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2017年10月20日 09:29:22 | 作者:69优惠 | 来源:新华社
A second robot from Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) sent into Fukushima#39;s unit 2 reactor collapsed in less than a month#39;s time due to high radiation levels.由于辐射程度过高,东京电力公司向福岛2号反应堆派出的机器人在不足一个月的时间内再次宣告报废。Less than two weeks ago, a robot that ventured into the reactor malfunctioned as the camera on it had been fried by record high levels of radiation just two hours after it started scrapping in the area.不到两周前,一台机器人冒险进入反应堆,因该地区辐射浓度过高,机器人开始失灵,两小时后其装载的摄像头起火,随后该台机器人宣告报废。The extremely high radiation levels inside the reactor have now left the second robot, Scorpio, malfunctioning so much so that Tepco decided to cut off its tether and leave it inside.如今第二台机器人“天蝎座”因相同原因再次报废,东京电力公司遂切断与其联系,将“天蝎座”留在反应堆内。Fukushima#39;s nuclear site which witnessed a major nuclear accident caused by the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami is largely contained but the unit 2 reactor is among the areas where radiation levels are at unimaginable levels.2011年发生的地震和海啸导致福岛核电站爆发重大核事故,如今其大部分区域已经得到了控制,但是2号反应堆的辐射浓度高得超出想象。In early February, the radiation levels inside the reactor reached an astonishing 530 sieverts per hour, a level high enough to kill a human within seconds.2月初,反应堆内的辐射浓度达到了每小时530希沃特,足以让人在几秒内丧命。The latest robot victim of the radiation was manufactured by Toshiba and was on a mission to investigate the pedestal underneath the reactor, where melted nuclear fuel is suspected to have fallen.最近报废的机器人是由东芝公司制造的,正在执行调查反应堆基座的任务,溶化的核燃料疑似落至基座区域。Engineers now suspect as the robot was approaching the core of the explosion almost 10 feet away from its target its tank-like ts got stuck.工程师怀疑机器人在接近爆炸中心时其坦克式的踏板陷入停滞,而爆炸中心距其调查目标有10英尺远。Although Tepco has not confirmed whether it was the debris or the radiation that stopped the robot, it is currently under investigation.东京电力公司尚未确认导致机器人失灵的究竟是残骸还是辐射,事故原因正处在调查之中。Tepco has an enormous task of removing the molten radioactive fuel from three of the four reactors but this is the seventh robot to be affected by the radiation and the first to go as close as it went to the core of the explosion.东京电力公司仍面临着艰巨的任务,必须将共计四座反应堆中三座的脱落核燃料移除,然而这台机器人已经是第七台受到辐射影响的机器人,同时也是距爆炸核心最近的机器人。;Even though the robot could not reach the pedestal area, which we had initially planned to investigate, valuable information was obtained which will help us determine the methods to eventually remove fuel debris,; Tepco said.东京电力公司对此表示:“尽管机器人无法到达计划调查的基座区域,但是仍然获得了宝贵的信息,这有助于我们决定最终采取何种方式移除燃料残骸”。 /201703/495681LeEco, the Chinese tech group, announced its arrival in the US at a splashy but haphazard event in San Francisco on Wednesday, unveiling a suite of connected TVs, smartphones and a new streaming service, as well as concepts for a virtual reality headset and electric cars and bikes.中国科技集团乐视(LeEco)周三在旧金山举行了一场盛大但略带波折的落地美国发布会。乐视在会上揭幕了互联网电视、智能手机和新的视频流务,以及概念款虚拟现实头盔、电动汽车和自行车。However, LeEco’s planned climax to its two-hour press conference had to be scrapped at the last minute after one of its prototype electric cars was involved in a crash during its drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco. 但乐视为这场两小时新闻发布会设计的高潮在最后一分钟却不得不放弃。一辆原型电动车在从洛杉矶运往旧金山的途中遇到了一场车祸。Another prototype was flown over from London, where it is appearing in a forthcoming Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay, but the flight was delayed, missing the beginning of the show. 另一辆原型车用飞机从伦敦调运——这部原型车会出现在即将上映的由迈克尔.贝(Michael Bay)执导的《变形金刚》(Transformers)中——但由于航班推迟,错过了发布会开场。Instead of being driven on stage by an autonomous car, LeEco’s founder YT Jia ran up on foot.