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45 seconds. One billion viewers. Oscar winners are given one of the largest platforms in the world for public speech. Here are some tips for how to write good acceptance speech.The Napkin(1) SpeechA repugnant(2) form of false modesty somehow the winners always end up pulling out some chicken scratch speech written on a lottery ticket or coaster(3). "Forgive me," one 2006 winner said, "I wrote this on my valet parking ticket(4)." I, for one, won't forgive you or anyone else who fumbles(5) for a piece of scrap paper and then mumbles incoherently(6) until the orchestra(7) starts playing. Where's your sense of show?Thanking Your AgentIf you don't thank everyone at CAA you might as well take that shovel from the hands of the golden statue and start digging your own grave. Or at least that's the common thought. Nowadays, people just rattle off(8) a bunch of studio heads. I say if you're going to give us a laundry list of names, at least out your 4th grade English teacher along the way, as Tom Hanks once did.When to pull out the tearsThis is a tough one. Tears can be moving or just plain distracting. It's all in the timing, so never cry before reaching the podium(9). Sniffling(10) is acceptable, and wiping tears is downright(11) encouraged, but if one of the presenters has to help you off stage, then your performance has gone too far. Also, and this is important, the supporting actor or actress should never cry. They're receiving an Oscar for being supportive, not for being a blubbery mess.Be Yourself, Even if That Self is ShallowWhen Cher won an Oscar for her role in "Moonstruck," she received a lot of flack(12) for showering her makeup artist, hairdresser, and assistant with thanks, while failing to mention her co-stars or director. While this may have been politically incorrect, at least she said what was on her mind, which is something that has been absent from Oscar speeches of recent memory.Never Underestimate the Appeal of Your MotherThanking your mom is a must. It's the only person to thank really. And talking about the sacrifices she made is even better. If she's in the audience, have her stand up. If this seems excessive, keep in mind that David Letterman has made a living off of exploiting his innocent mother on air.Phrases to avoid"Wow, this thing is heavy." Talk about the world's smallest violin. You just won an academy award, and the first thing you do is complain about how difficult it is to hold?"The list is too long." How many people want to be one in a long list of many? You might as well just thank "the little people.""The gold boy" This just sounds wrong. Isn't the nickname Oscar cute enough?"The man with the stick" This impolite term for conductor was coined by Julia Roberts. 45秒,一百万观众。奥斯卡获奖者能够登上世界上最宏大的演讲台。这里有一些写好获奖感言的建议。破纸片感言有些获奖者总是错误地表现自己的谦虚,当众拿出一张奖券或者杯子垫,上面写着蛛蛛爬般的感言。2006年一位获奖者说:“不好意思,我写在汽车罚款单上了。” 我不会原谅他或者任何获奖者摸索出一张破纸,吾吾地哼唧到音乐响起。您有没有点表演感?感谢你的公司如果你不感谢每位CAA人员,就如同接过小金人手中的铲子自掘坟墓。这是常识。如今,人们只是快速地背诵一连串工作室老板的名字。要我说,如果你真的要给出一箩筐人名,至少要参考Tom Hanks的感言,也说说四年级的英语老师。何时挥泪这点很难掌握。挥好了是感动,挥不好就只能让观众觉得迷惑。关键是何时挥,千万不要还没上台泪先洒。抽泣不错,能流出眼泪就更好了,但如果哭到需要人搀扶才能下台就过火了。还有一点也很重要,获奖配角不要哭。配角因为搭配优秀而获奖,而不是因为哭得一团糟。本色发言,即便本色很肤浅Cher凭借电影《Moonstruck》获奖发表感言后声名远扬,因为她感谢了化妆师,发型师和助理却没提合作明星和导演。虽然她犯了政策性错误,但至少说了真心话,这在近年的奥斯卡颁奖感言中很少见了。永远不要忽视妈妈感谢母亲是必须的,因为这是唯一一个真正应该感谢的。如果能说说她为你所作的牺牲就更好了。如果她在场,让她起身示意。如果你觉得这有些多余,看看David Letterman,他无辜的妈妈总被他拉上节目。需要避免的语言“喔,这东西真沉。”你在说世界上最小的小提琴么?你刚刚赢得一项奥斯卡大奖,要做的第一件事情就是抱怨拿着它有多困难?“名单真长啊。” 你知道有多少人想成为长名单中的一员么?不如你只感谢“小人”一个算了。“金男孩”。这听上去可不怎么样。难道Oscar这个昵称还不够可爱么?“拿棍儿的人”。这个对乐队指挥的戏称是Julia Roberts的专利。 /200805/39039。

