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大理人流最佳方法大理州妇幼保健人民中心中医院打胎一般要花多少钱As she approached her 50th birthday, Joanna, a Pennsylvania information-technology specialist, grew tired of hiding her 1.5-liter empties from her husband. Joanna (who asked that her name be changed to protect her privacy) began attending meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous at the suggestion of her psychiatrist. In the U.S., the 12-step abstinence- and faith-based program is embraced by the nation#39;s courts, much of the medical establishment, insurance companies and popular culture as a one-size-fits-all approach to harmful drinking. 快过50岁生日时,宾夕法尼亚州信息技术专家乔安娜(Joanna,她要求隐瞒真实姓名以保护隐私)厌倦了向丈夫隐瞒自己1.5升的空酒瓶。乔安娜开始在心理医生的建议下参加“嗜酒者互诫协会”(Alcoholics Anonymou,简称A.A.)聚会。在美国,这个12步戒酒及建立信心的项目受到了国家法院、大部分医疗机构、保险公司及流行文化的欢迎,其被视为是应对酗酒问题的通用方法。 A.A. was founded in 1935 by two men who believed that alcohol dependence could be tamed by regular attendance at group meetings with other recovering alcoholics. Its doctrine calls for members to tame their egos, abstain from all drinking and acknowledge they are in the grip of a force they can combat only with help from a #39;higher power.#39;#39; A.A.于1935年由两位男士创立,他们认为对酒的依赖可以通过定期参加与其他正在恢复的酗酒者的聚会而得到抑制。其宗旨是号召成员控制自我意识,完全放弃饮酒,并承认他们正被一种力量所控制,只有在一种“更高力量”的帮助下才能与之抗衡。 It doesn#39;t take an advanced degree in gender studies to realize that this approach─which has worked well for millions of people─may not be perfect for women whose biggest problem is not an excess of ego but a lack of it. Women are twice as likely to suffer from depression and anxiety as men─and are far more likely to medicate those conditions with alcohol. 不需要在性别研究领域取得多高的学历就能意识到,虽然数百万人已经通过这种方法得到很好的效果,但对那些其最大的问题是自我意识太强而非缺乏自我意识的女性来说,这种方法并不完全适用。女性得抑郁症和焦虑症的几率是男性的两倍,而且用酒精来治疗这些症状的可能性也大得多。 Many women who drink heavily are also the victims of sexual abuse and have had eating disorders. The idea of being powerless can underscore a woman#39;s sense of vulnerability, researchers say. #39;Women need to feel powerful, not like victims of something beyond their control,#39; says Dr. Barnes. #39;It gives women power to feel they themselves can change.#39; 许多酗酒的女性同时也是性虐待的受害者,并患有进食障碍。研究人员说,无力感会加强女性的脆弱感。巴恩斯说:“女性需要感到有力量,而不受制于超出自己控制的东西。酒精赋予女性力量,让她们觉得自己能够改变。” Scientists are continuing to explore the biochemical differences in the way that alcohol affects men and women. Studies show that after drinking, men report feeling more powerful, often overstating their capabilities and accomplishments, while women say that it makes them feel more affectionate, sexy and feminine. 科学家们正继续探索酒精对男性和女性在生物化学上的不同影响。研究表明,在饮酒后,男性表示感觉到更有力量,通常会夸大自己的能力和成就,而女性则表示饮酒后她们觉得自己更感性、性感和有女人味。 In Europe, Hong Kong and elsewhere in the industrialized world, clinicians treat alcohol-use disorders with a variety of techniques developed in the nearly eight decades since the founding of A.A. (Researchers favor the term #39;alcohol-use disorder,#39; which encompasses a range of severity, over #39;alcoholism.