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My Skeleton 6887。

“I love you, Mom. See you tomorrow.” “我爱您,妈妈明天见”I said these words every day as I kissed my mom goodbye. 每天在跟妈妈吻别的时候,我都会说这些话Most girls I know don’t tell their mothers they love them when they say goodbye. 我认识的大多数女孩在跟妈妈说再见的时候,都不会告诉妈妈自己爱她But I wasn’t like girls I knew. 可是,我不像她们As a baby, I was adopted by two loving people who were willing to take me into their home. 还是个婴儿的时候,我就被一对有爱心的人收养了,他们愿意把我带到他们的家里They became not only my parents, but also my best friends. 他们不仅成为我的父母,也成了我最好的朋友As I was growing up, I learned that my birth mother was very young when she had me and wasn’t able to care me. 当我渐渐长大,我知道我的生母在怀我的时候还很年轻,没有能力抚养我I understood and was thankful. 我能理解这些,并且对这一切充满感激After all, I ended up with two people who loved each other very much, and also loved me. 毕竟,我最终遇上了一对互敬互爱的人,而且他们爱我Three years later, they adopted another baby, Lori.三年后,这对夫妇又收养了另外一个孩子——洛里Until I was nine, I didn’t understand why my parents didn’t have any children of their own. 直到9岁,我才明白为什么我的父母没要一个他们自己的孩子Then my father explained that they had tried many times, but they were unsuccessful. 那时,爸爸解释说,他们尝试过很多次,但是都没有成功Part of the reason was that my mom had diabetes. 部分原因是妈妈患有糖尿病Since I was young, I didn’t really understand what that meant. 那时我还年幼,不能真正理解那意味着什么As I was growing up, I would see my mom give herself shots and wonder why she was the only one who had to do that.我渐渐长大,看到妈妈为自己打针,我不明白为什么只有她一个人这样做All I saw every day was a strong, beautiful, healthy woman, who spent her life helping people. 我每天看到的都是一个坚强、美丽、健康的女人,一生都在帮助别人的女人When I was thirteen, everything changed.我岁的时候,一切都改变了It started with a tiny blister on my mom’s toe. 首先是从妈妈脚趾上的一个小水疱开始的This may seem like no big deal, but she ended up losing her toe. 这看上去似乎没什么大不了,但是她差一点就失去了一个脚趾Soon she suffered a stroke, and just as she began to recover from that, her leg had to be amputated. 不久之后,妈妈又患了中风,而就在她刚开始恢复的时候,又不得不接受一条腿的截肢手术This all took place over three years. 这一切仅仅在三年之内全部发生The toll this took on my family was unbelievable. 我们家为此付出的代价简直让人难以置信My mom was in and out of five hospitals, each doing their best to help her. 妈妈在五家医院进进出出,每家医院都竭尽所能帮助她Sometimes she was home a few months, but something always seemed to go wrong. 有时妈妈在家里住上几个月,但是这期间总会有一些不妙的事情发生When the holidays came, my father, my sister and I spent the day in her hospital room. 假日里,爸爸、和我就在病房里陪她One Thanksgiving we ate turkey there, and another Christmas we brought all our presents to the hospital so she could see us open them.有一年感恩节,我们还在医院里一起吃火鸡;还有一年圣诞节,我们把所有的礼物都带到医院,让她看着我们把礼物打开I tried my hardest to make her feel better, but nothing helped. 我想尽办法想要使她感觉快乐一点,但是一切都是徒劳At home, taking care of my little sister became my job, along with cleaning the house, doing the laundry and cooking the meals. 在家里,照看成了我的工作,同时我还要打扫房间、洗衣、做饭I thought it was unfair, and took it out on my father. 我觉得这对我不公平,便发泄在爸爸身上I hated the fact that all my friends went out on Friday nights, while I had to stay home and play “Mommy”.我所有的朋友都能在周五晚上出去玩,而我却不得不待在家里,充当“妈妈”的角色,我讨厌这个事实It was even harder me to go to school while my mom was lying in the hospital. 更困难的是,妈妈躺在医院的病床上,我还要去上学By now, I was sixteen. 我现在只有岁Luckily she was there my birthday party, and I’ll never get hugging her as tears fell down both our faces. 幸运的是,妈妈出席了我的生日聚会,我永远也不会忘记,当我拥抱她的时候,我们母女泪流满面的情景I’m still thankful that moment with my mother because it was the happiest I had seen her in four years.我至今都对与妈妈在一起的那一刻充满感激,因为那是四年来,我所见到的妈妈最快乐的时刻But once again, the happy days became sad. 但是,快乐的日子再一次变成了悲伤On June , I stayed home from school to take care of her. 6月日,我没去上学,而是留在家里照顾她Once again she was admitted to the hospital. 她再一次被送进医院At first, no one could figure out what was wrong. 刚一开始,没人能发现她出现了什么问题She remained in intensive care a week. 妈妈在加护病房里一连待了一星期She began to do better. 后来她开始好起来Then on July she became very sick, and on the eleventh she almost died. 但是7月日,她的病情又加重了,到日时,她已徘徊在生死线上It was getting harder and harder to deal with. 病情变得越来越难处理Every time she got really sick, she would always come back and do even better.每一次当她濒临死亡时,她都能起死回生,甚至显得更好些When the doctors finally realized why she was so sick, they put her on dialysis, a treatment her kidneys. 当医生们终于认识到她病情恶化的原因后,他们为她做了肾透析It seemed to work on August , we visited her and she was doing extremely well. 看起来透析很有效果,8月日,我们去医院看望她时,她的状况非常好When I left, I kissed her and said, “I love you, Mom. See you tomorrow.” 我离开的时候,吻了她,对她说:“我爱您,妈妈明天见”At 630 the next morning we received a call telling us she had passed away during the night.第二天早上六点三十分,我们接到医院的电话,被告知妈妈于昨晚去世了Today, a little over a year since my mom left, I am closer to my father and sister.今天,妈妈离开我们已经一年多了,我与爸爸和的关系变得更加亲密And along with accepting my family responsibilities, I have gained respect my mom. 在接过了家庭责任的同时,我还因为妈妈得到了别人的尊敬I still don’t understand how she managed to accomplish all she did.我仍然不能明白,妈妈是怎样完成她所有的事业的As being adopted, I have no desire to find my real parents. 身为养女,我并不想找到自己的生身父母The ones I have had are the only ones I’ll ever need. 我曾有过的父母才是我唯一需要的父母They taught me to be strong and follow my heart. 他们教育我要坚强,要跟随自己的心Watching my mom smile through all her pain taught me that I can accomplish anything.看着妈妈笑对痛苦,我懂得了,我可以完成任何事I know she’s with me through this important time in my life, and she’ll guide me in the night direction. 我知道,妈妈正陪我走过生命中这段重要的时光,她会引领我朝正确的方向前进“Thank you, Mom! I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow.”“谢谢您,妈妈!我爱您,明天见” 39。

