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大理洱源县四维彩超多少钱大理无痛人流多少钱啊弥渡县妇幼保健医院打胎一般要花多少钱 No man can fully grasp how far and how fast we have come, but condense, if you will, the 50,000 years of mans recorded history in a time span of but a half-century. Stated in these terms, we know very little about the first 40 years, except at the end of them advanced man had learned to use the skins of animals to cover them. Then about 10 years ago, under this standard, man emerged from his caves to construct other kinds of shelter. Only five years ago man learned to write and use a cart with wheels. Christianity began less than two years ago. The printing press came this year, and then less than two months ago, during this whole 50-year span of human history, the steam engine provided a new source of power. Newton explored the meaning of gravity. Last month electric lights and telephones and automobiles and airplanes became available. Only last week did we develop penicillin and television and nuclear power, and now if Americas new spacecraft succeeds in reaching Venus, we will have literally reached the stars before midnight tonight.没有人能够完全明白我们已经走了多远,走得多快,但是如果你愿意,可以把人类有史以来的5万年浓缩成半个世纪的时间跨度。在这个时间跨度下,我们对于开始的40年知之甚少,只知道在这40年的最后人类学会用兽皮遮体。然后,大约10年前,根据这一标准,人类走出洞穴,开始建造其他类型的住房。只有5年前的人类才学会了写字和使用有轮子的车辆。基督教出现还不到两年。今年出现看印刷机,不到两个月前,在人类历史的整个50年跨度中,蒸汽机提供了一种新能源。牛顿研究出重力的意义。上个月电灯、电话和汽车、飞机都可以使用了。仅仅上周,我们就发明了青霉素,电视机和核能,而现在如果美国飞往金星的新的宇宙飞船成功,我们真能在今晚午夜之前到达星星之上。This is a breathtaking pace, and such a pace cannot help but create new ills as it dispels old, new ignorance, new problems, new dangers. Surely the opening vistas of space promise high costs and hardships, as well as high reward.这是激动人心的一步,但这一步在驱除旧弊病的同时,也会产生新的弊病、新的无知、新的问题与新的危险。航天事业战线的远景当然是成本高,但是回报也很丰厚。 /201306/243420Some advantages, particularly to this age, are not to be denied. Boredom seems to have been ;vanquished;! There is always something to do, but hasnt this translated into a perpetual distraction in our lives? In the bathroom, at the dinner table, in the backseat, at wedding, at embrace, at graduation day. Its always, something to check, something to tweet, something to watch, something to download, something to play, something to share, something to buy, something on a voicemail, something to yank at our attention span and its all in the palm of our hand for small monthly service fee. It seems technology has allowed for ;a surplus of celebrities;, and that is nothing to cheer about. Anyone...although that Sam Tusi, he rocks, anyone can enjoy the purpose of note writing now and duration of fame has been lengthened for many world-hold-breath fifty minutes to good fifteen months if you are willing to do certain things on camera.话说回来,新时代还是带来了新的好处。例如,“无聊”似乎已经消失,因为总是有事情可做,难道这没有变成我们生活中永远的困惑吗?不管在厕所中、餐桌上、车子里,或在毕业典礼上,我们总是不断看简讯、发推文、上网、下载、分享、玩游戏,我们手上的这些装置,以极低的月租,牢牢抓住了我们的注意力,但我们的生活也变成永远都在分心。而且,这些新科技还带来了“名人过多”的现象。但这一点也不值得庆幸。尽管徐山姆的确有一套。现在任何人都有成名的机会,成名持续的时间也从安迪沃荷所说的十五分钟,变成了十五个月——只要你愿意在镜头前面做出某些事。Though our welding language is often the vocabulary of official news speakies booky man with Yelsons Big Brother has never emerged, unless you live in North Korea, or run a red light in Beverly Hills, or shop online, or have done something stupid in the wrong place at the wrong time in front of someone with a camera in their cell phone. That is everybody. So, pardon my junior college Latin, the vulgus populi has become the all-seeing state and if you cross it, Google search will forever display your screw-up.尽管我们大融合语言的词汇总是来自官方新闻上,但Yelson从没有出现过“老大哥”,除非你生活在朝鲜,或者是在贝克维利山闯红灯,或者是网购,或者是在不适当的地方,错误的时段在某人面前做了愚蠢的事,刚好那个人带有摄像功能的手机。人人如此。所以请原谅我蹩脚的拉丁语,大众全部进入了透明状态。如果你阻挠它,谷歌搜索将会永远显示你的破坏行为。201406/306159大理市第一人民医院看妇科好不好

