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临武县治疗男性不育多少钱郴州包茎手术费要多少钱常用英语口语之批评指责 --9 :18:1 来源: 常用英语口语之批评指责1. They deserved to be punished.他们应该受罚. How dare you say such a thing?你竟敢说出这种事?3. How dare you make such a remark?你竟敢做这样的?. How dare you laugh in my face?你竞敢当面嘲笑我?5. How dare you speak to your mother that way?你竟敢那样跟你母亲说话?6. You deserved being scolded by your teacher.你活该被老师骂7. When I told her this matter, she just laughed at me.当她听到这件事的时候,她居然嘲笑我8. He didn't deserve this. He didn't deserve any of it.他不应该碰到这件事一点也不应该9. Don't do it, even if they truly deserve it.即使他们真的活该被你骂,也不要这样做.Serve him right, he should arrange his affairs better.活该,他应该把他的事情处理得好一些.When I was beaten by my father, my mother said that I had it coming.我挨我父亲打的时候,我妈妈说我活该.Mind your words when you talk to her next time. That mightsmooth things over. 下次跟她说话时小心措辞,那样有助于把事情化解 常用英语口语郴州市中心人民医院包皮手术怎么样 打高尔夫球相关日常英语 -- :6: 来源: 我想打高尔夫球Id like to play golf.Id like to play golf. (我想打高尔夫球)Who would you like to play with? (和谁打呀?)明天打高尔夫球,好吗?Would you like to golf tomorrow?Would you like to golf tomorrow? (明天打高尔夫球,好吗?)Id like to. (我挺想去的)How would you like to play golf tomorrow?Do you want to play golf tomorrow?Would you be interested in playing golf tomorrow?愿意和我一起打高尔夫球吗?Do you want to join me?Would you like to play golf with me?这附近有高尔夫球场地吗?Are there any golf courses around here?1个人多少钱?How much is it per person?1天多少钱?How much is it per day?此外还有其它的花费吗?Are there any extra charges?Is there any extra charge?我可以租用用具吗?Can I rent the equipment? *equipment 表示“用具,必需品”请帮我预约高尔夫球(请别人预约时)Please make a reservation golf.Would you make a reservation golf? (能帮我预约高尔夫球吗?)我想预约高尔夫球(由自己提出请求时)Id like to make golf reservations.要什么时间的?When would you like to play?When do you want to play?如果可以的话,请订这个星期五的This Friday, if possible.我们一共个人There are four of us.Four.我们几点开始?What time are we starting? 日常英语 英语口语英伦style:句地道英式俚语表达 --3 :5:3 来源: 1. Au fait– this is an example of a French expression that has become part of the English Language. It means to have good detailed knowledge of something. (This is not slang but a very British English expression.)  Au fait是英语从法语中借用的表达之一它的意思是对某事物有非常细致的了解(它不是俚语却是非常地道的英式表达)  例句:She is au fait with the company’s rules and regulations.  她对公司的规章制度了然于心  . Blinding– if something is blinding, it means that it’s excellent.  如果某事物是亮瞎眼的,意思就是这个事物非常棒、非常出色  例句:She makes a blinding roast dinner.  她做了一顿美味无比的烧烤晚餐  3. Bugger all– if you’ve got bugger all dinner, it means you have nothing. (This is an impolite expression so use it with caution)  如果你说晚餐吃个屁,那就是说你什么也没有吃(这种表达十分不礼貌,需慎用)  例句:I worked 7 hours on that job and I got bugger all thanks my efts.  我花了七个小时处理那项工作,但我的努力却连个谢谢都没捞到  . Cock up– This can be used as a verb or a noun and it means to make a serious mistake or a mistake. (It has nothing to do with male parts!)  这个短语既可用作动词也可用作名词,它的意思是犯了很严重的错误(动词)或错误(名词)(这个表达跟男性器官毫无关系)  例句:You really cocked up this time. What are you going to do?  这次真是搞得一团糟,你打算怎么办?  5. Donkeys’ years– a long time or ages  很久很久,好多年  例句:It was so great to see Sally again. I hadn’t seen her in donkey’s years.  