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Trees breathe groundwater into the atmosphere as light mist.树木呼吸地下水以薄雾形态送到大气中。They form a canopy that alleviates the impact of heavy rains and protects the soil from erosion.它们形成遮篷缓和大雨的冲击并保护泥土免于流失。The forests provide the humidity that is necessary for life.森林为生命提供潮湿环境。They are the mother and father of rain.它们也是雨水的来源。The forests store carbon.树林储蓄碳。They contain more than all the Earth#39;s atmosphere.它们含碳的份量比大气都多。They are the cornerstone of the climatic balance on which we all depend.是我们赖以生存的气候平衡的基石。Trees provide a habitat for three-quarters of the planet#39;s biodiversity,that is to say,of all life on Earth.树木提供地球四分之三生物品种的栖息地。话句话说地球上所有生命。Every year, we discover new species we had no idea existed,insects, birds, mammals.每年我们都能发现一些未知的物种,昆虫、鸟类和哺乳动物。These forests provide the remedies that cure us.森林可以提供医治我们的药物。The substances secreted by these plants can be recognized by our bodies.我们的身体可辨认这些植物,分泌的物体。Our cells talk the same language.我们的细胞说同一语言。We are of the same family.我们是同一家族。Mangroves are forests that step out onto the sea.红树林是海岸边的森林。Like coral reefs, they are a nursery for the oceans.像珊瑚礁一样它们是海洋的托儿所。Their roots entwine and form a shelter for the fish and mollusks that come to breed.它们的根系缠绕着构成了鱼儿的庇护所并哺育软体动物。Mangroves protect the coasts from hurricanes,tidal waves and erosion by the sea.红树林保护海岸免于飓风,潮汐及海水的侵蚀。 Article/201410/338149

All cells of the body use vitamin A身体内所有细胞都利用维生素Ato regulate these events. Vitamin A helps调节这些活动,维生素A还帮助to form skin and mucus membranes and keeps them healthy.形成皮肤和粘膜,并使它们保持健康Skin and mucus membranes are important皮肤及粘膜对于in helping our bodies avoid infections帮助我们身体抵御感染十分重要and are found all over our bodies: eyes, mouth,而且遍布全身:眼睛,口腔respiratory tract, urinary tract and alimentary tract.呼吸道,尿道,以及消化道Carotenoids are dark colored dyes found in plant foods类胡萝卜素是一种在果蔬中的深色染料that can turn into a form of vitamin A.它可以转变成一种维生素AOne carotenoid is beta carotene有一种类胡萝卜素叫β-胡萝卜素which is an antioxidant which protects cells from damage它是一种抗氧化剂,能保护细胞免于伤害and oxidative stress and和氧化therefore helps with decreasing the risk of cancer.因此它能帮助降低患癌症的几率Vitamin A also plays a role维生素A也在调节in the regulation of the immune system.免疫系统中发挥着作用It may help in the development of a certain type of它可以促进一种white blood cell called lymphocytes which are essential叫淋巴球的白细胞的形成in fighting infections from viruses and bacteria.淋巴球对于抵御病毒和细菌感染有十分重要Vitamin A also maintains the cell维生素A也能维护that keeps up the membrane associated with the eyes眼睛and respiratory, urinary and intestinal tracts.及呼吸道,尿道,肠道的膜上的细胞When vitamin A is deficient these cells become damaged缺乏维生素A时,这些细胞就遭到破坏resulting in leaks in the membranes发生细胞膜渗漏through which bacteria can then enter and cause infection.细菌便会通过细胞膜进入导致感染The units of vitamin A that you will see reported include你们会看到,维生素A的单位包括both micrograms and international units or IUs.微克和国际单位,简称IUIUs are used because foods contain compounds使用国际单位是因为食物中含有that can be converted to vitamin A in the body.可以在人体内转化为维生素A的成分Beta carotene is the most abundant of these compounds.