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Louis was living just like his great-grandfather,路易的生活尽如他的曾祖父ruling as an absolute monarch,他拥有绝对专权enjoying the hunting in the forests around Versailles,喜爱在凡尔赛宫附近森林里狩猎and soon fulfilling the first and most important并且很快就完成了皇室成员的of all his Royal roles,第一要务fathering an heir.生下继承人The relationship between Louis XV and his wife,路易十五与妻子Marie Leszczynska, started very well, really.玛丽·蕾姗斯卡的关系开端甚好They managed to put together a relationship,他们成功维持了which, over a period of ten years,一段长达10年的certainly, was quite a happy one.愉快关系They had a string of children他们连续育有多子and they seemed to have found a certain,似乎在相互扶持的生活中you know, sort of, emotional support in each other#39;scompany.找到了某种情感寄托More children followed, at regular intervals,接下来快乐的十年中 每隔一段日子over the next ten happy years.就有孩子出生Eight girls and two boys.他们共有二子八女Louis may have enjoyed being a father, but the Queen,路易也许喜爱身为人父的感觉 但王后after a decade of non-stop pregnancies,在经过10年的不断怀后was fed up with it all.已经对此甚为厌烦The Queen began to complain that she was either pregnant, in bed,王后开始抱怨自己不是在怀卧床or being brought to bed.就是在和路易上床Eventually, they had ten children by the time Louis, himself, was 27.最终 路易27岁时已有十个孩子The Queen had really had enough.王后终于受够了So, she began to tell the King所以她告诉国王that he wasn#39;tallowedto come into her bedroom on certain saints days,在特定的圣日里他不能来她的寝宫because she was a very pious woman.因为她非常虔诚 Article/201205/180702【Video】【Transcript】This is AP News Minute.The Senate Armed Services Committee has voted in favor of General David Petraeus to become the next commander of the Afghanistan war, paving the way for a swift full Senate confirmation.Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan clashes with the GOP on Day 2 of her confirmation hearings. Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions challenged Kagan over limits she placed on military recruiters while dean of Harvard Law School.Tropical storm Alex is expected to stay away from the oil spill zone but its outer edges are causing problems in the Gulf. Rough seas and powerful winds forced oil scooping ships back to shore Tuesday. Officials say the nasty weather makes skimming work unsafe and ineffective.A new crazy is sweeping China. Pet owners are clipping and dyeing their dog coats to make them look like other animals. The most popular look: Tigers.Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press with AP News Minute. Article/201007/109314

Best explosives-sniffing dog最好的爆炸物嗅探犬Best tracking dog最好的追踪犬Best drug dog最好的缉毒犬(独它形态猥琐,难道是接触毒品太多而……而且它也没有戴奖牌)At the Police Awards在警官授奖仪式上警犬的状态 /201705/511597Nobody has had a better view of the changes to the Arctic Ocean没有人比阿拉斯加最北的巴罗镇人than the people of Barrow, the most northerly town in Alaska.能更近距离地观测到这样的变化了The people here have always survived by hunting on the frozen sea这里的人以在冰海上捕猎为生and they celebrate this at a festival every year.他们每年过节都会为此庆祝The blanket toss was once毛毯跳曾是the best way to spot distant animals to hunt,看到远处猎物的最好方式as lifelong resident Lewis Brower explains.在这住了一辈子的路易斯·布洛尔如是说When we throw ourselves up into the blanket, you know,我们把自己从毯子里抛向空中的时候you get that much more of an #39;Ahh#39;就会因为看到很远的地方of seeing further and further out,而尖叫不已so sometimes, you#39;ll jump 15-20 feet in the air,有时候 你会跳到十五到二十英尺高and hopefully, you#39;re being caught right back into the blanket.希望能够再安全掉回毯子里I#39;m OK!我很好But the old way of life is under threat.但传统的生活方式正面临着威胁When Lewis was young,在路易斯小时候the sea stayed frozen to the horizon until July,海平面一直冰冻到七月and some ice remained off-shore all summer.有些岸边的冰 整个夏天都不化But now, it#39;s breaking up in June但现在 冰面在六月就裂开了and melting away completely for two or three months.两三个月内就彻底融化I used to go out on the ice all the time以前这个时候at this time of the year,我常常到冰面上去but we can#39;t do that any more, cos there#39;s no more ice.但现在不行了 因为冰没有了Lewis can also see that the loss of sea ice is affecting路易斯也看到 融化的冰面the animals he hunts for a living.影响了他们捕食的动物Since 2007, something very strange has been happening从2007年起 巴罗镇附近的海岸线on this stretch of coastline, close to Barrow.发生了奇怪的变化Mother walruses, confused by the lack of ice,海象妈妈们被这缺冰少雪的海洋弄迷糊了are crowding onto the land with their pups.纷纷带着自己的幼崽上岸来This very tight crowding isn#39;t normal他们这样集结在岸上并不正常and it#39;s caused many youngsters to be crushed to death.导致许多幼崽被挤死 /201212/217526

演讲简介:Natasha Tsakos 展示了一个女人的多媒体表演——”觉醒“的片段,作为剧中角色Zero,她通过一种创造性的虚拟世界,将3D动画和电子音乐投影在自己身边,继而混合了梦幻与真实。 Article/201212/212395

China flu reaches to peak in next two months China is now facing increasing pressure to control the sp of A/H1N1 flu over the next two months. The Ministry of Health says that, with the New Year and Spring Festival drawing near, the country is anticipating a huge domestic travel volume.In the meantime, A/H1N1 continues to cast a wide net. The number of incidences, especially serious cases, is still rising. Seasonal flu reaches a peak in December and January. A/H1N1 could follow the same pattern. The Health Ministry plans to speed up the pace of vaccinations. Currently, about one million people are vaccinated per day. The number is expected to reach 1.5 million daily shots before the Spring Festival. The total number of confirmed A/H1N1 cases on the mainland has topped 100-thousand, and more than 300 people have died.Liang Wannian, Deputy Director of Health Ministry Emer. Reaction Office, said, "We are expecting mass migrations in the three months of December, January, and February, as it is the time for New Year and Spring Festival celebrations. During mass migrations, the virus can easily be sp to unaffected places, just like a fire." Article/200912/91747

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