乐视创始人贾跃亭原本计划乘坐电动汽车登台,结果改成跑上台。Our path to development [of the company] has been full of obstacles, he joked in Chinese. It shouldn’t be me who is running out here because that is really not too exciting. 他用中文开玩笑道:LeEco的发展之路充满坎坷……我不该跑出来的,这样真的不够刺激。The prototype Le SEE car, which has adjustable seating and a steering wheel that disappears into its dashboard, arrived later and was shown to attendees after the stage show ended.Le SEE原型电动车于稍晚时间抵达,并在发布会结束后向观众展示。这款车拥有可调节座椅,方向盘隐于仪表盘中。LeEco said last month that it had raised bn for its electric car venture alone. 乐视上月表示仅电动汽车项目就筹集到10亿美元资金。It is also partnering with US-based Faraday Future, a secretive but well-funded developer of autonomous cars in which it is also an investor, to build LeEco’s mobile and content services into Faraday’s vehicles.乐视还与美国公司法拉第未来(Faraday Future)合作,计划将乐视的移动和内容务嵌入法拉第未来的车辆中。法拉第未来是一家神秘但资金充足的自动驾驶汽车开发商,乐视也投资了法拉第未来。Despite LeEco’s own car failing to appear on stage, Mr Jia revealed that Faraday Future would perhaps unveil its first production car in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. 尽管乐视电动车未能现身舞台,贾跃亭透露法拉第未来或许会在1月份消费电子展(Consumer Electronics Show)上发布首款量产电动车。That announcement appeared to come as a surprise to a Faraday Future executive sitting in the audience, who was shown shaking his head and seeming to gesture to Mr Jia that he did not want the news — shared privately before the stage show began — made public. 贾跃亭宣布这一消息时,坐在观众席里的法拉第未来的一名高管面露诧异,他摇了摇头,似乎示意贾跃亭他不想将该消息公之于众。The executive smiled politely as Mr Jia, addressing the audience in Chinese, went ahead anyway.发布会开始前该消息在私下传过。不过贾跃亭继续用中文对观众讲了下去,这名高管也礼貌地微笑着。LeEco is the latest Chinese consumer electronics group to cross the Pacific, following DJI’s drones, Xiaomi’s smart TV boxes and mobile accessories, Yi’s action cameras and Huami’s fitness trackers.乐视是最新一家跨越太平洋的中国消费电子集团,此前进军美国市场的有大疆创新科技有限公司(DJI)的无人机,小米(Xiaomi)智能电视盒子及移动配件,小蚁(Yi)运动相机和华米(Huami)健身追踪器。With its broad challenge to Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon, LeEco claims that its differentiator is providing a consistent experience across its ecosystem of devices. 乐视对苹果(Apple)、谷歌(Google)、三星(Samsung)和亚马逊(Amazon)形成全面挑战,该公司声称自己与众不同的地方是让用户在由其各种设备构成的整个生态系统中拥有无缝链接的体验。It is also aggressive on pricing with its LeMall ecommerce store, which will sell a 7ft ultra-high-definition television for ,000 and a flagship smartphone for 0, with extra discounts offered through its LeRewards loyalty programme.此外乐视商城(LeMall)在定价方面做法大胆,该平台将推出每台5000美元的7英尺超高清电视,以及每部400美元的旗舰智能手机,并将通过LeRewards忠诚用户计划提供额外折扣。The ambition is eye-watering but history shows that breaking into the US market is a fearsome task, said Ben Wood, analyst at CCS Insight. 此番雄心令人折,但历史表明,进军美国市场是一项艰巨任务,技术咨询公司CCS Insight的分析师本.伍德(Ben Wood)说,他们将不得不烧掉天量资金才能有一定作为。They will have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to move the needle. Rob Chandhok, LeEco’s chief Ramp;D officer for North America, said the company was reconstructing the value chain of electronics and media, while providing a more elegant and intuitive bridge that will solve the problem of a fragmented user experience.乐视北美首席研发官罗伯.钱德霍克(Rob Chandhok)表示,乐视正在重构电子产品与媒体的价值链,同时提供一座更优雅、直观的桥梁来解决用户体验分散的问题。However, Mr Wood said that consumers may find the large number of different LeEco products and brands confusing, despite the very punchy pricing.然而,伍德称,消费者或许会觉得乐视大量不同的产品和品牌令人迷惑,尽管定价非常有力度。LeEco’s online service in China has 730m users and it has sold 70m smartphones there in the past year. 在中国,乐视的在线视频务拥有7.3亿用户,并且乐视在过去一年销售了7000万部智能手机。