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2019年08月22日 05:13:35

Bush Praises Ukraine Democracy, Calls for Path to NATO Membership布什称美国坚定持乌格加入北约  U.S. President George W. Bush says he strongly supports a bid by Ukraine and Georgia to start the process of NATO membership. The comments came during a stop in Kyiv on his way to the NATO summit in Romania. 美国总统布什表示,他强力持乌克兰与格鲁吉亚申请加入北大西洋公约组织。布什总统是在前往罗马尼亚出席北约峰会途中,停留基辅时做出以上表示。After a formal arrival ceremony, complete with military honor guard and red carpet, President Bush and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko got down to business in the Ukrainian capital. 在经历了包括军礼和红地毯的官方欢迎仪式后,布什总统与乌克兰总统尤先科在乌克兰首都基辅展开会谈。They met for several hours, first alone and then with top aides. Topping the agenda was Ukraine's bid for a NATO membership plan, or MAP 双方会谈长达几个钟头,从开始的两人会谈到后来双方高层官员也加入,首要议题就是乌克兰加入北约的“成员国行动计划”。"My position is absolutely solid. Ukraine and Georgia should be given MAP," he said. 布什总统说:“我的立场非常坚定,乌克兰与格鲁吉亚应该获得北约成员国身份。”At a joint news conference, Mr. Bush praised Ukraine's young democracy, and said if the alliance gives the Ukrainians a set of guideposts for membership it will bolster efforts to implement reforms. 在联合记者会上,布什总统称赞乌克兰是年轻的民主国家,并表示如果盟国能提供乌克兰通往成员国的清楚指标,将有助于落实乌克兰的改革。"Your nation has made a bold decision and the ed States strongly supports your request," said Mr. Bush. 布什总统说:“乌克兰做出大胆的决定,美国强力持你们。”President Yushchenko will personally make the case for membership in NATO to alliance members later this week in Romania. But observers say the chances that Ukraine and Georgia, which has also put in a bid, will win approval in Bucharest are slim. 这个星期晚些时候尤先科将在罗马尼亚向各成员国提出加入北约的申请。但是观察家认为,乌克兰与格鲁吉亚能够在布加勒斯特得到加入许可的机会微乎其微。Russia is vehemently opposed to the further eastward expansion of NATO to two large former Soviet Republics.  俄罗斯坚决反对北约向东欧扩展到这两个前苏联成员的国家。President Bush says Russia does not have a veto on the issue. And he strongly rejects the suggestion that he struck a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin to soften the U.S. stand on NATO expansion in exchange for concessions on plans to build a missile-defense system in Europe. 但布什总统说,俄罗斯在这个问题上并没有否决权。他也反驳有关美国与俄罗斯总统普京达成协议,美国将减少对北约扩张的持,以换取俄罗斯同意在欧洲建立一套导弹防御系统的说法。"That is a misperception. I strongly believe that Ukraine and Georgia should be given MAP," said Mr. Bush. "And there is no trade-offs, period!" 布什总统说:“那是错误的理解。我坚决相信乌克兰与格鲁吉亚应该获得北约成员国身份,没有所谓的交换条件,就是如此。”The president also says his administration is working hard to convince other NATO countries that it is in their interests to bring the two former Soviet Republics into the fold. Several alliance members, France and Germany, have indicated they do not believe Ukraine and Georgia are y to be put on a membership path. 布什也表示,美国政府正努力说其他成员国,这两个前苏联国家的加入是符合大家利益的。包括法国,德国在内的几个盟国已经表示,他们不认为乌克兰与格鲁吉亚已经就加入北约做好准备。Objections are also being raised in some quarters here in Ukraine, especially in the ethnic Russian community. In a series of stops in Kyiv after his formal talks, Mr. Bush tried to reach out to the Ukrainian people. 就连在乌克兰内部也有一些反对声音,特别是在俄罗斯人社区里,布什总统在发表正式声明后也到基辅各地拜会,试图说乌克兰群众。He visited the historic St. Sophia's Cathedral, and went to a memorial to victims of a mass famine in 1933. He also stopped at a public school where teenagers involved in an AIDS awareness project, put on a play. 布什总统到历史悠久的圣索菲亚教堂,出席一场纪念1933年大饥荒死难者的仪式。他也参观了一所公立学校,观赏由参与艾滋病关注项目的学生所演出的话剧。