能再次见到萨利真是太棒了,我好多年没有见到她了  6. Gobsmacked- “Gob” is mouth in British English and if you smack it, you probably would do it because you are amazed or shocked.  Gob在英式英语里是嘴巴的意思,如果你咂嘴,可能是因为你感到惊讶或震惊  例句:I was gobsmacked by how much weight Pete had lost.  皮特瘦了这么多,太让我吃惊了!  7. Gormless– another way to say vacant or clueless.  表示茫然或无知愚蠢的另一种方式  例句:She always has a gormless look in meetings.  开会时她总是一脸茫然  8. Gutted– really upset.  非常失望的  例句:I was gutted when I didn’t get the job.  没得到这份工作,我很失望  9. Hunky-dory– fine, going well  很好,进展顺利  例句:-How are things with you?  最近怎么样?  -Everything is hunky-dory, thanks.  一切都挺好的,谢谢  . Knackered– very tired, exhausted  非常累,精疲力竭  例句:I’ve been working hours on this report. I’m knackered.  我花了好几个小时做这个报告,已经累趴下了  . Lurgy– if you’ve got the lurgy, it means you are ill with the flu or other mild disease.  如果你身体小恙,也就是得了流感或其他小病  例句:  -Where’s Sarah today?  萨拉今天去哪里了?  -She’s off sick. She’s got the lurgy.  她生病了,请了病假  . Nice one!– If someone is impressed by what you’ve done, they could use this expression. It’s similar to “good job” in American English. It can also be used sarcastically.  如果一个人对你所做的事情印象深刻,就可以使用这个表达它跟美式英语里的good job差不多,也可以用于带有讽刺意味的夸奖  例句:-I managed to get two tickets the One Direction concert at the O arena.  我设法弄到了两张One Direction在伦敦O体育馆的演唱会门票  -Nice one, mate!  干得漂亮,伙计! 英伦 俚语 地道郴州市第一人民医院南院割包皮

郴州包茎手术的多少钱首先要做的就是要去想,想想让你和你的家人有更好的生活,赚更多的钱,找到更好的工作...无论这是你的梦想还是渴望,你想要得到这些,你梦想得到这些,你幻想会得到这些,并且你对此也充满了向往 There's a great song out there by Jimmy Cliff,one of reggae's top artists, that in six words summarizes just how you succeed in life I want! I do! I get! These six words are a very powerful way of connecting what you want with what you will achieve.First comes wanting something—a better life yourself,your family, more money, a better job, whatever it is you dream about and long . You desire it, you dream about it, you daydream about it, you yearn it.But that's not enough. Next and this the part too many people get about—comes the doing. All of the wanting in the world is not going to move you one inch closer to what you want you have to do.You have to find a better job, change jobs, take risks, write software, try new things, stop doing old things, go to college, work, act, do.The doing is the absolutely indispensable connection between what you want and what you get.Finally, if you keep doing what needs to be done, if you keep adjusting what you do to move you closer to what you want, you get. Maybe not easily, maybe not as quickly as movies and television portray,but it will come.One final philosophical note about these six words notice that "I" is three of them? Not what others want, not what others say you are "supposed" or "should" do. What's more, no one is going to do it you.You are the key to making these six words work.郴州市第一医院有治疗前列腺炎吗 你喜欢网游吗?