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福州市检查卵巢哪家医院好福州台江区排卵监测哪个医院最好China’s government-run online train ticket sales site 12306 has been causing problems since pretty much the moment it was launched. It broke during its first Spring Festival rush back in 2011, and since then has been the source of a litany of complaints: not processing refunds, cheating customers, promising an app that didn’t materialize for years and then sucked when it finally showed up, breaking again, listing nonsensical departure/arrival times, being associated with corruption, facilitating ticket scalping, shutting down third-party services that fix its bugs, and more.自从12306在线火车票订购网站的诞生后,这个由中国政府独立运营的系统似乎就在不停地出问题。2011年,在它第一次开始运营春运高峰时它就崩溃了,接下来它便成了一系列抱怨的根源:不处理退票,欺骗客户,承诺的app多年没有出现,一出现就糟糕透顶,反复瘫痪,显示无意义的出发抵达时间,贪污腐败,促进倒票行为,关闭帮助其修补漏洞的第三方务,等等等等。That’s an incredibly litany of crimes for a service that has only been around for three years, but its latest may be the worst yet: last week news broke that personal data from 140,000 users was leaked via a security flaw on the 12306 site. The leaked data includes personal ID numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers. It also contains unencrypted, plaintext passwords.作为刚刚运营了3年的务系统,它一连串的罪行是令人难以置信的,而最近新爆出的一条可能是最糟糕的:上周消息传出,由于12306网站的一个安全漏洞140000用户的个人信息被泄露。泄露信息包括个人身份号码,电子邮箱地址还有电话号码。它还包含未加密的明文密码。In a statement on its website after the leak, 12306 denies that the information comes from its database, saying that it doesn’t store plaintext passwords. Instead, the site suggests the ticket buyers’ data may have been leaked from one of the third-party plugins and programs Chinese people use to purchase tickets so that they don’t have to interact with the 12306 site directly. (Subsequent reports suggest hackers used leaked data from other sites to access 12306’s database).泄露丑闻发生后,12306在其网站上发声明,否认信息是来自于它的数据库,说它不存储明文密码。相反,该网站建议购票者的数据可能是被中国人用于购票的一个第三方插件和程序所泄露的,因此他们不必与12306进行直接交互。(后续报道显示黑客使用其它网站泄露的信息登录12306数据库)。But it almost doesn’t matter whether the leaked data actually came from 12306 or a third-party plugin. The fact is that if 12306 was a reliable, fully functional, and convenient platform for purchasing train tickets, nobody would use third-party apps to begin with. But because the site is so buggy and user-unfriendly, nearly half of China’s internet users buy their tickets via third-party services. (These services don’t sell tickets directly, they just facilitate purchases from 12306 by presenting a cleaner and more convenient user experience). Even if the leak came from a third-party plugin, it’s 12306’s fault that its crappy site has forced so many users onto those plugins in the first place.但实际上数据是否是从12306泄露的还是从第三方插件已经无所谓了。事实是,如果12306是一个可靠的、功能齐全,方便购买火车票的平台,没有人会使用第三方应用程序。而正是因为这个网站如此卡又不好用,才使得近一半的中国的互联网用户通过第三方务商购买车票。(这些务商并不直接卖门票,他们只是为用户提供一个在12306购买车票时更便捷、更方便的用户体验)。即使泄漏来自第三方插件,12306蹩脚糟糕的网站已经迫使很多用户不得不在第一时间选择这些插件,这是12306的过错。As an ecommerce platform, there’s simply no denying that 12306 is awful. But it would be so easy to fix! China has numerous internet companies with experience in building robust online shopping platforms that can withstand massive traffic. I have no doubt that a company like Alibaba or JD would be capable of building a more secure, more stable, and more convenient platform for train ticket sales, probably within a short time frame.12306作为一个电子商务平台,它的糟糕是无可厚非的。修补它是非常简单的!中国有众多互联网公司,它们拥有健壮的网上购物平台构建经验,可以承受巨大的流量。