I really appreciate it.我很感谢。You#39;re one in a million.你真是个大好人。You#39;re the greatest.你最棒了。Thanks to you (we made it on time.)都要多谢你(我们才能准时完成)。I couldn#39;t have done it without you.若是没有你,我不可能做到。I#39;m truly grateful for your help.我非常感激你的帮助。Your help is greatly appreciated.非常感激您的帮助。 (很正式!)I#39;d like to express my gratitude.我要表达我诚挚的谢意。 (相当正式!) /201305/240541。

Each one of us has some risk for becoming depressed. For some the chance might be remote, while for others it can be almost inevitable。我们每个人都有一定程度的抑郁风险。对于有些人来说,机会很小;对于另一些人来说几乎不可避免。We all have our own vulnerabilities for depression, based on our life experiences, health conditions, substance use, and genetic predisposition. A person#39;s risk for becoming depressed at some point in his or her life ranges from low to high, based upon the interaction of all of these factors。对于抑郁,我们都有各自的薄弱点,这些可能和人生经历、健康情况、物质滥用和遗传易感性有关。在这些因素的共同作用下,一个人一生中的抑郁风险有高有低。A good general way to think of the factors that lead to depression is with the two-hit hypothesis. This model suggests that people become depressed when the effects of their genetic composition—which itself puts them somewhere on a scale of low-to-high likelihood of eventually developing depression—combine with stressful life experiences。采取“两步假设法”可以从宏观上了解这些因素是怎样导致抑郁的。这个模式认为,在基因组成(其本身也对产生抑郁影响有高低之分)和充满压力的生活的共同作用下,人们就抑郁了。Even those individuals with a low genetic tendency for depression can become depressed when they experience extreme stress. On the other hand, people with strong genetic predispositions may become depressed without experiencing much stress. Naturally, the people with both high stress and strong genetic predispositions are the most likely to have a depressive disorder。即便一个人抑郁的遗传倾向程度低,但是处于极度压力下的时候,这人也会抑郁;同样,抑郁的遗传倾向程度高的那些人,即使没处于压力环境中,也可能抑郁。自然地,那些高压力、高(遗传)基因易感性的人患抑郁症的可能性最大。While the two-hit hypothesis is useful conceptually, making predictions for particular individuals is still a challenge. For example, because of their psychological characteristics, people respond to stress in different ways. Plus, the genetics of depression is not as simple as something like eye color。虽然这“两步假设法”理论上行得通,可是要预测特定个体,依然是一个挑战。例如,心理特征不同的人对压力的反应不同。另外,抑郁的基因可不像决定眼睛颜色的基因那么简单。What stressful conditions might contribute to someone developing depression?有哪些充满压力的环境能让人们抑郁呢?emotional or physical abuse, especially when it continues over long periods身心虐待,尤其是长期的sexual abuse性虐待emotional and physical neglect情绪或身体被忽视chaotic home environment混乱的家庭环境chronic illnesses, especially during childhood慢性疾病,尤其是在儿童时期substance abuse, including alcoholism物质滥用,包括酗酒chronic insomnia and sleep deprivation长期失眠和睡眠剥夺How can stress early in life affect mood and brain functioning later on? There are several theoretical possibilities. One is that stress hormones influence the development of key areas of the brain related to mood and emotions。