β-胡萝卜素,是这些成分中最多的About one third of the beta carotene我们摄入的β-胡萝卜素约有三分之一that we consume from foods is converted to vitamin A会被转化为维生素Atherefore IUs take into account the ability因此使用国际单位能of the human body to use these sources of vitamin A.将人类身体利用这些维生素A来源的能力考虑进来The daily recommended intakes for vitamin A19岁以上成年男子for adult males, 19 years of age and above,每日推荐的维生素A摄入量are 3000 IUs or 900 micrograms. For women为3000个国际单位或900微克,女性所需的the intake is lower, 2310 IUs or 700 micrograms.摄入量少些,为2310个国际单位或700微克Pregnant and lactating women have increased needs:怀的和哺乳期的女性需要更多:2565 IUs or 770 micrograms for pregnant women妇需要2565单位或770毫克and 4300 IUs or 1300 micrograms for lactating women.毫克,哺乳期女性需要4300国际单位或1300微克Here#39;s a list of good food sources for vitamin A.这里列出了含有维生素A的优质食物来源Green leafy vegetables and brightly colored orange绿叶蔬菜和颜色鲜亮的橙子and yellow vegetables are easy to remember以及黄色的蔬菜是很容易记住的as excellent sources of vitamin A.绝好的维生素A来源A sweet potato baked in its skin contains 24877 IUs一个带皮的烤红薯含有24877国际单位of vitamin A, mostly in the form of beta carotene.的维生素A,其中大多是β-胡萝卜素Even though this seems like a large amount of vitamin A尽管这看起来是很大量的维生素Athere is no evidence that food sources of vitamin A但是没有据表明含维生素A的食物can produce toxicity.会产生毒性As mentioned the body converts only a small amount像之前说的,人体仅将很少量的of beta carotene to the vitamin.β-胡萝卜素转化成维生素Here#39;s some more food sources of vitamin A.这里还有更多的一些含维生素A的食物As you can see green leafy vegetables你可以看到,绿叶菜是维生素A的are excellent sources of vitamin A.绝佳食物来源Look for really dark green vegetables such as spinach看看深绿色蔬菜,比如菠菜which contains about 7370 IUs of vitamin A含有大约7370国际单位的维生素Awhich makes up 150% of这相当于每日推荐the total daily recommended intake.摄入总量的150%Beef liver is also an excellent source of vitamin A牛肝也是一种绝好的维生素A的食物来源which contains 27185 IUs of vitamin A含有27185国际单位的维生素Aor 545% of the total daily recommended intake.相当于每日推荐摄入量的545%Egg yolks and fortified egg substitutes蛋黄和强化的鸡蛋替代品are also sources of vitamin A也含有维生素Aalthough not as high as liver尽管其含量没有肝脏and green leafy vegetables.和绿叶菜所含的多When using supplements be cautious of any that在使用补品的时候,要谨慎选择contain more than 200% of the RDA for vitamin A.任何含有超过200%每日推荐维生素A摄入量的补品As mentioned vitamin A is stored in the body之前提到过,维生素A会被贮存在体内and can be toxic.并且会产生毒性 Article/201507/384555


  Piet Mondrian ;Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue; 皮耶蒙德里安:《红、黄、蓝的构成》It#39;s so pure and it#39;s so perfectly composed, balanced, and abstracted. It just works, this painting.那如此纯粹、如此完美地组成、平衡、抽象化。它就是奏效了,这幅画作。We#39;re very excited to have this superb Mondrian painting coming up in a sale. It#39;s an absolutely quintessential example from the seminal period of Mondrian#39;s creative output.我们非常兴奋能让这幅极美的蒙德里安画作出现在拍卖上。这是蒙德里安创作产出的发展时期中一个完全典型的例子。It#39;s from 1927, The Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue. And here you see Mondrian with his classic, purest, abstract style, using the simple black, greige, and the three primary colors—his favorite combination—to a wonderful effect.这是1927年画的,〈红、黄、蓝的构成〉。这里你看到蒙德里安和他那经典、最纯粹的、抽象的特色,使用单纯的黑色、灰褐色,还有三原色--他最爱的组合--来达到完美的效果。We hardly ever see Mondrian at auction, and most of the major works are in the big international museums. And here we have—coming from a private European collection—a kind of perfect, exquisite example. This canvas is still in its original frame executed by Mondrian. And it#39;s coming to auction now in an excellent, original condition.