我毫不怀疑,可能在短时间内,像阿里巴巴或京东这样的公司能够建设一个更安全、更稳定、更方便的火车票销售平台。This is not the first time I’ve made this plea. And there were rumors that the site was looking for an ecommerce partner to help almost immediately after the site launched, though no partnership ever materialized. But it’s better late than never, and whether or not it directly leaked the buyers’ personal information last week, China’s government must recognize that it is culpable here. Despite having cost nearly US0 million, three years on 12306 still offers a user experience so terrible that nearly half its customers turn to third-party plugins and programs to complete their 12306 transactions.这不是我第一次做这个请求。还有传言说这个网站在投放时就在寻找一个电子商务合作伙伴,以帮助网站立即启动,虽然从来没有落实这个伙伴关系。但它的迟到总比不到好,上周无论它是否直接泄露买家的个人信息,中国政府必须认识到,12306是有责任的。尽管投入成本近1亿美元,三年间,12306还是令其用户感到糟糕,致使近一半的客户转向第三方插件和程序来帮助完成他们在12306上的交易。By any reasonable standard, 12306’s design is an abject failure, and the site would have gone out of business long ago if it did not have a monopoly on sales of one of the most popular products in China. China’s government is unlikely to turn its ticket sales over to a private company any time soon, but it should at least hire Alibaba or JD to redesign its online platform from the ground up to create something that actually meets users’ needs, rather than driving them towards dubious third-party solutions as the current site does.用任何公道的衡量标准,12306的设计失败都是可悲的,在中国,车票在线销售是最受欢迎的产品之一,如果12306不是凭借着拥有垄断销售的地位,它可能很早以前就无生意可做了。中国政府短时间内不大可能将车票销售私有化,但至少它可以雇佣像阿里巴巴或京东这样的团队去重新设计其在线平台,从而真正迎合用户需求,而不是像当下这样驱使12306用户投奔不可靠的第三方解决需求。 /201501/356293宁德检查染色体大约多少钱 龙岩看阳痿的医院

龙岩哪间医院治疗封闭抗体An Ebola aid worker from the ed States and another from Britain have been infected with the deadly virus in Sierra Leone, health officials said Thursday, a reminder that the epidemic that has ravaged West Africa for the past year is far from over.卫生官员周四表示,美国和英国各有一名埃拉援助工作者,在塞拉利昂感染了这种致命性病毒。这提醒人们,过去一年肆虐西非的疫情远未结束。The National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., said the American, who was not identified, became infected while working at a treatment center and had been ordered flown back to the ed States in isolation in a chartered plane.位于马里兰州贝塞斯达的美国国家卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health,简称NIH)表示,那名美国人是在一家治疗中心工作期间被感染的,而且已有一架包机奉命将该人接回美国进行隔离。NIH并未透露这名感染者的身份。The worker will be admitted Friday to the hospital at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, the institute said in a statement.国家卫生研究院在一份声明中表示,这名工作人员将于周五入住该院位于贝塞斯达的医院。The N.I.H. hospital has treated one other Ebola patient: Nina Pham, a nurse infected while caring for a Liberian patient in Dallas. She recovered. Two other health workers with possible exposure to the virus were also treated at N.I.H., but turned out not to be infected.NIH的医院治疗过另一名埃拉患者,在护理达拉斯的一名利比里亚患者期间,受到感染的护士妮娜·范(Nina Pham)。她康复了。另外两名可能接触过该病毒的医护人员也在NIH接受过治疗,但后来明均未被感染。Emory University Hospital in Atlanta and Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha have also successfully treated American health workers who were infected in Africa and flown back to the ed States.亚特兰大埃默里大学医院(Emory University Hospital)和奥马哈的内布拉斯加大学医学中心(University of Nebraska Medical Center)也成功治愈了几名在非洲感染后回国的美国医务人员。Earlier Thursday, British officials said a Royal Air Force plane left Sierra Leone carrying three British military health workers, of whom one has tested positive for Ebola. The other two were under observation for signs of infection, officials said.