人生早期的压力对随后的情绪、大脑运作有何影响?有一些理论对此进行了解释。其中一个理论认为压力荷尔蒙会影响和情绪、情感有关的关键大脑区域的发育。Is there a depression gene?有一种“抑郁基因;吗?The genetics of depression are complex and not yet fully understood. A single depression gene locus has not been found; rather, several sections of the genome have been identified that are associated with a higher probability of having depression。有关抑郁的基因研究很复杂,还没有被人们完全了解。尚未找到一个单一的抑郁基因位点;不过,已经发现一些基因组,它们和较易导致抑郁You are at higher risk for depression if ...下面的情况出现时,出现抑郁的风险更大....you have had significant difficulty due to depression in the past抑郁曾为你带来巨大的困扰depression runs in your family, especially in close blood relatives有抑郁家史,尤其是近亲中you have been exposed to chronic stressful circumstances长期处于压力大的环境中If you think that you are at high risk for depression, you should be alert for early signs of any symptoms of a mood disorder and you should then talk with your mental health specialist about possible treatments. Early treatment can have both short- and long-term benefits。如果你认为自己是以为高抑郁风险者,那么对任何情绪紊乱的早期症状都要警觉,和心理健康专家探讨如何治疗。及早治疗会带来短期和长期的好处。Of course, if you aly have severe depressive symptoms, then seek help right away. If you are feeling suicidal, talk with someone about it immediately and consult your doctor, or else get to an emergency room fast。当然,如果你已经有严重的抑郁症状,那么应寻求正确的帮助。如果你感到有自杀倾向,立刻和某个人说一说,咨询你的医生,或迅速前往急诊室。Consider, too, the risks of your family and friends. You might play an important role in helping them get early treatment to prevent worse symptoms in the future。同样,要考虑家人和朋友的抑郁风险。在帮助他们及早治疗、预防恶化的过程中,你可能会起到重要的作用。 /201304/235561。

When airline customers try to choose seats while purchasing tickets, what they see may not be what they can get.许多飞机乘客喜欢在购票的同时选择座位,但所见和所得并不相同。Airlines routinely block coach seats for a variety of reasons, reducing the pool of available seats to reserve free of charge in advance when you book a trip.基于诸多因素,航空公司常会锁定一些经济舱座席,这使得人们在预定机票时可以提前免费预留的座位有所减少。On many flights now, 30% to 40% of coach seats are held back by the airline for premium customers, people with special needs or available only for a fee. Facing what look like, but often aren#39;t, high odds of getting a lousy seat at check-in, sitting apart from children or even getting bumped from an overbooked flight, many travelers feel pressured to pay for a reserved seat.如今在许多航班上,航空公司会为贵宾乘客和有特殊需求的乘客预留30%到40%的经济舱座位,普通乘客预定则需要付费。面对可能出现的情况(可能性看似很高,其实通常来说并非如此),例如办理登机时被分配到糟糕的座位、和自己的孩子分开坐甚至由于航班超额预定而坐不上这趟飞机,许多旅客倍感压力而选择付费订座。That pressure has increased as airlines have expanded the number of seats they block from early assignment and added more rows of extra-legroom coach seats, which are offered free or at a discount to elite-level frequent fliers but sold to others. Airlines say all the seats they block or assign for a fee are opened up shortly before departure and customers without advanced seat assignments almost always get accommodated. There is a higher risk of getting involuntarily bumped off flights if you don#39;t have a seat assignment, but it is rare.如今这种压力更大了,因为航空公司将更多座位划分在了可提前预留的范围之外,并增加了多排加长了伸腿空间的座位,这些座位会免费或打折提供给贵宾常旅客,而向普通旅客则需要收费。航空公司表示,他们锁定的或者收费的座位都会在起飞前不久全部开放,没有优先分配座位的乘客一般总还是会得到安置。此时如果没分到座位,坐不上这趟航班的风险更高,不过这种情况很少见。