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Fans of TV series who love thriller epics such as Game of Thrones have a treat in store with upcoming series Nirvana in Fire or Langya Bang.喜欢史诗巨制比如《权利的游戏的剧迷们有福了,电视剧《琅琊榜将会带来最棒的视觉盛宴The 55-episode series, set in a fictionalized kingdom, weaves together two storylines — one on a betrayed general revenge and the other about princes fighting the throne.这部长度为55集的电视剧,故事背景建立在一个虚拟的时代,故事结构双线交织其中一条线描述的是一位被出卖的将军的复仇之路,另一条则是王子为王位而展开的争斗The series, which boasts a stellar cast, will be telecast from Saturday by Beijing Satellite TV, with two episodes every night.这部电视剧号称经典巨制,将会在从周六开始在北京电视台以每晚两集的进度播放Chinese veteran actor Hu Ge, a heartthrob his suave screen image, stars as the tragic protagonist.In his role in Nirvana, he is mistaken a traitor and returns after years in disguise to seek vengeance.在银幕上一向以柔情示人,并屡次扮演悲情主角的中国内地著名演员胡歌,在《琅琊榜中的角色将会是一个被众人误认为是叛国贼,十年之后经过乔装打扮伺机复仇的将军;If you can go until the end of the series, you will find it not only about revenge and hatred but centers on giveness and mercy,; says Hu, known his work in the series Chinese Paladin.因《仙剑奇侠传而大红大紫的胡歌,接受采访时表示:“如果你一直看到电视剧的结尾,你会发现这部剧讲的不只是报复和仇恨,而是以原谅和仁慈为基调的”Nirvana is inspired by a hit online novel of the same name. Online novels have now emerged as theme favorites TV series because of their solid fan base.电视剧《琅琊榜是以同名网络小说为基础进行改编的因为小说拥有稳定的粉丝群,所以最近以网络小说改编影视剧的现象大行其道Hou Hongliang, the producer, says the big-budget production took four years to make. ;We want to show audiences some unlikely visual effects on spectacles and grand wars,; he says.该剧的制作人侯鸿亮表示,这部传奇大戏前后共花费了四年的时间来打造.他说:“我们力争无论是在景色上,还是战争场面上,都要带给观众与众不同的视觉效果” 399950

Angry Birds makers Rovio is set to release a new game later this year that will see you play from the perspective of the pigs, rather than the Angry Birds, Pocket-lint has learnt.热门游戏《愤怒的小鸟制造商Rovio公司宣布,下半年将推出全新的游戏,并且将把游戏主角从小鸟改为绿猪The idea of the new game will see you trying to protect the eggs youve grabbed from the birds, but still feature a catapult and the now famous wooden and stone structures.新游戏的设想是:将使玩家试图保住绿猪从小鸟那里抢来的蛋,不过新游戏还是会保留目前游戏的特色:投石器和木头和石头搭建的建筑The game, which is expected to be available sometime bee Christmas, will feature a number of different pigs and -like the birds in Angry Birds - they will come with different strengths and skill sets.这款游戏将于圣诞节前发行,里面会有不一样力量和能力的绿毛猪,就像现在游戏中不同种类的小鸟一样Although it is not certain, from what weve seen, we would hazard a guess that it looks like the idea will be to protect the eggs against incoming birds by firing pigs at them.尽管目前还不确定,我们也能依稀判断出,这款游戏的玩法是通过向飞来的小鸟投掷猪来保护鸟蛋Details are otherwise few and far between at the moment, and we dont have any images to share although weve been shown pictures of the app in action.虽然我们已经看到了正在设计中的应用的照片,但是我们所得到的细节还非常少,也没有相应的游戏内容的照片Rovio has had huge success with the Angry Birds franchise so far with Angry Birds Space, the latest game from the company, selling millions in its opening weekend. Could a Pigs version featuring King Pig and others have the same success?Rovio公司已经因为新款愤怒的小鸟——愤怒的小鸟宇宙版而取得了相当可观的收益,在发行的第一个周末卖出了数百万份那么绿毛猪逆袭版的《愤怒的小鸟,是不是也能取得同样的成功呢? 189583

The third installment of the ;Kung Fu Panda; franchise, co-produced by China and the U.S., will hit both countries screens on Jan. 9, .由美国和中国联合制作的“功夫熊猫”系列第三部,将会于年1月9日在两国同时上映;Kung Fu Panda 3,; directed by Jennifer Yuh and Alessandro Carloni, tells the story after Po is reed with his long-lost father and how he grows into a hero.“功夫熊猫3”由詹尼佛·余和亚力山德罗·卡洛尼共同执导,讲述了阿宝和他失散已久的父亲重聚并如何成长为一名英雄的故事Yuh said on Wednesday that bee she made ;Kung Fu Panda ,; she visited a panda base in southwest China Sichuan Province and held a baby panda which gave her lots of inspiration.詹妮弗在周三表示,在他拍摄“功夫熊猫”之前,她曾经拜访了位于中国西南部的四川熊猫基地,并且和一只给她很多启示的熊猫拥抱In previous installments, Po changes from being an obscure waiter who serves noodles into a Kung Fu hero.在之前的一部电影中,阿宝从一个不起眼的面店务员变成了一名功夫英雄;In the third one, Po will continue self-improvement to become a sophisticated hero,; said Yuh.詹妮弗称,“在第三部里,阿宝将继续提升自己,进而成为一个拥有更丰富经验的英雄”The English voices include Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu.本部电影的英文配音包括杰克·布莱克,安吉丽娜·朱莉,达斯丁·霍夫曼,成龙和刘玉玲The franchise started in . The second installment was released in and brought in worldwide box office earnings of over 660 million U.S. dollars.这部系列电影是从年开始拍摄的第一部第二部于年上映,并席卷全球市场,获得了6亿6000万美元的票房成绩 1

