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Make a List制定计划We often have trouble paying attention to one thing because our brain wants to drift off to think about something else. When you’re supposed to be writing your history paper, for example, your brain may want to start worrying about a math test that’s coming up.You should get into the habit of making a daily task list. Then prioritize your list, in the order that you prefer. By writing down all the things you need to do, you gain a sense of control of your day.我们常常很难专注于一件事,因为我们的大脑会神游到另一件事上。比如,有时你要写历史课论文而你的大脑会开始担心临近的数学考试。你应该养成制定每日计划的习惯,然后再按照你喜欢的顺序排出先后。通过写下你该完成的所有事情,你会获得一种能自我控制的感觉。Meditate冥想If you think about it, meditation might seem like the opposite of paying attention. One objective of meditation is to clear the mind, but another element of meditation is inward peace. This means that the act of meditating is actually the act of training the brain to avoid distractions. And remember, you don#39;t have to become an expert or obsessive meditator. Just take some time every day to go through a brief meditation exercise.细细一想,冥想似乎与集中注意力背道而驰。冥想的一个目的是使大脑思维清晰,另一个目的则是达到内在的平静。这就意味着冥想事实上可以锻炼大脑集中注意力。但要记住,你不必成为一个冥想专家,也不必过度痴迷于冥想。只需要每天花上一点时间进行一个简单的冥想练习。Sleep More睡眠充足Studies show that people who sleep fewer than eight hours a night for a prolonged period of time have slower response systems and more difficulty recalling information. In fact, even minor restrictions in your sleep patterns can affect your academic performance in a bad way.研究表明长期处于睡眠时间少于8小时的人反应较迟钝,也会受损。实际上,即使是少睡一点点也能给你的学术表现带来负面影响。Eat Healthier Foods健康饮食Foods that are high in fat and sugar might give you a temporary burst of energy, but that energy is soon followed by a crash. Once your body burns up the rush of nutrient-deprived, over-processed foods, you will start to feel groggy and lethargic.高脂高糖的食物可能可以暂时让你补充大量能量,但是这些能量会很快被消耗完。一旦你的身体消化了这些没营养的过度加工食物,你就会昏昏欲睡。Reduce Screen Time减少“屏幕时间”Scientists are just beginning to study the relationship between attention spans and screen times, but one thing is certain: many researchers and education specialists advise parents to limit screen time while they gain a fuller understanding of the effects of bright lights and electronic screens.尽管科学家才开始初步研究注意力持续时间与面对屏幕时间的关系,但是有一点可以确定:许多研究者和教育专家在他们更清晰地知道强光与电子屏幕所产生的影响后都建议家长控制孩子接触电子屏幕的时间。Join a Team加入团体活动At least one study has shown that concentration and academic skills improve for students who participate in team sports. It could be that being active is helpful in the same way that meditation works. Participating in a sport trains your brain to concentrate on specific tasks, and shut out thoughts that interfere with your performance.有不止一项研究显示参与体育活动的学生在注意力和学业技能上都有进步。很可能保持活跃与冥想起着同样有益的作用。参加体育活动可以锻炼你的大脑,使其专注于某项活动,并屏蔽掉会影响你表现的想法。Just Be Active保持活跃There are also studies that show any amount of physical activity can improve concentration. Simply walking for twenty minutes before ing a book may boost your ability to pay attention longer. This may be a result of relaxing your brain in preparation for the task at hand.也有研究表明肢体上的任何活动都会改善你的注意力。仅仅是阅读前步行20分钟也有可能让你的注意力集中更长时间。这个结果可能是因为大脑得到放松能为手边的任务做准备。