To prepare for its US move, it recently acquired US television set manufacturer Vizio for bn and purchased 49 acres of office space in Silicon Valley from Yahoo, where it intends to house 12,000 employees. 为进军美国,乐视最近还斥资20亿美元收购了美国电制造商Vizio,并在硅谷从雅虎(Yahoo!)手中购买了49英亩的办公场所,计划容纳1.2万名员工。Executives from film studio Lionsgate, media group Vice and chipmaker Qualcomm appeared on stage at Wednesday’s event. 狮门影业(Lionsgate)、传媒集团Vice以及芯片制造商高通(Qualcomm)都有高管现身周三发布会的舞台。Each is providing content and technology to LeEco.这几家公司都在为乐视提供内容和技术。Mr Jia said America was LeEco’s top priority before expanding to the rest of the world.贾跃亭表示,美国是乐视在全球最为重要的市场,只有成功打开美国市场,乐视才能进军世界其他地区。Some say that LeEco is the Chinese Netflix and some say that it is Apple, Others say LeEco is crazy to come to the back yard of these companies to get their piece of the pie .Amazon, Netflix, Tesla and Disney all together, he said. 他说:有人说,LeEco是中国的奈飞(Netflix),也有人说,LeEco是苹果+特斯拉(Tesla)+亚马逊+奈飞+迪士尼(Disney)等等,还有人说,今天LeEco居然要来到这些伟大公司的主场打擂,肯定是疯了……The path is long and arduous — but isn’t the meaning of life perpetually trying to explore the unknowns of the world?前路漫漫,荆棘重重,但,生命的全部意义不就在于永不停歇地去探索未知世界吗? /201610/473115If you thought Russia#39;s recent efforts to prevent rain in the sky from dampening holiday spirits represented the ultimate in scientific stage management, you ain#39;t seen nothing yet.如果你认为俄罗斯最近为了阻止雨水毁掉节日氛围的努力是高科技舞台管理的极限(为避免五一期间下雨,俄罗斯花百万美元“播云”),那么跟日本人相比,简直小巫见大巫了。A Japanese research company called ALE Co. (aka Star-ALE) is bidding to put on a sensational pyrotechnics display for the opening ceremony of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. But this is no regular fireworks show: ALE Co.#39;s #39;Sky Canvas#39; is an artificially created meteor shower – uh-huh – which would see hundreds of tiny, coloured fireballs rain down over the host city.一家叫做ALE CO的日本公司正在筹划在2020东京夏季奥运会开幕式上进行一场举世无双的烟火表演:他们的“天空画布”项目将上演一场人造流星雨,届时将有数百颗色火球从天而降。According to a report at industrial design site Core 77, if ALE Co. has its way, this amazing concept would result in the human-made shooting stars being visible from well outside of Tokyo too, with the next-level pyrotechnics expected to be viewable from up to 100 kilometres away from the city.根据日本工业设计网站Core 77的报道,如果ALE Co得以实施这一计划,这场人造流星雨在东京以外的地区都可以看到,观察半径达到100公里。But how does it all work? ALE CO. says it can ;artificially recreate; the process of natural shooting stars by sending up a satellite into orbit carrying a payload of between 500 to 1,000 specialised pellets called ;source particles;.但是它的原理是什么呢?ALE Co.说他们可以“人工再现”天然流星雨的过程。通过发射一颗卫星进入轨道,搭载500到1000颗叫做“源粒子”的小球。Once the particles – composed of chemicals designed to emit flames in various colours – are discharged from the satellite, they#39;d travel around Earth until they enter the atmosphere and begin to burn up. With numerous particles being discharged at the same time, the company says it can create a safe, on-demand meteor shower for the wonderment of the crowds below.这些粒子中包含的化合物可以制造出五颜六色的火焰。粒子从卫星发射出来以后,它们会环绕地球飞行,直到进入大气层,开始燃烧。据该公司称,同时发射大量的粒子,就可以为地上的观众制造一场安全的按需定制的流星雨。But wonderment comes at a cost, and in this case, that cost isn#39;t cheap. Core77 reports that each combustible pellet comes in at about US,100 to produce, and that#39;s not including the costs involved in actually launching the Sky Canvas satellite. Ouch.效果这么炫酷,烧钱肯定是难免的。Core77报道说每一个可燃烧的粒子的制造成本是8100美元,而且这还没算发射“天空画布”卫星的成本。The company has tested its source particles in the lab, using a vacuum chamber and hot gases to simulate the conditions the pellets would encounter upon re-entering Earth#39;s atmosphere. In its testing, the particles burn with an apparent magnitude of –1, which should ensure they#39;re clearly visible in the night sky, even in the polluted skyline of a metropolis like Tokyo.