But wheree do not you a mightier way但为什么你不用更有效的方法Make war upon this bloody tyrant Time?去反抗这嗜血的时间魔王,And tify yourself in your decay或用更幸福的手段来抵抗衰朽,With means more blessed than my barren rhyme?却反借重我这不育的诗行?Now stand you on the top of happy hours,如今你置身于桃花运的顶峰之上,And many maiden gardens, yet unset,有许多处女园等待你栽插红芳,With virtuous wish would bear you living flowers,殷切地盼望着你植下活花朵朵,Much liker than your painted counterfeit.花儿比你的画像更显出你的真相So should the lines of life that life repair,所以生命只能靠生命线维系,Which this time pencil, or my pupil pen,不论是我的涂鸦还是当代的画匠Neither in inward worth nor outward fair都不能使你活现在人们心房,Can make you live yourself in eyes of men.让你内在和外在的美色昭彰To give away yourself keeps yourself still,故弃你自己将反使你自己长在,And you must live, drawn by your own sweet skill.想生存就得靠把传宗妙技发扬 5990。

Being Clean保持清洁I dont spent a lot of time grooming myself bee I start the day.在开始一天之前我不会花大量的时间来修饰自己But I do make sure that Im Clean.但我要确保自己是干净的I shave. I brush my teeth.我刮胡子我刷牙I put on clean clothes.我穿上干净的衣I make sure that my bag is y the day,我确保我的包已经为这一天准备就绪,and after that, Im y to start the day.那之后,我准备开始一天的活动I do my best to be clean.我尽全力去保持清洁But the truth is, there is a lot of room improvement when it comes to cleanliness and me...但事实是,当谈到清洁和我,仍然有许多改进的空间,My car is a bit of a mess.我的车有点乱糟糟的My room is a bit of a mess.我的房间有点乱糟糟And by the end of the day,而到每一天的即将结束的时候,My bag is a bit of a mess.我的包也非常凌乱My whiskers grow quickly as well,我的胡须长得太快,so my 5 oclock shadow sometimes comes early!所以我的胡须有时候会很快生长This is all going to say that I wish I were cleaner.这都是要说,我希望自己是个干净整洁的人I wish I paid more attention to keeping the things on my desk at right angles.我希望我更多地注意保持我桌上的东西井然有序I want to look sharp...not just image, but because I feel sharp too.我想看起来有些尖锐…不只是为了形象,只是因为我觉得尖锐了Sometimes, my external looks affect the way I feel.有时,我的外在看起来影响我的感觉When I meet someone, I feel better if I have just brushed my teeth and my shirt is tucked in.当我遇到一个人, 如果我刚刚刷牙,衬衫是塞起来的,我会感觉更好I feel more confident when I meet someone if I know that Im wearing nice clothes or that Im properly groomed.当我遇到一个人,如果我知道我正穿着漂亮衣,或者我头发梳的非常不错,我会感到更有自信Cleanliness...it something that we should all aim , but if takes some work in achieving.清洁…这是我们都应该追求的,但需要实际去做来实现Talk about it谈论下面的话题I think the way we look can affect the way we feel. Do you agree?我认为我们的外观会影响我们的感受你同意吗?How do you feel when you dress up?你觉得你的装扮如何?Do you feel different when you put on sunglasses?当你戴上墨镜,你会感觉不同吗?Do you feel different when you wear mal clothes?当你穿正式装,你会感觉不同吗?Do you take a shower every day?你每天都洗澡吗?Bee a meeting, do you do anything to tidy up?在开会前,你会做些事来整理吗?How often do you clean your car?你会多久清洁你的车一次?Who is the cleanest member of your family?你的家人中谁是最干净的呢?How long does it take you to get y in the morning?你需要多长时间在早晨准备?Do you spend a lot of time looking in the mirror and fussing about your looks?你会花很多时间面对镜子,对于你的容颜大惊小怪吗? 18618。