我们几乎从未在拍卖上看到马德里安,且大部分主要的画作都在大型国际美术馆中。这里我们有了--从欧洲私人收藏来的--一种完美、精巧的例子。这幅油画仍安置在马德里安最初制作的画框内。而它现在以一种完美、最初的状态来到拍卖会。And it presents a real opportunity for colossal collectors to acquire a Mondrian, and that is very much a key, iconic work from the best of 20th century art.且它提供一个真正的机会给大批收藏家来得到马德里安的画,而那很大程度是二十世纪艺术精华中一幅重要、经典的作品。 Article/201501/351645。


  Why did the chichen cross the road?We may never know,since she probably never got to the other side,In the US alone,about a million animals are flattened by passing motorists each day-and that doesn#39;t count all the bugs!Animals are constantly confronted with barriers,some of them completely natural,and others that we build that are barely barriers at all.鸡为何要横穿马路?我们大概无从得知,因为牠很可能根本到不了路对面,仅美国,每天大概就有100万只动物被压扁在马路上,这还没算上虫子们,动物活在各种屏障之间,有些障碍物是天然的,有些则是人造的----大多是栅栏。As we build our own infrastructure,we#39;re also adding to this obstacle course without meaning to,and these unintentional fences are some of the most effective animal barriers out there.Roads are just the beginning.Take high-tension power lines,for example.They may look harmless to us,but many other creatures steer clear.在我们进行基础建设时,我们也无意中增加了障碍场所,这些无意建成的栅栏,成了最有效的动物屏障,道路仅仅是开始,以高压电线为例,它们于我们似乎是无害的,但是许多其他动物避开它们。We can#39;t say why for sure,but these animals#39; ultraviolet vision may mean that the UV flashes discharging from the cables make for a very scary sight.And even weirder stuff can get in animals way.Many hoofed mammals are hesitant to cross linear features ,like clear-cut corridors,pipelines-even rows of rocks or painted lines on the ground-leaving them psychologically stranded on one side or the other.我们无潮法准确说出个中缘由,但是这些动物的紫外视觉大概说明了,电缆释放的紫外光波在视觉上是超级可怕的,动物眼里的世界与我们有所不同,许多有蹄类动物会对穿过线性特征的东西产生迟疑,例如轮廓清晰的廊道,管道,甚至成排的岩石或是道路上的划线,它们会因为心理作用卡的两侧。While one stranded cow might not be a huge problem,if enough animals become isolated from food,mates,and protection,entire populations can dwindle and even disappear.One solution would be to get rid of all these obstacles,but we aren#39;t likely to give up roads,power,or pipelines any time soon.如果只是一只牛被困住,问题还不大,如果足够多的动物因此而与食物,伴侣和防护相隔离,那么整个种群就会减不甚至消失,解决办法之一就是去掉所有的障碍,但是短时间内我们不可能会放弃道路,电力或是管道。And even when we remove physical barriers,their stopping power can stick around.The ;Iron Curtain;between the Czech Republic and Germany was torn down more than 20 years ago,but red deer still won#39;t corss that divide.Generations of fawns learned to avoid the barbed wire fence,and even with it gone,the lessons live on.而且即使我们移除了物理障碍,阻滞力依然存在,捷克共和国和德国之间的;铁幕;,撤除已有20多年了,但是赤鹿(马鹿)依然不会穿过这条分水岭,一代代的小鹿学会了避开那道倒刺铁丝围栏,即使现在它消失了,经验教训依然还在。Luckily,a little ingenuity goes a long way in guiding animals over,under,or around the obstacies we put in their way.Just as a footbridge helps us cross dangerous roads,we can build overpasses that help deer,monkeys,and crabs do the same.Elephants go underneath,and we#39;ve even engineered salmon cannons to help fish sail past dams on their way upriver.好在,有个小妙思在引导动物,越过,爬过和绕过我们所设的障碍方面会大有帮助,就如人行天桥有助于我们穿行道路,我们可以建立天桥帮助鹿,猴子和螃蟹过马路,大象就走地下通道,另外再建立鲑鱼炮帮助鱼儿顺利通过上游的水坝。