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Zhang Zhiyun (1904 ~197?)张织云(1904 ~ 197?)Zhang Zhiyun was born in Zhang Ahshan (Ahxi) a village of Panyu in Guangdong, now a city of Guangzhou. She was three when her father died and moved to Shanghai with her mother. She was one of China#39;s first generation actresses and the first Chinese film empress.张织云,原名张阿善(阿喜),广东番禺(今广州)人,三岁丧父,幼年随母移居上海,中国第一代女明星之一,中国第一位“影后”。In 1923, Zhang Zhiyun entered the Dazhonghua Filim Company through the test and Starred the silent films A Poor Heart (1924) and Amid the Battle of Musketry (1925), which made her attracting. Her appearance in Dazhonghua Film Company brought her to the attention of the Star studio.Playing the lead in a string of three popular silent films A Sincerely Pity Girl ( 1925 ) , Suspects of Couple ( 1925 ) and Lonely Orchid (1925) for Star quickly made her one of what the press New World in Shanghai termed the Mingxing studio#39;s uFour Great Dan; (actresses), a-long with Yang Naimei, Wang Hanlun and Xuan Jinglin.1923年张织云考人上海大中华影片公司,主演无声片《人心》(1924)、《战功》(1925)而引人注目。她在大中华公司初露头角后,又受聘于明星公司,主演《可怜的闺女》(1925 )、《新人的家庭》(1925 )、《空谷兰》(1925)等系列无声片。In 1926, the Shanghai magazine, New World, conducted a fan poll, which made Zhang Zhiyun No. 1 actress among Star#39;s Four Great Dan and she was selected as ;Film Empress;. In Why Not Her (1926) directed by Bu Wancang, she acted a country girl, for which had her named a “tragic Empress”.1926年,上海《新世界》杂志社举办电影皇后选举,结果张织云独占鳌头,被选为“电影星后”,其他依次是杨耐梅、王汉伦、宣景琳,于是她们被合称为明星公司中国电影早期的“四大名旦”。在卜万苍导演的《玉洁冰清》中,张织云在片内因饰演乡村少女,被人称誉为“悲剧圣手”。In 1927, she went to America with Tang Jishan and married him thus left film-dom since then. In 1931 she was abandoned by his husband, and after that, there came the sound age of films. Not speaking Chinese Language made this ; Empress; hardly be employed and had to depend on and live with her friend. In 1933, Star Company produced Disappointed Love according to her suffering. In 1935, she starred New Peach Blossom Fan, and then moved to Hongkong and acted Cantonese films. For a long time since then, she had lived a helpless life and beggared along the street. Zhang Zhiyun had starred thirteen tragic love films in her life and she was drowned by her tragic life just as the main characters in films. She died in Hong Kong in 1970s.1927年张织云随唐季珊去美国结婚,离开影坛。1931年被唐抛弃。婚变后,电影已经到了有声时代,这位“影后”不会讲国语,很难找到受聘用的机会,只好寄居朋友家中。1933年明星制片公司以其遭遇拍摄《失恋》,并由其本人主演。1935 主演《新挑花扇》。后移居香港,曾参加粤语片的拍摄,以后长期生活无着,曾沿街乞讨。张织云一生主演了13部爱情悲剧,自己和影片中的主角一样,被人生的悲剧所淹没,20世纪70年代在香港去世。 /201605/443517。

Can you tell the colour of the hearts? Clever optical illusion is stumping the whole web(and we guarantee you#39;ll get it wrong too)  你能辨别这些心的颜色吗?巧妙的视觉错觉在网上火了(我们保你也会犯错)。  Yet another optical illusion has popped up on the internet proving how little we know about how our brains work. These two hearts in the image appear to be totally different colours. One appears purple while the other is a bright orangey red.However, the two shapes are in fact exactly the same hue - a vivid pink.  又一组视觉错觉照片在网络上出现,这明了我们对大脑工作的方式了解的少之又少。这两个心的图案看起来颜色完全不一样。一个是紫色另一个是亮亮的橘红色。然而,事实上,两个图案是一个颜色,亮粉色。  These surrounding blue bars make the heart seem purple while these surrounding green bars make the heart appear orange.  周围蓝色的条形图案使得心型图案看起来呈现紫色,如果条形图案是绿色的话,心的颜色就是橘色。  This gives us a vital clue to how our vision works. It suggests that we perceive an objects colour not based on its actual colour but on how it compares to the surrounding colours.  这是一条关于大脑如何运作的重要提示。这表明我们不是基于物体的本来颜色去识别颜色,而是根据物体和周围颜色的对比来识别的。 /201605/440205。