祥云县做体检多少钱Well, just to close, I want to suggest to you好,说到这里,我想提醒大家that Ive been talking a lot about the fathers.我已经谈论了很多前人的事情And I want to think about the possibilities我还想考虑一下of what democracy might look like, or might have looked like,民主会是什么样子,或者是已经是什么样子的可能性if we had more involved the mothers.如果我们可以让更多的母亲参与进来And I want to say something a little bit radical for a feminist,我还想说对女权主义者有点激进的话and that is that I think that there may be那就是我认为different kinds of insights不同的人that can come from different kinds of anatomies,也许可以带来不同的的观察视角particularly when we have people thinking in groups.特别是当我们习惯于群体性思维的时候Now for years, because Ive been interested in intersex,我已经对双性人感兴趣很多年了Ive also been interested in sex difference research.也对性别差异也进行了多年的研究And one of the things that Ive been really interested in我十分感兴趣的事情之一是is looking at the differences between males and females去观察世界范围内男性与女性之间in terms of the way they think and operate in the world.在思考问题和解决问题上的差别And what we know from cross-cultural studies我们从跨文化研究中得知is that females, on average --女性,平均的看——not everyone, but on average --当然不是每个人,而是平均的看——are more inclined to be very attentive更倾向于留意to complex social relations复杂的社会关系and to taking care of people同时更加关心、同情who are basically vulnerable within the group.人群中的弱势群体And so if we think about that,那么如果我们这么认为we have an interesting situation on our hands.我们发现一个有趣的情况Years ago, when I was in graduate school,数年前,当我读研究生的时候one of my graduate advisers who knew I was interested in feminism --我的一位指导教授知道我对女权运动很感兴趣——I considered myself a feminist, as I still do --我自认是女权主义者,一直是——asked a really strange question.他问了我一个很怪的问题He said, ;Tell me whats feminine about feminism.;他说:“告诉我女权主义女性化在哪里”And I thought, ;Well thats the dumbest question Ive ever heard.我想“恩……这是我听过的最让我哑口无言的问题Feminism is all about undoing stereotypes about gender,女权主义是所有消除陈腐性别观念的一切活动的统称,so theres nothing feminine about feminism.;因此,女权主义不存在女性化”But the more I thought about his question,但是,进一步解读这个问题,the more I thought there might be something feminine about feminism.我想的更多的是,也许女权主义存在着一些女性化That is to say, there might be something, on average,也就是说,也许有一些,总的说来different about female brains from male brains女性的思维不同于男性的部分that makes us more attentive使得我们更加富有警惕性to deeply complex social relationships对于复杂的社会关系and more attentive to taking care of the vulnerable.并且更加注意关心那些弱势群体So whereas the fathers were extremely attentive但是前人们细心的to figuring out how to protect individuals from the state,指出如何保护个人不受国家的影响its possible that if we injected more mothers如果我们在这个概念中注入如更多的母性into this concept,是可能的what we would have is more of a concept我们将拥有的要远多于一个概念of, not just how to protect,不仅仅是如何保护but how to care for each other.而是如何照顾彼此And maybe thats where we need to go in the future,也许这就是我们未来要走的路when we take democracy beyond anatomy,当我们抛开人种的分别来讲民主——is to think less about the individual body,也就是较少的考虑到人的个体in terms of the identity,关于人的身份特性,and think more about those relationships.