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  • A couple stunned guests by staging a surprise wedding which took half an hour from “marry me?” to “I do”.Even bridesmaids and best men had no idea that they would be taking part.Michael Clark and Fay Brazendale’s family and friends turned up for what they thought was her 30th birthday.But as Michael brought out the cake, he astounded the 120 guests by dropping to one knee and proposing. Straight after accepting, tearful Fay revealed the wedding would be taking place there and then.Fay, 29, said: “The whole room was in shock. There was a huge intake of breath.”The couple, from Salford, met two years ago on a holiday boat trip in Thailand.据英国《镜报》网站2月24日报道,近期,英国一对情侣举办的一场“闪婚”仪式让在场的客人目瞪口呆,两人仅用30分钟便完成了从求婚到结婚的整个过程。两年前,来自萨尔福德的男子克拉克和女子法伊在泰国参加一次泛舟之旅时相识。两人“闪婚”之前,严守秘密,家人和朋友们都以为要参加法伊的30岁生日派对,但是当克拉克拿出蛋糕、单膝跪地向法伊求婚时,全场的120位客人都惊呆了。喜极而泣的法伊接受求婚请求后,宣布婚礼马上举行。法伊表示:“我们的婚礼速战速决,作为一名派对策划师,我知道我想要一个与众不同的婚礼,并不是教堂婚礼或者大家坐下来吃顿饭。帮助我们操办婚礼的只有我们的父母、我最好的朋友和我的老板朱莉,除了他们,没人知道这件事。”Fay said: “It has all been a whirlwind affair. I work as a party planner so I knew I wanted something different. We didn’t want a church or sit-down meal.“The only people in on it were our parents, my best friend and my boss Julie Perry, who was helping us. I can’t believe nobody found out about it.;I bought my wedding dress in secret with mum, and knew my bridesmaids sizes, so had their dresses and shoes waiting in a room.“Michael had to do a lot of sneaking about in the best men’s wardrobes to find their sizes because he had no idea.“When they were all called out of the crowd, they couldn’t believe it.”Their guests at Great John Street Hotel, Manchester, were told a registrar would be y upstairs in 30 minutes.Michael, 31, said: “It was Fay’s idea, but I loved it. My brother was one of the best men and he was in shock.”After the candlelit ceremony, a Michael Jackson impersonator sang for the reception.Fay’s boss Julie, who also arranged Wayne and Coleen Rooney’s nuptials, said: “I’ve been planning weddings for 20 years but this is the first time we have done one in 30 minutes from the proposal to the marriage.;I am so happy for them both.”法伊还说:“我和妈妈私下里买好了婚纱,我知道伴娘们的尺寸,事先把她们要穿的衣和鞋都买好了,放在屋里等着用,而克拉克根本不知道伴郎们穿多大号的,不得不大肆偷看伴郎们的衣柜。当我们把伴郎和伴娘从人群中叫出来时,他们都不敢相信这一幕。”31的克拉克表示,“‘闪婚’是法伊的主意,我也很喜欢,我的弟弟就是其中的一位伴郎,当时他感到很惊讶。”法伊的老板朱莉说:“我操办婚礼20年,但是这场婚礼仅用30分钟的时间把求婚到结婚的整个过程全部搞定。我为他们感到高兴。” /201403/278223。
  • When coconut water broke into the American market 10 years ago, it was billed as a miracle drink able to fight viruses, kidney disease and other ailments like osteoporosis. Global sales now reach 0 million a year, and many consumers believe that the beverage has a wide variety of health benefits. But they may be unaware that the drink#39;s marketers have sharply scaled back their claims.十年前,椰汁打入美国市场时被宣传成是能抵抗病毒、治疗肾病和其他像骨质疏松这样的小恙的神奇饮料。而今它的全球年销售额达4亿美元,很多消费者认为这种饮料有多种保健作用。但是他们可能没有察觉到,卖家们急剧降低了这样的宣传。Young and Green幼嫩,绿色Not to be confused with coconut milk (the milky-white liquid made from coconut meat), coconut water is the clear fluid from young, still-green coconuts, packaged in angular Tetra Paks, as well as in bottles and faux coconut shells.不要把椰奶和椰汁混为一谈。椰奶是用椰肉做成的乳白色液体;椰汁是幼嫩的绿色椰子里的透明液体,装在有棱角的利乐包、瓶子或假椰壳里。