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兰州军区乌鲁木齐总医院激光去红血丝多少钱乌鲁木齐隆鼻大概的价格西班牙斗牛士现场直播被公牛杀死 -- :38: 来源: 西班牙一名斗牛士在现场直播中被公牛杀死,这还是本世纪西班牙第一个被公牛杀死的斗牛士 Victor Barrio, 9, a professional bullfighter, was killed when the bull’s horn pierced his chest.维克多·巴里奥今年9岁,是一名专业斗牛士,最近他在一场斗牛表演中被公牛杀死,当时公牛的尖角刺穿了他的胸膛The fight, in the eastern town of Teruel, was being broadcast live on TV.这场斗牛表演发生在西班牙东部城市特鲁埃尔,当时正在电视上直播Also on Saturday, a -year-old man died after being gored by a bull during a bull run through the village of Pedreguer, near Valencia.同样在周六,一名岁的男子也被公牛顶死了,当时瓦伦西附近一个叫佩德雷格尔的的村子里正在举行奔牛节The last matador to die in a bullfight in Spain was Jose Cubero, or Yiyo, in 1985.西班牙上一个因斗牛而死亡的斗牛士是若泽·库贝罗,那是1985年的事儿了Television footage shows the bull throwing Barrio into the air bee goring him on the right-hand side of his chest and violently throwing him.据电视台的录像显示,公牛将巴里奥高高抛起,然后顶在了他胸腔的右侧,非常凶猛地将他抛了出去Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy paid his condolences to Barrio on his Twitter feed.西班牙首相马里亚诺·拉霍伊在推特上表达了对巴里奥的同情A comment on the official feed of the Las Ventas bull ring in Madrid, where Barrio began as an apprentice, said it was "distressed and very moved" by his death.马德里拉斯班塔斯斗牛场(巴里奥在这里开始当学徒)也发表了,称巴里奥的死亡“让人非常哀伤、难过”El Pais newspaper said that in the past century, 1 people, including 33 matadors, had been killed by bulls in Spain.西班牙《国家报发表报道说,在过去的一个世纪里,西班牙有1人(包括33名斗牛士)被公牛杀死Last year, leading matador Francisco Rivera Ordonez was badly hurt while taking part in a bullfight in the north-eastern town of Huesca.去年,著名斗牛士佛朗西斯科·里维拉·奥多涅斯严重受伤,当时他参加了在韦斯卡东北部小镇举行的斗牛表演About ,000 bullfights are still held every year in Spain, but the numbers are falling. In , Catalonia became the second Spanish region after the Canary Islands to ban the tradition.西班牙每年仍然要举行大约00场斗牛表演,但是这一数字正在下降年,继卡纳里之后,加泰罗尼亚成为西班牙第二个禁止斗牛的地区Opponents describe the blood-soaked pageants as barbaric, while fans - including Mr Rajoy - say the tradition is an ancient art m deeply rooted in national history.反对者们称斗牛表演是野蛮的象征,而包括拉霍伊在内的持者们则认为斗牛是根植于西班牙历史的一种古老艺术In the other incident on Saturday, a man was killed while running alongside bulls in Pedreguer. Spanish media said he was trying to help another runner when he was gored in the throat and abdomen.在周六的那场事故中,佩德雷格尔一名男子在追赶公牛奔跑时不幸遇难据西班牙媒体报道,当时他正试图帮助另一名奔跑者,但是自己却被公牛顶在了喉咙和腹部Meanwhile, in the San Fermin bull running festival in Pamplona on Saturday, a 33-year-old Japanese man was gored in the chest and a Spanish man in the arm. Another people were injured, the regional government in Pamplona said.与此同时,本周六在潘普洛纳的圣费尔明奔牛节上,一名33岁的日本人被公牛顶伤了胸膛,一名西班牙人被顶伤了胳膊据潘普洛纳当地政府表示,还另有人受伤乌鲁木齐丰胸比较好的医院是哪家 欧洲杯:德国战车破除诅咒点球胜宿敌意大利 -- :: 来源: 在昨日的比赛中,德国队和意大利队1-1打平,点球大战德国队6-5险胜,破除了多年来的意大利诅咒,进入半决赛 Joachim Low’s World Cup holders looked on course victory in normal time - against a country they had never beaten at a major tournament - when Mesut Ozil rounded off a slick build-up with Mario Gomez and Jonas Hector to score at the near post in the 65th minute.