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2019年08月24日 09:15:35 | 作者:问医互动 | 来源:新华社
The people of the Brussels will have to mind their manners from now on, with the city authorities announcing new fines of up to 250 euros (pound;200) for insults traded on the streets.生活在比利时布鲁塞尔的人们今后要注意言语文明了,该市政府宣布了一项新举措,要对在公众场合骂人者予以最高250欧元(200英镑)的罚款。;Any form of insult is from now on punishable, whether it be racist,homophobicor otherwise,; a spokesman ed Socialist mayor Freddy Thielemans as saying.一名发言人援引社会党市长弗雷迪-蒂勒曼斯的话说,“任何讲污言秽语的人都将受到惩罚,不管是种族主义言论,歧视同性恋者的言论,还是别的。”Brussels, home to the EU and many top international institutions, is known for its family-friendly and cultivated lifestyle but the mayor wants tocrack down onthe everyday unpleasantness found in any big city.布鲁塞尔是欧盟总部和很多高级国际机构的所在地,以有利于家庭和有教养的生活方式而著称,但市长想以此打击在所有大城市都存在的脏话问题。To do so, officials came to an agreement with judicial authorities to impose fines of between 75 and 250 euros for insults,petty theftand rough jostling where no physical harm is caused.为此,当地政府和司法机关达成一致,对骂人者、小偷小摸、和没有造成身体伤害的粗鲁推撞予以75欧元到250欧元的罚款。The spokesman for the mayor said the courts up to now had been too busy to take up such cases and as a result many police ;had little incentive to take any action over such incidents;.市长发言人说,法院一直太忙,没有精力处理类似案件,因此很多警察“没有什么动力处理骂人这种事”。The issue was highlighted in a recent film by Belgian director Sofie Peeters who recorded in secret the everyday insults andexchangesshe ran into on the streets of the city.比利时导演苏菲-皮特斯最近拍摄的一部影片里也强调了这一状况。她在影片中秘密拍摄了自己在该市的街道上碰到的辱骂和口角。 /201209/198409Three scant years ago, Shanghai celebrated the 100th birthday of one of history’s most famous junk foods — the Oreo biscuit — with fireworks on the Bund and multi-storey neon adverts projected on to skyscrapers. But now China has put Oreo on a diet.3年多以前,上海庆祝了史上最著名的垃圾食品之一——奥利奥(Oreo)问世100周年纪念日——外滩上燃放了焰火,天大楼上投射了几层楼高的奥利奥霓虹灯广告。但现在,中国让奥利奥“节食减肥”。This is a country where, within living memory, millions starved to death. People will, to this day, tell you how they ate roots or shoots or even dirt to stay alive. Little wonder the Chinese market was a pushover for the ubiquitous black-and-white sandwich cookie.在这个国家,人们仍然记得曾经有数百万人饿死的经历。直至今天,还有人会告诉你,他们是如何靠吃草根树芽,甚至泥土活下来。也难怪这种随处可见的黑白夹心饼干轻而易举地征了中国市场。Foreign treats were seen as healthier than local snacks, because they were imported from places that did not have such a vigorous tradition of poisoning residents with tainted ingredients, as was the fad in China. When I moved here in 2008, it took a while to get used to the notion that McDonald’s was a healthy option, purely because it was less likely to be toxic. Here, when mainlanders tell you something is “healthy”, they often mean that it won’t be immediately fatal.过去,人们认为外国美食比本土小吃更健康,因为它们是从别处进口而来的,那些地方并没有这种风气——用受到污染的原料毒害居民。2008年搬到这里的时候,我花了一段时间才适应那种认为麦当劳(McDonald’s)是一种健康饮食选择的观念,纯粹是因为麦当劳不那么可能有毒。在这里,当有内地人告诉你什么东西是“健康”的,他们的意思通常是指这种东西不会立即致命。