网游玩家必备的网游英语 -01-7 :: 来源: 网络的魅力加上游戏的乐趣足可以让玩家为之疯狂着迷来听听老外是怎么说这些网游常用语的!A. Non Player Character (NPC), questing, upgrade, lag, multiplayerNon Player Character (NPC) 非玩家角色,是指在游戏中扮演非玩家控制的角色;questing 就是玩家经常说的做任务;upgrade 指升级;lag 是指由于网速或硬件问题而造成的游戏速度放慢、画面延迟,也就是网友们长说的“卡”;multiplayer 指多人游戏1. You can't finish the quest unless you go talk to Cain. He's the NPC standing in the middle of town.如果你不跟Cain说话你是无法完成任务的他是在城镇中心的一个非玩家角色. Does anybody want to go questing with me? I only need a few more experience points to level up.有人愿意和我一起做任务吗?我再要一点经验值就可以升级了3. This game is running pretty slow. I think it's time you upgraded your computer.这个游戏运行太慢了我想你该升级你的电脑了. God, why is this game lagging so much? I can't move any of my s.天啊,这个游戏怎么这么卡?我什么东西都动不了5. Most games that come out these days allow multiplayer gaming.如今的这些网络游戏都允许多人游戏-------------------------------------------B. graphics card, role playing game, respawn, newbie, ding1. Graphics Card 就是我们说的显卡,声卡则是sound card;role playing game 是指角色扮演类游戏,玩家可以在游戏中选择自己喜欢的角色;respawn指扮演的角色被杀后重新复活,newbie 游戏的新玩家,也就是常说的菜鸟级玩家;ding 就是升到某个级别的意思. Whoa, your Counterstrike looks terrible. What graphics card are you using?哇,你的CS怎么看着这么恐怖啊,你用的什么显卡?3. I like role playing games the best because they usually have the best stories.我喜欢角色扮演类的游戏,因为他们大都有最好的故事情节. Damn it, I got killed. Wait until I respawn bee you go attack the boss again.该死,我又被杀了等我复活的时候你再去打那个boss5. Why do I always get stuck with the newbie on my team?我为什么总被队里的菜鸟骗呢?6. It took ever, but I finally dinged level 60!我花了那么长时间,终于升到60级了----------------------------------------------------Other Sentences: 和老外流利沟通网游保用的上哦1. World of Warcraft is a "massively multiplayer online role-playing game" that lets you play as ten different races, nine playable classes, and has thousands of quests to complete.《魔兽世界是一个“大型多人在线角色扮演类游戏”,其中你可以扮演十大种族、九大职业以及其中上千个待完成的任务. It's hard to take full advantage of the game-play in World of Warcraft unless you join a reputable guild.除非加入一声誉比较好的队伍,否则你很难玩得转《魔兽世界3. Many magical items in World of Warcraft are soulbound, meaning that they are permanently bound to specific players and cannot be transferred to other players.《魔兽世界中的许多物品装备都是有灵魂绑定的,也就是说它们永久地归属于某个特定玩家而不能转给其他人. Games from Blizzard like Starcraft have become hugely popular around the world, particularly in Korea.由“暴雪”公司制作的像《星际争霸之类的游戏已经风靡全球,在韩国更是倍受欢迎5. I personally like the fast paced action of first person shooter games more than role playing games.主视觉射击游戏和角色扮演类游戏相比,我个人更钟爱前者6. Computer games can become an addiction. I know at least 5 people who got kicked out of my school because they skipped class all the time and stayed home playing World of Warcraft.网络游戏是会上瘾的据我所知学校已经开除了五名学生,他们天天旷课呆在家玩《魔兽世界7. There are many people who have made a business out of selling valuable items in computer games on sites like Taobao.有许多人在淘宝之类的网站上卖电脑游戏装备 网游 英语 必备 玩家永兴县治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好

