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英语日常口语 44:A free lunch 本单元是关于免费午餐的对话Tim: That food was delicious!Mrs Hall: It took ages to come but yes, absolutely scrummy. Ready for afters?Tim: Thank you.Mrs Hall:Go on, open it.Tim: World Cup tickets! How can I ever thank you Mrs Hall?Mrs Hall: Well you can start by dropping the formality. Please, call me Janet.Tim: Alright ... Janet. Mrs Hall: Much better. Now, my husband's away on business next month. So we'll do lunch again then. Tim: Your husband? Mrs Hall: Well where did you think those corporate tickets came from? Yes, he's good for some things but quite dful for others - like decent lunch company. Tim: I'm not sure if I'm free. Let me check the rota first.Vocabulary:(词汇)scrummy (informal): 美味的(非正式用法)delicious afters (informal, uncountable):甜点(非正式用法,不可数名词)dessert, the dish which comes after the main meal to drop something:(停止做某事)to stop doing something corporate:(企业)business a rota:(轮班表)a schedule or timetable which shows what days and times employees work /200707/16048These six companies produce nine out of every 10 movies you watch,这六家公司制作了你所接触过的90%的电影,nine out of every 10 television shows, nine out of every 10 songs, nine out of every 10 books.90%的电视节目,90%的歌曲,90%的书籍。So my question to you is, if six companies control 90 percent of American media,所以我要问你们的是,如果六家公司控制着全美国百分之九十的媒体,how much influence do you think they have over what youre allowed to see every day?你们认为,在观看什么节目的问题上,它们对你们产生了多大的影响?Because in media studies, we spend a lot of time saying that media cant tell us what to think,因为在媒体学的研究中,我们花费大量的时间说明媒体并不能告诉我们去想什么,and they cant; theyre terrible at that. But thats not their job.它们确实不能,而且做得很糟糕。不过那不是它们分内的事情。Media dont tell us what to think. Media tell us what to think about.媒体并不告诉我们要去想什么,媒体告诉我们要去思考什么。They control the conversation, and in controlling the conversation,它们掌控着我们的谈话内容,即使是现在,they dont have to get you to think what they want you to think.它们不必让你想到它们想要让你想的东西,Theyll just get you thinking about the things they want you to think about,它们仅仅是让你思考他们想要让你思考的事情,and more importantly, not thinking about the things they dont you to think about.更重要的是,不去思考它们不想让你思考的事情。They control the conversation. How does this work in practice?它们掌控了谈话内容。这在我们的实际生活中是如何奏效的呢?Lets just take one of those companies. Well do an easy one.让我们找到这六家公司中的一家。一家简单的。Lets talk about the Walt Disney Company for a second.让我们聊聊迪士尼公司。The reason why I always pick the Walt Disney Company is this.我总是选择迪士尼公司的原因是这个。Is there a single person in this room who has never seen a Disney movie? Look around. Exactly.在座的观众中有从未看过迪士尼电影的人吗?看吧,显而易见。I picked Disney because they have what we call 100 percent penetration in our society.我选择迪士尼公司是因为,用我们的话说,它百分之百的渗透进了我们的社会。Every single person has been exposed to Disney, so its an easy one for me to use.每一个人都曾经接触迪士尼,所以我用它来举例效果最好。201705/508179

