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武汉泌尿科医院排名在武汉做一个包皮手术多少钱My School Bag -- :: 来源: My School Bag I have a good friend. Her name is school bag. She is a very beautiful girl. Look! there is a picture on her face. It’s a picture of a lovely girl. She wears a red coat. there are some books, some copybooks and a pencil case in her stomach. From Monday to Friday, I go to school with her. She helps me a lot. And I like her very much武汉睾丸炎治疗要多少钱 美丽的西沙群岛,中国南方的明珠 -- ::6 来源: Recently the National Tourism Administration said that the Xisha Islands would be open to ordinary tourists,peoplecould visit the Yongxingisland,thebiggest island of the Xisha Islands.But what is notable is that there are no cell phone signals and internet bars.近日,国家旅游局透露,西沙群岛旅游即将对普通游客开放,人们能够登西沙最大岛永兴岛旅游不过值得注意的是,西沙群岛没有手机信号,没有网吧Located 330 kilometers southeast of South China's Hainan Province and, the Xisha Islands are one of four big island groups in the South China Sea, together with the Dongsha, Nansha and Zhongsha islands. 西沙群岛位于中国海南省以南330公里处,和东沙,南沙,中沙并称为中国南海最大的四大岛屿The bright pearl of the south China,the beautiful Xisha islands美丽的西沙群岛 中国南方的明珠 美丽的西沙群岛 中国南方的明珠课后活动 Activities after Class -- :5:50 来源: Iam a primary school student. In school, I have four classes in the morning andtwo in the afternoon. Usually, the classes are over at about half past four. SoI have much time to have fun. We students have many activities after class. example, I like playing badminton and table tennis. Some of my classmates likeplaying basketball and football. There is a gym in my school. It’s a popularplace, too. My school encourages students to do exercise after class. So myschool provides us many places and equipment. I like taking part in variousactivities after class. It makes me happy.我是一名小学生每天我早上我有四节课下午有两节,下午四点半下课,所以我有很多时间去玩在学校里,我们也有很多课后活动我喜欢打羽毛球和乒乓球,我的同学喜欢打篮球和踢足球我们学校还有一个游泳池,很多人喜欢去那里游泳学校鼓励学生多参加课后活动,所以在学校里有很多锻炼的场地和器材我喜欢参加课后活动,从中我能得到很多快乐武汉无痛割包皮费用

通城县人民医院男科预约朱莉与朱莉娅经典台词 -- ::58 来源: 朱莉与朱莉娅经典台词片名:朱莉与朱莉娅Julie Julia导演:诺拉·艾芙隆Nora Ephron主演:艾米·亚当MerylStreep,艾米·亚当斯Amy Adams剧情简介:Julie is an ordinary employees of the American goverment,she's not much satisfied with her job.She likes cooking,her favorite is researchingrecipes.经典台词1. You don't have to bite my head off. I'm just ing Julia.你不需要冲我发火,我不过是在引用朱莉娅的话. It's just I've never flunked a test in my entire life.只是我这辈子从来没有考试不及格过3. What if I don't make my deadline, Eric?埃里克,要是我在截止日期前完不成怎么办?. Or he won't pick up the check.如果那样他就不给付账单5. I'm having a hard time pretending to be anything but devastated.我感到很崩溃,但是还要假装一切都好,这日子真难熬6. I am a one-way street, just like Eric says.就像埃里克说的,我这人就是我行我素7. Frankly, she was kind of a pill about it.坦白讲,她对此很有意见8. Eric, me, the cat, slightly worse wear, sitting in the outer boroughs, eating.埃里克,我,还有我们的猫,身材都有些走样了,我们坐在巷子里,酣畅地吃喝精对白1. - You know what I love about cooking?- What's that?- I love that after a day when nothing is sure, and when I say "nothing" I mean nothing, you can come home and absolutely know that if you add egg yolks to chocolate and sugar and milk, it will get thick. It's such a comt.. Julia Child wasn't always Julia Child.3. -- What is it that you really like to do?-- Eat. It's what I like to do.-- I know, I know. I know. I know. And you are so good at it. Look at you!. -- You're being a little over-competitive, don't you think?-- Well, you should've seen the way those men looked at me. As if I were some frivolous housewife, just looking a way to kill time.5. My teacher moves so quickly I'm sometimes lost. But I'm way ahead of the others in the class, all of them men, and all of them very unfriendly, until they discovered I was fearless. Something I realized about the same time they did.6. I'm probably the only American I know in Paris who thinks shopping food is as much fun as buying a dress. Course, you'd think so too, if you lived in a country where absolutely nothing comes in my size.7. Julia, you are the butter to my b, and the breath to my life.8. Perfection. And even if it isn't, never apologize. No excuses! No explanations.Teacher1: Today we will begin by learning to boil eggs. First, you must make sure that the egg is fresh.Julia: I was so hoping that... Well, something a little more advanced, Madame