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如果你身边有这样的中年男子,经常光顾酒吧和俱乐部等社交场所寻找;猎物;,;猎捕;的女子通常比自己小十至十五岁,总是回避有关自己的年龄婚姻状况,穿着打扮比自己的实际年龄年轻,小心,他们就是;少女猎手;。Manther is a middle-aged man who seeks sexual or romantic relationships with significantly younger women.少女猎手是那些总喜欢和比自己小很多的女性发生性关系或谈恋爱的中年男子。Lee Rangel is a Manther, but likes older women as well. The 57-year old is dating a 36-year old. ;Usually women that are older are married. They have multiple children and they don#39;t really like to have a lot of fun, the ones that I#39;ve met. And women that are younger tend to want to go do things and have fun and enjoy themselves and that#39;s what I like to do.;李bull;兰杰尔是一个少女猎手,但也喜欢老女人。57岁的他正在和一个36岁的女人约会。;年龄大一些的女人通常都已经结婚了。就我认识的那些,她们都有一大帮孩子要养,也不是很喜欢尽兴玩乐。年轻一点的女性则会想去做点新鲜事,尽情享乐,这也是我所喜欢的。;Women are often interested in older men because they appear more mature, self-assured, confident and the attraction could be the result of an unavailable father. While an age difference doesn#39;t necessarily mean trouble for a couple, there could be age-related problems.女人对老男人感兴趣是因为他们看上去更成熟、自信。这种吸引力可能源于女人缺乏父爱。尽管年龄差距不一定会导致情侣或夫妻之间的矛盾,但是年龄差距过大也会产生一些问题。 /201202/171901China#39;s appetite for an obscure fungus found on caterpillars and foraged in remote regions of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan has pushed prices to levels usually reserved for precious metals. But the competition for retrieving them can sometimes prove fatal.中国对一种不常见的真菌的兴趣已经把它的价格推升到了以前只有贵金属才能达到的高位。不过,为了收集这种真菌而进行的竞争有时候却是致命的。这种真菌寄生在死去的毛毛虫体内,一般要在西藏、尼泊尔和不丹等偏远地区才能找到。 Traditional herbalists believe the yarchagumba fungus boosts sexual performance and can cure other ailments as well. It is typically boiled in water to make a tea, ground into a powder and then sprinkled on food, or added whole to soups or stews. 传统中医认为冬虫夏草有壮阳治病的疗效。可以煮茶用或研磨成粉加少量到食物中,或整只煮汤食用。Some Chinese like to incorporate it into their Chinese New Year#39;s feasts as well. Earlier this week, Australian customs authorities intercepted a bounty of food as Chinese tourists on charter flights to the country tried to bring more than 60 pounds of fresh fruit, pig#39;s trotters, chicken feet and yarchagumba.一些中国人还喜欢在农历新年的时候喝虫草汤。本周较早时候,澳大利亚海关人员在搭乘航班入境该国的中国旅客身上截获了大量食物。这些旅客曾试图把超过60磅重的新鲜水果、猪蹄、鸡爪和虫草带入澳大利亚。 The fungus is among several unusual commodities and collectibles whose prices are climbing as Chinese investors speculate in nontraditional markets.虫草也是几种少见的投资品和收藏品之一。受中国投资者在非传统市场上从事的投机活动的推动,虫草的价格正在上升。Does ingesting caterpillar fungus really provide the boost that so many seek? There hasn#39;t been any definitive research conducted by Western scientists. But because its value is aly somewhere between silver and gold, it is likely to inspire more spats in the future.食用寄生在毛毛虫身上的真菌真的能像许多人希望的那样起到进补的作用吗?迄今为止没有任何西方科学家对此进行过权威的研究。不过,由于价格已经介于白银和黄金之间,虫草未来很可能会引发更多的关注。 /201202/170260

;Smoking may kill us.On the other hand,the non-smokers are inside working themselves to death!;吸烟会杀了我们,但是不吸烟者会工作累死。 /201508/392297We#39;re bombarded every day by magazines and websites advising us howto find our soul mate. But how honest are you being with yourself?Is a small or a huge part of you content being single? Not everysign is delirious1 about being part of a perfectly matchedtwosome.我们每天都被杂志和网络上的很多建议我们如何找到灵魂伴侣的信息轰炸,但是,你对自己有多诚实呢?你是有一点点安于单身现状还是非常满足于单身?不是每一个星座都着迷于投身到完全和谐的二人世界之中。