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Bush Delivers Commencement Address to Texas Aamp;M grads. When you leave this campus, you will be well-prepared any endeavor you choose. To those of you jobs lined up by, I congratulations. To those of you not exactly sure what comes next, I know how you feel. As you embark on this journey let me leave you with a few last pieces of advice. First, listen to your mother. As you can see, mom is out of hospital and everything is back to normal. After all, she's still telling me what to do. Second, develop a set of principles to live by, convictions and ideals to guide your course. Remember the popularity is as fleeting as the Texas wind, character and conscience are as sturdy as the oaks on this campus. If you go home at night, look in the mirror and be satisfied that you have done what is right, you'll pass the only test that matters. And finally be on the lookout role models, people whose conducts you admire and whose paths you can follow. Gig'em Aggies!. Congratulations, and may god bless you. 59398Sitting around the coffee tableAnn: I know why Mr. Fro didnt like our ad idea! He doesnt know the first thing about coffee.James:True. I always see him drinking instant.Ann: Let take him some of Kitty best and make the pitch again.James:Do you think that will be enough to make him have a change of heart?Ann: It worth a shot.参考译文:围着咖啡桌坐下小 安:我知道法洛先生为什么不喜欢我们广告的点子了!他根本完全不懂咖啡詹姆士:对,我老是看他喝即溶咖啡小 安:我们带些凯蒂咖啡里最好的咖啡给他,再做一次提案詹姆士:你认为这样能够让他回心转意吗?小 安:值得一试重点词汇:instant (n.)即溶咖啡,也可以说instant coffeeA: Do you have any coffee?你喝咖啡吗?B: Yes, but only instant.喝,但只喝即溶咖啡change of heart改变心意I dont know the first thing about Chinese culture.我对中国文化一窍不通It worth a shot.值得一试因为shot同时指「尝试」及「一份的浓缩咖啡」,所以这句话语带双关,表示「值得用咖啡一试」A:I have no money. Let rob a bank!我没钱咱们去抢吧!B: Sure. It worth a shot!好啊值得一试dont know the first thing about对…一窍不通I dont know the first thing about Chinese culture.我对中国文化一窍不通 3589-The Three Mile Island Accident; Famous Buildings: Chrysler Building; quarrel versus argument versus controversy; concerned versus worried; amounted toWords:nuclear reactorcorecoolantmalfunctionvalveto be exposedguidelineto evacuateto commissionart decoto rustfriezequarrelargumentcontroversyconcernedworriedamounted to 13Ask an American-Harlem Businesses; to imply versus to infer; to put aside versus to set aside; something got to (gotta) give Words:to evolve essentially gotten land value gold mine gold coast mom-and-pop on a daily basisto count to acceleratestruggle small businessto imply to infer to put aside to set aside something got to (gotta) give 39

Baseball lawsuit Young girl sues to play on boys' teamAn Indiana team’s family is throwing the state and Athletic Association a coed ball, -year-old Logen Yang wants to try out the boys' baseball team without any preconditions, a state rule says she can't, so her parents filed a lawsuit. It says that you can not play with those comtable sports girls and then, and that we considered baseball was sort of our comtable sports.Bloomington South high school’s excutive director said the lawsuit is unnecessary.There is a waiver that you can ask to go over this rule and be able to play baseball which they have done, that was saying in the past.The term’s attorney says the rule violated Logen's right to equal protection under the th amendment, and the title 9 law governing general equality in sports.The fact is that if a boy wants to try out baseball he doesn't have to apply a waiver, he just goes to the try out whereas they are making girls apply waivers.This school supports Logen's desire to play baseball, and it is filing a wavier her, Logen's parents want the rule through out the field, Dana Hills Associated Press .参考中文翻译:一个印第安那家庭向当地州政府和运动协会扔了一个混合球,岁的女孩Logen Yang希望在没有任何先决条件的情况下加入男子棒球队,遭到州政府的拒绝,这个女孩的父母提起法律诉讼该规定说,女孩不能玩那些舒的运动,我们认为棒球是让我们舒的运动Bloomington南部高中的执行主任说,法律诉讼是不必要的你可以申请wavier就可以避免这个规定,就能偶和他们一样打棒球,这是过去所说的规定律师说,该规定侵犯了Logen的权利,违反了号修正案中平等保护的规定,同时违反了运动中普遍平等的第九条的规定事实上,如果一个男孩想打棒球,他不需要申请wavier,他们可以直接到女孩们申请wavier的地方学校持Logen想打棒球的想法,现在正在帮她申请wavier,Logen的父母希望该规定能够贯穿比赛始终 57695

~8x.~89#Z*OqomNyltd1qNt).k7yVa~pZe.^q~G^rSandra picked up the bag of peanuts. It was a bag of roasted peanuts. She opened the bag. She poured out some roasted peanuts onto the table. There were about eight peanuts on the table. The peanuts were still in their shells. Each peanut was in its shell. Sandra picked up a peanut. She held it in her hands. She put her thumbs on the peanut. She broke the shell open with her thumbs. Sandra opened the shell. Inside the shell were two little red peanuts. Each peanut had red skin on it. Thin red skin covered both little peanuts. She took a little red peanut out of the shell. Sandra ate the little peanut with the red skin on it.]iP*MKoWOg!_+7.NaGcDxzM!X|v;yH,x1kZv]f5eda|a~TpnkJ)ac5+JH!A.5.K]DI 3888

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