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To all of you,thank you so much.谢谢你们 谢谢Ah,this is it.Is it good to be back?Its good to be back,yes.噢 就是这种感觉 回来的感觉好吗 是的 感觉太好了And welcome back to you,Tony.We missed you.Thank you,yes,I was away.欢迎你回来Tony 我们非常想你 谢谢 我的确离开了一段时间You were away,and now you are back.Im so glad.You missed the first show.是的 重要的是你现在回来了 我太开心了 可惜你错过了首映秀I did.I saw somethings,though.Did you see something?Yes,hahaha没错 不过我可没错过某些东西呀 你看到一些东西吗 是的 哈哈哈You didnt see what I saw.No,what did you see?No one saw what I saw你肯定没看到我看到的 那是 你看到了什么 没人看到我看到的Ashton was very revealing,I could say that.That was before the interview.可以这么说 Ashton非常具有启发性 那发生在访谈之前You know,I knew something was gonna happen.我当时就有预感会发生一些事情Ashton is a friend,and we were shooting this cold open,its a tape piece before the show startsAshton是我的朋友 我们在拍一段影片 是节目的开场VCRHe had the robe on and I said Im really frightened of what is about to happen right now他身上穿着浴袍 我告诉他我很害怕接下来要发生的事情And he said you should be frightened and that sit by my mother,my mother is sitting in the room.You do know that,right他说你应该感到害怕 要知道 当时我妈妈就坐在旁边 在那个房间里 你知道我妈妈也在 对吗He didnt care,so he went ahead and did it anyway他根本不在乎 所以他还是做了他想做的事And he surprised me,he surprised the camera guy,he surprised the sound guy,every one in the control room他让我吃惊 让摄像师吃惊 让音效师吃惊 他让控制室里所有人都吃了一惊But mostly he surprised my Mama,I mean more than anything.My Mama,my poor Mama但最主要的 他让我妈妈吃了一大惊 我可怜的妈妈And I wanna show you something that was not on the show.Its not the unpixelated version,dont worry,we cant show that现在我给你们看一些上次没播出的东西 放心 不是拿掉马赛克的版本 我们播不了那段But we did two takes,and heres part of one of the takes that did not air我们当时录了两个版本 这是未播出过的版本 /201610/471481。

Youre a huge fan of new kids on the block.Is that right?I am.你是新街边男孩乐队的超级粉丝 是吗 我是的Yeah,New kids on the block.ok.Settle down,everybody.I have been for a long time.是 新街边男孩乐队 好的 淡定各位 我喜欢他们很久了Absolutely.no one went with you on that.But no,its fine,fine.Youre into new kids on the block.当然了 没人和你一样 但是没事 你喜欢新街边男孩乐队That was your band when you were,that special age,like new kid on the block.当你在那个特殊年龄段时 新街边男孩是你最喜欢的乐队New kids on the block and tears for fears.Oh,okay.That was impressive.新街边男孩乐队和惊惧之泪乐队 好的 真是很有意思They like,its the same generation,but theyre not saying anything about new kids on the block.then theyre going nuts for tears for fears.它们是同时代的乐队 但是观众对新街边男孩乐队没反应 而为惊惧之泪乐队疯狂Maybe because tears for fears doesnt tour as much.Were missing them.They should tour.也许因为惊惧之泪乐队不太巡演 我们想念他们 他们应该巡演But Ive been to several new kids,theyve been touring a lot in the last five years.I try to see them as much as I can.但是我去过几场新街边男孩乐队的演唱会 他们在过去五年中巡演了很多次 所以我会尽可能去看You posted a photo.Youve seen my instagram?Yes I am,acutally.And I know where you live.你发了一张照片 你在窥视我的Instagram吗 事实上 我在窥视 而且我知道你住在哪里You posted this photo,just taken a few years ago when you were pregnant.你发了这张照片 这是几年前拍的 那时你还在怀And youre wearing your new kids on the block shirt.Is this you,by the toilet.你穿着你的新街边男孩乐队衬衫 你是不是 在马桶旁边I was going to say,nice use of the toilet,yeah.我正想说 马桶利用得很好 是啊Always good to have a toilet handy.you always look better when you post next to a toilet.有个就近的马桶总是好事 在马桶旁边摆造型 拍出来总是更好看Modeling truth.Thats why supermodels always pose near toilets,because they look so much better.模特诀窍 所以模特总是在马桶旁边摆造型 因为那样看起来漂亮多了Did you go,did you go pregnant to a new kids on the block concert?你怀时去看了新街边男孩乐队的演唱会吗I did.In that picture,I was about seven months pregnant and I was wearing a Property of Joy T-shirt.是的 在那张照片中 我已经怀胎七月了 我穿着一件 乔伊的财产衬衫201607/454734。