在第六十五分钟的时候,厄齐尔配合马里奥、艾克托为德国队打进了一球,那时的情景似乎世界冠军德国队将要在90分钟的时间内击败宿敌意大利队一样(注:德国队在大型赛事中从未赢过意大利,堪称诅咒)Italy did not flinch but were grateful a moment of madness from Germany defender Jerome Boateng when he needlessly handled, allowing Leonardo Bonucci to score the first penalty of his career with minutes left.但是意大利并没有就此放弃,尤其是当德国后卫阿滕手球犯规时,意大利人的机会来了意大利方面努奇主罚了全场第一次点球,为意大利扳平了比分,而此时距离比赛结束只有分钟了Germany missed more penalties in one shootout than in their history - three - but were once again the winners on penalties.德国队在点球大战中失球的数量也达到了史上之最--三分,但是他们却又一次赢得了点球大战的胜利They have still never lost a shootout since the 1976 final of this competition when they lost to Czechoslovakia - some 0 years and days ago.除了在0年前败给捷克斯洛伐克以外,德国队自1976年以来一直保持着点球大战不输的战绩It was settled when Hector drove low under Italy keeper Gianluigi Buffon after Manchester ed’s Matteo Darmian saw his side’s ninth penalty saved by Manuel Neuer.起先意大利达米安主罚意大利第九次点球,但是却被德国守门员诺伊尔成功扑救,后来德国方面赫克托一脚低射绕过守门员布冯打进意大利球门,德国队点球大战获胜Germany will now play either hosts France or England’s conquerors Iceland in the last four.在半决赛的比赛中,德国队将对阵东道主法国队、或者击败了英格兰的冰岛队Germany on course glory德国队希望在90分钟里取得胜利This was a meeting between two of European football’s superpowers - a last-eight match-up that would have graced the final itself in Paris next weekend.这场比赛是两欧洲豪门的巅峰对决--这场8强比赛使得将于下周末在巴黎举行的决赛更加美丽多姿Instead it was a fight a place in the last four and Low’s Germany did what they do best. They found a way to win, however it was achieved.这场比赛的胜者将会成为四强,而德国队尽了他们最大的努力他们找到了战胜意大利的方法,而且最终成功了Ozil’s goal crowned a spell of second-half pressure which meant their lead was deserved, but they then creaked as two of the staples of Germany’s football psyche folded under pressure.厄齐尔在下半场的进球给意大利带来了极大的压力,同时也意味着德国队的领先当之无愧但是后来德国队两名台柱子人物顶不住巨大的压力而犯了规,导致德国队的优势荡然无存With Italy struggling to get back on terms, they were guilty of desperate defending when Jerome Boateng’s ’hands-up star jump’ conceded the penalty that Bonucci put away with such assurance.当时意大利正在奋力反击以求扳平比分,在绝望的防御下德国队阿滕手球犯规,意大利努奇主罚点球,射门得分自此,德国队想要在这场比赛的常规赛程中击败意大利的希望成为了泡影And then in the shootout itself, a team renowned cool heads in this situation suddenly seemed to find itself gripped by nerves.在点球大战中,暂时恢复冷静的德国队似乎又一次因紧张而失控When Thomas Muller saw his spot-kick saved by Buffon, it was the first time they had missed a spot-kick since Uli Stielike at the 198 World Cup in Spain, and Ozil also hit the post.穆勒的点球被意大利守门员布冯成功扑救,这是自从198年西班牙世界杯斯蒂利克失球以来德国队第一次踢飞点球,随后厄齐尔的点球也击中了门柱Indeed, Germany had only missed two penalties - Uli Hoeness the other culprit in that 1976 final with Czechoslovakia - but it was catching, Bastian Schweinsteiger firing wildly over with a chance to clinch it.