Practice Paying Attention练习保持注意力With practice, you can teach your mind a little discipline. One thing you should try to determine is what is really distracting you. Pick a passage to that you normally would not (unless forced). It could be anything from a political report or an instruction manual. Start the stopwatch and begin ing. Try to concentrate, but stop yourself as soon as you feel your mind beginning to wander.Write down what it was that distracted you. Do this five times and analyze the results. Do you see a pattern?通过练习,你可能让你的头脑学会“纪律”。你应该判断出到底是什么使你分神。找一篇你平常只有被强迫时才会看的文章,可以是政治报告、指导手册或者任何东西。按下秒表,开始阅读。试着集中注意力,一旦感到自己开始神游,立刻停止阅读,写下到底是什么使你分神。这样反复5次并分析结果。你是不是已经看出什么端倪了? /201606/448572重庆市星宸医院去痣多少钱From the USA to Egypt, China and Bulgaria, the conversation about what the #39;ideal body type#39; is varies a lot.从美国到埃及、中国,再到保加利亚,各国人民对“完美身材”的看法有很大的差异。Asking #39;what is considered the ideal body type for women in your country?#39; one Quora user asked others users from countries such as Bulgaria, Egypt, Switzerland and the USA to come forward. Here#39;s what they had to say.问答网站Quora的一位用户请其他国家(如保加利亚、埃及、瑞士、美国等)的用户们一起探讨了一个问题:“在你的国家,大家认为女性拥有什么样的身材堪称完美?”以下是各国用户们的答复。China中国It seems in China, there#39;s a focus on being very slender, with an ;A4 waist and iPhone 6 legs being seen as attractive.;在中国,大家似乎偏爱苗条身材,认为拥有“A4腰、爱疯6腿”的女性很有魅力。Bangladesh孟加拉国In Bangladesh, the ;educated society; would agree with ;modest and courtly personality and lifestyle, fair complexion, sharp nose, big eyes and thick eyebrows, moderately curvy physique and at least 5#39;2; tall.;在孟加拉国,“受过良好教育的国民们”可能会认可那些拥有“谦虚又温文尔雅的性格和生活态度、皮肤白嫩、鼻子尖尖、浓眉大眼、身材曲线适中且身高至少有1米57”的纸。France法国A user from France says ;I#39;d say, French is a mix of fashion model standard beauty with a girl next door kind of vibe. Can even be tomboy. Big boobs are overrated, small boobs for the win!; Charlotte Gainsbourg fits the French #39;type#39;.法国的一位用户表示,“我得说,法国人喜欢那种像时尚模特一般漂亮,且兼具邻家女孩气质的姑娘。甚至可以是假小子。大胸并不像大家想像中那样备受欢迎,(其实)胸小的纸才是大家的最爱!” 夏洛特·甘斯柏格就是法国人喜欢的那一“型”。UK英国A UK user suggests, ;petite, not too skinny, large (but not ridiculous) breasts, shapely curves and about 5#39;7; tall.;一位英国用户表示,英国人喜欢“娇小又不太骨感、胸大(不要太夸张就好)且身材匀称、身高1米7左右”的纸。USA美国;Tall, curvy, blonde and blue eyes (though light brown eyes are also really popular), and either fair skin or tanned.; A USA user said. Kesha is his ideal woman.一位美国用户表示,“美国人喜欢个子高高、曲线优美、金发蓝眼(虽然浅棕色的眼睛也颇受欢迎)、皮肤白皙或呈健康的小麦色的姑娘”,钱婆就是他理想中的女子。Egypt埃及The #39;Marilyn Monroe of Egypt#39;, actress Hind Rostom was once upon a time considered the ideal. ;Nowadays in Egypt, there isn’t a preferable ideal body type for women although you#39;ll find that the curvy, large breasted woman was most people’s favorite throughout the years.;埃及人曾一度认为女演员欣德·罗斯特姆的身材堪称完美,而她也被誉为“埃及的玛丽莲·梦露”。“如今,在埃及没有比欣德·罗斯特姆更合大家心意的完美身材了,虽然你会发现这些年来,大多数人依然喜欢曲线优美、胸大的女子。”(一位用户回复道。)Bulgaria保加利亚A pretty straightforward one from Bulgaria, favoring a glamorous athletic type: ;Tall, tight body, slim and big boobs.;一位非常坦率的保加利亚用户表示,保加利亚人喜欢富有魅力的运动型(健壮)身材,也就是“个子高高、皮肤绷紧、身材苗条的大胸女。”Switzerland瑞士A Swiss student reckons the ideal probably applies to a lot of European countries. ;Rather thin women, middle-tall, fair eyes, brown hair usually (but this really depends). Claudia Schiffer fits the European ideal”.一名瑞士学生认为他们心目中的完美身材可能适用于多数欧洲国家。“大家通常喜欢很瘦、身高适中、眼睛漂亮的棕发女性。(不过这真得看情况而定。)