We can bridge mental barriers too,encouraging animals to cross obstacles that could otherwise psych them out.In the end,even if we don#39;t know why the chicken crossed the road,at least we can help her get there safely.我们还可以进行精神建设,鼓励动物穿过那些吓坏它们的障碍物,最后,虽然我们不知道鸡为何要过马路,但至少我们可以帮牠安全到达对面。 Article/201504/371203Who we talk to and when is just as important as what we say.我们的交谈对象和时间与交谈内容同样重要The key to avoiding this type of traffic analysis避开这种通讯分析的关键在于was to render the user effectively anonymous.给用户提供有效的匿名But he realised that wasn#39;t enough.但他意识到这还不够He wanted to build a secure network他想建立一个安全的网络and to do this he needed more anonymous users.为了达成这个目标 需要更多的匿名用户One cannot be anonymous alone.匿名不能独立存在One can only be anonymous relative to a set of people.相对于一群人来说 个体才能达到匿名效果The more anonymous users you can gather together in a network,在网络上聚集的匿名用户越多the harder it becomes for someone watching to keep track of them,监视者就越难追踪他们especially if they#39;re mixed up.尤其是当他们混在一起时And so a whole batch of input messages来自不同个体的from different people are shuffled大批输入信息搅在一起and then sent to another computer,再传送到另一台计算机then shuffled again and so forth,进行混合 如此反复and you can#39;t tell as an observer of the network网络监视者就无法辨别which item that went in corresponds to which item coming out.输入信息与输出信息的对应性重点解释:1.talk to 与 ... 说话例句:Don#39;t talk to me about that fellow.别跟我谈起那个家伙。2.relative to 关于例句:The teacher asked me some questions relative to my paper.老师问了我一些和我的论文有关的问题。3.a set of 一套例句:I want to buy a set of air conditioning.我想买一台空调。 Article/201701/489527Almost all animals with a spine yawn.Penguins do it as a mating ritual,snakes do it to realign their jaws after a meal and guinea pigs do it to display anger,So why exactly do humans yawn?And is yawning actually contagious?If you haven#39;t aly checked out our yawn-o-meter ,click here or use the link in the description to see how long you can last before yawning.几乎所有的有脊椎动物都会打哈欠。企鹅以此为求偶仪式 餐后蛇籍此来整理下颌 荷兰猪借此表达愤怒。那么人为什么要打哈欠呢?哈欠有传染性吗?如果你还没看过“哈欠耐力测试”这个视频,看看视频描述里的链接 看看你能坚持多久。If you are anything like us,you may have even yawned at the title of this .The truth is:the first time you yawned was likely as a fetus.Babies begin to yawn during the second trimester and though the reason why still unknown,it may have to do with proper brain development.In adults,yawns were commonly thought to draw more exygens into the lungs making you feel less tired,but new researches states that this may not be the case.如果你和我们一样,看到视频名字时可能就已经打哈欠了。其实 你第一次打哈欠应该是在胎儿时期。婴儿会在3-6月开始打哈欠,尽管原因尚不明了,但这可能和大脑发育有关。而成人打哈欠常被认为是要向肺部充入更多氧气,来缓解疲劳,不过,新研究却另有其词。Scientists now believe that yawning has developed a way of physiologically cooling your brain.Much like a computer,you brain work best at a certain temperature,and tries to avoid overheating.And it turns out,yawning increases your heart rate,blood flow and the use of muscles in your face,which are all essential to cool your brain.科学家认为,打哈欠是在通过生理的方式给大脑降温。和电脑一样,人脑也有特定的最佳工作温度,并且也会防止自身过热。事实上 打哈欠可以提升心率、血液流速、并动用脸上的肌肉。它对大脑降温来说都是必不可少的。