事实上,德国队在最近几十年里只丢过两次点球--(除了斯蒂利克意外)赫内斯在1976年对阵斯洛伐克的决赛上也丢了一球--但是后来在斯魏因斯泰格的努力下扳平了比分However, this was all gotten in the celebrations as Germany close in on another major title.不过,这都不是事儿,因为德国战车离另一个大型比赛的冠军头衔已经不远了我国将加快培养“一专多能”教师 -- ::7 来源:chinadaily 日前,在国务院新闻办公室举行的新闻发布会上,教育部副部长刘利民表示,乡村教师队伍建设是补齐农村教育这块短板的关键之一,未来将定向培养能够承担多门学科教学任务的教师,“一专多能”,解决乡村教师结构性的缺员问题请看新华社的报道:China wants versatile teachers who will be able to perm multiple roles, just like general practitioners in the medical field, Liu said, citing a guideline the State Council issued on keeping the development of compulsory education in villages commensurate with that in cities at county level.刘利民就《关于统筹推进县域内城乡义务教育一体化改革发展的若干意见介绍了有关情况刘利民表示,中国需要的是像全科医生一样的“一专多能”教师,能够承担多门学科教学任务刘利民提到的“一专多能”教师英文可以用versatile teacher来表达刘利民表示,在乡村教育的硬件逐步解决和基本解决以后,最大的问题是教师缺员问题(a shortage of teaching staff)如果乡村教师可以像全科医生(general practitioner)一样“一专多能”,就可以有效地解决乡村教师结构性的缺员问题《意见提出,将提高乡村教师的收入水平,把边远艰苦地区的乡村教师优先纳入住房保障体系(Housing Security System)同时,《意见还明确,城镇学校、优质学校教师,特别是骨干教师(backbone teacher)到乡村学校去交流轮岗,且要加大比例(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮)乌鲁木齐乳头整形哪家好

乌市友谊医院减肥瘦身多少钱达沃斯:中国的千禧一代已经来临 -- 19::53 来源:chinadaily 在天津夏季达沃斯论坛分论坛“中国的千禧一代”上,众多嘉宾围绕“中国的千禧一代”展开深入讨论与会嘉宾认为,中国的“千禧一代”正在深刻改变中国的创意产业及消费习惯 请看相关报道: ;The millennials are a very different generation. They were born and bred at a time when China's economy and wealth were growing rapidly, so most have no memory of the hunger and instability experienced by their parents,; said Zhang Lifen, a journalism professor at Shanghai's Fudan University and mer editor-in-chief at FTChinese.com, at a meeting at the World Economic um, which began Sunday. 前FT中文网总编辑、复旦大学新闻学院教授张力奋说:“千禧一代是一个特殊的群体,他们出生和生长在中国经济和财富快速发展的时期,没有经历一个物质极其贫乏的年代,没有饥饿感” “千禧一代”(millennials)指世纪90年代初期出生,1世纪初期进入成人期的一代这一词汇源于1991年威廉;施特劳斯和尼尔;豪出版的《Generations一书,陈述了他们的社会时代阶层理论,后被称为“施特劳斯-豪代际理论” 波士顿咨询集团(Boston Consulting Group)的数据显示,未来的消费增长(consumption growth)中,有三分之二将由千禧一代贡献,他们的消费需求更加凸显个人偏好(individualized preferences) 中国的“千禧一代”是被互联网深刻影响的一代人,是中国互联网的“原住民”(digital natives)他们愿意为知识付费,愿意为虚拟产品付费,他们已逐渐成为新一代的生产和消费主力群体 “千禧一代”的另一个特点是不怕挑战权威: They are not afraid of challenging authority. When they don't agree with you, they say it outright. At the end of the day, they are the ones who know what their peers want. 他们不怕挑战权威他们不同意你的观点就会直接说出来最终,他们才是知道同龄人想要什么的人 其他各种年代名称与起源: Lost Generation——迷惘的一代 “迷惘的一代”常用来泛指任何失去了价值观或道德迷失的一代大多数情况特指一战期间至结束后成长起来的年轻一代因为战争造成人口锐减和战后漫无目的、失去方向的生活得以此命名 Greatest Generation——最伟大的一代 根据牛津英语辞典(Oxd English Dictionary),“最伟大的一代”指二战期间(1939-195年)步入成年的年轻一代美国人这个词的命名或多或少都与美国新闻记者汤姆;布罗考在1998出版的一部畅销书《The Greatest Generation相关这一代人中的很多经历了战争,后又继续投身国家的建设事业,也被称为G.I.Generation(大兵的一代) Silent Generation——沉默的一代 这一代人指出生在二十世纪二十年代中期至四十年代初期由于经济大萧条和二战造成的低生育率,这一代人口量锐减 Baby Boomers——婴儿潮一代 这也是最为熟知的美国一代称谓,“baby