In a more agnostic culture than the one I grew up with it a challenge to know how to talk meaningfully about something so enormous when we dont really understand it. There is scepticism about the afterlife these days. But however sceptical people may be about heaven and hell, it always feels brutal to speak of the total extinction of personality, when the personality concerned is someone you know. Whether we believe or dont believe about life after death we tend to soften the language of finality, to resort to metaphor, to saying death is like this or like that even the death is not like anything. That is its majesty. As a priest who conducts funerals I find the language of faith, with poetry, music and acts of remembrance are what allow us to make the transition between life and death, to discover that death, though a change of state, is not the end of being.;,在一个比我所处环境更崇尚不可知论的文化环境中,去含义隽永的谈论一个自身都不甚了了的大问题总是一项巨大的挑战现在有很多人对身后事持怀疑态度不管人们怎么怀疑天堂地狱,讲一个人的一切就这么彻底消失总给人一种残酷的感觉,尤其当这个人还是你的熟人的时候不管我们相不相信身后之事,我们都倾向于尽量柔化这种涉及终结的语言,用隐喻将死亡比喻成这,比喻成那其实死亡就是死亡,这是它的无上权威作为一个主持葬礼的牧师,我找到了用诗篇、音乐和怀念构成的信念,足以让我们穿越生死,看透死亡死,只是一种状态的改变,却不是生命的终结 76。

Robert struggles through the crowdRobert: Whew! I had to wait almost an hour to get to the front of the line. Master Li: You have much patience. Robert: Wow! Your calligraphy is very beautiful. It was worth the wait! Master Li: Thank you. Today I'm writing a kind of poem called a Chinese couplet. Robert: What does it say? Master Li: This is an especially famous one. It says "May the passing days bring you health and longevity. May this season of renewal find you basked in riches."patience (n.)   耐心longevity (n.)   长寿bask (v.)   沐浴在(阳光,恩宠…)之下struggle (v.)   挣扎,奋勉poem (n.)   诗,韵文renewal (n.)   更新,复苏罗伯奋力钻入人群罗 伯:呼!我排了快一个小时才到队伍前面 李大师:你很有耐心 罗 伯:哇!你的书法真美等待是值得的! 李大师:谢谢今天我写的这种诗叫做中国春联 罗 伯:上面写的是什么? 李大师:这是最有名的一个上头写着「天增岁月人增寿,春满乾坤福满门」 1918。

I admit that I'm not very good at small talk . When I'm with friends, I can just shoot the breeze all day long. But when I talk to a stranger or someone I don't know very well, I'm always casting about, searching something to talk about. Politics and religion are definitely taboo subjects, at least here in the ed States. But you have to chat about something, otherwise there are these uncomtable silences. So we end up talking about#818;Auml;icirc;what else?#818;Auml;icirc;the weather. This usually begins with something like, "So, nice weather we've been having!" or "It sure is a warm one out there today." Of course, we have to comment on the temperature. My favorite is, "It's not the heat that's so bad, it's the humidity!" Actually, I think that's true#818;Auml;icirc;I hate it most when it's muggy outside.Back in my home state of Minnesota, everyone is obsessed with the weather report! Every TV station has it's own meteorologist with a high- tech radar giving you the 5 day ecast. They tell you when the temperature is rising or falling , what kind of clouds are moving in, and how cold the wind chill is. My favorite e about the weather comes from Mark Twain, who once said, that everybody talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it!Script by Dr. Jeff McQuillan 958。

