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商务英语必备1000字 3bounce  v. 跳(票)  Oh no! My check to City Supermarket bounced!  喔,糟了!我开给城市超市的票跳票了!  cashier's check  本票  Pre-payment with cashier's check or money order is accepted  预付款用本票或汇票都可以。  check  n. 票  I don't have cash. Can I write you a check?  我没有现金,可以开票给你吗?  clearing house  票据交换所;清算所  A clearing house is an office where banks exchange checks and drafts.  票据交换所是交换票、汇票的地方。  endorse  v. 背书  Can you endorse the back of the check, please?  可以麻烦你在票背面签名背书吗?  financial institution  金融机构  Many big financial institutions raised their interest rates today.  许多大型金融机构都在今天升息。  mature  v.(定存、票据等)到期  When does my CD mature?  我的定存何时到期?  money order  汇票  Can I pay with money order?  我可以用汇票付款吗?  paycheck  n. 薪资票  The HR assistant distributes employee paychecks every month.  人资部助理每个月会分发员工的薪资票。  postdated check  远期票  I'm sorry. We don't accept postdated checks.  抱歉,我们不收远期票。  stop payment  止付  My father called the bank to stop payment on the check.  我父亲打电话到止付那张票。  traveler's check  旅行票  In what denominations would you like the traveler's checks?  你要哪种面额的旅行票? /200708/16476

hard coin 大笔的钱(俚语) 英文释义 Slang expression describing large amounts of money. 例句 My friend is earning some hard coin with his popular new business, and he will soon buy a new house and a luxury car.我朋友通过做热门生意赚了大钱,他很就要买一套新房子和一部豪车了。 /201307/249979

一位新员工由于工作失误导致公司损失了一个很重要的客户。今天下午公司要开例会,Catherine在上午下班时提醒这位新员工说:Bite your tongue if the the boss says something you don't like, or you may get fired. Bite your tongue. 你要保持沉默。bite是“咬”的意思,bite your tongue字面意思就是“咬紧舌头”,而其真正意义则是“强忍住不说,强迫自己保持沉默;保持缄默”。汉语里咬嘴唇给人的感觉就是默不作声,闷声不响,而到了英语里则变成了咬舌头。所以在老板生气的节骨眼上,最好劝一下挨批的同事:You'd better bite your tongue when the boss is angry. Benjamin: I think I will be criticized openly in tomorrow's conference.本杰明:我想我会在明天的大会上当众挨批。Todd: Bite your tongue if the boss says something you don't like during the meeting, or you may get fired.托德:大会上如果老板说了不中听的话,你要保持沉默,否则可能被解雇的。背景音乐:The Best of Both Worlds◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎in the works 进行中(非正式)英文释义Being done at this time; in progress; under way.例句Our plan to move into new offices next month is in the works, and we don’t anticipate any problems.我们下个月搬进新办公室的计划正在进行中,预计不会出任何问题。 /201309/253738

第一句:Ill let him know.我会转达的。A:I wonder if you could give Mr. Wang a message for me.能否请您帮我给王先生留个言?B:Yes, certainly.好的,当然可以。A:There will be a very urgent meeting at 3 oclock this afternoon and I would like him to attend.下午3点有个紧急会议,希望他参加。B:Ill let him know.我会转达的。第二句:Shall I ask him to call you when he is free?我让他有空给您回电话,好吗?A:I dont think the meeting will go on much longer. Shall I ask him to call you when he is free?我想会议不会开得太久,我让他有空给您回电话,好吗?B:Yes, that would be nice.那样最好了。A:Could I have your phone number, please?能告诉我您的电话号码吗?B:Yes. 021-64358796.好的。021-64358796。知识延伸:得体的回答:来电应在第二声铃响之后立即接听,在礼貌问候对方之后应主动报出公司或部门名称以及自己的姓名,切忌拿起电话劈头就问:“喂,找谁?”其他表达法:Youll be hearing from Mr. Green later in the morning then, Mr. Smith.史密斯先生,上午晚些时候格林先生会打电话给您。 /201206/187479Why is there is a long gap in your employment history?为何你的工作经历中有一段很长的空白期?Between my first and second jobs,I decided to take a year off to travel around the world.在第一份和第二份工作之间,我决定休息一年,到世界各地走走。I backpacked from Asia to Africa and to Latin America,visiting more than 60 countries.从亚洲到非洲,再到拉丁美洲,我走过60多个国家。It was a great experience,probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience.那是一次很棒的经历,也许是一生仅有一次的美好经历。I met so many interesting people from all over the world and made some great friends.我遇见许多来自世界各地的有趣的人,也结交了一些好朋友。Im still in touch with some of them after three years.如今已过了三年,我仍然与其中几位保持联系。Intercultural communication skills are among those I acquired during the trip and helped termendously in my current job.不同文化之间的沟通技巧是我旅行中的一项收获,对于现在的工作很有帮助。I am sure that it will help me with this new position as well.我相信对这个新职位也会有所助益。 /201310/260563

1.Can you lend me that book for a few days?  你能把那本书借给我几天吗?  重点词语:lend n.(短期)贷款 vt.借给,贷(款)  商务用语:lend money at interest 有息贷款  2.People have been punished for less.  人们因小事而受到惩罚。  重点词语:less adv.较少地,不及 n.较小 adj.少的  商务用语:less favourable currency 弱币  less privileged country 条件差的国家  3.I was level with my friend in the examination;we got the same number of marks.  我和我的朋友考试成绩一样,我们所得分数相同。  重点词语:level adj.齐平的,水平的;主持 n.水平,标准  商务用语:level annuity 定额年金  level off 达到平衡或稳定  4.The factory lies to the west of town.  工厂位于小镇西边。  重点词语:lie n.谎话,谎言 vi.位于 vt.说谎  商务用语:black lie 用心险恶的谎言  5.He devoted his whole life to the study of science.  他把一生献给了科学研究。  重点词语:life n.一生,生活,生命  商务用语:product life 产品寿命  life annuity 终身年 /200811/56400F:Where is the boss? I need him to sign a few documents. I checked in his office,but he is not there. Is he out of the office now? M:Yes. Today is Tuesday,so the boss went off to his MBA seminar class. He is out of the office every Tuesday and Thursday mornings,and he has classes all day Saturday and Sunday. F:What's he studying? M:He is finishing up a special continue education program for executives. He can continue working,taking a few of classes here and there,and in 2 years he will complete his MBA. F:Sounds like a tiring schedule.He’s probably got a lot of homework too,eh? M:The classes have him out of the office,so that is stressful for him. But as far as homework goes,it is a breeze for him. F:Why is that? M:He just has his secretary do his homework for him. /11/90060

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