克劳迪娅·希弗就符合欧洲人对完美身材的要求。” /201608/461892重庆市玻尿酸多少钱一支A little more than 16 years ago, a newborn infant was left by the side of a Chinese road in winter, and thus began my love affair with her, and with her homeland.16年前的冬天,一个初生的女婴被遗弃在中国的路边,我对她和她祖国的爱也由此发源。It hasn’t all been unadulterated bliss in either of my relationships — that with my adopted Chinese daughter Grace (and her Chinese sister Lucy), and with the country that could not keep them. But I am in this for the long haul: Grace and Lucy, now 16 and 15, are my forever children. And China will forever be their motherland.我们之间的关系也并非尽善尽美——不论是我与我的中国养女Grace(还有她的中国Lucy),还是我与那个无法收容她们的国家。但我却一直笃信:Grace和Lucy(今年分别为16岁和15岁),永远是我的孩子。而中国将永远是她们的祖国。However many times they may renew their American passports, however many US elections they vote in, however many US driver’s licences they will procure, a part of them will be forever China. And a part of me will be, too.无论她们的美国护照更换多少回,无论她们为美国大选投过多少次票,无论她们会获得多少本美国驾照,她们的一部分将永远是中国的。我的一部分也将如是。I moved our family to China in 2008 to honour that Chinese part of all of us. Lucky for me, the Financial Times had offered me a job in Shanghai that made this possible. And thus began the great Waldmeir Sinicisation project. My plan was to take two kids who became accidental Americans in the instant that I adopted them, and teach them how to be Chinese in China. It seemed like such a good idea at the time.2008年,我将全家搬到中国,为了我们身上属于中国的那一部分。我很幸运,英国《金融时报》(Financial Times)给了我一份上海的工作让这一切如愿以偿。于是开启了沃德米尔汉化计划(Waldmeir Sinicisation project)。我打算教会这两个因被我收养而意外成为美国人的孩子如何在中国做中国人。当时这个想法似乎很不错。Now, eight years later, our family is heading back to America, each to a greater or lesser degree a Sinophile. After so many years in China, one of us has lost her taste for American food, distinctly preferring noodles to burgers; another loves speaking Mandarin and will really miss the chance to practise her tones back home, and the third says she “never really left America in the first place”.而今,8年过去了,我们家又准备返回美国。我们每个家庭成员都或多或少怀有中国情结。在中国生活这么多年后,我们中的一员已然对美国食品兴致全无,爱面条远胜汉堡;另一位爱说汉语普通话并将彻底错过回家练习英语口语的机会,还有一位则称:她“根本未曾真正离开过美国”。I will not reveal which of us is which. But I sometimes think the most Chinese person in our family is lily-white, Italo-German-Swiss-American me.以上各指,恕不言明。但我有时却觉得,在我家最像中国人的那个,反倒是我这个白皮肤的,有着意大利、德国、瑞士血统的美国人。My kids might be Chinese by birth but by temperament they are 100 per cent American teen, by which I mean they think Mom is never right about anything. So they were never particularly onboard with us re-enacting the Chinese version of Roots . But when we arrived, they were only 7 and 8 — still young enough to drag around from the dog-eating provinces of the south to the ice castles of the north, hoping that a flavour of their homeland would sink deep into their bones, by osmosis.我的孩子们或许生来是中国人,但在性情上她们是百分之百的美国青少年,比如她们认为妈妈从来没有对过。所以她们从未十分赞同由我们重演中国版的《根》(Roots)。然而,我们刚到中国时,她们一个只有7岁,另一个只有8岁——那时她们还小,我可以带她们四处游览,从吃肉的南方省份到北方的冰雪城堡,以期她们祖国的风土人情在潜移默化中浸透她们的骨血。With hindsight, it might have been better to skip the trip, when they were 10 and 11, to that town in Guizhou province where every restaurant serves only dog meat. Grace hid in the car the whole time and Lucy has never let me forget that the first thing she saw, upon entering Xiao Hong’s dog diner, was a wok full of simmering puppy paws. Sometimes I took the cultural authenticity thing a step too far, and few Chinese eat dog these days anyway.