boomers”或“boomers”指二战后随之而来的生育大潮中出生的一代,通常是195-1960年出生的人词汇baby boom(系值生育的显著高峰期)在二十世纪后期收录到美国英语词典中 Generation X——X一代 尽管“X一代”通常指1980-1990年代初进入成年期的美国年轻人,但这个词汇在几十年前就已经出现了该词汇可以追溯到世纪50年代,更为广泛地用于“未来尚不确定的年轻一代” Generation Y——Y一代 照字母顺序看来,“Y一代”肯定是紧随着“X一代”出现的这一代人大多出生在婴儿潮时期,也叫回声潮世代(echo boomers)这一代人口数量高于上一代,且生活态度和价值观与“X一代”截然相反,具有冷静和物质的特性,是世纪内拥有命名的最后一代乌鲁木齐市中医院激光去痣多少钱 鲸鱼惨死,血染海岸,仅为? --30 18::57 来源: 生命诚可贵,我们理所当然都很珍视可是,当你看到鲜血染红海岸,鲸鱼躺死沙滩的场景,你还能说,这是文明人类对生命的敬畏吗? Tossing and turning in a scarlet sea, the dozens of pilot whales cannot escape the knife blows raining down. Driven into the shallows, where they are ced to bathe in the blood of their relatives and companions, their distress is palpable as hunters hack at their smooth sides.在被鲜血浸染的海水中一阵挣扎之后,几十余头巨头鲸始终是未能逃脱被乱刀刺死的厄运它们会被驱赶至浅滩,被迫在自己的亲戚和伙伴的血液中翻腾,当捕鲸者向它们身体的柔软之处挥刀而去之时,悲伤不禁流露出来Once they are dead — or, at least, dying — hooks and ropes haul their bodies ashore, where crowds of people, many of them children, have gathered to watch this bloodthirsty spectacle.在它们死后——或者至少是奄奄一息之时——法罗人会用钩子和绳索将它们拖至岸上,此时的人们——大多数是小孩——已经聚集到一块儿来观看这一血腥的场景Tragically, the whales, the victims of this brutal human behaviour, are here as a result of their innate sense of loyalty. Such is their devotion to their extended family that if one member becomes stranded on land, the rest of the pod will remain with the stricken animal, even if they endanger themselves.可悲的是,鲸鱼——人类野蛮行为的受害者——落得如此下场仅仅是由于它们与生俱来的忠诚感若它们家族的其中一员搁浅海岸,那么其它成员便会守护在受伤的伙伴左右,即便自己面临生命危险,这就是它们对大家族的一份奉献This week, the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic witnessed the latest grindadrap.这一周,北大西洋的法罗群岛就发生了捕鲸活动A pod of whales was sighted off the islands and 5 boats set out in pursuit. In the course of two hours, the men herded the whales inshore.一群鲸鱼消失在了岛屿的视线之内,于是便派出了5艘渔船进行追踪个小时后,这些人将鲸鱼驱赶至近海There, on Hvannasund Beach, the Faroese were waiting with their weapons. Of the 0 whales in the pod, 0 were killed.在Hvannasund沙滩上,法罗人的兵器正跃跃欲试0头鲸鱼,死了0头The culture of the Faroese people has long involved whaling. When the animals are sighted close to shore and conditions are calm enough, the call goes out — once by word of mouth, now by phone call and social media — and the islanders race to the water.长期以来,法罗人的文化与捕鲸不无联系当监测到鲸鱼靠近海岸,且风平浪静之时,便会有人发出信号——以前是通过口信,现在是通过电话和社交媒体——于是,岛上的居民便飞奔至海边Over the past three centuries, the Faroese have taken an average of 838 pilot whales each year, according to a study.根据年的一项研究表明,在过去300年里,法罗人每年都会捕杀838头巨头鲸But the Faroese — who are semi-autonomous from Denmark — get upset when outsiders criticise them.但是法罗人——丹麦半自治领土居民——面对外界批评时,感到闷闷不乐It is a long tradition, certainly, but longevity does not excuse brutality. We in Britain once had long traditions of bear and bull baiting, of cockfighting and of public executions, but our society became more civilised and so abandoned such bloodthirsty pastimes.