US late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel features a recurring “Lie Witness News” section in his program. In the gag, pedestrians are asked a variety of questions with false premises.美国深夜脱口秀(鸡毛秀)的主持人吉米#86;科莫尔的节目中总是包含一个整人单元“Lie Witness News”在这个搞笑单元中,路人会被问及各种各样莫须有的问题In one episode, Kimmel’s crew asked people whether they thought the film Godzilla was insensitive to survivors of the 195 giant lizard attack on Tokyo; in another, they asked whether mer US president Bill Clinton gets enough credit ending the Korean War.比如某一期中,《吉米秀的工作人员提出的问题就是:你认为年的电影《哥斯拉是否没有顾及195年东京巨蜥袭击幸存者们的感情?另一期里,人们则被问及:美国总统比尔#86;克林顿是不是终结了朝鲜战争的大功臣?These are absurd questions, but surprisingly, many interviewees fall into Kimmel’s trap. Some appear willing to say just about anything on camera to hide their cluelessness about the subject at hand. Others seem eager to please, not wanting to let the interviewer down by giving the most boring response: I don’t know.这些问题听来荒唐,但令人惊讶的是,很多受访者竟然真得中招很多人为了掩饰自己的无知,在摄像机前侃侃而谈另一些人不想用一句扫兴的“我不知道”让采访者失望,于是极力取悦采访者But some of these interviewees, says David Dunning, a professor of psychology at Cornell University, the trap may be an even deeper one. The most confident-sounding respondents often seem to think they do have some clue.美国康奈尔大学的心理学教授大卫#86;达宁表示,对某些受访者而言,这些陷阱也许并不简单,因为其中那些听上去最自信的受访者似乎坚信自己知道一些Don’t laugh at these “confident idiots”, Dunning says writing in the Pacific Standard website, every one of us might behave just like one in similar situations.达宁在Pacific Standard网站上的一篇文章中写道:不要嘲笑这些“自信的傻子”,因为大家在类似的情境中都可能表现的和他们一样With his colleagues at Cornell, Dunning carries out ongoing research in a lab that is constructed similarly to Kimmel’s gag.在一个类似吉米#86;科莫尔搞笑节目的实验室里,达宁与康奈尔大学的其他同事一起正在做一个类似的实验They ask survey respondents if they are familiar with certain technical concepts from physics, biology, politics, and geography. A fair number claim familiarity with genuine terms like centripetal ce and photon.他们询问受访者是否熟悉物理、生物、政治以及地理领域的某些概念,结果显示,相当一部分认为自己熟悉这些真实存在的概念,例如,向心力、光子But interestingly, they also claim they know about concepts that are entirely made up. In fact, Dunning says, the more knowledgeable respondents considered themselves on a general topic, the more familiarity they claimed with the meaningless terms associated with it.但有趣的是,他们同样还认为自己也了解一些凭空编造出来的概念而达宁说,事实上,受访者越是认为自己了解某个领域,就越容易声称自己熟悉那些与之有关的、不存在的术语Foggy perception朦胧的感觉The result, according to Dunning, is not surprising. more than years, he has researched people’s understanding and evaluation of their knowledge, reasoning and learning. As it turns out, although what we know is often perceptible to us, even the broad outlines of what we don’t know are all too often completely invisible.在达宁看来,这一结果并不奇怪过去的二十多年间,达宁一直致力于研究人类对其知识、推理与学习的理解和评价研究发现,我们常常能对自己的所知有所认识,但是对于我们所不知道的东西,我们却一点都感觉不到To a great degree, Dunning says, we fail to recognize the frequency and scope of our ignorance.达宁表示,很大程度上,我们并知道自己“无知”的范围You’d think our ignorance would leave us confused or cautious. But instead, our ignorance is often accompanied with an inappropriate confidence, boosted by something that feels to us like knowledge.你可能以为无知会让我们变得迷茫或是谨慎但是事实却恰恰相反,我们的无知常常与不合理的自信相伴而来,而我们自以为是知识的东西又进一步加深了我们的无知Other studies also confirm that people who don’t know much about a given set of cognitive, technical, or social skills tend to greatly overestimate their ability and permance. Dunning gives an example: College students who hand in exams that will earn them Ds and Fs tend to think their efts will be worthy of far higher grades.另一些研究也实:当人们对某一认知、科技或社会技能不甚了解时,更容易高估自己的能力和表现达宁给出了一个例子:在大学考试中得了D或者F的同学更容易认为,自己所付出的努力应该换回更好的成绩Occasionally, Dunning says, our ignorance and misplaced confidence can lead to disasters.达宁说,有时候,我们的无知加上不该有的自信会引起大灾难 55

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