而是更多的考虑人们之间的关系So that as we the people try to create a more perfect union,因此,当人们试图创造一个更加美好的联合体的时候were thinking about what we do for each other.我们需要考虑的是我们为他人都做了什么Thank you.谢谢201508/395578云南省大理妇幼保健人民中心中医院妇科医生 What I feared most for myself at your age was not poverty, but failure.像你们这么大时我最害怕的不是贫穷,而是失败。At your age, in spite of a distinct lack of motivation at university, where I had spent far too long in the coffee bar writing storeis, and far too little time at lectures, I had a knack for passing examinations, and that, for years, had been the measure of success in my life and that of my peers.像你们这么大时,尽管我明显缺乏在大学学习的动力,花大量时间在咖啡馆写小说,用于听课的时间很少,但我却有通过考试的本领。多年来,考试一直是衡量我和同龄人成功的标准。Now I am not dull enough to suppose that because you are young, gifted and well-educated, you have never known hardship or heartbreak. Talent and intelligence never yet inoculated anyone against the caprice of the Fates, and I do not for a moment suppose that everyone here has enjoyed an existence of unruffled privilege and contentment.我不会笨到因为你们年轻、有才华并且受过良好的教育,就认为你们从来没有经受过困难或心碎的时刻。才华和智慧并不能使人摆脱命运的反复无常;我也从来没有认为在座的每一个人一直以来都享有优越感和满足感。However, the fact that you are graduating from Harvard suggests that you are not very well-acquainted with failure. You might be driven by a fear of failure quite as much as a desire for sucess. Indeed, your conception of failure might not be too far from the average persons idea of success, so high have you aly flown.然而,即将从哈佛毕业这一事实就意味着你们很少会经历失败。你们对失败的恐惧很可能与你们对成功的渴望一样强烈。实际上,你们眼中的失败可能在常人看来就是成功,毕竟你们在学业上已经相当成功了。Ultimately, we all have to decide for ourselves what constitutes failure, but the world is quite eager to give you a set of criteria if you let it. So I think it fair to say that by any conventional measure, a mere seven years after my graduation day, I had failed on an epic scale. An exceptionally short-lived marriage had imploded, and I was jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to in modern Britain, without being homeless. The fears my parents had had for me, and that I had had for myself, had both come to pass, and by every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew.最终,我们所有人都必须自己判断什么是失败,但是如果你乐意的话,这个世界是非常渴望给你一套标准的。因此根据任何传统的标准都可以说,我在毕业后的短短七年里经历了惨痛的失败:短暂的婚姻闪电般破裂,失业,成为单身母亲。在现代化的英国,我变得极度贫困,只是还没有到无家可归的地步。父母和我自己对未来的担忧,当年都变成了现实。无论按什么标准,当时我都是我所知道的最失败的人。201401/273939宾川县顺产哪家医院好

大理宫颈息肉手术前后应该怎么护理Ladies and gentlemen, Im Joe Biden.女士们先生们,我是乔拜登。Im filling in for President Obama, who is abroad.我代替身在国外的奥巴马总统在此演讲。I want to talk to you today about the minimum wage and the overwhelming need to raise the minimum wage.我今天想跟大家谈谈最低工资标准以及提高这一标准不可阻挡的趋势。Theres no reason in the world why an American working 40 hours a week has to live in poverty.我今天想跟大家谈谈最低工资标准以及提高这一标准不可阻挡的趋势。But right now a worker earning the federal minimum wage makes about ,500 a year. 但现在一个拿着联邦最低工资的工人每年只能得到1.45万美元。And you all know thats incredibly hard for an individual to live on, let alone raise a family on.众所周知,这些钱一个人生活都勉为其难,更不用说养活一家人了。But if we raise the minimum wage to .10 an hour, that same worker will be making ,200 a year.但如果我们将最低工资标准提高到每小时10.10美元,同一个工人一年就能挣到2.02万美元。And with existing tax credits would earn enough to bring that family or a family of four out of poverty.再加上现有的税收优惠政策,就足以让一个四口之家脱离贫困。