Brassart.Brassart: But you are not an advanced cook.Julia: But I do know how to boil an egg.Brassart: Do you know how to bone a duck?Julia: No, but that's exactly the sort of thing that I'm very interested in learning how to do.Brassart: There is one other class, but you will not like it. It's professionnel, which you will never be, I'm sure. All men. All GIs. And very expensive. I cannot imagine that you would ever want to pay the tuition.Julia: How much?Teacher: So the onion is y, but...Julia: Bonjour!Teacher: Bonjour, Madame! (Everybody slicing the onions) Madame! You must hold the knife, first of all, like this. Wrist, easy. Leave the thumb here. The hand and the knife are one. And the hand, the other hand, you must protect it. Here, you must cut only the onion. Yes?Julia: Not me.Teacher: Yes. And then, you put your thumb here and the other fingers here.Paul: Jule? You're being a little over-competitive, don't you think?Julia: Well, you should've seen the way those men looked at me. As if I were some frivolous housewife, just looking a way to kill time.Paul: Well...Julia: Where are you going?Paul: Not here.Julia: You hungry?Paul: No.Julia: Good. (In the class) Ta-da!Teacher: Well done, Madame Child.Julia’s letter: Dear Avis, I'm in my third week at Le Cordon Bleu, and I'm in utter bliss. Every morning the alarm goes off at 6:30, and I leap out of bed.Julia: I'm up!Julia’s letter: By 7:30 I'm in class, in my apron, peeling potatoes. Then we cook stock and we bone fish. We dress pigeons. We make pastry with so much butter, it almost stops your heart just to look at it. My teacher moves so quickly I'm sometimes lost. But I'm way ahead of the others in the class, all of them men, and all of them very unfriendly, until they discovered I was fearless. Something I realized about the same time they did. Morning class ends at :30, then I go home and make lunch Paul. Then Paul takes a nap. And later in the afternoon, he goes back to the embassy and I go back to school.Teacher: You must have a mortar and pestle.Julia’s letter: Incidentally, my father is horrified I'm going to cooking school. Offered to give me extra money to hire a cook.Teacher: Go on. Fun! Joy! This is what matters.Julia’s letter: I'm probably the only American I know in Paris who thinks shopping food is as much fun as buying a dress. Course, you'd think so too, if you lived in a country where absolutely nothing comes in my size. By the way, did you know that if you don't dry meat, it won't brown properly? Irma Rombauer doesn't say a word about it in the Joy of Cooking. Avis, I am in heaven here. I've been looking a career all my life...Paul: Happy Valentine's Day.Julia’s letter: ...and I've found it.Paul: We met in Ceylon when we were in the OSS.Julia: But he never noticed me at first.Paul: Well, that's not true. I noticed you. I noticed your legs straightaway.Julia: Oh, you were such a roué. All the women were mad him.Paul: Can you blame them? Anyway, we were sent off to China.Julia: Absolutely delicious, if I do say so myself.Woman: Julia. When you finish your term, you'll be teaching at Cordon Bleu.Julia: No, I don't think so. The woman who runs it absolutely hates me!Man: Come on. Oh, no one could possibly hate you.Julia: That's true. But she does.Woman: Were you spies?Paul: No. Yes. No.Woman: Oh, so cagey, right?Man: You were in the Office of Strategic Services and you were not spies?Julia: I was only a file clerk. But Paul? Paul designed all of the secret war rooms General Mountbatten.Paul: Well, just maps and exhibits and things. It wasn't...Julia: He did! He single-handedly won the war us.Paul: Well, I had to. Someone did. I mean, it was dragging on, wasn't it? Anyway, so there we were in China, just friends having dinner, and it turned out to be Julia. It turned out to be Julia all along. Julia, you are the butter to my b, and the breath to my life. I love you, darling girl. Happy Valentine's Day. 朱莉与朱莉娅经典台词黄冈黄州县男科最好的医院 职场口语对话:办公室午餐时间-- :7:1 对话中学习一些实用英语,对工作很有帮助哦!Michael: The boss has an errand you.Billy: What is my task, sir?Michael: Scope out the city's shopping malls and find out the best deals.Billy: The best deals on what sort of items?Michael: Office supplies, of course.Billy: I'm leaving now.Michael: Hold your horses. Don't leave without finishing your report first.Billy: Fine, I'll finish, then go shopping!