郴州东方医院泌尿外A Grain of Sand 一粒沙子    William Blake威廉.布莱克To see a world in a grain of sand,And a heaven in a wild fllower,Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,And eternity in an hour.从一粒沙子看到一个世界,从一朵野花看到一个天堂,把握在你手心里的就是无限,永恒也就消融于一个时辰 喜欢“like”、讨厌"hate"英语口语怎么说 -- ::38 来源: I like it. How your new job? (你的新工作怎么样?) I like it. (我很喜欢) 我最爱吃比萨饼 I love pizza. *女性常用love表示“很喜欢” I live pizza. (没有比萨饼我几乎活不下去) Pizza is the greatest. (比萨是最好吃的) 我喜欢这套衣 I like this dress. I like this dress. (我喜欢这套衣) So do I. (我也喜欢) I think this dress is nice. I think this dress is pretty. 你满意你的新车吗? Are you pleased with your new car? *be pleased with... 表示“看中……,喜欢……” Are you satisfied with your new car? *be satisfied with...“对……满意” Are you happy with your new car? *be happy with...“对……感到满意” 我喜欢这茶 Im fond of this tea. *be fond of... “喜欢……” 比起咖啡来我更喜欢红茶 I prefer tea to coffee. *prefer ... to ...“比起……更喜欢……”,用于与某事物做比较时 Id rather have tea than coffee. (与其喝咖啡不如喝红茶) I like tea better than coffee. I like tea more than coffee. 我对……上瘾 Im hooked on... *hook“用钩钩住”,be hooked on 表示“对……入迷” You shouldnt smoke so much. (你不该抽那么多的烟) I know, but Im hooked on nicotine. (我知道,但是我已经对尼古丁上瘾了) Im addicted to... 我喜欢喝西红柿汤 Tomato soup is my cup of tea. *常用于日常生活中,带些诙谐语气的表达方式cup of tea是“喜欢的东西、对劲的东西” 我非常喜欢吃日本食品 Ive developed a great liking Japanese food. 我这人很挑剔 Im choosy. *choosy “爱挑剔的,过于讲究的” Im picky. 我开始喜欢吃寿司了 I came to like sushi. Ive started to like sushi. Ive come to like sushi. 简越来越让我喜欢 Jane has grown on me. 棒球越来越吸引我了 Baseball grew on me. Do you like baseball? (你喜欢打棒球吗?) Baseball grew on me as I grew older. (年纪越大,越喜欢棒球了) Baseball has grown on me. 看上去挺好玩的 This will be fun! It our turn on the roller coaster. (该轮到我们玩过山车了) This will be fun. (一定很好玩)*roller coaster “过山车” It looks like fun. 真令人兴奋! This is exciting! This is exciting. Well be parents soon. (这真令人激动我们就要做父母了) I cant wait. (我都等不及了) This is thrilling! 我很感兴趣 Im interested. My hobby is chess. Are you interested in learning? (我的爱好是下国际象棋,你有兴趣学吗?) Yes, Im interested. (嗯,有兴趣) 我很满足 Im satisfied. Do you want more? (你还要点儿吗?) No, Im satisfied. (不,已经够了) Im content. Im pleased. 我很欣赏它 I enjoyed it. That movie was great. (那部电影真棒) I enjoyed it, too. (我也很欣赏它) I had a good time. It was really fun. 我被深深地感动了 I was deeply moved. *move用来表示“使……感动,使……动心” ---讨厌我不喜欢这个 I dont like it. How about this one? (这个怎么样?) No, thank you, I dont like it. (谢谢,我不喜欢) I like it. (我喜欢) 我最讨厌这个了 I hate it! *比I dont like it更强调讨厌的心情 Do you like natto? (你喜欢吃纳豆吗?) No, I hate it! (不,我最讨厌它了) I love it! (我很喜欢!) 这个真恶心 This is disgusting. *disgusting 表示“很过分,让人恶心,厌弃” This is disgusting. (这个真恶心!) It the worst food Ive ever had. (这是我所吃过的最恶心的东西) 啐! Yuck! *用于感到实在恶心时,或引起不快时 Look at the cockroach! (看那!) Yuck! (啐!) 臭死了! Peeyew! *用于感到气味很臭时,表示“真难闻”、“这味真臭” 我不喜欢你的这种态度 It your attitude I dont like. You have an attitude problem. (你的态度有问题) I dont like your attitude. (我不喜欢你的态度) 我对他恨之入骨 I hate his guts. *guts “肠子”hate someone guts是“连……的肠子都讨厌、憎恨”,表达强烈的厌恶、憎恨之情 He so rude. (他如此野蛮) I agree. I hate his guts. (就是,我对他恨之入骨) I despise him. (我真看不起他) 我不喜欢 I dont care it. Do you like the coffee? (你爱喝咖啡吗?) No, I dont care it. (不,我不爱喝) I dont like it. 看见他就心烦 I cant stand him. *stand “忍耐,忍受,容忍” Here comes my boss, Mr. Smith. (过来的那位是我的老板史密斯先生) I cant stand him. (我看见他就心烦) 别再有第二次! Never again! 我已经受够了! Ive had it. 日常英语 英语口语郴州看男科到哪里郴州看专科男科那家好



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