诚然,捕鲸是一个历史悠久的传统,但是时间长短并不能为其残忍性脱罪我们英国人也有逗熊、逗公牛、斗鸡和公开处决的长远历史,但是我们的社会现在变得更加文明了,,我们摒弃了此类充满血腥的方式The Faroese claim that killing pilot whales is sustainable — their numbers are such that the deaths do not threaten the species — but that misses the point. Pilot whales may not be classed as endangered, but the slaughter of a large commy of sentient beings does not seem to be justified by the argument that there are plenty more where they came from.法罗人还扬言,捕杀巨头鲸是可持续性的——对于它们的数量而言,捕杀还不至于危及其种族——但是,他们忽略了要点巨头鲸虽未被列入濒危物种,但是如此大规模地屠杀有感情的生物,其罪恶是不能通过物种的数量还有很多来洗清的The Faroese also claim that this activity is wholly legal.法罗人却还坚称,他们的活动是完全合法的But, like sharks, cultures must keep moving ward or they die. It is time the islanders put an end to this shameful bloodshed on their beaches.但是,跟猎杀鲨鱼一样,文化不是繁荣就是衰亡法罗人也是时候结束这一令人蒙羞的沙滩流血活动了乌鲁木齐玻尿酸丰耳垂

新疆医科大学附属医院打美白针多少钱一周热词榜(6.18-) -- 19:3:38 来源:chinadaily 一周新闻热词榜,一网打尽trending newsCHINADAILY手机报新一期热词榜发榜啦!本周的新闻热词有:1.江苏'极端天气'致98人亡.'夏季达沃斯论坛'将开幕3.'神威'成最快'超级计算机'.工业废料造校园'毒跑道'5.英'脱欧公投'结果为脱欧6.好莱坞'续集病'致低票房1. 极端天气extreme weather请看例句:98 people died and 800 were injured in one of the deadliest extreme weather hit Jiangsu in decades Thursday.3日江苏省遭遇数十年来最致命的极端天气之一,造成98人死亡、800人受伤极端天气(extreme weather)指天气(气候)的状态严重偏离其平均态,在统计意义上属于不易发生的事件照世界气象组织(the World Meteorological Organization, WMO)的规定,当气候要素(气压、气温、湿度等)的时、日、月、年值达到5年一遇,或者与相应的30年平均值之差超过标准差(standard deviation)的两倍时,就可以将此归为极端天气随着全球气候变暖,极端天气气候事件特别是强降雨(torrential rain)、高温热浪(heat wave)等的出现频率正发生变化,呈现出增多增强的趋势3日下午点30左右,盐城阜宁、射阳部分地区出现强雷电(thunder and lightning)、暴雨(downpours)、冰雹(hailstorms)、龙卷风(tornado)等强对流天气受钩状回波影响,阜宁县新沟镇等地出现级大风,射阳海河镇等地出现级大风,造成房屋倒塌(buildings collapse)、人员伤亡(casualties)、道路受阻(roads are blocked)、设施农业受损等灾害此次盐城遭遇的龙卷风强度极为罕见,为1966年以来最严重的一次(the worst tornado since 1966)据江苏气象部门介绍,位于华东地区(eastern part of China)的该省,龙卷风发生频率很高在1956年至年这50年间,共发生次龙卷风事件,平均每年发生1.次龙卷风由于灾情严重,3日晚时,江苏盐城市通报,该市从自然灾害救助应急II级响应升级至I级,全市启动自然灾害救助应急I级响应机制和抢险救灾预案(plans of rescue and disaster relief)民政部副部长窦玉沛率领由5部委组成的国务院工作组(State Council work group)连夜赶赴灾区(rush to the affected areas),指导和帮助地方开展抗灾救灾工作,并向江苏省调拨00顶帐篷(tents)、00张折叠床(folding beds)、套场地照明灯等救灾物资(relief materials),帮助做好受灾群众临时安置工作灾害发生后,国家主席习近平和国务院总理李克强立即作出重要指示,要求全力组织抢救受伤人员(make every eft to rescue the injured),最大限度减少人员伤亡(make utmost efts to reduce casualties),并做好遇难人员善后和受灾群众安置工作(resettlement of those affected by the extreme weather),要求有关地方和部门强化气象监测预报和地质灾害评估工作(strengthen meteorological monitoring and geological disaster assessment)据民政部消息,随着搜救工作的进行(as search and rescue continue),死亡人数恐将上升(more deaths are feared)目前受伤的800人中,至少有0人伤势严重(at least 0 are in critical condition)目前,多家保险公司(insurance company)均已启动应急预案(emergency plan),并开通绿色理赔通道目前受灾损失尚无法估计,各保险公司预计涉及到的险种有家财险(family property insurance)、农业保险、车险(auto insurance)和企业财产险、意外险(accident insurance)、健康险(health insurance)等[相关词汇]自然灾害 natural disaster原生灾害 primary disaster衍生灾害 derivative disaster次生地质灾害 secondary geological hazard救援黄金时间 golden window生活补助 living subsidy受困居民 stranded residents直接经济损失 direct economic loss. 