But theres a lot of good reasons why raising the minimum wage makes sense.但除此之外提高最低工资标准还有大量正当的理由。Not only would it put more hard-earned money into the pockets of 28 million Americans, moving millions of them out of poverty, its also good for business.不仅是让这些辛苦钱能进入2800万美国人民的口袋,让数百万人脱离贫困,这对企业也有好处。And let me tell you why.下面我将为你们讲述个中缘由。Theres clear data that shows fair wages generate loyalty of workers to their employers, which has the benefit of increasing productivity and leading to less turn over.统计数据明确显示,公平的工资待遇将使员工对雇主效忠,从而使得企业提高生产效率,减少成本出。Its really good for the economy as a whole because raising the minimum wage would generate an additional billion in additional income for people who need it the most.进而将对整个经济带来好处,因为提高最低工资标准将让最需要提高收入的人分享190亿美元的额外收入。The big difference between giving a raise in the minimum wage instead of a tax break to the very wealthy is the minimum wage worker will go out and spend every penny of it because theyre living on the edge.提高最低工资标准而不是为富人减税,其差别就在于,受益于最低工资的工人会用好这每一分钱,因为这是他们生活的保障。Theyll spend it in the local economy. 他们的消费有利于本地经济发展。They need it to pay their electric bill, put gas in their automobile, to buy fundamental necessities.他们需要用这些钱付电费,为汽车加油,购买生活必需品。And this generates economic growth in their communities.这将为当地经济带来发展动力。And Im not the only one who recognizes these benefits. 我不是唯一一个意识到这些好处的人。Companies big and small recognize it as well.大大小小的公司也意识到这一点了。I was recently in Atlanta, Georgia, and met the owner of a small advertising company, a guy named Darien.最近我在佐治亚州的亚特兰大的时候,与当地一家小广告公司的老板达利恩见面。He independently raised the wages of his workers to .10 an hour. 他自己将公司员工的最低工资标准提高到了10.10美元每小时。But large companies, as well, Costco and the Gap—theyre choosing to pay their employees higher starting wages.而像是Costco和GAP这样的大公司都已经为员工开出了更高的底薪。A growing list of governors are also raising wages in their states-the minimum wage.提高最低工资标准的州也呈现增长趋势。They join the President who raised the minimum wage for employees of federal contractors like the folks serving our troops meals on our bases. 他们与总统一起提高联邦合同承包商为员工付的最低工资标准,例如军事基地为部队提供食品的工人就享受到了。Theyre all doing this for a simple reason.大家这么做的原因很简单。Raising the minimum wage will help hardworking people rise out of poverty.提高最低工资标准将帮助辛勤劳动的人们脱离贫困。Its good for business. Its helpful to the overall economy.这对企业有好处,对整个经济也有好处。And theres one more important benefit.还有更重要的好处。Right now women make up more than half of the workers who would benefit from increasing the minimum wage. 当下女性占到劳动力的一半以上,她们将从提高最低工资标准中受益。Folks, a low minimum wage is one of the reasons why women in America make only 77 cents on a dollar that every man makes.各位,最低工资标准是一份工作男人能挣到1美元而女性只能拿到77美分。But by raising the minimum wage, we can close that gap by 5 percent.而我们可以将这一差距缩小5%。And it matters.这至关重要。It matters to a lot of hardworking families, particularly moms raising families on the minimum wage.对大量工薪家庭,尤其是对依靠最低工资收入供养家庭的母亲更为重要。And one more thing, folks—its what the American people want to do.还有一件事是美国人民想做的。Three out of four Americans support raising the minimum wage.那就是全美3/4的人都同意提高最低工资标准。They know this is the right and fair thing to do, and the good thing to do for the economy. 大家都知道这是正确的、正当的事情,是对经济发展有好处的事情。So its time for Congress to get behind the minimum wage bill offered by Tom Harkin of Iowa and Congressman George Miller of California—the proposal that would raise the federal minimum wage from .25 an hour to .10 an hour.