Are you always hungry? Here are the four possible reasons why.  你总是感觉到饿吗?这里总结了四种原因。  WE all have those days where no matter how much you eat, you’re never totally satisfied.  总有那么几天不管我们吃多少都不觉得满足。  But before you reach for yet another salty snack or sweet treat, these reasons for constant hunger might give you some food for thought.  但是在你开始吃另外一个咸小吃或是甜食的时候,这些引起你不断饥饿的原因或许可以给你思考的动力。  Too many carbs  太多的碳水化合物  These three words are every food-lover’s worst nightmare — but it turns out that unfortunately there is such a thing as too many carbs.  这3个词或许是每个吃货的噩梦——但是,不幸的是:碳水化合物过量是确信无疑的事实。  Shona Wilkinson, Nutritionist at NutriCentre, explains: “Eating a carbohydrate-heavy meal the night before can be a reason for feeling hungry the next day, even after eating! When we eat lots of carbohydrates in one sitting, they are absorbed quickly into the body as sugars.”  营养中心的营养学家修纳·威尔金森解释说:“前一晚摄入含有大量碳水化合物的食物,会使你第二天即使吃过东西后仍然感觉到饥饿。假如我们摄入了大量的碳水化合物,那么他们会以糖的形式被吸收。”  You need to spend longer in bed  你需要在在床上待久一些  With many of us working long hours and maintaining a busy social life, it can be easy to miss out on crucial hours of sleep. But while not getting enough sleep obviously makes you tired, you might not realise it can also make you hungry.  我们中很多人每天都会忙好几个小时的工作,以及保持着忙碌的社交生活,以至于我们都会错过关键的睡眠时刻。但是在没有充足睡眠的情况下我们很容易显得很疲惫,你或许没有注意到这也会让你感觉到饥饿。  You don’t drink enough  水分补充不足  We all know we’re meant to drink eight glasses of water a day — but sometimes thirst can actually be mistaken for hunger. Plenty of us are too quick to interpret thirst as needing a snack, when actually we’re just craving water.  我们都知道,自己一天要喝八杯水,但是口渴有时候很容易会被当成是饥饿。很多人很快会把口渴理解成为需要马上补充零食,事实上我们只是需要喝水而已。  You’re getting your period  “大姨妈”驾到的时候  It’s a cliche that women love to eat chocolate during their time of the month — but the stereotypes could be based on truth, as women’s appetites are known to increase in the lead up to their period.  女人喜欢在大姨妈来的时候吃巧克力?这纯属无稽之谈,但这种偏见也不是空穴来风,因为女人在经期的时候确实是胃口大增。 /201604/435512。

A 19-year-old Hong Kong woman faces life in prison for allegedly importing crystal meth to Australia via mail.近日,一名19岁香港少女因涉嫌通过邮件往澳大利亚运送冰毒,而将面终身监禁。Police agencies launched a joint operation in November 2015 after a package arrived in Melbourne containing 1kg of meth.在发现一份抵达墨尔本的邮件包裹中藏有1公斤冰毒之后,警方在2015年11月开展了联合行动。Three more shipments containing about 28kg of the drug were allegedly linked to the woman before she was arrested on last Wednesday. Police also allege the woman imported 700g of the precursor ephedrine.犯罪嫌疑人于上周三被捕。被捕前,她还曾另外分别往澳大利亚运送了3次总重28公斤的冰毒。警方还指称这名犯罪嫌疑人曾走私700克黄麻碱。She will face a number of charges, including importing a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug and importing a marketable quantity of a border-controlled precursor.这名香港少女将面临包括大量走私禁止入境药品和禁止入境药品原材料等在内的一系列指控。AFP Commander Paul Osborne said police would continue targeting drug gangs. ;Those seeking to bring these destructive drugs into Australia should be aware that our capabilities to detect and disrupt organised crime continue to grow, and we will not slow our efforts,; Osborne said.澳大利亚联邦警察局指挥官保罗·奥斯本表示,警方将继续打击毒品犯罪团伙。奥斯本说道:“那些企图将这些破坏性毒品走私到澳大利亚的人应该清楚一件事,那就是,澳大利亚警察侦破和打击有组织犯罪的能力在不断增长,而且我们还将会继续努力打击犯罪。”Victoria Police Commander Cindy Millen said heavy penalties for drug-related crimes reflected the negative impacts illicit drugs had on the community.维多利亚警方指挥官辛迪·米伦表示,对和毒品相关的案件给与从重处罚,这反映出毒品已经对社会造成了相当消极和恶劣的影响。;Anyone who is involved in importing illicit drugs should be aware of the seriousness of these offences and that they could face life in prison,; Millen said.米伦说道:“任何参与非法走私毒品的人都应该意识到这些犯罪行为的严重性,他们将会面临终身监禁。” /201604/438840。

Shoppers in England will take home six billion fewer plastic bags this year thanks to the introduction of the 5p charge.在推出征收5便士的政策之后,英国消费者今年使用的塑料袋大约减少了60亿只。The first official Government figures show the charge has cut use of the environmentally-damaging bags by around 85 per cent.据英国政府第一次的统计数据显示,收费使得危害环境的塑料袋用量减少了大约85%。More than seven billion single-use plastic bags were handed out by the main retailers in 2014.在2014年,英国的零售商们发行了70多亿只一次性塑料袋。But in the six months that followed the introduction of the charge in England in October, that figure dropped to just half a billion.不过,在推出一次性塑料袋征收5便士政策后的前六个月,这一数字一下子减少了大约5亿只。That means six billion fewer bags will be taken home by shoppers over the course of the first year.如果保持第一年的这一趋势,那就意味着今年塑料袋的使用量将减少60亿只。Environment Ministers said this was the equivalent to the weight of roughly 300 blue whales, 300,000 sea turtles or three million pelicans.环境部长表示,这相当于大约300头蓝鲸的重量,也相当于30万只海龟或者300万只鹈鹕的重量。The 5p charge has also resulted in donations of more than 29 million pound from retailers towards good causes, including charities and community groups.收取5便士这一政策也导致零售商将收取的超过2900万英镑用于包括慈善机构和社会团体的公益事业。It shows small actions can make the biggest difference, but we must not be complacent as there is always more we can all do to reduce waste and recycle what we use.这显示出了小举措却能带来巨大的改变,不过我们也不可骄傲自满,因为在减少浪费和回收利用方面,我们能做的还远远不止这些。 /201609/464325。