The president's stay in Ukraine lasted less than 24 hours, enough time to signal his support for the NATO bid and Ukrainian democracy before heading off to Bucharest and the alliance summit.  布什总统在乌克兰只停留不到24小时,但已足够让他在前往布加勒斯特参加北约峰会前,表达对乌克兰民主和加入北约的持。200804/33100青岛小切口除皱多少钱青岛激光脱毛China to Attend Southeast Asian Summit温家宝赴老挝参加东南亚首脑会议Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao leaves for Laos, at the end of the week, to take part in a Southeast Asia summit that is held every three years. The regional gathering is just one of several China has pursued in recent years, in an effort to build stronger relations with its neighbors.  中国总理温家宝本周末将启程前往老挝,出席每三年召开一次的东南亚国家首脑会议。这一地区峰会只是中国近年来争取参加的会议之一。中国这样做是为了加强与邻国的关系。The Greater Mekong Subregion includes the six countries along the 4,000-kilometer Mekong River, which starts in China, flows past Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, before reaching the South China Sea. 大湄公河次区域包括湄公河4千公里沿岸的6个国家。湄公河起源于中国,流经缅甸、老挝、泰国、柬埔寨和越南,最后流入南中国海。Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao goes to Laos, Saturday. He will join other heads of state for the third Greater Mekong Subregion summit. The grouping is sponsored by the Asian Development Bank and is aimed at enhancing regional cooperation.  中国总理温家宝定于星期六启程前往老挝。他将会见出席大湄公河次区域第三次首脑会议的其他国家领导人。亚洲开发为召开这一峰会提供经费,目的是加强地区合作。One controversial issue has been use of the Mekong River, itself. China aly has two hydroelectric dam projects on the part of the waterway that flows through China. A third, huge dam -- the Xiaowan Hydropower Station -- is to be completed in 2012.  如何利用湄公河是一个存在争议的问题。中国在本国境内的湄公河河道上已经修建了两个用于水力发电的水坝。第三个大坝、也就是小湾水电站大坝,预计在2012年竣工。Speaking to reporters in Beijing Wednesday, Assistant Foreign Minister He Yafei acknowledged there are disagreements with other countries about China's use of the river.  中国外交部部长助理何亚非星期三在北京对记者说,有关国家在中国利用湄公河的问题上存在着分歧。He says there have been media reports that China's upstream hydropower development is having a negative impact on downstream countries, especially environmentally. 他说:“有些媒体在说,中国开发了水电,上游开发水电对下游国家有没有影响啊?生态环境会不会遭到破坏?我想这是媒体和大家关心的问题。”He says China will never do anything to harm the interests of downstream countries and says Beijing is y to have discussions on the issue. But he also stresses that what he calls reasonable development of water resources will serve the interests of all countries in the region. 何亚非还说,中国决不会做任何损害下游国家利益的事,并表示北京准备就这个问题进行讨论。但他同时强调,他所说的负责任地开发水资源将对本地区的所有国家有利。The two-day Greater Mekong Subregion summit begins Sunday. One highlight will be the opening of the Lao section of a major highway that will link Bangkok to the southwestern Chinese city, Kunming. 为期两天的大湄公河次区域首脑会议将于星期天开幕。一个引人注目的安排将是举行一条主要高速公路在老挝境内路段的启用仪式。这条高速公路将把曼谷与中国西南城市昆明连接起来。200803/32444The new white iPod, and yes, it does . Now...And now . We have a beautiful 2.5-inch TFT display, 320 by 240 pixels, so it's very high density. 260,000 colors, the color is fantastic on it. And most importantly, we support realtime decoding of H.264 . This is the standard used in Quicktime 7 and it's adopted as an international standard. It is the best compression technology on the planet. And the iPod decodes wonderfully, as well as MPEG 4. And we have TV out. So if you wanna buy an optional cable, you can have the output right after your TV. And the quality is just amazing, for watching iMovies, for watching podcasts, for watching music s, for watching anything that you've got, you wanna see on your iPod. And what's it gonna sell for? 299, 299. The 60 giga model, 15,000 songs, 