这家公司已经在实验室里测试了源粒子,使用了一个真空房间和高温气体来模拟小球进入地球大气层的情况。在测试中,粒子燃烧时可以达到-1的视星等,足以在夜晚的天空中清晰看到,即使在东京这样污染严重的城市里。Their speed should also make them easy to appreciate. ;Our shooting star travels slower and longer across the sky than a natural shooting star,; ALE Co. explains on its website. ;This makes it possible for more people to enjoy the spectacle for a longer period of time.;它们的速度也有利于人们观赏。ALE Co在他们的网站上解释说:“我们的流星比天然流星速度要慢,在天空中划过的时间更长。更多的人可以在更长时间里欣赏到这一奇观。”Of course, a lot of this marketing is just that for now – at least, until the company launches its first shooting-star-laden prototype. It#39;s intending to do that in the latter half of next year, and hopefully by 2018 we#39;ll start to see just how effective human-created meteorites really are.当然,目前还只是营销造势,至少我们在等待这家公司发射第一颗载流星卫星。他们已经计划在明年下半年发射,所以我们有望在2018年之前看到真正的人造流星雨。If things go well, who knows? We#39;re calling it: Tokyo 2020#39;s opening ceremony is not one to miss.如果一切顺利推进的话,谁知道呢?让我们拭目以待:2020年东京奥运会的开幕式不容错过。 /201605/445611LapWorks Inc. launched the first eight in its new line of colorful printed Laptop Desk Futura laptop coolers.The UV-cured ink has a similar hardness to automotive paint, and a final coat of matte or semi-gloss acrylic further protects the colored surface.Finally, to give each Futura a finished look, LapWorks air-brushes the outside edges with automotive-grade paint to match the printing. This is necessary because the ink jets spray downward only, leaving the frac14; -inch curved outer edges of the Futura with only a smattering of ink.Because each Futura is custom-made, LapWorks is offering its customers a two-week window to inspect the product and return it, unused and in original packaging, for a full refund if it isn’t to their liking.In the coming months LapWorks will also accept .95 custom printing orders if customers provide a high-resolution 300 dpi image in CMYK at 12” wide by 22” long.Like its Laptop Desk 2.0 and UltraLite siblings, the Laptop Desk Futura’s dual-purpose design provides an ergonomically-sound workspace across the lap, and folds into a wedge-shaped stand for desk use. An oval-shaped burst pattern differentiates the Futura design, which comes standard in ‘gun-metal’ gray for .95.The Futura features heat-conducting ABS plastic which resists heat build-up, open ventilation slots which allow hot air to rise and escape, and a 1/8-inch air space using rubber pads that lift the laptop from the Futura to allow cool air to circulate under the notebook, all combining to cool a laptop by 15% to 20%.The Laptop Desk Futura is lightweight (16 frac14; ounces), and folds in half to 11 x 10 frac34; inches and one-half of an inch thick for easy traveling in any computer bag. Soft non-skid rubber keeps portables from slipping. It carries a one-year warranty.For customers who prefer an external mouse when using a laptop on their lap, LapWorks plans to announce shortly a snap-on MouzPad to expand the Futura’s mousing area. lapworks公司发布了八款最新的五喷色笔记本散热底座----futura。所用的防紫外线的油漆与汽车喷漆的硬度相当,最外面一层是不光滑或者说是半抛光丙乙烯材质外壳提供了进一步的保护。最后,为使futura的表面最终完成,lapworks公司为了契合这样的一个喷涂效果用他们的气刷给furura喷上了汽车等级的油漆。这一步骤是必须的,因为油漆喷雾只向下喷射,在furura外面边缘的1/4处只留有少数的油漆。因为rutura是为顾客定做的,所以lapworks公司提供给顾客两周的试用期,在此期限内可以退还产品。如果因为是不喜欢产品,并且没有拆封可以完全退款。接下来的日子里,lapworks公司接受69.95美元的订单,如果顾客乐意提供长22英寸宽12英寸并且是300点位的图像。就像他的同类产品笔记本桌2.0版本和无限轻盈一样,futura的两个设计特点提供了人体工程学的造型,以及v型契合转面的设计。团员爆炸图案使得它与售价为29.95美元的炮筒灰有所区别。futura采用热传导abs塑料可以防止热量的堆积,通风槽可以是热气上升并且发散,1/8英寸长的塑胶垫使笔记本与tutura有可以使空气流通的空间。所有的设计使笔记本散热性能提高15-20%。futura 非常轻便,折叠起来只有11*10 3/4 英寸,半英寸厚,非常适合放在各种电脑包中。软的防滑橡胶使携带不易滑落。一年保修。对于喜欢使用延伸鼠标产品的顾客,lapworks计划不久推出snap-on nouzpad来扩展鼠标领域。 /200806/41878