But in the past few years, China has begun to discover that heavy metals are not the only things to avoid in snack foods. There is that small matter of fat and sugar, too. Last week, Chinese media carried stories saying that Mondelez, the maker of Oreo, was shutting down some Shanghai production because people were going right off biscuits. The US company waffled a bit about “optimising our supply chain” and shifting production elsewhere, but the company had made clear in the past that Oreo was in trouble in China. Figures from Euromonitor show that, since the sound and light of its centenary celebration, the biscuit has lost one-third of its market share in China, from nearly 9 per cent of the market in 2012 to 6 per cent now.但过去几年,中国人开始发现,重金属并不是唯一需要在零食里避免的东西。还有一些小问题:糖和脂肪。最近中国媒体报道,因为人们正在丧失对饼干的兴趣,奥利奥的制造商亿滋(Mondelez)关了上海一些生产线。这家美国公司扯了一通诸如“优化我们的供应链”和转移到别处生产的言论,但这家公司过去就曾明确表示,奥利奥在中国遇到了困难。欧睿(Euromonitor)的数据表明,在庆祝100周年的声光魅影以后,奥利奥饼干的中国市场份额缩小了三分之一,从2012年的近9%下降至现在的6%。So that is how Oreo ended up watching its waistline: Mondelez introduced a new “Oreo Thin”, just to woo Chinese consumers, and it did so well that they last month announced that Americans will be able to opt for the skinnier cousin too. All because of a revolution in eating habits that took decades in the west — and only a handful of years in China.因此,这就是奥利奥如何最终注意到自己的“腰围”的:亿滋推出了一款“奥利奥巧轻脆”(Oreo Thin),专为迎合中国的消费者,而且这款饼干卖的相当不错,因此亿滋上个月宣布,美国人也将可以选择更为纤细的同款饼干。这一切都是因为一场已经在西方进行了数十年的饮食习惯革命——在中国这场革命才经历了寥寥数年。That’s not Oreo’s only problem: many of the world’s most successful brands made it to China early and had a long run almost unrivalled, but are losing their first-mover advantage. (KFC has that problem too, compounded by a spot of bad publicity on the food quality front.)奥利奥面临的不仅仅是上述问题。许多世界最成功的品牌早早来到中国,在很长的一段时间里几乎无可匹敌,但这些品牌正在失去它们的先发优势。(肯德基(KFC)也有这个问题,食品质量方面的若干负面新闻使其境况更加糟糕。)Meanwhile, mainlanders have developed one of the most fickle palates on earth: Americans may want the same cookie Mum gave them with their milk after school; but Chinese want something new every day. Local companies are often nimbler than multinationals at introducing green tea or purple sweet potato alternatives to traditional flavours.同时,中国内地人还有地球上最多变的口味。美国人可能想吃妈妈以前在他们放学后给他们配着牛奶吃的饼干;而中国人每天都想吃点新鲜的。在推出绿茶、紫薯等非传统口味的新品方面,本土企业往往比跨国企业更灵敏。And cookie companies are facing competition from an even more unlikely source: home bakers. When I moved here, ovens were rare in normal homes: I figured that was why mine didn’t work too well. But now many a Chinese bride insists on having one. Sales of the countertop ovens preferred on the mainland have more than quadrupled since I started wielding a flour sifter on Chinese shores, and a 318-piece everything-you-could-ever-need baking set can be had on Alibaba’s Taobao for only 137 devalued renminbi.而且,饼干公司还遇到了一个看起来更不可能的竞争对手:家庭烘焙机器。当我刚搬到这里时,烤箱在一般家庭很少见:我觉得这就是为什么我那台烤箱不太好用的原因。但现在,很多中国新娘都坚持配一台烤箱。自我开始在中国海滨摇晃面粉筛以来,在中国内地很有人气的台面烤箱的销量已经增长三倍多,现在,全套318件的烘焙工具套装在阿里巴巴(Alibaba)旗下的淘宝(Taobao)上只要(已经贬值的)137元人民币就可以买到。