事后看来,那次贵州小镇之旅还不如不去,那时她们一个10岁一个11岁,那里的每家饭馆只卖肉。Grace一直躲在车里,而Lucy从未让我忘记她踏进小红肉馆看到的第一幕,一口满是炖蹄的大锅。有时我过于追求文化的真实性,毕竟现今吃肉的中国人只是少数。I might have had more luck in teaching them to love China if I had stuck to bribing them with dumplings, bootleg DVDs and their own private stash of fireworks with which to risk blowing their arms off at lunar new year. That is something they wouldn’t get back home.如果我坚持拿饺子、盗版DVD、及她们私藏的在农历新年可能炸掉她们胳膊的鞭炮去讨好她们的话,我在教育她们去爱中国时会幸运得多。那些东西她们回到美国可得不到。My goal was to give them access to the culture, the values, and most of all the language that goes along with the faces they were born with.我的初衷是,让她们接触中国文化、中国价值观、特别是和她们与生俱来的面孔相匹配的中国语言。I think I have done that, but only time will tell whether doing so has bred in them an enduring love for their motherland — or put them off it forever.我想我做到了,但唯有时间才能明,这样做是会令她们产生对中国持久的爱——还是会适得其反。But at 15 and 16, the choice is theirs now. I have finished trying to teach them how to be Chinese in China. Now it’s time for them to teach themselves to be Chinese in America. I am not sure I envy them that prospect, at a time when ethnicity is such a Trump-touchy subject but I am quite certain they don’t want my advice on how to manage it.而如今她们已年满15岁和16岁,选择权已在她们自己。我已不再尝试教她们如何在中国做中国人。现在轮到她们教自己如何在美国做中国人。我不确定自己是否羡慕她们的前景——现在种族已成为一个“特朗普敏感话题”(Trump-touchy subject)——但我十分确定她们不用我来建议该如何应对。And then very soon they will be all grown up and living in a two-power world where they will have a foot in each camp. Maybe they will thank me for that; maybe they will hate me for it, or maybe they just plain won’t care. Perhaps I will be long gone by the time they even make up their minds about all this. Maybe these two lost daughters of China will only grow into their Chineseness over decades.很快她们都将长大成人,生活在一个两大强国并立的世界,并与这两个国家都有渊源。她们或许会因此感谢我,或许会因此埋怨我,又或许根本不在乎。可能多年以后我不在了,她们才会对这一切有所判断。也许数十载以后,这两个中国遗孤的身上才会具有她们的中国性。But it won’t take me that long: aly there is a corner of my foreign heart that will be forever China. I only hope that I won’t always be the most Chinese member of the family.但对我而言,这个过程不会那么漫长:我这个外国人的内心里有一个角落将永远属于中国。我只希望自己不会总是我们家最像中国人的那个。 /201605/446396西南医院祛疤痕多少钱

重庆市星辰医院点痣多少钱重庆美容院The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time By Arianna Huffington WH Allen £16.99 《睡眠革命》(The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time) 阿里安娜#8226;赫芬顿(Arianna Huffington)著,WH Allen出版,售价16.99英镑。 In April 2007 Arianna Huffington fell over. The journalist, multimillionaire, networker, ex-politician, author and all-round celebrity had got herself overtired. She banged her cheek as she went down. There was some blood. 2007年4月,阿里安娜#8226;赫芬顿昏倒了。这位集记者、亿万富婆、网络工作者、前政客、作家多种角色于一身的全能名流把自己累垮了。倒地时她撞到脸。还见了血。 In the nine intervening years she has turned this tumble into not only an industry but an entire movement. There has been a TED talk, countless media appearances and workshops. Two years ago she published Thrive and now The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time. 之后的9年,她不仅将这次晕厥的经历打造成了产业,还搞成了一场运动。目前已经有一场TED演讲、数不清的媒体采访和专题研讨会。两年前她出版了《成功的第三种维度》(Thrive)一书,如今又出版了《睡眠革命》。 In what her publishers call a “deeply personal exploration of sleep” she tells and retells the story of her fall. She also tells us some other less remarkable ones. She owns some pink pyjamas. And when her daughter ate lots of salty popcorn and watched Ghostbusters she didn’t sleep so well. 