25,000 photos, up to 150 hours of . And it's gonna sell for just 399. And the fourth feature is . You know, if we can play on our computers, if we can now play on the new iPod, we have to have a way to buy s. iTune 6 offers us a way to buy music s. Music s from all your favorite artists, we have over 2000 music s for sale, starting today in iTune 6. We have a whole music page. All your favorite artists, U2, Madonna, Kanye West, just about everybody. And you can search on these things,too. So if you do a search for Madonna, take a look at just her s. She's got a very large catalog. You can preview them all. You can get a preview to make sure you wanna buy it, and then hit one button and download them. They are pretty cool. Now what do they cost? For the song and the , a dollar 99.Well ,there is one more thing that we are announcing today, that you can buy off the iTunes' music store. And that is TV shows. Now, if we are gonna get TV shows, we ought to get the biggest hits, right?What's the number one hit show on television? Desperate housewives. What's the number two hit television show? Lost. And what network are they on? They are both on A. And who owns A? Disney. I know these guys.The guys that have the number one TV shows I've had the great fortune be working with for quite some time. And they own A and the Disney Channel. And we have done a landmark deal which we are announcing here today. We are going to be offering 5 shows on iTunes, which you can purchase online and download, and play on your computer and play on your iPod. And those shows are, Lost, Desperate Housewives, the number one and two shows on television. A new A show called Night Stalker. And the two most popular shows on the Disney Channel, That's So Raven and Suite Life of Zac and Cody. And all five of these shows you will now be able to buy on iTunes. And so you can go as an example to Lost in season one and buy any of the season one episodes. But what about current episodes? Yes, you can buy current episodes. And you can buy them the day after they are broadcast. So you can buy the episode of Desperate Housewives that was broadcast this past Sunday. There will be an episode of Lost broadcast tonight, you can buy it tomorrow. It's amazing. And these shows are downloaded ad-free. So you don't need to fast forward through the commercials. We are downloading them 320 by 240 again the same native resolution as the new iPod. And an hour show, like Desperate Housewives and Lost is about the size of five albums and so that's about the download time. If you have broadband which you need for this. Depending on what speed broadband/ you have, it's about ten to twenty minutes to download an episode. It's really amazing. So TV shows. What are they gonna cost? They are gonna cost a dollar 99 an episode.200807/44666青岛哪家医院脱腋下毛最好

青岛日照去眼袋医院哪家比较好山东地区大学齐鲁医院青岛地区院区双眼皮Obama Attacks McCain on Economy美国民主共和总统参选人展开攻防   Senator Barack Obama has kicked off his general election campaign with a scathing attack on his Republican rival, Senator John McCain's economic policies. Obama began a two-week tour of Republican states and so-called swing states - states that sometimes vote Democratic and sometimes Republican in presidential elections. McCain was attending fund-raisers in Virginia and Washington, D.C., to help raise the cash he will need to battle Obama between now and November. 奥巴马参议员的总统竞选活动由猛烈抨击其共和党对手麦凯恩参议员的经济政策开始。奥巴马踏上两个星期的竞选行程,拜会由共和党掌控的州以及所谓的摇摆州。