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富阳区妇女儿童医院网上咨询热线杭州市第一人民医院妇科检查In 2004 on the island of St Kitts2004年 在圣基茨岛上people noticed monkeys coming in from the surrounding jungle人们发现旁边丛林里的猴子and stealing cocktails.会来偷鸡尾酒Monkeys wouldv#39;e been used to consuming low levels of alcohol猴子食用当地成熟的甘蔗through eating the local ripe sugar cane.因而能够适应少量酒精But now they are onto the distilled stuff.但是现在它们喝的是蒸馏酒And some of them were getting drunk.其中有些猴子喝醉了In the Washington Animal Research Centre在华盛顿动物研究中心scientists like Dr Barr were intrigued.像巴尔士这样科学家对此兴趣甚浓She wanted to find out if there are behavioural traits她想探究人和动物在喝醉后that both monkeys and humans share once they have drunk alcohol.有没有相似的行为特性So they must really want it它们肯定很想喝because its got to be to some extent risky for them to be doing this.否则它们不会冒那么大风险去偷酒You really have to hold onto your drink!你只能拿紧自己的酒杯You really do have to hold onto your drink.不然它们就会偷喝你的酒Look at that! Thats frenzied drinking isnt it?快看 喝得真疯狂啊There can be some competition.还会出现争酒杯的情况Back off from the Mai Tai!别碰我的迈泰酒 Article/201506/382408萧山区中医院是私立的吗? 可以读懂用户脑电波的神奇电脑界面,使得仅仅通过想象(和一点点专注)就来操作虚拟的物体,甚至是真实的电子物体。Tan Le将演示这个耳机,告诉我们一些不可思议的应用。 Article/201508/395320建德市人工流产价格

浙江省杭州市第二医院哪个医生好海宁市人民医院看泌尿科怎么样 This sample diet is 146% over that recommendation.这份样餐已经超过推荐值的146%This sample diet shows a lower sodium intake.而这是一份低钠食品的样餐There#39;s less processed and y prepared foods这里面加工过的即食食品少一些however this diet shown does not account for但是从这份样餐中并看不出salt added during preparation of such things在加工食材,比如龙须菜和米饭的过程中like asparagus and rice.加入了多少盐Notice the marinara sauce is the major source of sodium请注意这里面的番茄酱是钠的主要来源in this diet but the total sodium intake is well below但是这份样餐的钠含量低于the recommended daily intake.每日钠摄入量的推荐值Let#39;s turn our attention now现在让我们的注意力转向to the health aspects of sodium.钠的健康方面High sodium intake has been linked to过高的钠摄入量与高血压high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.心脏病以及中风等疾病密切相关High blood pressure is also known as hypertension.高血压指的是血压高于正常值The normal value for blood pressure is 120 over 80.正常的血压应该是120/80I have listed values for pre-hypertension,我在这里已经列出了前期高血压stage 1 and stage 2 hypertension.一期高血压和二期高血压的数值It is important to know what your了解自己的正常血压值normal blood pressure is并随时注意血压的任何变化and to be aware of any increases.这一点非常重要High blood pressure is a frightening disease高血压史一种很恐怖的疾病because most people have no signs or symptoms.因为大多数人之前并不会有任何预兆迹象Risk factors include age, race, family history,高血压的风险因素包括年龄,种族,家庭疾病史sedentary lifestyle, high sodium intake,久坐不动的生活方式,过高的钠摄入量low potassium intake and alcohol and tobacco use.过低的钠摄入量以及吸烟和饮酒Sodium reduced diets may not be the answer低钠餐并不是每一个高血压患者for everyone with high blood pressure.的治病良方Sodium insensitive hypertension does exist.钠不敏感型高血压确实存在This means that there#39;s a resistance of这意味着血压的变化blood pressure changes with decreased sodium intake.与降低钠摄入量没有关系A 2007 study in Florida tested this concept.2007年的一次研究对此说法进行了验45 people participated in the trial for 1 year.45人参加了为期一年的试验The goal was to reduce body weight by 7%试验目的是,通过控制饮食和加强锻炼by restricting diets and implementing来达到an exercise plan.减肥7%的目标Salt sensitivity was tested at the beginning在试验的开始和结束and at the end.对参加试验的人进行了盐敏感度测试It was conducted to determine测试的目的是观察血压是否the blood pressure reactivity to dietary salt.会跟食物中的含盐量的变化而变化Results found that salt resistant participants试验结果表明did not experience lowered blood pressure在改善了肥胖和代谢异常问题后after correction of obesity and抗盐性的试验参加者related metabolic abnormalities.的血压并没有降下来Much research has been done to investigate人们做了很多实验来研究the role of dietary sodium and health.膳食钠和健康的关系The dietary approaches to stop通过饮食方法控制高血压hypertension or DASH study或简称DASH研究investigated the effects of a reduced sodium diet对低钠餐对血压的影响on blood pressure.进行了研究A total of 412 participants from several US cities来自于美国多个城市的412人参加了试验are randomly selected to either the control他们被随机分成控制饮食组or DASH diet for 30 days.和DASH组 Article/201505/375145萧山内痔主要症状

三塘妇幼保健医院检查白带多少钱Today#39;s programme is particularly fascinating though, because it#39;s a special case.关于罗寒塔石碑,首先有一个特別吸引人的关于权力斗争的故事。It#39;s about a ruler who is not strong but weak, a king who has to bargain for and protect his power by borrowing the invincible strength of the gods or, more precisely, the priests.故事与一位孱弱的国王有关,他只能借助神灵,或名说是祭司的强大力量来维护自己的地位。We#39;re in Egypt, with Ptolemy V, a Greek boy-king who came to the throne as an orphan in 205 , at the age of six.他便是托勒密五世,在公元前205年,这个年仅六岁的希腊男孩登上了埃及的王座。当时,他已父母双亡。Ptolemy V was born into a great dynasty.托勒密五世出生在一个伟大的王朝。The first Ptolemy was one of Alexander the Great#39;s generals who, around a hundred years earlier, had taken over Egypt following Alexander#39;s death.托勒密一世是历山大大帝的将领,在亚历山大死后接管了埃及,那是在托勒密五世登基前约一百年前的事。The Ptolemies didn#39;t trouble to learn Egyptian, they simply made all their officials speak Greek, and so Greek would be the language of state administration in Egypt for a thousand years.托勒密不愿学埃及语,因而命令所有的埃及官员都使用希腊语,于是在长达一千年的时间里,希腊语一直是埃及的官方语言。Perhaps their greatest achievement was to make their capital city Alexandria into the most brilliant metropolis of the Greek-speaking world-for centuries it was second only to Rome.这个王朝最伟大的成就,也许就是把首都亚历山大港建成了古代世界最辉煌的城市之一。在好几百年间,它都是仅次于罗马的世界第二大都市,在学术方面甚至还更活跃一些。It was a cosmopolitan magnet for goods, people and ideas.它是汇集货物、人口与思想的所在。The vast Library of Alexandria was built by the Ptolemies-in it, they planned to collect all the world#39;s knowledge.托勒密国王修建了巨大的图书馆,想要搜罗全球智慧。And Ptolemies I and II created the famous Pharos lighthouse, which became one of the Seven Wonders of the World.托勒密一世与二世还建造了成为古代世界七大奇迹之一的著名的法洛斯灯塔。 Article/201411/341076 萧山那个医院无痛人流便宜浙江妇幼保健医院属于私人医院吗?



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