夏季达沃斯论坛the Summer Davos um请看例句:The Summer Davos um - also known as the annual meeting of the New Champions - will be held in Tianjin from June 6 to .年夏季达沃斯论坛(新领军者年会)将于本月6日至日在天津举行来自90个国家的00多位嘉宾将围绕"第四次工业革命:转型的力量"(The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Its Transmational Impact)展开0多场讨论据夏季达沃斯论坛筹备办议题组组长(head of the Summer Davos agenda-preparing group)佟家栋介绍,在当前世界经济逐步走出金融危机(financial crisis)的时代背景下,对第四次工业革命(the fourth industrial revolution)进行探讨研究意义重大传统来讲,判断工业革命的一个重要标志(an important symbol of industrial revolution)就是带来GDP的高速增长(fast growth of GDP),但这个逻辑将被带来更多便利以及极大的节约成本所取代(this logic will be replaced by bringing more convenience and sharp cuts in costs)他表示,最近的一次世界金融危机距今已有8年时间,8年来,信息技术、生物技术、材料技术不断推进(technological progress in inmation, biology and materials),比如微信、付宝等应用降低了交流和付成本(apps like WeChat and Alipay have reduced the cost of communication and payment),比如跨境电商减少了贸易中间环节(cross-border e-commerce has cut trade links)、增加了贸易量,再比如新材料的广泛应用减少了对不可再生原料的依赖(wide use of new materials has reduced our reliance on nonrenewable resources)"从拉动经济的角度看,这些进步可能不会使GDP增长(these progresses might not lead to GDP growth),但它们使人们的生活变得更为便利(they make people's lives more convenient)",佟家栋如是说随着第四次工业革命的到来,今年的论题(this year's topics)将涵盖技术革命和贸易之间的联系(the connections between technological revolution and trade)、美国经济增长(US economic growth)以及汇率变化(changes in exchange rates)等此外,与会者还将就去库存(cut stocks)、去产能(cut capacity)、供给侧改革(supply-side rem)、天津自贸区的建设(construction of Tianjin free trade zone)、京津冀地区的协调发展(coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei)等涉及中国及主办城市天津的热点问题(hot issues concerning China as well as the host city of Tianjin)进行讨论[相关词汇]传统行业 traditional businesses深度融合 deep integration新动力 new driving ce分享经济 Sharing Economy协同消费 collaborative consumption互联网金融产品 Internet financial products资源配置 allocation of resources3. 超级计算机supercomputer请看例句:A new Chinese supercomputer, Sunway TaihuLight, dethroned the country's Tianhe- from the top of a list of the 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world.近日,我国新型超级计算机"神威太湖之光"取代"天河二号"问鼎全球超级计算机500强榜单新系统由国家并行计算机工程技术研究中心研制(developed by the Chinese National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering #38; Technology)超级计算机是国家科技综合实力(the national comprehensive strength of science and technology)的体现,神威·太湖之光的问世标志着我国超级计算机研制能力已达到世界领先水平(it marks the research and development ability of China's supercomputer has reached the world leading level)这是中国首次在未使用美国技术的情况下登上该榜单榜首(take the top spot without using US technology)这部计算机首次实现了核心部件(core components)国产化,其计算能力由我国自主研发的多核中央处理器芯片提供(the computing power is provided by a China-developed many-core CPU