The broadening of the criminal inquiry in Germany into the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal to include Hans Dieter P#246;tsch, chairman of its supervisory board, shows how badly VW lost its way.德国扩大了针对大众汽车(Volkswagen)柴油尾气排放丑闻的刑事调查,该公司监事会主席汉斯.迪亚特.波什(Hans Dieter P#246;tsch)成为调查对象,这表明大众汽车多么地误入歧途。The scandal is still shaking the company: its use of software on up to 11m cars to help them pass emissions tests has carried a heavy price, making VW set aside EURO18.2bn. It has also disillusioned the industry, ending Europe’s hope of “clean diesel” becoming an enduring alternative to petrol.这桩丑闻仍在撼动该公司:大众在其1100万辆柴油发动机汽车上安装作弊软件帮助这些汽车通过尾气排放检测,这一做法的代价是惨重的,迫使大众为此拨备182亿欧元。大众还让汽车行业的幻想破灭,终结了欧洲让“清洁柴油”成为一种长久取代汽油的选择的希望。The lasting significance of the VW scandal will be to bring forward a shift in engine technology and alter the balance of power among the world’s biggest vehicle markets: the US, Europe and Asia. The lesson for carmakers is: go electric and go to China.大众尾气丑闻的持久影响将促使发动机技术发生转变,并改变全球最大汽车市场(美国、欧洲和亚洲)的实力平衡。汽车制造商得到的教训是:生产电动汽车,到中国去。Fuel-efficient diesel, with exhaust filters to limit emissions of nitrogen oxide particles, was supposed both to curb greenhouse gases and limit pollution. In practice, Europe tried to ignore an inconvenient truth about the latter: the UK government was last week instructed by a court to cut diesel fumes in cities faster than it had planned.节能柴油配有限制一氧化氮微粒排放的排气过滤器,本应减少温室气体和污染物的排放。实际上,欧洲试图忽视有关后者的一个让人不敢面对的事实:一家法庭上周敦促英国政府以比原计划更快的速度减少城市的柴油废气。No one could fail to notice such fumes in China. About one-third of the pollution that clogs the skies in cities such as Beijing and Chongqing comes from internal combustion engines as their citizens turn to driving. By the mid 2020s, Chinese consumers could be buying 40m cars a year, twice the number likely to be bought by Americans.任何人都无法不关注中国的汽车废气。随着居民纷纷开车上路,笼罩在北京和重庆等城市上空的约三分之一的污染来自内燃机。到2025年左右,中国消费者每年的汽车购买量可能会达到4000万辆,是美国人的两倍。It is a problem but also an opportunity. China is aly doing what countries such as the UK are being forced to consider: it is banning heavily polluting cars from cities by auctioning the right to own vehicle number plates while allowing “new energy vehicles” such as electric cars and plug-in electric hybrids an open road.这是个问题,但也是个机遇。中国已在采取英国等国被迫思考的措施:中国正通过拍卖汽车号牌所有权,禁止重污染汽车在城市行驶,同时允许电动汽车和插电式混合动力汽车等“新能源汽车”无限制上路。As a result, although the global electric car market is still tiny, it is most advanced in China, where 330,000 new energy vehicles were sold last year. Many of them are bought by local governments and state-owned enterprises for use as delivery vans, or in local ride-sharing schemes, thus giving China’s green carmakers a kick start.因此,尽管全球电动汽车市场的规模很小,但在中国发展的最快,去年中国销售的新能源汽车有33万辆。其中很多由地方政府和国有企业购买,用作箱式送货车或用于地方拼车计划,这让中国的环保汽车制造商得以起步。These vehicles are not Teslas: many are quite basic. But they are handing China first-mover advantage in the regulation, technology and manufacturing of electric cars. While Europe’s car-makers and suppliers that specialised in diesel must now rethink, Chinese companies such as BYD and Anhui Jianghuai (JAC) occupy a sweet spot.这些汽车不是特斯拉(Tesla):很多都非常初级。但它们在电动汽车的监管、技术和生产方面赋予了中国先行优势。比亚迪(BYD)和安徽江淮汽车(JAC)等中国企业已占据了有利位置,而专门生产柴油汽车的欧洲汽车制造商和供应商现在必须反思。