The world this week-Politics本周政治要闻Tributes were paid to Antonin Scalia, one of the justices on Americas Supreme Court, who unexpectedly died while holidaying in Texas.前美国最高法院大法官安东宁·斯卡利亚(Antonin Scalia)在德克萨斯度假时意外身亡。The political bickering over replacing him was less dignified.葬礼上,他受到很多人的追悼,但关于其继任者的政治争吵却没有那么体面。Barack Obama said he would nominate a successor to the conservative Mr Scalia.巴拉克·奥巴马表示将选出保守派斯卡利亚的继任者,该人选需要获得参议院的认可。That person would need to be confirmed by the Senate.共和党人却主张把此任命推迟至新总统上任即十一个月后再进行。Republicans argued for a delay until the next president takes office in 11 months time, undoubtedly in the hope that he will be one of their own.毫无疑问,共和党此举意在希望能有一名共和党人出任该职位。A federal judge in California ordered Apple to help unlock the iPhone used by one of the Islamists who attacked an office party in San Bernardino last December, killing 14 people.加利福尼亚的一名联邦法官要求苹果公司破解一名伊斯兰教徒的手机。该教徒于去年十二月袭击了圣贝纳迪诺(San Bernardino)的一个办公室聚会,致使14人丧生。The FBI wants Apple to disable the password feature.联邦调查局希望苹果能够破坏密码系统,但该公司并未从。But the company is not complying, arguing that building the software to unlock the phone “would undeniably create a backdoor” to its encryption protocols and give the government “power to reach into anyones device to capture their data”.苹果认为编译解锁手机的软件“将无疑给加密协议开了后门”,同时还将给政府“进入个人设备获取数据的权力”。Trucks carrying aid entered several besieged towns in Syria, including the rebel-held town of Muadhamiya, near the Syrian capital, Damascus.载有救援物资的车辆驶入数个被围困的叙利亚小镇,其中包括叙利亚首都大马士革(Damascus)附近被反对派控制的穆阿达米亚(Muadhamiya)镇。This came ahead of a planned “cessation of hostilities” in Syrias war, thrashed out by America and Russia in Munich.此次救援发生在叙利亚内战的“休战”之前,这场有计划的休战由美国和俄罗斯在慕尼黑举行的会议上经研究后共同提出。No one expects the ceasefire to take hold.无人料到此次停火的出现。Members of opposition parties in the Democratic Republic of Congo went on strike to protest against efforts by Joseph Kabila, the president, to run for a third term in office.刚果民主共和国(Democratic Republic of Congo )的反对党通过罢工来抗议总统约瑟夫·卡比拉(Joseph Kabila)竞选第三任期。Britain was on the brink of agreeing on new terms for its membership of the EU at a summit on February 18th and 19th, clearing the way for a referendum in June.在二月十八日和十九日举行的峰会上,英国即将同意有关其在欧盟的成员地位的新条款,这为将在六月份举行的全民公投扫清了道路。David Cameron, the prime minister, was confident of securing a deal in Brussels, but Eurosceptics back home were poised to criticise whatever emerged from the talks.英国首相戴维·卡梅伦对于在布鲁塞尔达成协议十分自信,但国内的疑欧派却随时准备对会谈中发生的任何事情都进行批评。The European summit would also tackle the refugee crisis.欧盟峰会还将对难民危机进行处理。Austria set a daily cap of 3,200 migrants whom it will allow to cross its borders.奥地利把过境的难民人数上限设定在每天3200人,It also tightened border controls with countries in the Balkans that migrants cross to reach Austria.同时还加紧了对与巴尔干国家接壤的边境的控制。Many then travel on to Germany and Sweden.难民通过巴尔干国家进入奥地利后,很多人继续去往德国和瑞典。Turkeys prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, cancelled a visit to Brussels after a bomb in Ankara, the Turkish capital, killed at least 28 people.土耳其首都安卡拉(Ankara)发生爆炸,造成至少28人死亡,总理艾哈迈德·达武特奥卢(Ahmet Davutoglu)取消对布鲁塞尔的访问。The device was detonated close to the defence ministry as an army bus was passing by.一辆军车驶过时,爆炸装置在国防部附近被引爆。Turkey blamed Kurdish rebels.土耳其对库尔德武装分子提出谴责。Russia filed a lawsuit in a court in London to try to get Ukraine to repay a billion bond.俄罗斯在伦敦的一个法院对乌克兰提起诉讼,要求偿还价值30亿美元的债券。Ukraine says that Russia has refused to take part in negotiations over restructuring the debt.乌克兰表示俄罗斯此前拒绝了参与重组债务的和谈。Meanwhile Ukraines prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, survived a vote of no confidence in parliament after the countrys president, Petro Poroshenko, called on him to step down, ostensibly over the slow pace of reforms.与此同时,乌克兰总理阿尔塞·雅琴尼克(Arseniy Yatsenyuk)在一场议会不信任投票中险险保住职位,此前该国总统佩特罗·波罗申科(Petro Poroshenko)表面上以改革进程缓慢为由要求他辞职。The economy minister recently resigned and blamed Mr Poroshenko for hindering reform.最近,经济部长辞职并谴责波罗申科阻碍了改革的进行。 译文属译生译世201602/428463。