chip)"申威60"芯片只有5平方厘米,集成了60个运算核心,数十亿晶体管(transistor),计算能力达每秒3万多亿次据报道,神威·太湖之光的峰值性能(peak permance)为每秒5.36千万亿次浮点(PFlops),运算速度是天河二号的两倍(twice as fast as Tianhe-)据国家超级计算无锡中心主任(head of the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi)杨广文介绍,"简单来说,这套系统1分钟的计算能力,相当于7亿人同时用计算器不间断计算3年(7.b people using electronic calculators 3 years to do the same calculation);如果用年生产的主流笔记本电脑(laptops)或个人台式机(personal desktop computers)作参照,神威·太湖之光相当于0多万台普通电脑" 该计算机将被应用于飞行器设计等高端制造业(high-end manufacturing)、地球系统建模(Earth-system modeling)与预报天气(weather ecasting)、生命科学(life science)与大数据分析(big data analysis)等领域[相关词汇]集成芯片 integrated chip高速运算 high-speed computation浮点运算速度 flop operating speed, flops中央处理机利用率 CPU utilization高速缓冲存储器 cache[!-empirenews.page--]. 毒跑道toxic running track请看例句:Many schools across the country have been embroiled in the "toxic running tracks" scandal.全国多所学校已卷入"毒跑道"丑闻在操场中铺装塑胶跑道(installation of synthetic running track),早已成为很多学校的"标配"然而最近一段时间,北京、苏州、无锡、南京、成都、常州、深圳、上海等城市先后出现"异味跑道、异味操场",不少学生出现流鼻血(nosebleed)、呕吐、头晕(dizzy spell)等症状在各方追问下,塑胶跑道国家标准太低(the national standards are too low)、施工验收(construction inspection)走过场等方面的漏洞逐步浮出水面而媒体对"毒跑道"生产黑窝点(uncertified workshops)的追踪报道,揭露了废旧轮胎(used tires)、电缆(cables),甚至塑料垃圾(plastic waste)、工业废料(industrial waste)摇身一变成为跑道原料(raw materials)的事实事件曝光后,河北多地已采取行动,关停9家生产企业(shut down nine factories),拘留涉事人员(detain related personnel)据悉,全国很多塑胶跑道生产厂家也已基本停产,等待新的强制性国家标准(mandatory national standards)的出台教育部回应称,经过环保(environmental protection)、质监(quality inspection)等权威机构检验确认不符合质量标准(fail to meet quality standards)的塑胶跑道,要立即进行铲除(immediately remove substandard ones),并妥善安排学校的体育教学(physical education)活动对所有在建、拟建的校园跑道立即叫停(immediately suspend all the ongoing or planned construction of tracks at schools),重新对其招标过程(bidding process)及相关合同进行审查,进一步明确质量与安全要求,在确保施工质量万无一失的基础上方可继续施工教育部还将协调有关部门(coordinate with relevant authorities)完善相应的标准;协调有关监管部门加大对塑胶跑道的生产过程的监管(supervision)[相关词汇]人造草坪 artificial turf释放异味 emit a foul smell刺激性气味 pungent smell致癌物 cancerogen监管缺失 absence of supervision5. 脱欧公投Brexit referendum, referendum on Brexit请看例句:As people in the UK vote in the so-called Brexit referendum on whether to remain in the EU or leave, investors fret about what the future shape of the EU might be.随着英国民众就英国在欧盟的去留举行所谓的"脱欧公投",投资者们为欧盟的未来局势感到担忧与此前希腊退出欧元区的缩写Grexit类似,Brexit是英国退出欧盟的简约表达方式(a shorthand way of saying the UK leaving the EU),由Britain和exit这两个词合成Referendum意思是"全民投票、全民公决",所有(几乎所有)达到投票年龄的民众均可参与(everyone, or nearly everyone, of voting age can take part),通常只需要对某一问题回答"是"或"否"(normally give a "Yes" or "No" answer to a question),得票超过半数(get more than half of all votes cast)的一方获胜[谁可以公投]居住在英国境内(be resident in the UK)、年满18岁的英国和爱尔兰公民,以及在英国有居住权的英联邦国家公民(Commonwealth citizens)可以在公投中投票居住在英国境外(live abroad),但在过去年内在英国进行了选民登记(have been on the electoral register in the UK in the past years)的英国公民(UK