她的出版商称这本书为一次“关于睡眠的深度私家探索”,书中她再三诉说着晕倒的经历。也说了些寻常琐事。比如她有几件粉色睡衣。还有她女儿一边看《捉鬼敢死队》(Ghostbusters)一边大嚼咸味爆米花让她没法儿踏实睡觉。 As a life-long sleep hysteric I both revere and deplore the book. 作为一名长期因精神亢奋而失眠的人士,笔者对此书既推崇又反对。 Her central point is quite right: too little sleep isn’t good for us. When we don’t sleep well we are bad tempered, inclined to crash the car, look peaky and can’t do our jobs properly. She argues rightly that it is time to stop boasting about how little sleep we get and brag about how much we get instead. 她的中心思想很正确:睡眠过少对我们不利。睡不好时我们会脾气暴躁、容易撞车、面容憔悴以及无法很好地工作。她说的对,别再吹嘘自己睡得多么少了,应该吹自己获得了充足的睡眠才对。 And yet the tone of the book is all wrong. On the cover Huffington is pictured in a white suit with power shoulders and flowing skirt, seated on a punishingly hard single bed. Weird sleep angel, is the general idea. In the 300 pages that follow, she makes her point with a relentlessness that undermines her case. Good research is spoilt by scaremongering. She tells us that losing an hour’s sleep a week puts us at increased risk of heart attack. Even more moronically she es the figure that says too little sleep costs the economy ,280 per worker per year. 然而全书的基调却都不对劲。书的封面是赫芬顿的照片,照片上她身穿白色套装,高垫肩,大裙摆,坐在一张坚硬的单人床上。整体感觉就是个诡异的睡眠天使。接下来的300页,她长篇大论地阐述她的理论,但如此赘述反而有损说力。危言耸听糟蹋了书中引用的其他有益的研究成果。她说每周少睡一小时会增加患心脏病的几率。她还没头脑地引用了一个数据,说是睡眠不足的问题给经济造成相当于每个劳动者每年2280美元的损失。 The more she insists that not getting eight hours wrecks our relationships, our looks, our sex life, gives us cancer, heart attacks and diabetes, makes us flunk exams and fail at pretty much everything, the more you want to protest that actually being a bit weary isn’t the end of the world. 她越是强调睡不到8小时会危害我们的人际关系、我们的外表、我们的性生活,让我们罹患癌症、心脏病和糖尿病,令我们考试不及格以及诸事不顺,就让人越想反驳说一点点疲劳并不代表世界末日。 She scans the past — telling us that it was the industrial revolution that did for our sleep — and the future, in which she predicts a new sleepy era is under way. Sports coaches, supermodels and various companies are all starting to see the importance of sleep. A golden age of sleep, she insists, is about to dawn. 她回溯历史——告诉我们是工业革命毁掉了我们的睡眠;而未来,她预言一个新的嗜睡的纪元即将到来。体育教练、超级模特以及形形色色的企业都开始看到了睡眠的重要性。一个睡眠的黄金时代,她坚信,就在眼前。 I wish she were right. I also wish that she had a slightly broader notion of what it is to be sleepless. She understands only the sort of exhaustion that comes from setting up a website, running for political office and never being off the television. 我希望她是对的。我还希望她能对失眠这个概念有更为全面的理解。她仅对因创建网站、竞选公职、以及永远开着电视导致的精疲力尽有所体会。 I also wish Huffington understood more the blessed relief that can come from occasional visits to the medicine chest. 我还希望赫芬顿对那种有时需借助药物才能解脱的失眠多些理解。 As a result of ing a marathon sleep nag, my anxiety levels about not sleeping have not gone down. I’m not meditating; I’m not trying lavender pillows, but I am following Huffington in one big way. I have banished all screens from the bedroom. 在看了这本长篇大论、滔滔不绝论述睡眠的书后,我也并没能降低对失眠的焦虑程度。我没做冥想,我也没试试薰衣草枕头,但是我按赫芬顿的建议做出重要的一步:把所有带屏幕的东西拿出了卧室。 In the five nights since I finished the book it has made a difference. If I can keep it up, she will have transformed my life, just a little bit. 看完这本书后的头5个晚上,确实有了些改变。如果我能坚持下去,她将会让我的生活发生转变,但也只是一点点。 /201604/439415四川省去黄褐斑多少钱重庆激光脱毛多少钱

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