#39;) Many combine different behavioral therapies with medications such as naltrexone and topiramate, which help block cravings. Both drugs have proved to be effective in helping patients abstain or moderate. Studies around the world have found that for those who are not severely alcohol-dependent, controlled drinking is possible. Advocates of the 12-step program reject these findings and continue to maintain that abstinence is the only remedy. 从A.A.创立后的近八十年以来,欧洲、香港及其他发达国家的临床医生运用各种不同的方法治疗酒精使用障碍。(研究人员觉得用“酒精使用障碍”比“酗酒”要好,前者可涵盖各种程度饮酒。)很多医生将不同的行为疗法与纳曲酮(naltrexone)和托口酯(topiramate)等抑制酒瘾的药物相结合。这两种药物均被明能够有效帮助病人戒掉或节制酒瘾。世界各地的研究发现,对酒精依赖不是很严重的人来说,控制性饮酒是有可能的。12步戒酒项目的倡导者对这些研究结果表示排斥,继续坚持认为戒酒是唯一的治疗方法。 For Joanna, wine was a nightly antidote for her pressure-filled job. It also provided a respite from a decade of depression after her parents#39; deaths. 对乔安娜来说,葡萄酒是晚上从压力重重的工作中解放的良药,它也能对自己自父母去世后已患十年的抑郁症起到缓解作用。 /201308/251049大理市附属医院妇科地址 According to MyHeritage.com, everyone has a little celebrity(1) inside. Largely meant for charting family trees(2) and as a genealogy(3) community, the Web site also boasts an addictive(4) face recognition technology that blurs(5) the boundary between the great unwashed(6) and the thoroughly groomed(7).To find out which celebrity you most resemble(8), download a photo of yourself, and you'll quickly receive a list of stars with similar facial features. The results, which can include men and women, are often surprising.In one trial, a white, goateed(9), middle-aged man came up as most resembling the young black comedian Chris Tucker — and onlookers(10) exclaimed, "You know, I can see that."The Israel-based site uses algorithms(11) to compare faces. From a database of 3,200 celebs, ten ranked results are provided, which can be quite disparate(12).This writer's famous twins included the comedian Ben Stiller, the economist John Maynard Keynes and the painter Georgia O'Keeffe. Which makes sense, since many of my friends think of me as a comedic (if womanly) painter, with a strong penchant(13) for governmental interventionist(14) fiscal policy(15).Whatever our differences, though, MyHeritage suggests we at least share some superficial(16) similarities. The lesson, as always, is that machines know us better than ourselves.In this way, MyHeritage resembles the music Web site Pandora.com, which functions as a personal DJ. Pandora can lead a listener to music they might not know, but are predisposed to(17) like.On Pandora, you plug in a band or artist — for example, Beck. After listening to his "Fourteen Rivers," Pandora next cues up Jackson C. Frank's "(Tumble) in the Wind," and continues with songs by the Microphones, Iron amp; Wine and Travis.And if Beck sounds like Travis, then I might as well look like Georgia O'Keeffe. 根据网站MyHeritage.com,每个人都多多少少有些明星相。MyHeritage.com之前主要帮助网民绘制家谱,是一个宗谱社区,现在推出了一项有趣的面部鉴定务,模糊了平民百姓和明星大腕之间的界限。为了找到和你相似的明星,你需要向网站发送一张自己的照片,很快你就能收到一张和你长相相似的明星列表。结果通常会令你震惊,里面也许有男有女。在一次尝试中,一位白皮肤、山羊胡子的中年男子的对比结果竟然是年轻的黑人喜剧演员克里斯·塔克。旁观者们惊呼:“你知道么,我觉得你们挺像的。”这家以色列网站利用计算程序对比脸部特征。它会从3200个风格迥异的名人中为你挑出前10名最相似的。与本文作者最为相似的明星有喜剧演员本·斯蒂勒、经济学家约翰·梅纳德·凯恩斯和画家乔治娅·欧基夫。这样的结果也不无道理,因为我的很多朋友都认为我是有女性气质的幽默画家,同时又有强烈的财政政策政府干涉主义倾向。无论我们有多么不同,MyHeritage说我们总还是有一些相似的。通常机器比我们自身更加了解自己。这样说来,MyHeritage和音乐网站Pandora.com很相似。Pandora就好像私人DJ,为听众选择可能陌生但多半会喜欢的音乐。你可以输入一个乐队或者艺术家的名字,例如贝克。听完他的《十四条河》,Pandora会为你播放杰克逊·C·弗兰克的《风中翻腾》,之后是麦克风、铁与酒和崔维斯乐队的歌曲。如果贝克听上去的确很像崔维斯,那么我长得也的确像乔治娅·欧基夫。 /200805/38137大理无痛人流医院那家好