Driving in a big city like L.A. can be so stressful. It sometimes feels like I'm doing battle just to get to the grocery store, much less across town. What is it about getting behind the wheel that brings out people's aggressive side? The most mild-mannered mother of three turns into a race car driver when she gets on the road. In L.A., people rely on the freeway to commute to their jobs or just to get around town. I think driving on the freeway has it's good and bad. On the one hand, there are no stoplights and the speed limit is over 55 miles per hour so you can get somewhere in a flash. But, on the other hand, there are drawbacks, too. People like to gun their engines and cut off other cars to get ahead. The other day, I saw a guy in a Porsche get into the passing lane, race ahead of the Honda that was in front of him, and cut that person off. Then, the guy in the Honda tries to catch up to the Porsche. They're both zipping in and out of traffic, almost causing an accident. They were speeding and changing lanes without looking or signalling. I was sure they were going to cause a big pile up. As an alternate to the freeway, I sometimes take surface streets. Of course, surface streets have their drawbacks, too. If you have a long commute to work or school, it can take you ages to get there. There are stop signs, stop lights, and crosswalks to deal with. And, people sometimes tailgate if they think you're not going fast enough. Now that I think about it, there's sometimes even more congestion on surface streets than on the freeways! There's no getting around it living in L.A. We need better public transportation and more people to walk, bike, or rollerblade to work. But as the famous song goes, "Nobody Walks in L.A." [by the Missing Persons]Script by Dr. Lucy Tse。

On Lying论说谎Now as to the matter of lying.现在来谈一谈说谎You want to be very careful about lying,otherwise you are nearly sure to get caught,你们可要特别谨慎地看待说谎;否则十有八九会被揭穿once caught, you can never again be,in the eyes of the pure and the good, what you were bee.一旦被揭穿,在善良和淳朴的人们眼中,你就再也不可能是以前的你了Many a young person has injured himself permanently through a single clumsy and ill-finished lie,the result of carelessness born of incomplete training.许多年轻人,仅仅由于一次拙劣难圆的谎言-由于不完备的教育而导致轻率的后果-而使自己长期蒙受损失Some authorities hold that the young ought not to lie at all.一些权威人士认为年轻人根本不该说谎That, of course, is putting it rather stronger than necessary.当然,这种说法言之过甚,其实未必如此Still, while I cant go quite so far as that,I do maintain, and I believe I am right,不过,虽然我不能把话讲的太过分,我却坚信-我认为确乎如此,that the young ought to be temperate in the use of this great art until practice and experience shall give them that confidence, elegance, precision which alone make the accomplishment graceful and profitable.在实践和阅历使人获得信心,文雅,严谨之前,年轻人运用这门伟大的艺术时应当把握好分寸,因为只有这三点才能使说谎的本领无伤大雅甚至带来益处Patience, diligence, painstaking attention to detail-these are the requirements.耐心,勤奋,细致入微则是必备素质,These, in time, will make the student perfect.经年累月,这些素质便会使学生变得完善起来Upon these, and upon these only,may he rely as the sure foundation future eminence.凭借这些,也只有凭借这些,他才可能为将来的出类拔萃打下牢固的基础Think what tedious years of study, thought,practice, and experience,went to the equipment of the peerless old master who was able to impose upon the whole world with the lofty and sounding maxim that ;truth is mighty and will prevail;-the most majestic compound feature of fact which any of woman born has yet achieved.试想,要经过学习,思考,实践,经验等多么漫长的岁月,那举世无双的大师才具备如此的素养,他使得整个世界接受了“真理是强大的,并且终将战胜一切”这句崇高而响彻云霄的格言-这是关于事实的复杂性所道出的最豪迈的一句话,至今任何一个出自娘胎的人都未有此成就 the history of our race and every individual experience,are sown thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal.原因是我们人类的历史以及每个人的经历都深深地印了这样的事实一个真理不难抹杀,一个说的巧妙的谎言则经久不衰There is in Boston a monument of the man who discovered the anesthesia.Many people are aware, in these later days,在波士顿,人们为纪念发现麻醉法的人而立了一座纪念碑:that he didnt discover it at all,but stole the discovery from another man.很多人到近期才知道,那个人根本没有发现麻醉法,而是窃取了另一个人的发现Is the truth mighty, and will it prevail?这个真理强大吗?它终会取胜吗?No, my hearers, the monument is made of hard materials,but the lie it tells will outlast a million years.唉,非也,听众们,虽然纪念碑是用坚硬的材料建造的,而它所散布的谎言却将比它持久百万年An awkward, feeble, leaky lie is a thing which you ought to make it your unceasing study to avoid;你们应该不断研究如果避免制造那些拙劣,无力而又破绽百出的谎言;such a lie as that has no more real permanence than an average truth.诸如此类的谎言比起一个普通事实来,决不具有更加真实的永久性Why, you might as well tell the truth at once and be done with it.嗨,你们倒不如既讲真话又同真理打交道 5639。