Diesel was under threat before the VW scandal: the tightening of European emissions standards will make it much more expensive for carmakers to offer diesel cars, levelling the price gap with electric vehicles. AlixPartners, the consultancy, expects diesel cars to account for only 9 per cent of European sales by 2030, compared with 56 per cent five years ago.在大众汽车丑闻之前,柴油汽车面临危险:欧洲排放标准的收紧将大大提高汽车制造商生产柴油汽车的成本,这将拉平与电动汽车的价格差距。咨询公司艾睿铂(AlixPartners)预计,到2030年,柴油汽车将仅占到欧洲汽车销量的9%,5年前为56%。The limited range of electric cars, and lack of convenient recharging stations, has until now put off most buyers. Plug-in hybrids, such as the Chevrolet Volt and BMW 330e, make up for that by having two engines — one combustion and one electric. But this requires a lot of costly components from sophisticated European and US suppliers, such as Robert Bosch and Delphi.到目前为止,电动汽车车型有限以及缺乏便利的充电设施让多数购买者望而却步。为了弥补这点,插电式混合动力汽车(例如雪佛兰伏特(Chevrolet Volt) 和宝马(BMW)的330e)配备了两个引擎(一个是内燃机,一个是电动发动机)。但这需要很多昂贵的来自欧美高级供应商的零配件,例如罗伯特.世(Robert Bosch)和德尔福(Delphi)。Pure electric vehicles are simpler and do not need the same array of components. Battery advances mean that they should be able to drive up to 600km on one charge by 2020, the range VW promises for its proposed ID car. They would then be more appealing.纯电动汽车更为简单,不需要同样多的零配件。电池技术的进步意味着到2020年,电动汽车一次充电可行驶最高600公里,这是大众汽车为其ID电动概念车承诺的目标。到那时,电动汽车就更具吸引力了。This provides the opportunity for China to leapfrog US and western technology in the same way that some developing countries adopted mobile smartphones before fixed networks were built. The Chinese government knows it: the five-year plan unveiled in April heavily endorses green technology.这为中国超越美国和西方技术提供了机会,就像一些发展中国家在固话网络建成前跳跃到移动智能手机一样。中国政府明白这点:4月公布的5年规划大力持环保技术。China has an industrial stake in electric vehicles. While international carmakers tend to buy batteries produced by Japanese and South Korean companies, Chinese companies use Chinese suppliers including BYD and Amperex Technology. China’s lack of top-tier suppliers for combustion engines components matters less in electric.电动汽车对于中国工业有着重要意义。国际汽车制造商往往会购买由日本和韩国公司生产的电池,中国企业则使用包括比亚迪和新能源科技(Amperex Technology)在内的中国供应商的产品。中国在内燃机零配件方面没有一线供应商,但这在电动汽车领域不那么重要。The VW scandal does not eliminate every advantage of European manufacturers and suppliers. A simple form of hybrid engine involving more powerful electronics is one alternative to diesel: UBS, the investment bank, estimates that 48-volt mild hybrid technology will be a EURO4bn market by 2020.大众汽车尾气排放丑闻没有完全消除欧洲制造商和供应商的优势。使用更强大电路的简单形式的混合动力发动机是一种取代柴油的选择:投行瑞银(UBS)估计,到2020年,48伏微混电动技术市场的规模将达到40亿欧元。Nor will China’s carmakers have it all their own way at home. About 95 per cent of electric cars sold in China last year were made by Chinese companies, according to Automotive Foresight Shanghai, a consultancy. As carmakers such as VW and Nissan focus more heavily on China, that is bound to fall. VW is planning an electric vehicle joint venture with JAC. 中国汽车制造商将无法在国内自得其乐。上海咨询公司Automotive Foresight称,去年,在中国销售的电动汽车中,大约95%由中国企业生产。随着大众和日产(Nissan)等汽车制造商加大对中国的关注,这个数字肯定会下滑。大众汽车正计划与江淮汽车组建一家电动汽车合资公司。But China has plenty of levers to pull. Just as Europe’s dominance in diesel emerged from tight regulation of carbon emissions, China can lead the global electric vehicle market through force majeure. Its city-based experiments with electric transport have been a mixed bag but it will keep trying.然而,中国有很多筹码。正如欧洲在柴油领域的主导地位来自于对碳排放的严格监管,中国可以通过强制引领全球电动汽车市场。中国以城市为基础的电动汽车交通尝试一直好坏参半,但中国将继续努力。The danger for VW and other Europeans is of becoming stuck in the past, over-invested in diesel when the future is electric. Mr P#246;tsch’s earlier behaviour is not really the difficulty.大众汽车和其他欧洲汽车厂商的危险在于,在未来方向是电动汽车之际,它们沉迷于过去,在柴油领域投资过度。大众汽车监事会主席波什之前的行为实际上并非难题。 /201611/478061