大理哪家人流医院好Although French singer Edith Piaf defiantly sang that she would have no regrets, most people will look back and say ;if only; at many points in their lives。法国歌手伊迪丝·琵雅芙固执地唱出不留任何遗憾的心声,然而大部人往往对人生的某些节点“悔不当初”。But holding on to ;what might have been; can actually be detrimental to your health。然而这种“悔不当初”的心境却会有损健康。Scientists from Concordia University found that people who compared themselves to successful friends and neighbors caught more colds than people who did the same with those they considered worse off。康科迪亚大学的科学家发现那些惯于同成功的朋友邻居比较的人感冒的次数比那些习惯“比下”的人多。Lead author Dr Isabelle Bauer, said: ;Our study examined how younger and older adults cope with life regrets.;该研究的首席作者伊莎贝尔?鲍尔士称:“我们研究了各年龄阶段的成年人处理人生遗憾的方式。”;One common coping mechanism was through social comparisons, which can be both good and bad, depending on whether people think they can undo their regrets.;“其中一项共同的处理模式就是进行社会比较。然而比较是把双刃剑,关键在于人们是否认为能够消除这些遗憾。”;Generally if people compare themselves to those who are worse off, they#39;re going to feel better.;“一般说来, #39;比上#39;让人感觉更遗憾,#39;比下#39;则能舒缓情绪。”;When they compare themselves to people who are better off, it can make them feel worse.;“一般说来, #39;比上#39;让人感觉更遗憾,#39;比下#39;则能舒缓情绪。”The researchers asked 104 adults of various ages to complete a survey about their greatest regrets.研究人员让104名年龄各异的成人完成一项关于人生最大遗憾的调查。These ranged from not spending enough time with their family to having married the wrong person. Participants were then asked to report how the severity of their own regrets compared to the regrets of other people their age。遗憾包括与家人相聚时间太少,夫妻性格不合等。实验要求受试者根据同龄人的遗憾报告自己的遗憾程度。The scientists found those who regularly considered those less fortunate than themselves reported a positive effect on their emotional well-being。科学家发现那些经常和不及自己幸运的人比较的人心理情绪状态更为积极。Senior author Professor Carsten Wrosch, said: ;The emotional distress of regrets can trigger biological disregulation of the hormone and immune systems that makes people more vulnerable to develop clinical health problems - whether a cold or other potentially longer-term health problems. ;高级作家卡斯腾?霍什教授说:“心理遗憾导致的情绪压力会引发荷尔蒙和免疫系统紊乱,让人更容易出现临床健康问题,像感冒或者其他潜在的长期健康隐患。”Unlike findings from previous studies on the same topic, age did not determine how effectively people reconciled their life regrets。本次研究和以往类似话题的研究结果不同,年龄对人们如何处理人生遗憾并没有太大影响。Dr Bauer said: ;Moving on and being able to maintain good emotional well-being depends greatly on an individual#39;s opportunity to correct the cause of their regrets.;鲍尔士称:“能否出现遗憾仍积极生活并保持乐观情绪,很大程度取决于个人能否有机会纠正遗憾产生的原因。” /201302/227542大理民族医院检查白带多少钱 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:正反都能用,生活小妙招——咱这小日子,还真是缺不了这些小伎俩——特别鸣谢,发明这些妙招的生活达人们!!译者:koogle大理哪个医院看妇科最好