An Acquired Taste后天养成的嗜好The flavor is an unusual mix of salty and sweet. The typical coconut water has 30 to 70 milligrams of sodium and 9 to 12 grams of sugar per 11.2-ounce container — saltier but much less sweet than most fruit juices. The same amount of apple juice has 10 milligrams of sodium and three times as much sugar: 33 grams.椰汁的味道很奇特,是咸味和甜味的结合。常见的一盒11.2盎司的椰汁中含30至70毫克钠、9至12克糖——比大多数果汁咸,远没有大多数果汁甜。等量的苹果汁含10毫克纳和33克糖——是椰汁糖分含量的三倍。Essential Elements基本成分The minerals in coconut water are what prompted the early claims of curative power, but their amounts are quite modest and they are widely found in other foods. A banana, for example, has 422 milligrams of potassium, compared with 660 milligrams in a typical container of coconut water. The water#39;s big three minerals are potassium (19 percent of the daily recommended intake), calcium (4 percent) and magnesium (4 percent).最初的宣传称,椰汁中的矿物质有治疗作用,但是它们的含量很小,而且在其他食物中也广泛存在。比如,一根香蕉含422毫克钾,一盒常见的椰汁含660毫克钾。椰汁含有的三大矿物质是钾(占每日推荐摄入量的19%),钙(4%)和镁(4%)。A Sports Loss与运动饮料相比Vita Coco, a leading brand, once boasted that it had 15 times the electrolytes — substances like sodium and potassium that are lost in sweat — in sports drinks. Then a 2011 class-action lawsuit contended that some of the mineral sums on its packages were exaggerated; as part of a settlement, Vita Coco agreed to stop saying that it rehydrated better than sports drinks. ;We don#39;t try to compare ourselves to much of anything anymore,; said Arthur Gallego, the company#39;s publicist.Vita Coco是椰汁领导品牌,它曾吹嘘说它的椰汁中的电解质含量是运动饮料的15倍。电解质指的是出汗时流失的钠和钾等物质。2011年的一场集体诉讼声称,该公司的椰汁包装上的一些矿物质含量被夸大了;作为一项和解条件,Vita Coco公司同意不再说它比运动饮料更能补水。“我们不再试图把自己与其他大部分饮料相比较,”该公司的公关亚瑟·加莱戈(Arthur Gallego)说。One Last Comparison最后一项比较These days, coconut water#39;s big rival may be plain old water. How do they compare? Scientists are still wrestling with the question, and while their findings vary, water is starting to look just fine for most people. A 2012 study (funded by Vita Coco) in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that neither coconut water nor sports drinks were better than water in hydrating young men after hourlong workouts.如今,椰汁最大的对手可能是普通的水。它们比较起来又如何呢?科学家们仍在争论这个问题,虽然他们的研究结果不太一样,但是对大部分人来说,喝水就够了。2012年一项发表在国际运动营养协会学刊(Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition)上的研究(由Vita Coco公司资助)发现,年轻男子在一小时的锻炼之后,椰汁和运动饮料的补水效果并不比水更好。So What#39;s the Appeal?那么它的吸引力是什么?Coconut water taps into a ;deep consumer vein,; Tom Pirko, a beverage industry analyst, wrote in an email. ;It is not seen as a ‘manufactured#39; concoction, but rather the issue of Mother Earth.; And it seems poised to become just the first in a wave of natural waters; aly for sale are bottled waters from maple and birch trees, barley, cactus and artichokes, with their own exuberant promotions.饮料行业分析师汤姆·珀克(Tom Pirko)在邮件中说,椰汁进入了“消费者的血液深处”,“人们不认为它是‘加工出来的#39;混合物,而是大地母亲的汁液”。它似乎以自然之水浪潮中的第一位而泰然自居;其他在售的还有枫树、桦树、大麦、仙人掌和洋蓟的瓶装汁液,各自都有华丽的宣传。More Than a Drink不只是饮料Meanwhile, coconut water flows on. Best-selling cookbooks are using it as an additive in soups and smoothies. And it#39;s not just for drinking: Dial has released a soap and a body wash that use coconut water as a hydrating agent — and as a powerful image on the package.与此同时,椰汁还有其他用途。最畅销的食谱把它用作汤和冰沙的调味剂。它不只可以用来喝:Dial公司推出了用椰汁做保湿剂的香皂和浴液——其包装盒上醒目地点出这一成分。 /201409/325058。
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