General Electric led a trio of groups planning big takeovers yesterday to lift the value of transactions launched in October to more than 0bn, in what has unexpectedly become one of the busiest months for dealmaking on record.昨日,通用电气(GE)等三家谋划实施大型收购的集团宣布并购消息,推动10月发起的并购交易额超过5000亿美元,让10月意外地成为有史以来并购交易最繁忙的月份之一。The surge in blockbuster mergers and acquisitions signalled renewed corporate confidence in the outlook for the US economy, dealmakers said, even as the country’s highly charged presidential race concludes in just a week.交易撮合者表示,在美国高度紧张的总统竞选仅剩一周之际,大型并购交易的激增表明了企业对美国经济前景的信心。Operating conditions have not changed drastically in recent years: companies are struggling to increase sales and historically low borrowing rates have made acquisitions an attractive way to boost revenue. That combination has provided the impetus for a multiyear boom in dealmaking led by industries where companies are seeking consolidation to gain scale over competitors and leverage over customers.近年来,美国的经营环境一直没有发生显著改变:企业难以提升销售额,处于历史低位的借款利率使收购成为一种颇具吸引力的增收方式。这一局面催生了许多行业连续多年的交易热潮,这些行业内的公司正在寻求整合,以获得相对竞争对手的规模优势和对客户的影响力。“I’ve never tried to think about politics in terms of when I time deals,” Jeff Immelt, GE chief executive, said of his bn deal to acquire oil and gas services provider Baker Hughes. “The time do these things is right now#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;when there is a level of uncertainty, not whenever things are known.”通用电气首席执行官杰夫.伊梅尔特(Jeff Immelt)在谈起250亿美元的通用电气收购石油和天然气务提供商贝克休斯(Baker Hughes)的交易时表示,“在选择交易时机方面,我从未试图考虑政治因素。做这些事情的时机就是现在……还存在些许不确定性的时候,而不是情况已经明朗的时候。”The company formed by combining GE’s oil and gas equipment manufacturing unit with Baker Hughes will create a powerful rival to oil services group Schlumberger, with bn in annual revenues and operations in 120 countries.由通用电气旗下石油和天然气设备制造部门与贝克休斯合并而成的新公司,年收入将达320亿美元,业务遍及120个国家,将成为油田务公司斯伦贝谢(Schlumberger)的强大对手。Elsewhere, CenturyLink, the US telecoms group, said it would buy the larger Level 3, which provides infrastructure that allows business to connect to the internet safely, for bn, including debt, and private equity group Blackstone said it would acquire TeamHealth, a US provider of physician services, for .1bn, including debt.此外,美国电信集团CenturyLink表示,将以340亿美元(含债务)收购体量更大的Level 3。后者提供帮企业安全接入互联网的基础设施。私募股权集团黑石(Blackstone)表示,将以61亿美元(含债务)收购美国医疗务提供商TeamHealth。The transactions capped the seventh most-active month for global Mamp;A with 2.8bn of deals, according to data from Dealogic. Attempts for US-based companies accounted for 9.1bn of that amount, just shy of a monthly record set in July of 2015.Dealogic的数据显示,10月份以5028亿美元的交易量,成为全球并购交易第七活跃的月份。涉及美国企业的交易额为3291亿美元,仅略低于2015年7月创下的纪录。The remarkable surge in Mamp;A activity in October comes after a sluggish 2016 for dealmakers. Until recently, chief executives have been reluctant to make big bets in the US due to the turmoil associated with the presidential race and an Obama administration that has acted to block several megadeals.经历交易清淡的今年头9个月之后,10月份并购活动出现显著飙升。由于美国总统竞选引起的混乱以及奥巴马政府叫停了多个大型收购案,首席执行官们直到最近一直不愿在美国进行大规模押注。Some argue that October’s burst was partly thanks to the growing poll lead of Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential nominee, over Republican rival Donald Trump. The FBI’s decision to release new details about its investigation into Mrs Clinton’s use of a private email server could choke off the trend.有人认为,10月并购交易爆发的部分原因在于,民主党提名总统候选人希拉里.克林顿(Hillary Clinton)在民调中对共和党对手唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)的优势不断扩大。美国联邦调查局(FBI)决定公布其对希拉里使用私人电子邮件务器情况的调查的新细节,可能会让这种趋势夭折。