The snail appears to release chemicals that paralyse its victim.鸡心螺释放的一种化学武器麻倒了猎物。The goatfish seems powerless to escape as its swallowed alive.绯鲵鲣无力反抗或逃跑,被整个活吞下去。Moments later, a venomous barb inside the snail puts the fish out of its misery.片刻后鸡心螺体内的毒刺帮它结束了痛苦。In a place where even seashells are deadly,remaining undetected is essential if you want to survive the night.在这个连贝壳类也如此血腥的地方,想要生存,夜晚不被发现是必要的。And simply hiding is not enough.简单的躲藏显然不够。Just a hint of your scent wafting into the current can attract trouble.飘进水流中的一丝气味都会引来大麻烦。The parrotfish has come up with an elegant solution in a form of a sleeping bag made out of membrane.鹦鹉鱼对此有极为妥善的处理方法,它们睡在自制的薄膜般的睡袋里。It stops the smell sping along the reef and being picked up.这个睡袋可以阻止自身气味散发。Its a very good way if youre a parrotfish of ensuring you get a good nights sleep.这对鹦鹉鱼来说,是睡个好觉的妙招。No one has ever filmed a parrotfish making its cocoon before.以前没人成功录制过鹦鹉鱼睡袋的制作过程。It starts by exuding a layer of mucous around its body.鹦鹉鱼先分泌出一层粘液粘在身上。It then draws water into its mouth and pushes it out of its gills, blowing up the mucous bubble around it.然后用嘴吸进水,再用腮吸出来。 201411/345032。

Well, lets start out today by getting in the old Time Machine and going back to early May 1954. That was just before the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed segregation in public schools.Lets suppose the Michigan Legislature saw this coming, and so rammed through a bill saying that no matter what the Supreme Court did, Michigan would still provide funding for segregated schools, especially, faith-based segregated schools.What do you suppose would have happened?Well, the courts would have ruled Michigans law unconstitutional. Unconstitutional on two grounds; its improper to use tax dollars to aid an establishment of religion, and because no state law can contradict a federal law or ruling.I think I learned that principle in high school, but, incredibly, most members of the state legislature seem to have been sick that week.Yesterday, they sent bills to the governor that would allow faith-based adoption agencies to deny applicants to whom they have a religious objection and still receive state aid. The governor isnt saying whether he will sign them.In a way, I dont blame him. Looked at it one way, he ought to veto these bills immediately; they are plainly designed to aid an establishment of religion.But it would also be prudent to wait till we see how the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage itself. If the justices do rule that same-sex couples have a right to marry, no agency receiving state funds should have the right to discriminate against them, period.Forty-eight years ago today, interracial marriage was illegal in fifteen Southern and border states. People actually were arrested for marrying someone of a different color. The next day, the Supreme Court said all those laws were unconstitutional.We dont yet know how the high court will rule on same-sex marriage, or what the scope of that ruling will be. We do know they will rule before the end of this month. All of which makes passing laws right now that might be affected by that ruling sort of asinine.You might wonder why our lawmakers arent spending their time and energy doing something useful, like crafting a responsible solution for the roads. The answer seems to be that they want to please the religious right, and that Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof is strongly supportive of faith-based adoptions, since he is the result of one.Well, one voice that ought to be heard in this debate is that of the doctors who see young children.The state chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics urged the governor to veto these bills, saying they were not only unconstitutional, but bad because, they said, ;we should not place limitations on loving families that seek to adopt such children.;What evidence I have seen indicates that, if anything, same-sex couples make better parents than heterosexual ones. For one thing, you really have to work hard at getting children if you are in that situation; it is pretty hard to have them by accident.In any event, adoption agencies that put any religious restrictions on who they serve shouldnt be receiving one cent of state or federal money. Theres something called the First Amendment that should have made that pretty clear.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201506/380601。