Doug Berg, a frequent business traveler from Detroit, was surprised to see the only spots open in coach were Economy Plus seats with extra legroom for a ed Airlines flight from Denver to Spokane, Wash., in May. He had a seat for his Detroit-to-Denver leg, but didn#39;t realize his travel agent hadn#39;t been able to reserve a seat for the flight to Spokane until he went to check in online and print boarding passes.道格·伯格(Doug Berg)来自底特律,商务出行非常频繁。5月份他搭乘美国联合航空(ed Airlines)的航班由丹佛飞往华盛顿斯波坎(Spokane),他惊讶地发现,经济舱内开放的都是拥有加长伸腿空间的豪华经济舱座席。在从底特律到丹佛的航程中,他订到了一个座位,但直到他在线办理登机并打印登机牌时,才知道旅行代理人未能帮他在飞往斯波坎的航班上预留座位。Worried he might get bumped, which would have been a huge problem, since it was a night flight and he had to be at work at 7 a.m. the next day, he paid ed an extra to reserve an Economy Plus seat.他很担心自己会无法登机,这将是个大麻烦,因为那是夜间航班,而他必须在第二天早上七点开始工作。于是他多付了44美元预定了豪华经济舱的座位。At the airport, kiosks showed lots of available free seats in the economy section of the Boeing 737. At the gate, Mr. Berg polled fellow passengers about when they got their seat assignment and learned many reserved coach seats a few hours before departure. Mr. Berg felt ripped off because it appeared ed had created an artificial shortage.到了机场,自助值机台显示这架波音737客机的经济舱仍有大量可免费预定的空座位。在登机口,伯格询问同行的乘客何时被分配到座位,得知许多人都是在起飞前几小时预定了经济舱座位。伯格感觉自己被敲诈了,因为美联航似乎是人为制造了座位短缺的假象。#39;Either seats are available or they are not, #39; he said. #39;It frosted me having paid a fee to get an assigned seat to ensure I would get to Spokane while there were seats in my class available.#39;他说:“座位无非就是有空没空两种状态。在我的舱位有空座的情况下,我被迫花钱选座以确保自己能到达斯波坎,这很让人寒心。”Mr. Berg wrote to ed to complain and the airline responded saying if he sent documentation, the airline would refund the .伯格写信向美联航投诉,该公司回复说如果他发来明文件,公司将退还44美元。I had a similar experience on a recent ed Express regional jet flight. At booking, no seats were available to reserve. Two days before departure, two Economy Plus seats became available, and I paid to grab one. The next day, 24 hours before departure, 10 seats opened for free seat assignment.最近我乘坐美联航快运(ed Express)的一趟线航班也有相似的遭遇。订票时,没有座位可供预定。出发前两天,有两个豪华经济舱的座位可以预定,我花了39美元抢到一个。第二天,也就是起飞前24小时,又有了10个免费分配的座位。ed says customers with tickets but no seat assignment almost always get seats at check-in. Seats without extra legroom open up as customers decide to pay the fee for Economy Plus and elite-level customers get upgraded to first class or to Economy Plus. Silver-level frequent fliers, for example, don#39;t get Economy Plus seats free of charge until 24 hours before departure. As they get moved to open Economy Plus seats, #39;traditional#39; coach seats open for passengers without seat assignments.美联航说,订票未订座的乘客一般都会在值机柜台分到座位。当有乘客决定付费预定豪华经济舱座位、贵宾乘客升级至头等舱或豪华经济舱时,常规空间的座位就会开放。以银卡常旅客为例,他们在起飞前24小时才会免费获得豪华经济舱座位。随着这些人的座位移至豪华经济舱,“常规”经济舱座位就会开放给没有分配到座位的旅客。On average, ed says, 22% of its economy seats are Economy Plus. But that runs up to 40% on some planes. When there is little demand for Economy Plus, a significant percentage of passengers may face the anxiety of no seat assignment.美联航表示,他们平均22%的经济舱座位是豪华经济舱,但在有些飞机上会达到40%。当豪华经济舱的需求很小时,相当一部分乘客可能就得因为座位分配问题而焦虑了。#39;In the hugely overwhelming majority of situations, people will get a seat assigned before departure, #39; ed spokesman Rahsaan Johnson said.美联航新闻发言人雷萨恩·约翰逊(Rahsaan Johnson)说:“在绝大多数的情况下,乘客在出发前都能分配到座位。”