Virgo is probably top of the list for self sufficiency2,especially the female of the species. They can be phenomenally picky about prospective partners, to a degree where they put off 3 commitment for years and years. But they have to watch that they don#39;t get too out of touch with their earthy animal side 4 and endup perpetually alone。处女座很可能是最独立的星座,尤其是这个星座的女性。他们可能会很明显地挑剔未来伴侣,而且能达到很多年一直不给对方承诺的程度。这个星座的人必须要警惕,他们不能不顾及自己最基本的生理需求而孤独终老。Aquarius is next since they are never happy about claus trophobic 5 partnerships. Their motto is: ;Sp your favorsand friendliness around – the more the merrier。; They#39;ll only agreeto a match if they#39;re sure there#39;s plenty of space to stayindependent.水瓶座位居第二是因为他们从不觉得伴侣关系有什么让人开心之处,对他们来说,伴侣关系能导致幽闭恐怖症。他们的座右铭是:;四处撒播你的友爱,愈广泛愈快乐。;他们只有在确定一段关系中自己有大量的独立空间的时候,才赞成结合。Capricorn can be a touch like Virgo, defensive, workaholic andnot inclined to disappear into swoons of rapture about a blissfulmating. That is until they fall rapidly and inexplicably 6 into aromance that astonishes them – and everyone around them.羯座也许和处女座有得一拼—戒备心强,是个工作狂,而且不那么容易沉迷于幸福婚姻如痴如醉的喜悦之中,直到他们毫无缘由地快速地陷入爱河—这段感情不仅会让他们自己很惊讶,也会让他们身边的人震惊!Pisces? Well they adore the thought of a soul mate, thesearch, the seduction, the whole dream factory. But when push comesto shove 7, they are never sure that what is being offered matchesup to their ;perfect; inner vision. That said, Pisces needs apractical helping hand through life, so will often settle for theirsecond best just to get along。双鱼座?呃,他们喜爱灵魂伴侣这种想法—寻找、引诱以及整个的梦幻过程。但是每当到了作出决定的时候,他们就不确定;倒贴上来的;人是否达到了他们;完美;的内心伴侣的标准。也就是说,双鱼座一生都需要一个理性的推手,他们也常常会和第二理想的人安定下来。Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini are the adventurous signs and dolike a good mate to keep them company along the way. Given their propensity 8 for having a low boredom threshold, they can ;chop andchange9; their mates several times in their lifetime – especially the male of the species。白羊座、射手座和双子座是富有冒险精神的星座,他们的确喜欢一个好的伴侣来陪他们一起经历。鉴于他们很容易喜新厌旧的本性,他们的一生可能会出现几次;朝三暮四;的情况—尤其是这些星座的男性。Cancer, Taurus and Leo are the security-conscious andhome-focused signs. They don#39;t so much want a soul mate as asomeone to help set up house, produce a family and give stability.For Leo this also includes status and an admiring audience。巨蟹座、金牛座和狮子座是注重安全感、家庭观念重的星座。与灵魂伴侣相比,他们更想要一个能帮他们建立家庭、繁衍后代并对他们死心塌地的人。对狮子座来说,对方还要有地位并钦佩自己。The two most likely to desperately need another half are Libraand Scorpio, though for not the same reasons. Libra is known as;the relationship sign;, not because it#39;s driven by matters of theheart. It#39;s an Air sign10, fairly detached, and never feels comfortable without another half to make it feel whole. Scorpio onthe other hand is intensely emotional and really needs an equally passionate partner to merge with. Therein lies theirbliss.两个极度需要另一半的星座是天秤座和天蝎座,不过他们的缘由不尽相同。天秤座是有名的;伴侣星座;,但这不是因为他们对另一半的需求源于内心,而是因为它是风象星座,他们超凡脱俗,而且如果没有另一半让他们觉得完整的话,他们始终感觉不自在。而天蝎座是一个情感强烈的星座,他们真的需要对等的才能达到水乳交融—这才是他们幸福的根本。 /201206/187689