On top of that,deeply inhaling cold air can alter the temperature of the blood in our head.But,why is your brain hot in the first place?Well,both exhaustion and sleep deprivation are known to increase overall brain temperature,which explains why yawning occurs more in these states.更重要的是,深呼吸冷空气 可以调整大脑内血液温度。不过,大脑原先怎么会过热呢?身心疲惫和睡眠缺乏都会导致大脑温度升高,这就解释了为什么这些情况下人更爱打哈欠。Researchers have even found participants who place warm packs on their heads yawn 41% of the time while watching others yawn,as opposed to 9% with a cold pack on their head,So if your head is aly cold,you will yawn less.But,what about contagious,or social yawning?Humans,primates,and even dogs finding yawning contagious and it#39;s most likely linked to empathy.Contagious yawning begins in children around the age of 4-5,and this is when empathetic behavior,along with the ability to identifying emotions,begin to develop.研究者发现,头上放了热水袋的参与者 在看其他 人打哈欠时 有41%的时候也会打哈欠,而头上放了冷水袋的只有9%。因此 大脑越“冷静” 哈欠就越少。不过 受他人传染的哈欠是怎么回事?人类 灵长类 甚至犬类都会被传染打哈欠 这很可能与“共情”有关。儿童在4-5岁的时候开始被哈欠传染,同一时期 同情性行为,以及辨识情绪的能力开始逐渐发育。In fact,children with empathy related disorders,such as autism,yawn less and response to s of people yawning comparing to other children.Research also suggest that you are more likely to copy the yawn of someone socially or genetically close to you.Even dogs are more likely to copy the yawns of their owner as opposed to the yawn of a stranger.事实上,患有与共情相关疾病的儿童,如自闭症,在观看打哈欠视频的时候 比其他孩子打哈欠更少。研究表明 当身边有亲人或者朋友打哈欠时 你更容易被传染。甚至相对于陌生人 更容易受主人哈欠的传染。Finally,mirror neurons also play a role,In our brain,mirror neuron fire when we perform a specific action view someone else doing the action,or even just hear someone talk about the action.They are important brain cells that are used for learning,self-awareness,and relating to others,When we view someone else yawn,the mirror neurons in our brain become activated in a similar way,and as a result we copy the yawn.最后,镜像神经元对此也有功劳。在我们大脑内 镜像神经元会在我们看到他人 做出特定动作时产生冲动,甚至仅在听别人说到动作时也会。它们是重要的脑神经细胞 作用于学习,自我意识,以及于他人相处。当我们看到其他人打哈欠时,大脑内的镜像神经元 进入类似的活跃状态 使得我们被传染 打了哈欠。So although yawning may occur in people who are literally hot-headed,contagious yawning allows us to be cool with the people around us.因此,头脑发热的人可能会打哈欠,传染性的哈欠也是让我们与周围的人冷静相处。 Article/201502/358711

  When it comes to pregnancy,在怀这一问题上the stakes will never be as high for men女性所承担的风险as they are for women,远远大于男性and with that comes a question of trust.从而也会引发信任问题I just don#39;t think they#39;d do it.我觉得他们不会吃药I think it#39;s something that men tend to rely我认为男人们更倾向于让女人吃药on women to do and take the responsibility of.让女人来承担这些责任 No offence, guys.无意冒犯 老兄们If you met somebody, a man, and he just said,如果说我遇见了一个男人 然后他说;Oh, it#39;s all right, I take the contraceptive pill,;没关系 我已经吃了避药I#39;m not sure I#39;d be willing to believe that.我不确定我会愿意相信他But then I dare say there#39;s不过我敢说some women that you can#39;t trust to take it.也有一些你不能相信的女人I don#39;t think it#39;s just men. Well, absolutely, yeah.我觉得不仅仅是男人 当然I#39;d probably be standing over him也许我会站在那里watching him take it so...看着他把药吃下去They can#39;t even put socks on in the morning, you know,他们连每天早上都穿袜子都无法保how are they going to take a pill at the same time every day?又怎么会每天在相同的时间吃药Pills don#39;t just affect our bodies.药物不仅仅影响我们的身体They can treat our minds,它们也会作用于我们的意识and sometimes finding a successful medicine for an illness有时 找到一种成功治疗病症的药物can even change the way we view ourselves.可以改变我们看待自己的方式Depression is a case in point.抑郁症就是其中的一个例子 Article/201502/360592栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201511/409748