American Airlines blocks a large number of coach seats, both with extra legroom and without, to make them available to customers with top-level status in its frequent-flier program on every flight. Those seats show up on seat maps as occupied for customers without elite status, leading them to conclude seats are scarce. This prompts a portion of them to pony up.美国航空(American Airlines)在每架航班上锁定了大量经济舱座位,不仅有加长空间座位,也有常规座位,以便提供给常旅客计划中的高级别乘客。对于非高级别乘客来说,这些座位在座位图上显示已被占用,令他们认为座位紧缺。这促使他们中的一部分人加钱选座。Two weeks before its July 16 departure, American Flight 34 from Los Angeles to New York showed only two middle seats in the back of the airplane available, plus 11 Preferred seats岸regular coach seats toward the front without extra legroom岸available for a .44 fee. Logging in with elite status, however, showed the same flight had far more regular coach seat availability. Flight 34 actually had 12 open window seats and nine open aisle seats.7月16日由洛杉矶飞往纽约的美国航空34号航班在出发前两周只显示后排有两个中间的座位有空,外加11个预定费用56.44美元的受欢迎座位──靠前而无加长伸腿空间的经济舱座位。以贵宾身份登录系统,则显示同一航班上有多得多的经济舱座位可供选择:实际上有12个靠窗的座位和九个靠过道的座位。A week later on Tuesday, the seat map available to non-elites showed only one available middle seat, 38E, in the back of the Boeing 767-200, plus the same 11 Preferred seats at .44 each. But elite-level customers saw a total of 41 of 128 coach seats empty.一星期后的星期二,非贵宾身份登录后的座位图显示,在这架波音767-200型飞机上,只剩后部的一个中间座位38E,以及同样的每个需收费56.44美元的11个受欢迎座位。但是贵宾级别的乘客看到的是128个经济舱座位中的41个都有空余。American says it doesn#39;t think blocking open seats from view pressures customers into paying for extra-legroom or Preferred seats. The number of seats blocked for elite-level customers varies with demand and #39;a large percentage of specific seat assignments are still available to all customers at no additional cost, #39; spokeswoman Cameron King said. #39;And for our customers who value additional legroom, a certain type of seat or the ability to reserve a specific seat, we have made products available for them as well.#39;美国航空公司说他们并不认同在显示图中锁定空余座位会迫使乘客购买加长空间的座位或者受欢迎座位。其新闻发言人卡梅伦·金(Cameron King)说,为贵宾乘客所保留的座位数量因需求而异,“大部分特定区域的座位仍向所有乘客开放而无需额外付费。至于那些喜欢加长空间的乘客,我们同样为他们打造了特定产品,让他们能够选择特定类别的座位或者提前预定某一个座位。”Unlike American, Delta Air Lines shows the Preferred seats it has held back for elite customers, but doesn#39;t allow regular customers to book them until 24 hours before departure. At that time, Preferred seats are offered for a fee to nonelite-level customers.与美国航空不同,达美航空(Delta Air Lines)会在图上显示为贵宾乘客预留的受欢迎座位,但直到起飞前24小时才允许普通乘客预定。那时,受欢迎座位会收费提供给非贵宾乘客。US Airways also blocks seats for elite-level customers and labels them Preferred. The airline sells what it calls Choice seats in rows near the front of the cabin for to one-way that don#39;t have extra legroom but do have early boarding privileges. On the whole, US Airways says 9.5% of its coach seats are labeled Choice. Preferred, Choice and exit-row seating, which is sometimes sold for a fee, account for an average of 30% of coach seats on the airline#39;s planes.全美航空(US Airways)同样为贵宾乘客锁定部分座位,并标为受欢迎座位。这家航空公司销售所谓的“精选座位”,这些经济舱座位单程售价为五至99美元、靠近机舱前部、没有加长空间但可以优先登机。全美航空表示,总体来看,有9.5%的经济舱座位被标为精选。受欢迎座位、精选座位和靠近逃生门的座位平均占据机上座位的30%,有时会收费提供。