6 Housing 住房问题One Do you rent an apartment or own it? 你租房住,还是住自己的房? 1 Introduction The issue of housing is something that China and America generally have in common. In the U.S., like here, houses and apartments are usually more expensive in the cities and the suburbs. The places to live in rural America are usually much less expensive.住房问题通常是中国和美国都所共有的问题。在美国,像这里一样,城市和郊区的房子和公寓都通常贵许多。住在美国乡村通常也要便宜得多。2 Sample Sentences 1. They live in the apartment above ours. 他们住在我们楼上的一套公寓房里。2. The kitchen sink is broken.厨房水池坏了。3. Are there friends or family in the neighborhood?附近一带有朋友或者亲戚吗?4. Would you like a duplex or a mobile home?你想要双层楼公寓还是活动房屋?4. This one is furnished, and the neighborhood looks nice. 这套配置有家具,居民区看起来也很漂亮。6. Does the garage apartment have a fenced yard? 车库式的公寓有篱笆围着的院子吗?7. The suburbs usually have their own churches, schools, and shopping centers. 郊区通常都有他们自己的教堂,学校和购物中心。8. Many people prefer to live near the center of cities, but because houses there are expensive, they often commute from suburbs. 许多人比较喜欢住得离市中心近一点,但是因为那儿的房子太贵,所以他们经常住郊区上下班往返。9. There are only two crimes this year so far in my neighborhood. 到目前为止,今年我们居民区才发生了两起犯罪案。10. The place I’m living now has planes flying over day and night. I can’t stand the noise sometimes! 我现在住的地方日日夜夜都有飞机经过。有时候我真受不了这噪音!3. Conversations 1. House and employment. A: Susan, I am inviting you and Frank to our “house warming” party this weekend.B: A house warming party?A: Yes, Deborah and I are going to buy a new home in Woodlawn.B: Congratulations! That’s wonderful. I bet both of you are quite happy.A: Well, we have always dreamed of owning our own home, but real estate1 in this area is extremely expensive.B: I understand. That’s why Christopher and I want to find a place in a small town, far from the city.A: That’s a good idea if you can find employment nearby.B: I agree. That’s why Christopher is aly looking for a job in Maine, or Wisconsin. ——苏珊,我邀请你和弗兰克这个周末来参加我们家的“乔迁之喜”聚会。——“乔迁之喜”聚会?——是啊,戴拉和我打算在乌德洛买个新房子。——恭喜你们!那太好了。我猜你们两个肯定都很高兴。——是啊,我们一直都梦想着有自己的房子,但是这个地区的房产实在太贵了。——我能理解。那就是为什么克力斯多夫和我想在一个远离城市的小镇上买个房子。——如果你们能在附近找个工作那就好了。——我也这么认为。那就是为什么克力斯多夫总是想在缅因州或者威斯康辛州找份工作。2. High rent.A: I can’t believe the cost of apartments in New York City.B: Oh, you didn’t know that apartments here are considered valuable, even if they are small and crowded?A: Of course I had heard about that, but now I know how expensive it is to rent a place here.B: I don’t mind paying high rent to live in New York. A: Why? You pay so much for such a tiny2 space to live.B: Yeah, but so what! I’m proud to live in the world’s most excting city. And, the salaries here are the highest in the nation, too. ——我真难以相信纽约市的房价。——噢,你难道不知道这里的公寓虽然很小、很挤,但还是很值钱吗?——我当然听说过了,但是现在我知道在这里租间房都多贵了。——能住在纽约,我不介意房租贵。——为什么不呢?你付那么多的钱住一个这么小的地方。——是啊,但那又怎么样?能住在世界上最繁华的城市,我很自豪。而且,这里的薪水也是全国最高的。3. Meeting new neighbors.A: Hi, my name’s Karl. My wife and I are moving in next door.B: Hello, Karl. I’m Chuck Jones. We’re going to be neighbors.A: I’m happy to meet you. It seems everyone in town is so friendly.B: This is a small town, and we like to be neighborly3. We know everyone who lives around here.A: Well, I’m from Chicago. There few people take the time to get to know their neighbors.B: So, tell me, Karl, why did you come all the way to Minnesota to live? A: We wanted to live in a more peaceful4 community and have more space. Another reason is, we can afford to buy a home here, but we can’t in Chicago! ——你好,我叫卡尔。我的妻子和我将会住在你的隔壁。——你好,卡尔。我是查克#8226;琼斯。我们将会是邻居。——我很高兴见到你。看来镇上每个人都很友好。——这是个小镇,我们喜欢和睦相处。每个住在这里的人我们都认识。——啊,是这样,我来自芝加哥。那儿很少有人会抽空来和邻居认识一下。——那,卡尔,你能告诉我你为什么会老远搬到明尼苏达州来住吗。——我们想住在一个更加安宁,地方也更加宽敞的居民区。 还有一个原因是,在这里我们可以买得起房子,但是在芝加哥却不行!4. How much is the rent?A: Let’s move out of here. This apartment is too small. B: I agree. I’ll look in the paper.A: A house would be great. I could plant a garden. And you could use the garage for a workshop.B: Here’s an interesting ad: For rent. Two-bedroom, unfurnished5 house, fenced yard, one-car garage. Pets6 OK. A: How much is the rent?B: The ad says 5 plus deposit7. A: When is the place available?B: It’s available now, and it’s got a very good location8. You won’t be far from work. ——我们搬开这个地方吧。这间公寓太小了。——我赞同。我去看一下报纸。——要是一个房子就好了。我可以有个花园栽种。你也可以把车库当作工作场所来用。——这里有一个广告很有趣:供租。两个卧室,没有家具,有个篱笆围起来的小院子,能放一辆车的车库。可以养宠物。——房租多少?——广告上说是325美金加上押金。——什么时候可以入住?——现在就可以了,而且地理位置很好。你离上班的地方都不会很远。 4 Words and Expressions1. real estate 不动产2. tiny 极小的; 微小的3. neighborly 像邻居的; 亲切的; 和睦的4. peaceful 平静的; 安宁的5. unfurnished 没有家具设备的6. pet 供玩赏的动物, 宠物7. deposit 保金; 押金; 定金8. location 位置; 场所, 所在地 /200603/5425