  Full-scale invasion by Japan on July 7, 1937七七事变78周年纪念Tuesday marks the 78th anniversary of the beginning of China#39;s eight-year War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.今年的7月7日是抗日战争爆发78周年纪念日。On July 7th, 1937, a crucial access point to Beijing, Lugou Bridge, also known as Marco Polo Bridge, was attacked by Japanese troops.1937年的7月7日,对马可波罗桥, 即北京卢沟桥而言,日本军队袭击成为至关重要的转折点。Historians agree this signalled the beginning of Japan#39;s full-scale invasion of China, though Japan had invaded the northeast in September 1931.历史学家们认为这一事件标志着日本全面侵华的开始,尽管1931年9月日本就已开始入侵中国东北。Remembrance ceremonies will take place on Tuesday to mark the start of the War.周二将举行抗日战争的纪念仪式。Last year, Chinese lawmakers designated September 3rd as ;Victory Day; in the War of Resistance.去年,9月3日就被定为抗战胜利日。It#39;s the day after the Japanese government officially surrendered in 1945.因为1945年的这一天之后,日本政府宣布无条件投降。 译文属 Article/201507/384407



  栏目简介:Also at the Consumer Electronics Show, many wearable device developers are showing off their latest products. However, our reporter Yuan Chenyue found not everyone is interested in these devices#39; new functions. Article/201702/492622

  They were claiming that Michael organised a conspiracy to abduct children,他们指迈克尔组织成员绑架儿童to falsely imprison a family and to commit criminal extortion.并囚禁与勒索一家人And the other counts had to do with allegations of child molestation.其他的罪名则是儿童性侵相关These were serious allegations, the most ridiculous allegations.这些是很严重的指控 也很扯Anyone who knows Michael, Michael is not a paedophile.认识迈克尔的人都知道 他绝对没有恋童癖Mr Jackson has been booked into the countyjail.杰克逊先生已遭县立监狱申请收押He has since been released. He has posted the bail现在正假释中and he has been given an arraignment date.并也被告知开庭日lt bothered me because l was wondering how he was feeling我很担心 我一直在想他的感受and how he was dealing with it.与他如何面对这一切Michael used to always tell me, I#39;d rather slit my own wrist than to hurt a child.迈克尔曾跟我说过 我宁可自杀也不会伤害孩子#39;And here they are trying to accuse me但他们竟然控告我会伤害#39;of the thing that l love best, and that#39;s children,我最爱的东西就是儿童#39;accuse me of molesting them. #39;控告我性侵他们The more l looked at the facts, the more l conversed with him,我愈看手边的据 愈跟他谈话the more ridiculous these charges appeared.就愈觉得这些控诉很荒谬He just did not seem like the kind of person他根本就不像that could ever engage in this kind of behaviour.会有这些行为的人Mr sneddon was obsessed with taking down Michael Jackson.史奈顿先生 很偏执地想拖垮迈克尔·杰克逊My understanding is that in the mid-#39;90s, Mr Sneddon personaIIy traveIIed据我所知史奈顿先生 还曾在90年代中期to Australia and Canada, and perhaps other countries l#39;m not aware of,亲自飞往加拿大与澳洲 可能还有其他的国家to find witnesses against Michael Jackson.目的是寻找愿意指迈克尔·杰克逊的人He also arranged to have a website他还在圣巴巴拉县立警察局at the Santa Barbara County Sheriff#39;s Department设立了网站where they were looking for any witnesses or evidence against Michael.让民众提供人或物 Article/201510/406442

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