run in the Chinese language. 徐伟说,中国消费者对该产品持有一些保留意见。许多人担心谷歌眼镜可能因为中国的防火 而无法正常工作,其他人则想知道该产品是能够刷中文操作系统。Another seller, Zhang Jie, said his margins on the glasses have been getting hit as more and more vendors catch on. He#39;s also seen a bump in orders this month, he said, predicting that demand will strengthen as the price for the product falls and other companies develop similar smart glasses. 另一位卖家张杰(音)说,由于有越来越多的卖家出售谷歌眼镜,他出售谷歌眼镜的利润率受到冲击。他说,他也看到本月订单增加,预计随着产品价格下跌且其他公司开发出类似智能眼镜,需求将增加。To that end, some innovation is aly happening in China. Wang Chengpeng, another Taobao vendor, sells modified versions of Glass designed to enable short-sighted customers to use the product. Mr. Wang, who first got a pair of the Google glasses in November 2013, called the product #39;cool,#39; but was quick to enumerate its defects. 在这方面,中国已经出现了一些创新。另一位淘宝店主王承鹏(音)出售经过改进的谷歌眼镜,可以让近视的客户使用该产品。王承鹏在2013年11月份第一次得到一副谷歌眼镜,称该产品很酷,但很快就举出了产品的一些不足之处。#39;It#39;s not waterproof, it#39;s still heavy compared to normal glasses, and the battery only lasts for three hours,#39; he said. #39;Also the software is not that practical.#39; 他说,谷歌眼镜不防水,和普通眼镜相比还是很沉,电池只能续航三小时,而且软件也不是那么实用。Though Mr. Wang is selling the product without permission from Google, his thoughts about Glass are likely pretty similar to the company#39;s own, and help to explain why it hasn#39;t yet made the product widely available. 虽然王承鹏是在未经谷歌允许的情况下销售该产品,但他对谷歌眼镜的看法和该公司自己的想法很类似,这也解释了谷歌为何没有全面销售该产品。#39;I think innovators can try on Google Glass, but common people should wait,#39; he said. 他说,他认为创新人士可以试试谷歌眼镜,但普通人还是应当再等等。 /201404/288631

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