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 20)羯It can be hard for you to let down your guard, Capricorn. You#39;re most relaxed when applying yourself to some engrossing task. Taking a cooking class could put you in the path of romance. If you#39;re not adept at household tasks, take a ;do-it-yourself; course at your local hardware store. In the event you are good with your hands, you may want to teach such a class at a community center. Keep your eyes peeled for cute students!你很难放下戒心认真去谈一场恋爱。当你接受了某项任务时,你才会表现地非常放松。不如让一堂烹饪课为你开辟一条爱的道路。如果你不善于做家务,可以在五金店里自己琢磨琢磨。一旦你找到了窍门,会很乐意在自己的社区大开课堂。那就多关注一下你可爱的学生吧!AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19)水瓶Although you have no problem making friends from all walks of life, it can be something of a challenge for you to find romance. Perhaps that#39;s because you#39;re not really the hearts-and-flowers type. You may not realize this, but you are at your sexiest when expressing your creative side. Taking up painting, dancing or singing will draw many admiring glances your way. Joining an amateur theater group could also result in some hot dates.尽管你能很轻松地交到许多朋友,但想找到真爱也非易事。也许正是因为你太花心了吧。你可能还未意识到这一点,但确实只有在你充分展示自己的创意天赋时才是最性感的。绘画、跳舞或唱歌都能让你吸引很多注意。参加某个业余戏剧社团很有可能为你赢来浪漫的约会。PISCES (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20)双鱼As a general rule, you have no trouble attracting romance, Pisces. It#39;s just a matter of putting up your psychic antennae. You#39;re one of the few people who could have luck embarking on an office romance. You could also meet someone interesting at yoga class -- don#39;t hesitate to ask a cute-looking instructor for help while executing the Fish pose!一般来说,鱼儿能很轻松地书写浪漫。不过有时会出现些小的精神问题。你也是少有的会制造办公室恋情的人。另外,一同上瑜珈课的同学可能对你有意,不妨在老师的指导下多摆几个“鱼儿“姿势,这绝对是俘获对方的必杀技。ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)白羊You Rams are notoriously impatient, especially when it comes to romance. Cut to the chase by venturing out of familiar territory. Concert halls, theaters and museums are all good places for you to find love. Aries could also meet someone special at an art class or dance club. A little dose of culture will definitely go a long way! If you#39;re the athletic type, try jogging on a popular beach or trail or taking a hot-box yoga class.羊儿是有名的最没耐心的主儿,尤其是在感情上。不如选择些熟悉的地点向对方展开“攻势”:音乐厅、电影院和物馆绝对是求爱的理想地点。你还有可能在舞会上结识特别的异性,要知道浪漫的文化氛围对增进感情是大有裨益的。如果你是运动型的,不妨将附近有名的海滩或是练习瑜珈的健身房作为“涉猎”的地点。TAURUS (Apr. 21 - May 21)金牛As a Bull, you probably have a few favorite places that you like to frequent. The best way to find love in your preferred hangout is to show off your Taurus style.Offer to share your dessert with a sexy diner at your favorite restaurant. Compliment a vendor#39;s apples on your next trip to the farmer#39;s market. The longer a Taurus keeps somebody talking, the more heavily they#39;ll fall under your spell.对你而言,会有几个经常光顾的恋爱场所。保恋爱成功的最有效方法就是要竭尽全力展示你金牛座的风采:可以在自己最钟意的饭店与对方共进晚餐;还可以恭维一下卖苹果的商贩。无论如何,只要你和对方聊的越久,他们会很快成为你的爱情俘掳。GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)双子Twins like you have no problem making friends, but it#39;s a different story when it comes to making a serious love connection. Fortunately, finding romance can be as simple as getting a dog. Taking a long-distance trip can also bring Gemini luck in the romance department. That#39;s probably because it#39;s much easier for you to get personal when you#39;re away from familiar surroundings.结交朋友对你不是问题,不过要想谈一场精的恋爱情况又不一样了。幸运的是,你发现谈恋爱就和养小一样简单。一次长途旅行就有可能让你找到真爱。因为当你远离熟悉的环境时,善于交际的特点就更加突显出来了。CANCER (June 22 - July 22)巨蟹You have to admit, Cancer, that your chances for meeting someone special are considerably hindered if you spend most of your time at home! How about inviting friends over for dinner, with the stipulation that every guest brings a cute single friend? If all else fails, head for the water. Being a Moon Child, you are strongly influenced by the tides, making your chances for meeting someone at a lakeside resort or ocean retreat very strong indeed.