For, given that the vast majority of Chinese under 30 have never known an hour of hunger in their lives, let alone survived on roots and shoots, just filling the tummy is no longer the point. They cook for fun — and for health reasons, says Qian Zhaoli, a 27-year-old marketing manager in Shanghai. She’s started baking her own rusks because her first child is teething. “I wanted her to have the healthiest ones, without any additives,” she says, adding that shop-bought rusks have such a long shelf life, and “who knows how many artificial colours and preservatives they contain?” Plus, western-style baking is far easier than cooking any of China’s complicated cuisines, she says, noting that in Shanghai most cooking is done by men.因为,考虑到中国30岁以下的人多数没有尝过挨饿一个小时的滋味,更不必说靠草根树芽活下来了,只填饱肚子不再是重点。他们下厨是为了乐趣,也是因为更加健康——上海27岁的营销经理钱朝丽(音译)如此表示。因为她的第一个孩子开始长牙,她开始自己烘焙磨牙饼干。“我希望她吃到最健康的,没有任何添加剂的,”她补充说,市场上卖的磨牙饼干保质期那么长,“谁知道它们含有多少人工色素和防腐剂?”此外,她表示,西式烘焙比烹制复杂的中式菜肴要简单得多,并指出在上海下厨的大多是男人。This is not just a tale of Oreos and ovens. It is a parable for a new type of Chinese consumption: more finicky, more fickle — potentially less profitable. Anyone selling almost anything here should watch it closely. May the best rolling pin win.这不仅仅是奥利奥和烤箱的故事。这是一则中国新式消费的寓言:更挑剔、更多变——获利空间可能也更小。在中国,卖几乎任何东西的任何人都应该密切留意这一点。希望最好的擀面杖能够胜出吧。 /201508/395096

Naked Wedding, a recent hit TV series, tells the story of a young couple, Liu Yiyang (L) and Tong Jiaqian (R), who got married with no house, no car and no thick wad of banknotes. Stressed by sky-high housing prices, young Chinese couples find ways to simplify the wedding rituals – opting for a “naked wedding”.  《裸婚时代》是一部最近很火的电视剧,讲述了年轻夫妇刘易阳和童佳倩无房、无车、无存款的裸婚故事。面对高居不下的房价,“裸婚”似乎成为年轻人唯一的出路。   A“naked marriage” is a Chinese term that refers to a marriage with the only cost being that of the nine yuan that needed to be paid to the Ministry Affairs Bureau as a legal marriage registration fee. This new form of marriage has caught public attention in a culture where for thousands of years getting married was regarded as a family issue more than an intimate arrangement between two individuals. Married couples often suggest that “pure love” isn’t enough to guarantee a happy ending in reality.   “裸婚”就是结婚时只花9块钱去民政局登记领的结婚方式。在中国,几千年来婚姻都被视为两个家庭的事务而不只是小两口自己的事儿。因此“裸婚”这种全新的结婚形式自然掀起了轩然。很多已婚的夫妻都表示:现实生活中只有“真爱”并不能保拥有幸福。   “Many couples blow marriage at the final stage when it involves buying a house,” said Luo Zhiming, a marriage consultant at Beijing Hexintian Marriage Consulting Co. “Money is usually the most critical thing to settle after a wedding,” she added. For most young Chinese who earn an average wage and live an ordinary nine-to-five life, buying a house at present isn’t realistic for them, Luo pointed out.   “很多小两口都是结婚前的最后一步——买房子的时候吹的。”北京一家婚姻咨询所的婚姻顾问罗志明说,“通常情况下,经济问题会成为婚后最棘手的问题。”罗还表示:对大多数朝九晚五、工薪阶层的年轻人来说,一结婚就买房子是很不现实的。   An online survey from China’s popular matchmaker’s network, Jiayuan.com, showed 38 percent of women voted in “support” of a naked marriage, while 77 percent of male voters were happy with it. Sociologist Wang Qianma explained the ratio differences of the gender groups were a reflection of long-preserved marriage concepts among Chinese. “Women care more about the form of a wedding, while men are more realistic.”   世纪佳缘交友网(一家著名的婚介网站)的在线调查显示:有38%的女性和77%的男性持裸婚。社会学家Wang Qianma认为男女两性持裸婚的比例差异,反映出中国人由来已久的传统婚姻观念:女性更注重婚姻的形式,而男性则更现实。 /201108/151401

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