摇摆州指的是在总统大选中有时投给民主党,有时投给共和党的州。麦凯恩则在维吉尼亚州和华盛顿出席募款大会,来筹措从现在到11月投票之前,他与奥巴马竞争所需要的经费。In his first campaign appearance since Senator Hillary Clinton threw her support behind him on Saturday, Democrat Barack Obama launched a two-week tour under the motto "Change That Works for You." He began the tour in the southern state of North Carolina, a state that has not voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in 30 years. He sought to draw sharp distinctions between himself and McCain on the economy. 奥巴马在上星期六获得克林顿参议员对他的持之后,开始了两星期的以“务实变革”为口号的竞选行程。他首先来到南方州北卡罗来纳,这是一个30年来没有投票给民主党的州。他寻求展现自己与麦凯恩截然不同的经济政策。"This is the choice you will face in November," Obama said. "You can vote for John McCain, [Crowd yells "NO!"] and see a continuation of Bush economic policies, more tax cuts to the wealthy, more corporate tax breaks, more tax breaks going to companies that are shipping jobs overseas, more mountains of debt, and little to no relief for families that are struggling with the rising cost of everything from health care, to gasoline to a college education. But I don't think that is the future we want."  奥巴马说:“这是你们11月将面临的选择。你可以投给约翰.麦凯恩(群众高喊:不!) ,然后看到布什经济政策的延续,继续给有钱人减税,继续给大企业减税,给把工作机会流失到外国的公司减税,看到更多堆积如山的债务,而那些在高涨的医保费用、汽油价格和大学学费当中挣扎的家庭却只能得到一点点帮助,甚至一点帮助也没有。我不认为这是我们想要的未来。”Later Monday he is heading to Missouri. His campaign says he will also go to the swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. Obama is clearly trying to appeal to Republicans and independents to change course, as he did in North Carolina. 星期一稍晚,奥巴马到了密苏里州。他的竞选团队说,奥巴马还将前往俄亥俄、宾夕法尼亚以及佛罗里达等摇摆州。显然,奥巴马正在努力争取共和党与独立选民转到他一边,如同之前在北卡罗来纳州一样。"This is not an argument between left or right, liberal or conservative," he said. "It is not liberal or conservative to say that we have tried it their way for eight long years, and it has failed. It is time to try something new. It is time for a change."  奥巴马说:“这不是左派和右派、或自由派和保守派之争。我们已经试过他们的办法长达8年,并且失败了,所以这无关自由派和保守派。现在该试试新办法了,现在是变革的时刻了。”Obama said McCain would continue Bush administration economic policies he called "the most fiscally irresponsible in history." Obama said he, on the other hand, would grant a tax break to most working families, and raise taxes on the highest-earning Americans. 奥巴马说,麦凯恩将延续布什的经济政策,而他称这是“历史上最不负责任的财经政策” 。奥巴马表示,他要给大部分工薪家庭减税,而提高对收入最高的那部分美国人的税负。Speaking at a fundraiser in Virginia, McCain pushed back, saying tax increases on anyone would worsen the aly struggling economy. He repeated his offer for Obama to join him in a series of town hall meetings. McCain also issued the call in a speech last week. 麦凯恩在维吉尼亚州的一个募款大会上反击说,给任何人加税,都会让已经陷于困境的经济情况更加恶化。他再次向奥巴马提议,共同举行一系列公民会议。麦凯恩上星期曾经在演说中提到过这个建议。"I'd like to do is have 10 town hall meetings, one a week, between now and the Democrat convention, maybe have 2 [00] to 400 people, chosen by an objective organization, have them show up and come to these town hall meetings all over America. The first one I would suggest to take place on June 12th, and that would be in New York City," he said. 麦凯恩说:“我希望举办10场这样的公民会议,从现在到民主党全国大会为止,一个星期举办一场,由一个客观的机构挑选2百到4百个人,在全美各地来参加这些会议。我建议6月12号在纽约市举办第一场。”New York City also happens to be where McCain is heading for his next fundraiser on Tuesday. The Obama campaign has said it agrees to schedule some type of joint appearances with McCain, but there have not been discussions on specifics yet. 纽约市是麦凯恩星期二参加募款活动的地方。奥巴马竞选团队同意与麦凯恩共同在某些场合露面,但还没有讨论具体细节。200806/41755青岛瘦脸针溶脂针海阳第一人民中医院网站

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