周四早些时候,英国官员称,英国皇家空军(Royal Air Force)的一架飞机已经带着英国军方的三名医护人员离开塞拉利昂。他们中有一人在埃拉病毒检测中呈阳性。官员们称,另外两人正在被观察是否有受感染的迹象。All three will be taken to the Royal Free Hospital in northwest London, which has a specialized isolation unit to treat Ebola patients. Two nurses, the only other Britons who have contracted the virus, survived infection last year after being treated at the hospital.三人都将被送到伦敦西北部的皇家自由医院(Royal Free Hospital),该院拥有救治埃拉病人的专用隔离单元。去年,另外两名感染过埃拉病毒的英国人——两名护士——曾在这家医院接受治疗并康复。Up to 700 British military personnel have been deployed in Sierra Leone to help combat Ebola.多达700名英国军方人员部署在塞拉利昂,帮助抗击埃拉疫情。The World Health Organization said Thursday that the number of deaths in the Ebola epidemic that has afflicted Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone had surpassed 10,000.世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)周四称,在肆虐几内亚、利比里亚和塞拉利昂的埃拉疫情中,已有超过1万人死亡。While the number of new cases has fallen drastically in all three countries in recent months — and reached zero in Liberia last week — the transmission of the disease has been a resilient problem in the other two.最近几个月,这三个国家的新增病例数量出现了大幅下降,上周,利比里亚的新增病例数量为零。但是埃拉的传播在另外两个国家仍然是一个挥之不去的问题。 /201503/364605福州治疗尖锐湿疣去那里 福州通输卵管去哪最好

福州检查地贫医院排名1.Banter轻松说笑2.Blowing a kiss飞吻3.Casual touches; such as a woman gently touching a man#39;s arm during conversation不经意的身体接触;例如女士在交谈过程中轻轻碰下男士的胳膊4.Coyness, affectedly shy or modest, marked by cute, coquettish, or artful playfulness (e.g. pickup lines)。害羞,端庄而有节制,通常看起来很可爱,羞涩或巧妙的嬉戏玩耍(例如花言巧语)5.Eye contact, batting eyelashes, staring, winking, eyebrow raising etc。眉目传情,眨眼睛,盯着看,眨眼示意递眼色,挑眉毛6.Flattery (regarding beauty, sexual attractiveness)恭维(通常指恭维女性漂亮,性感有魅力)7.Footsie, a form of flirtation in which people use their feet to play with each other#39;s feet。碰脚调情,一种通过偷偷碰脚来挑逗,暗中勾搭的调情手段8.Giggling, or laughing encouragingly at any slight hint of intimacy in the other#39;s behavior发现对方轻微的亲密行为暗示后放声咯咯大笑9.Imitating of behaviors (e.g. taking a drink when the other person takes a drink, changing posture as the other does, etc。)模仿对方行为(例如:对方举杯自己也马上举杯,对方换姿势,自己马上模仿对方的动作换姿势)10.Singing specially selected love songs in presence of the person。在对象面前唱精选情歌11.Maintaining very short distance during casual talking。随意交流时保持近距离12.Online chat, texting, and other one-on-one and direct messaging services while hinting affection暗示情感时:在线聊天,发短信或其它一对一的直接信息交流13.Protean signals, such as touching one#39;s hair各种暗示,如摸对方头发14.Sending notes, poems, or small gifts写情书,情诗示爱,送小礼物15.Smiling suggestively有暗示的微笑16.Staging of ;chance; encounters假装巧遇17.Teasing戏弄18.Tickling逗乐子 /201503/363243 “Many photographers prefer to photograph the world as the sun goes down,” writes Your Shot member Todd Klassy.“很多摄影师都喜欢拍摄日落时分的世界,”摄影师托德说。“Me, I prefer the peacefulness of the morning light.”“我却更喜欢宁静的晨光。”After a night of heavy snow, Klassy made sure to get up before snow plows had a chance to alter the clean white landscape in rural Green County, Wisconsin.在威斯康辛的格林郡乡村,昨晚下了一夜的雪。托德赶在积雪被清扫之前起床,捕捉这纯白的风景。“Fortunately, the sun painted the horizon a beautiful pinkish hue, and it provided a nice background for this minimalist scene,” he writes.“很幸运,日光正巧将地平线渲染出美丽的粉晕,给这个极简的画面提供了一个完美的背景,”他写道。“Unfortunately, the snow plow driver was up earlier than me and cleared the road before I had a chance to photograph it without the black strip of asphalt.”“可惜的是,清雪车司机来得比我早,黑色的沥青路分明可见,我没有机会拍到完整的雪地。” /201411/344685福州那些医院第三代试管福州博爱中医院治不孕不育收费标准




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