因此,国会现在应该正式对待爱荷华州的Tom Harkin和加利福利亚州的George Miller议员共同提出的最低工资议案,该议案将联邦最低工资标准从7.25美元每小时提高到10.10美元每小时。So ask your representatives who oppose raising the federal minimum wage—why do they oppose it?因此,请问问反对提供啊联邦最低工资标准的国会议员,他们为什么反对。How can we look at the men and women providing basic services to us all, like cleaning our offices, caring for our children, serving in our restaurants and so many other areas—how can we say they dont deserve enough pay to take them out of poverty?我们怎么能眼看为我们提供基本务的人,比如为我们清扫办公室、照顾我们的的孩子、在餐馆务以及其它领域为我们务的男男女女,他们怎么就不能得到足够的工资摆脱贫困呢?The President and I think they deserve it. And we think a lot of you do too.总统和我都认为他们应该得到这些。So, folks, its time to act.我们认为你们很多人都应该得到。Its time to give America a raise.因此提高全美的工资标准,是行动的时候了。Thanks for listening and have a great weekend.谢谢聆听,祝大家周末愉快。God bless you all and may God protect our troops.愿上帝保佑大家,愿上帝保佑我们的军队。 201404/284376 And then they said they didnt like the way I looked. This was in 1976, when your boss could call you in and say, ;I dont like the way you looked;. Now that would be called a lawsuit, but back then they could just say, ;I dont like the way you look;. Which, in case some of you in the back, if you cant tell, is nothing like Barbara Walters. So, they sent me to a salon where they gave me a perm, and after a few days all my hair fell out and I had to shave my head. And then they really didnt like the way I looked. Because now I am black and bald and sitting on TV. Not a pretty picture. But even worse than being bald, I really hated, hated, hated being sent to report on other peoples tragedies as a part of my daily duty, knowing that I was just expected to observe, when everything in my instinct told me that I should be doing something, I should be lending a hand.然后他们还对我说他们不喜欢我的造型。那是在1976年,你的老板可以把你叫进办公室跟你说“我不喜欢你的造型”。但如果是现在的话,那可能会引起诉讼。但那时他们却可以说:“我不喜欢你的造型”。我根本不像芭芭拉·沃尔特斯,坐在后排的同学应该看不出我像不像她。于是他们把我送到美发店,给我烫了发。可是几天后我的头发就变得一团糟。我不得不剃光我的头发。这次他们更不喜欢我的造型了。因为这下成了一个光头黑人坐在摄影机前,这种画面肯定不漂亮。比剃光头发更令我讨厌的是,我不得不把播报别人遭受的痛苦作为我的日常工作。我深知我期待去观察,我的内心告诉我,我应该做些什么了,我需要为他人提供帮助。So, as President Hennessy said, Id cover a fire and then Id go back and Id try to give the victims blankets. And I wouldnt be able to sleep at night because of all the things I was covering during the day.所以,正如汉尼斯校长所说的那样,我播报了一起火灾,然后回去给受害者拿毯子。由于白天播报的那些新闻,晚上我难以入睡。And, meanwhile, I was trying to sit gracefully like Barbara and make myself talk like Barbara. And I thought, well, I could make a pretty goofy Barbara. And if I could figure out how to be myself, I could be a pretty good Oprah. I was trying to sound elegant like Barbara. And sometimes I didnt my copy, because something inside me said, this should be spontaneous, you know, it should be spontancous. So, I wanted to get the news as I was giving it to the people. So, sometimes, I wouldnt my copy and it would be, like, six people on a pileup on I-40. Oh, my goodnwss.与此同时,我尽量保持优雅的坐姿,使我更像芭芭拉,并且像芭芭拉一样讲话。我认为我可能会成为一个傻傻的芭芭拉。但如果我知道如何做回我自己,我就会成为一个很棒的奥普拉。我努力像芭芭拉那样优雅地说话。有时我并不照本宣科,因为内心的声音告诉我,应该自然地播报新闻,所以我希望在播报新闻时,自己也能理解这些新闻。我不会照着稿件读新闻,所以有时会像40号洲际公路上发生了六人连环相撞事故一样报道新闻。哦,上帝! /201311/265217弥渡县妇科疾病哪家医院最好的云龙县人民医院打胎流产好吗



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