对话:办公室午餐时间迈克尔:老板给你安排了个活儿比利:什么活儿啊?迈克尔:找出城里的大型购物商场,看看在哪家买最划算比利:买什么东西呀?迈克尔:当然是办公用品了比利:那我走了迈克尔:慢着,别忘了先把你的报告写完再走比利:没问题写完了我就去逛商场!NEW WORDS 新单词1) Hold your horses(等一会儿, 别着急): relax, wait a momentHold you horses, miss, you can't go into the shopping center until 9AM.,请等一会儿,上午九点商场才开门) Mall(购物中心): an indoor multi-level shopping centerKid who goes to the mall too much are called mall rats.老去购物中心里瞎逛的小孩叫做“商场老鼠”3)Office supplies(办公用品): items used in the workplace, pens, paper...I am off to the mall to buy some office supplies, do you want to come?我要去购物中心里买点儿办公用品,你跟不跟我去?)Run errands (跑腿,办点儿事): do tasks, finish a small project, go out and do somethingI have to run a few errands at the post office, do you want to come along?我必须得去趟邮局办点儿事,你想不想一起去?5)Quite a deal(一大把,很划算): a bargain, inexpensive1) You will usually only get an hour. 一般你只有半个小时) Ask others if they want to share bee you order a pizza. 在订比萨饼之前,问问其他人是不是也想要3) Try buying a fun and colorful lunchbox, one that others will admire. I have a Star Wars lunchbox, and my coworkers are all jealous! 买一个有趣的颜色鲜艳的别人都喜欢的午餐饭盒我有一个星球大战的饭盒,我的同事都羡慕极了!) If you eat at your desk, clean up the food very carefully. No one like bugs at their station. 如果你在桌子上吃午饭,吃完后要打扫干净没有人喜欢他们的工作座位有小虫子5) If you are going out to pick up fast food, ask if you can get any your friends.如果你出去吃快餐,问问你的朋友,你能不能给他们带一点什么Dialogue 对话Gordon: Molly, I am going to KFC lunch, would you like me to bring your back anything?Molly : No thanks, that won't be necessary, I brought a lunch.Gordon: You always bring a lunchbox, why?Molly : Don't tell anyone, but I am on a diet. Fast food will make you fat.Gordon: We could get someone to deliver pizza?Molly : Pizza is still fatty fast food.Gordon: But during the coffee break I saw you eating the cake that the boss gave you.Molly : If the boss brings a cake, you eat it!Gordon: I guess that is why the boss likes you more.Molly : You had better hurry to your fast food joint, you only have a half-hour.Gordon: See you soon.戈登:莫莉,我要到肯德基吃午饭,你要我给你带回点什么吗?莫莉:不用了,谢谢我带午饭了戈登:你为什么总是自己带午饭呢?莫莉:别告诉别人,我正在减肥快餐会使人发胖戈登:我们可以叫人送点比萨饼来莫莉:比萨饼也是容易使人发胖的快餐戈登:但是,在工间休息的时候,我看见你吃了一块老板给你的蛋糕莫莉:如果是老板给的蛋糕,你就得吃戈登:我想这就是老板为什么更喜欢你的原因莫莉:你最好快点到你的快餐店去,你只有半个小时戈登:一会儿见武汉市第五医院泌尿科咨询

咸宁市嘉鱼县前列腺炎哪家医院最好英语聊天:在美容店里的英语对话及词汇-- :31: 美容美发店应该是所有人都要光顾的地方,即便你不是那么爱美之人也总要理理头发吧用中文我们可以对自己想要达到的预期效果侃侃而谈,那么如果进了一家外国美容店,你又该如何同美容师对话呢?一起来学一下吧  Hairdresser: Good morning, madam  美容师:上午好,太太  Guest: Good morning. I would like a shampoo and set  客人:上午好我想洗头、做头发  Hairdresser: Yes, madam. What style do you want?  美容师:是,太太做什么式样?  Guest: I'd like to try a new hair style. Could you show me some pictures of hair styles?  客人:我想换个新发型你能不能给我看些发型式样的照片?  Hairdresser: Sure. We have various models: hair bobbed, hair sweptback, chaplet hair style, shoulder-length hair style, hair done in a bun. Please have a look at them, madam  美容师:可以我们有各种各样的发型,如剪短发、后掠式、盘花冠式、齐肩式,还有把头发挽成发髻太太,您请看  Guest: Thanks. Please give me the style in this picture here but make the wave longer. I would like hair spray, please  客人:谢谢请你这张照片上的发型烫,波浪烫长些请喷些发胶  Hairdresser: Yes, madam  美容师:好的,太太  Guest: Oh, your hair dryer is too hot. Would you adjust it, please?  客人:哎呦,吹风太热了,请调整一下吧  Hairdresser: Sorry, madam. I'll adjust it right away  美容师:对不起,太太我马上调整  Hairdresser: Is that all right now?  美容师:现在可以了吗?  Guest: Yes, thank  客人:可以了,谢谢  Hairdresser: Please have a look  美容师:请您看一看  Guest: Beautifully done. Please trim my eyebrows and darken them  客人:做得好极了请把眉毛修一下,再画深一点  Hairdresser: All right, madam. And would you like a manicure?  美容师:好的,太太您还要修一下指甲吗?  Guest: Yes. Use a light nail varnish, please  客人:要的请用浅色指甲油  Vocabulary 单词表  1. bob: 剪短(头发)  . sweptback: 向后倾斜的  3. chaplet: 花冠  . spray: 喷,洒  5. adjust: 调整  6. manicure: 修指甲  7. varnish: 清漆,油 一点小事(A little thing) -- :01:1 来源: 一点小事(A little thing)on my way home, i saw two boys running to small recreation vehicle.i hurried to ask them do not runnig from the small recreation vehicle.when the two boys stop,i told them it was dangerous to do that.they thanked me and we said goodbye to eash other.i felt heppy to heip the two doys.孝感男科大夫黄冈红安县男科咨询



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