Now in the Hollywood version of my story what would happen is thered be about three minutes where I would move to Chicago 在我的故事的好莱坞版本中 有大约三分钟时间 关于我搬到芝加哥And I would suffer mightily probably at night or in the rain There would be music in the background and I would come home at night 然后我在夜色下 风雨中 遭受了巨大的挫折 背景音乐甚为凄惨 我深夜回到住所To a dog in a giant loft that I could somehow miraculously afford 家里有条 而我住在巨大的阁楼之中 真不知道当时我哪有钱买这个And fall asleep And after those three minutes, I would be discovered by a director 然后睡觉 这三分钟后 我被一个导演发现Who would cast me to film and Id walk down the red carpet and my parents would be across the red carpet giving me the thumbs up 他让我去拍电影 然后我走上红地毯 而我的父母在红地毯的另一边 对我竖起大拇指In the real world story of what happened when I decided to make a big bet on myself and 而真实世界的故事中 我当时之所以决定赌上我的人生Take the chance to do this because its what I loved 决定干这一行 是因为我爱它I was grinding away for a long time and I had no money and we would rehearse during the day 我努力了很长时间 一直穷困潦倒 我们需要在白天排练And perform to these little theaters at night for free And I was taking classes during the day at Second City as well 然后晚上免费到小剧院表演 白天我还在第二城市接受课程培训Trying to learn improvisation and I eventually had to get odd jobs because I had no money 学习即兴表演 最终因为没钱 我必须找一些奇怪的工作So I put my CS degree from Michigan to use wrapping flatware and selling place settings in Crate amp; Barrel 我将我在密歇根获得的计算机科学学位 用于在Crateamp;Barrel包装和销售餐具But while I kept on improvising in Chicago for many years I want to tell you two lessons I learned in that very first year there 但我在芝加哥从事即兴表演的很多年中 我第一年就学到了两点 和大家分享一下Learning at Second City The first one was 这是在第二城市学到的 第一点是We had this director at Second City who was instructing a class I was in named Don Depollo 有一位导演在第二城市中的一门课上教过我 他叫唐.德波洛201607/453589

1_12 I’m home. I’m home. 我回来了. Home, sweet home. 家,甜蜜的家! There’s no place like home.没有一个地方比得上家. I had a great day. 我今天过得很愉快. Everything went right for me.我每件事都很顺利. Today is really my day. 我今天运气真好. It’s been a long day. 今天真是漫长的一天. I did so much. 我做了很多事. I learned a lot. 我学到了很多. /200705/13685

VOA流行美语 129: play hooky/put one's foot down今天李华到Larry家来借一本书,碰巧Larry的妈妈打电话来。什么事呢?你听了他们的对话就知道了。今天李华会学到两个常用语:play hooky和put one's foot down。(Hang up phone)LH: Larry,怎么啦?你看起来很不高兴。LL: Oh, it's just that my little sister is giving my mom a lot of trouble. She played hooky from school two days in a row last week.LH: 你给你妈惹麻烦了。你说她上星期在学校连续两天played hooky? 那是一种游戏吗?为什么你妈妈会生气啊?LL: No, it's not a game. To play hooky is to skip school or work when you have no excuse for doing so.LH: 噢!play hooky就是逃学,旷课的意思。那很严重耶!我要是逃学,我妈妈一定会非常非常生气!LL: Every kid plays hooky once in a while, but playing hooky as often as my little sister does is a serious problem. It's affecting her grades.LH: 对,偶尔旷课还可以,如果像你这样常常逃课,成绩当然会受影响喽!那你妈妈打算怎么做?LL: She'll forbid my sister from watching TV, talking on the phone, or going out with her friends for at least a month.LH: 哇!至少一个月不能看电视、不许和朋友通电话,也不可以和朋友出去。这样的处罚是够厉害的。不过也许她能得到教训,以后不再逃学。LL: I hope so. Hey, you really never played hooky when you were a kid?LH: 嗯,有那么几次我不想上学,就装病待在家里。这样也算play hooky吗?LL: Of course, that counts! Actually, I think every kid has used that trick to play hooky at least once.LH: 对,假装生病是孩子们想逃学时常用的借口。我记得我是因为有的同学老是取笑我,所以我不想上学。LL: Unfortunately, I think that's probably a very common reason for playing hooky from school.******LH: Larry,刚才是谁打电话来?LL: That was my sister. My mom really put her foot down this time. She's not allowed to watch TV or see her friends for two months. She's really upset.LH: 你妈妈罚你两个月不准看电视,也不准和朋友出去玩,那是够厉害的。可是,Larry, 你刚才说"put her foot down"是什么意思?LL: Oh, to put one's foot down means to take a really firm stance on something and enforce it.LH: Put one's foot down就是采取坚定立场,严厉执行。你妈妈是不是也曾经对你这么严格啊?LL: I was generally a good kid, but she did put her foot down once that I can remember. She thought one of my friends was a bad influence, so she didn't allow me to hang out with himLH: 那是可以理解。中国人常说,“近朱者赤,近墨者黑,”你妈妈是怕你交了坏朋友,所以才不让你跟他交往。LL: Well, haven't you ever had to put your foot down with anyone?LH: 你还记得我那讨厌的同屋吗?在她开始偷我的东西之后,我就对她不客气了。LL: Yeah, I remember that. I think you probably should have put your foot down before then, but you were too nice.LH: 是,我可能早就不该迁就她了。不过,我总觉得不太好意思,不太敢和别人发生冲突。LL: You've got to learn to put your foot down when it's necessary, otherwise people will take advantage of you.LH:没错,必要的时候就得学会对别人硬一些,有的人就是会欺软怕硬。今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是play hooky, 是逃学,或旷课。另外一个常用语是put one's foot down, 意思是很坚定,采取严厉手段。 /200602/3349

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