大理市巍山县治疗内分泌哪家医院最好的Talk on the phone while you're driving? Fix your makeup? Check e-mail? You're not alone.A survey shows 81 percent of Americans do more than drive when they're behind the wheel.More than eight of 10 people surveyed by Nationwide Mutual Insurance said they adjust the radio or music while they drive, while 73 percent talk on the phone, 68 percent eat, 19 percent send text messages and 5 percent checked their e-mail.Personal hygiene(1) was also a big driver distraction, with 19 percent fixing their hair, 12 percent putting on makeup and 2 percent shaving while at the controls of a car."Clearly Americans have much to do and little time to do it, so to cope with that we've become multi-taskers," said Bill Windsor, associate vice president of Safety at Nationwide."The problem with that is driving requires focus, and multi-tasking while driving puts you and your fellow drivers(2) at risk."Drivers in the survey also admitted to changing seats with passengers, watching a movie, painting their toenails(3), nursing a baby and putting in contact lenses(4) while driving.Younger drivers multi-task the most, the survey found, with 35 percent of 18-to-27 year olds saying they always multi-task in the car, compared to 21 percent of baby boomers.Windsor said the consequences for young drivers are severe, with car accidents being the number one cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 27."The bottom line is if it can be done in the kitchen, bathroom, office or bedroom, it should not be done in the car," Windsor said.While some U.S. jurisdictions(5) require hands-free devices for cellphone use in cars, most of the activities listed in the survey are not illegal unless they are determined to be the cause of an accident.The survey of 1,200 drivers between the ages of 18 and 60 found that while 83 percent believe they are safe drivers, 38 percent admitted they have driven a certain distance without any recollection of doing so. 驾车时候打电话?化妆?查阅电子邮件?这样做的并非只有你一个!一项调查显示,百分之八十一的美国人开车的时候都有“小动作”。超过五分之四的受测者承认他们在驾驶过程中调广播台或者音乐,百分之七十三的人打电话,百分之六十八的人吃东西,百分之十九的人发短信,百分之五的人查阅邮件。此调查由美国互助保险公司赞助主持。另一大分神行为是打理个人形象,百分之十九的人整理头发、百分之十二的人化妆、百分之二的人刮胡子。保险公司安全部副主席说:“显然美国人的时间入不敷出,只好同时处理多项事务。”“问题是开车需要精力高度集中,同时做其他的事情会置你和其他司机于险境。”受测司机还承认曾在驾驶中与乘客换座位、看电影、涂脚指甲、照看宝宝和戴隐形。年轻司机最会一心多用,18-27岁的司机中有百分之三十五承认他们驾驶时还做别的事情,六十年代生人中仅有百分之二十一。Windsor说年轻司机的做法会带来很严重的后果,车祸已经成为18-27岁美国青年的最大杀手。Windsor说:“能在厨房、浴室、办公室或者卧室做的事情就不要带到车上做。”尽管一些美国法律规定驾驶时必须使用“解放双手”式手机,但是这张调查问卷上提到的行为法律上都未作规定,除非这些行为成为事故主因。1200名受测者的年龄从18岁到60岁,虽然百分之八十三的人认为自己是安全司机,却有百分之三十八的人承认驾驶了好长一段距离后才能意识到自己在开车。 /200805/39978 Christmas is marked on the 25 December (7 January for Orthodox Christians).12月25日是圣诞节(东正教的圣诞节是1月7日)。圣诞节的故事:耶稣的诞生The Holy Family, Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus.圣母玛利亚、约瑟夫、婴儿耶稣Christmas is a Christian holy day that marks the birth of Jesus, the son of God.圣诞节是基督教的一个神圣节日。因为他标志着耶稣,上帝之子的诞生。Jesus#39; birth, known as the nativity, is described in the New Testament of the Bible.圣经新约记载了耶稣的出生,即耶稣诞生。The Gospels of Matthew and Luke give different accounts. It is from them that the nativity story is pieced together.马太福音和路加福音对耶稣诞生分别作了记载,基于这两者的记载,我们才有了流传到现在的耶稣诞生故事。 /201312/269907永平县人民医院官网南涧县顺产多少钱



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