Scott Barshay, a senior dealmaker at law firm Paul Weiss, said the recent spree, which includes ATamp;T’s agreement to buy Time Warner for about 8bn, including debt, featured deals that had strong long-term rationales as well as few regulatory hurdles.宝维斯律师事务所(Paul Weiss)高级交易撮合人斯科特.巴尔谢(Scott Barshay)表示,最近这股并购狂潮——包括ATamp;T同意以约1080亿美元(含债务)收购时代华纳(Time Warner)——的主角,是那些从长远来看具有充分合理性并且不存在多少监管障碍的交易。“They were not just synergy or financial plays, rather they were highly #172;strategic, landscape-changing business combinations in their respective industries,” Mr Barshay said. “We don’t expect any of them to have great difficulty in obtaining regulatory approvals around the world.”“这些交易不仅仅出于协同效应或财务考量,而更是在各自行业中具有高度战略眼光、可以改变格局的企业合并,”巴尔谢说, “我们预计,这几项交易在获得世界各地的监管批准方面都没有太大困难。” /201611/475792

From: 亚瑟的双语客 (Author: Arthur Zhang)Now most of the workers and public servants work from 9 am to 5 pm. Some of them even work from 8 am or 8:30 am to 5 pm. However, according to the global Internet survey done by the UK Sleep Council, the Mediterranean siesta was the right idea all along. The UK Sleep Council called on the country’s bosses to end nine-to-five working in favor of more flexible hours. They believe what would really pump up the pulse of worker productivity is a nice afternoon nap, rather than those bonuses and incentives. Forty-one percent of the 12,000 people who responded to the council’s survey said they were most productive in the morning, while 38 percent said they hit their stride in the evening. “The implication is that the majority are not fully alert in the middle of the day – the traditional time for a siesta in hot countries.” said sleep expert Dr. Chris Idzikowskii. “We must conclude from this survey that the traditional nine-to-five working day does not suit the majority.” He suggested that allowing workers to follow their natural sleeping habits would actually benefit employers by allowing them to expand their working hours and be more productive. Fortunately, being a college lecturer, I don’t have to go to work everyday. I only work three days a week, but during the three days I work really long hours and have no time for a wee little siesta. I’m usually so tired and sleepy in the afternoon, which really affects the vitality of my classes. I used to feel very guilty and sorry for the students of the afternoon classes, but then I excused myself by thinking I’m not a man wearing his shorts outside the long pants (superman does). I strongly support Dr Chris Idzikowskii’s idea for two reasons. One is when people have flexible working hours they could reach their highest productivity. On top of that, flexible working hours means that people don’t have to work all at the same time, in that way we could avoid traffic congestions and jams. Therefore it’s really killing two birds (maybe 7 or 8 birds) with one stone! What do you reckon, guys? 朝九晚五的工作是一种折磨现在大多数的工人和公职人员从上午9:00工作到下午5:00点,一些人甚至从上午8:00或8:30工作到下午5:00,但是根据由英国睡眠(调查)委员会所做的全球外戚农工商调查,地中海国家的午间小憩一直(被认为)是个好主意.英国睡眠(调查)委员会要求老板们结束朝九晚五的工作方式,而选择灵活的时间.他们相信真正能够提高工人生产积极性的是一个很好的午间小睡而不是那些奖金和鼓励. 在12000人回应的调查中,有41%说他们在早上更有效率,38%说他们在晚上才能使出干劲. Chris Idzikowskii士说"调查显示大多数人在中午不完全活跃-这个时间是炎热的国家的午休时间""我们刻意从这个调查中得出结论:大多数人不适合朝九晚五的工作时间"他建议允许工人们按照自己自然的睡眠习惯,从而延长工作时间,这样真正对老板有好处也更有生产力. 作为一个大学讲师我很幸运不用每天去上班,我一周只要工作三天,但是在这三天我工作很长很长时间没有一点时间可以小睡一下.下午我通常感觉又累又困,从而影响了课堂的活力.我常常对下午课上的学生感到很抱歉,但是我想我又不是超人以此原谅了自己. 我有两个理由强烈持士的观点.一个是当人们有灵活的时间的时候他们的效率能达到最高.另一个原因是灵活的时间对意味着人们不必在同样的时间工作,这样可以避免交通拥挤和堵塞.这真是一箭双雕(也许是更多)!你认为呢? /200801/25617

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