nationals)也能参加投票此外,直布罗陀(Gibraltar)——位于西班牙南部海岸的英国飞地(British enclave)——的一些居民也可以参加此次公投[为何举行公投]年卡梅伦当选英国首相之后,受到了同盟英国独立党,以及保守党内部持"欧洲怀疑论"立场官员的压力,他们认为与英国1973年刚刚加入欧共体(欧盟前身)时相比,现在的欧盟已经变得面目全非(have changed a lot),获得了对英国人日常生活的更多控制权(gain more control over their daily lives),英国的没有话语权(have a say)最终在年,卡梅伦承诺如果保守党赢得年大选(win the general election),英国将就"去留"欧盟举行公投[公投影响]"脱欧"阵营(the Leave camp)认为,离开欧盟可以抛弃那些阻碍就业的监管,给英国自己制定法律、选择贸易伙伴的自由以卡梅伦为代表的"留欧"阵营(the Remain camp)则认为,英国可以继续从欧盟成员国间已有的经贸合作中受益(continue to benefit from the economic and trade deals that exist members)分析人士称,公投结果(the results of the referendum)将对英国的政治局势、欧洲脆弱的经济(Europe's brittle economy)和全球动荡的金融市场(the world's restive financial markets)构成影响[公投结果]计票结果显示,51.9%的民众持脱欧英格兰、威尔士地区的"脱欧"阵营获胜,苏格兰、北爱尔兰地区的大部分民众持"留欧"(back staying in the EU)英国选民(British voters)投票决定脱欧的历史性决定(historic decision)将对英国国内和国际产生深远的影响(have far-reaching repercussions both domestically and internationally)该决定使欧盟陷入了自其成立以来最大的危机之中(plunge the EU into its worst crisis since it was founded)就在脱欧结果出炉后不久,英国首相卡梅伦宣布将于未来几个月内辞职(Prime Minister David Cameron announced he would resign in the coming months)他表示,英国需要新的领导[相关词汇]弃权 abstention否决权 veto投票 cast a vote投票统计 vote tally6. 续集病Sequel-itis请看例句:PIXAR has found the prescription to treat all common fears of "sequel-itis." And the best medicine, as always, is good storytelling.皮克斯动画工作室已找到治疗人们普遍对续集病感到恐慌的良方,动人的故事情节一如既往总是最佳良药据美媒近日报道,好莱坞的一种拍摄不必要续集的传染病(an infestation of unnecessary sequels)——"续集病(sequel-itis)"正在影院间蔓延,招致差评和低迷的票房(result in poor reviews and weak box-office numbers)据电影票房网站Box Office Mojo统计,年上映的部续集影片在首映周末的票房平均要比之前少18%,其中《邻居大战:会崛起比前作的票房少了57%(fall 57% from the original film),《猎神:冬日之战比前作的票房下滑了66%,《爱丽丝梦游仙境:镜中奇遇记(Alice Through the Looking Glass)比前作的票房大跌了78%希望利用之前的卖座影片吸金的电影(capitalize on previous hits)公司今年大失所望对此,北美院线联盟的票房分析师(box-office analyst)杰夫·克指出,众多电影续集的表现如此糟糕是因为有些续集压根就没必要拍康姆斯科分析公司的资深媒体分析师(senior media analyst)保罗·德加拉贝迪安也表示,"不能仅凭一部电影的意外热映就说明他们需要拍续集(just because a movie is an unexpected hit doesn't mean that they need to crank out another installment)我们原本不需要看到《白雪公主与猎人的续集,也不需要看到《邻居大战的续集(follow-up)"[相关词汇]动画电影animated movie色情电影 blue movie蓝光电影blue-ray movie视觉特效visual effect影片配音 film dubbing电影发行公司 film distribution corporation(来源:CHINADAILY手机报,编辑:Helen) 英文如何称呼“书呆子”? -- :5:7 来源:chinadaily 读书用功努力、一点不关心周围发生的事,你身边有这样的人吗?他们通常被冠以“书呆子”的绰号英文里,又是怎么称呼他们的呢? 1. He is a perfect type of pedant. 他是个十足的老夫子 . He looked kind of nerdy. 他看着就是个书呆子 3. I guess I’m old school. 我想我是老派的 . At university he had a reputation as a swot. 上大学时,他刻苦学习是出了名的 5. Mr. Smith is of a scholarly turn of mind. 史密先生是个有书生气质的人 6. She was always a bookworm when she was a kid. 她小时候就一直是个书虫 7. Their teacher was a bookish fellow. 他们的老师是个书呆子 8. He dismissed all scientists as a bunch of eggheads. 在他看来,所有的科学家都是一群书呆子新疆空军乌鲁木齐医院做去眼袋手术多少钱乌鲁木齐祛除眼周角细纹



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