你必须要承认的是,如果花大部分的时间待在家里,那么接触异性的机会将会相当有限。不如邀请些朋友来家里做客,顺便叫他们带上单身的朋友。如果这样做也不奏效的话,只能借助“水”的力量了。作为月亮之子,你经常会受到潮汐的影响,那么你可以去湖边或海边寻找一些恋爱机会。LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)狮子There#39;s no denying that you draw admiring glances wherever you go, Leo. The problem is that most people are awestruck by your fabulousness. A good way to become more approachable is by joining a volunteer organization. Becoming a member of an athletic team could also prove lucky for you, as your competitive streak is incredibly sexy. If you#39;re looking for a more intellectual partner, seek out a book club or political discussion group.毫无疑问,你走到哪里都会受到众人瞩目的礼遇。问题是大多数人对你只是肃然起敬。要想变得更加平易近人,最好是参加一些志愿活动。成为某个运动队中的一员无疑会让你大放异。如果你想寻觅一个更聪明的伴侣,不妨去书吧或政治社团看看。VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 23)处女Don#39;t be afraid to show your true sexy colors, Virgo, especially if it means making a love connection. Attend a poetry slam, visit a photography exhibit or head out to a dance party. Just drinking in the atmosphere will soften your reserve, making you much more approachable in the lobby or during intermission. If your house of worship or yoga studio hosts weekend retreats, it might be worth your while to go.大胆展示你真实的一面吧,尤其是爱情面前。参加诗社、欣赏画展或是出席舞会都是你大显身手的好机会。在这些场合要是再有些酒精的刺激,你一定会冲破矜持,变得更加亲切可爱了。如果哪家举行周末派对,千万要去走一遭哦。LIBRA (Sept. 24 - Oct. 23)天秤You#39;ve always got romance on the brain, Libra. The problem is you have a hard time choosing among your many suitors. You#39;d be wise to seek out somebody who shares your appreciation for the finer things in life. Wine tastings, art galleries and vacation resorts are sure to put you in contact with folks who share your excellent taste. You should also make it a point to check out the newest clubs and restaurants, since such spots are magnets for motivated singles.秤子一直沉迷在爱情中。问题是在众多的侯选者当中,你很难作出选择。不过聪明的你誓要找到一个愿与自己共同分享人生的终生伴侣。葡萄酒厂,艺术画廊和度假胜地将为你提供这样的机会。你还可以选择像俱乐部或餐厅作为狩猎的场所,因为这些地方通常对单身男女最具吸引力。SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)天蝎You Scorpions are rather secretive about your likes and dislikes. Unfortunately, your desire for privacy can hinder your romantic prospects. It#39;s hard to make a love connection when people can#39;t figure out what makes you tick. Advertise your love of sensual pleasure by hanging out at all the expected places -- fancy wine bars, swanky hotels and luxury spas. This is a great way to meet a suitor who will be y, willing and able to satisfy your sensual needs.蝎子是如此的神秘,你的喜好很难被别人洞悉。不幸的是,这样的特点也影响了你的爱情前景。当别人不知道你需要什么时,很难与你交朋友。不如多光顾些酒吧、饭店和温泉中心这样的场所。它们是最有效的让对方迅速了解你的地方。SITTARIUS (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21)射手No wonder it#39;s so difficult for you to find a mate, Sagittarius. You can#39;t stand still! Your best bet for finding love is to join an Internet dating site. Posting a funny profile is sure to net some exciting responses. You might also ask one of your numerous friends to set you up on a blind date. Or sign up for a group adventure -- like a ski vacation or rafting trip -- where you don#39;t know anyone.难怪你很难找到对象,因为你一刻也闲不住。最好去互联网上碰碰运气,参加一些网络交友。新鲜有趣的个性介绍一定会让你网罗众多异性。当然,你还可以通过朋友介绍进行约会。加入团队冒险活动也失为一个好办法,滑雪或飘流这样的活动都有可能给你制造机会的。 /201211/210765

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