Those seats open up to customers without seat assignments who don#39;t want to pay starting 24 hours before departure, US Airways said.全美航空还说,那些座位会在起飞前24小时开放给还没有安排座位、不愿付费的乘客。Consider US Airways Flight 12 from Phoenix to New York on Wednesday. Two days before departure, a seat map showed only 12 Choice seats available for purchase. A day later, less than 24 hours before departure, nine coach seats, five of them middle seats, were available free of charge. Also, 11 Choice seats remained and two exit-row seats opened.以全美航空7月10日由菲尼克斯飞往纽约的12号航班为例,出发前两天,座位图显示只有12个精选座位可供付费选择。一天后,也就是起飞前24小时,九个经济舱座位免费提供,其中五个是中间座位。同时还剩余11个精选座位和两排靠近逃生门的座位开放供选择。 /201309/255775。

A shoplifter was caught red-handed trying to steal a watch from a jewelry store. ;Listen,; said the shoplifter, ;I know you don#39;t want any trouble either. What do you say I just buy the watch, and we forget about this?;一个小偷在一家珠宝店企图偷走一只手表的时候被当场擒获。“听着,”小偷说,“我知道你们也不想惹麻烦。我把这只表买下,然后我们就当什么也没发生,你看怎样?”The manager agreed and wrote up the sales slip. The crook looked at the slip and said, ;This is a little more than I intended to spend. Can you show me something less expensive?;经理表示同意,然后列了一张售货单。小偷看着单子说道:“这比我最初的预算稍稍高了一点。你们还有没有便宜一点儿东西。; /201303/229694。

Every family has special holiday traditions. Whether your holiday is almost fully planned, or you are still working to develop some of your own family traditions, here are 3 fun Christmas activities for everybody in the family.每家每户都有自己的节日风俗。无论你已经把节安排的活动满满,抑或你仍在绞尽脑汁挖掘些只属于你们自己的风俗,这里列举了3个适合家人一起庆祝的圣诞节的活动,希望可以受到你的青睐。1. Stocking Stuffers圣诞节小礼物Exchanging stocking-stuffers is one of most people#39;s favorite Christmas traditions. Everyone in the family is required to buy a small present for every other person in the family and put it in his/her stocking. As an added twist, you can turn this into a game where everyone must guess who they think gave them the various items in their stocking.交换圣诞礼物是许多人最喜欢的圣诞节风俗之一。家族的每个成员都要给其他所有人买一份小礼物然后放到他或她的袜子里。作为附加环节,你可以直接将这个衍生为游戏,让每个人猜猜谁是每个礼物的主人。2. Share Your Favorites分享最爱This is a really fun activity to do while eating dinner or while sitting around the fire drinking homemade gourmet coffee. Simply share some of your Christmas”favorites” – whether memories, gifts, or songs – with family and friends. Take turns, or turn this into a game where people try to guess your favorite in a certain category. This game provides a wonderful opportunity for people to get to know each other better.这个有趣的游戏非常适合在聚餐或者大家围坐在炉火旁喝着自制的美味咖啡一同享受美好时光时进行。只是简单的分享一些你关于圣诞节的“最爱”——无论是记忆、礼物还是歌曲——只要是和家人和朋友一起的一切。轮流分享或者直接作为游戏来进行,给大家某个特定的范围让他们来猜。这个游戏为让你们更好的了解彼此提供了绝佳的机会。3. Go Traditional回归传统Christmas technically starts on Christmas day and is celebrated for the following twelve days. The four weeks prior to Christmas day are known as Advent, a time of expectant waiting for the Nativity of Jesus on Christmas day. Traditionally, Advent is more penitential than celebratory. As a result, some families do not decorate until Christmas actually arrives. Consider taking the more traditional route with your family, and wait to do all of your Christmas decorating until Christmas Eve or Christmas day.传统来说,圣诞节从圣诞节当天开始连续庆祝12天。圣诞节前的四周被成为“降临节”,这段时间用来等待耶稣在圣诞节降临并根据传统人们需要进行忏悔、所以,一些家庭选择直到圣诞节到来才进行装饰。 如果考虑要和家人度过一个更传统的一天,就等到圣诞节前夜或当天再装饰吧。 /201312/268621。