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For more on issues regarding health care and family planning, joining us in the studio is Liu Guoen, an economics professor from Peking University.为了解更多关于卫生保健和计划生育相关信息,我们有请到北京大学经济学教授刘国恩做客我们演播室。One topic expected to be in the spotlight today is the easing China#39;s family planning policy. The new policy being pushed forward allows couples to have two children as long as one of the parents is an only child. Could this help boost the country#39;s dwindling workforce?目前关注度最高的话题是放宽中国计划生育政策。在新政下,夫妻双方中只要有一人是独生子女,该对夫妇便可生育第二胎。这可以帮助提振萎缩的劳动力市场吗?Meanwhile, Beijing has vowed to stick to the fundamental policy of family planning. What does this mean?同时,北京已经表示要坚持计划生育基本国策。这意味着什么呢?Health care reforms have also garnered a lot of attention. China has vowed to introduce private funds for non-profit hospitals. What#39;s the significance of this?医疗改革已经获得很多关注。中国表示要为非盈利医院引进私募资金。那么这样做的意义是什么? Article/201403/278865Most of us have had to give a speech or presentation at some stage. This can be extremely daunting, especially if you have several points to remember or people to thank. So this film will show you how to use a Mind Map to remember a speech without notes.我们中的大部分人在人生的某个阶段可能都需要讲话。这是非常令人胆怯的,尤其是如果你要记住几点主要内容或者有许多人需要致谢的时候。这段视频将向你展示不用手稿,如何通过大脑地图来记住讲话内容。Step 1: Create a Mind Map1.创建大脑地图The first step is to construct a Mind Map on paper. It#39;s best to use coloured pens. When making a Mind Map, first put your subject in the centre of the page. Organise your speech into main areas and put single key words onto branches that start in the middle of the Mind Map. Branch off into more detail from each of the main areas, always ensuring the branches are connected together and that you use single key words. Use as many pictures as possible to help you to recall those key words. Even abstract words like ;party;, ;process; or ;management; can be illustrated if you take a moment to think about it.第一步是在纸上创建大脑地图。最好使用色笔。制作大脑地图的时候,首先把讲话的主题写在纸张中心。在主要区域组织自己的讲话,从中心画出几个主要的分,每一个分写上关键词。每个主要区域再分出更多细节,确保每个分之间密切联系,关键词也要简洁。尽可能多地使用图片来帮助你回忆这些关键词。如果你花费一点时间来思考一下,“聚会”,“过程”或“管理”等抽象的词语都可以用插图来说明。Step 2: Memorising2.记忆Now that you know the basics of creating a Mind Map, here#39;s how to use it to memorise your speech. Focus on choosing the right key words to put on your Mind Map. By taking the time to think of single key words, you imprint that information on your mind. The brain likes key words and you will be able to remember whole sections of your speech simply by putting down a few key words. Make sure you use several pictures, especially for the main topics of your talk. Once the Mind Map is complete, put it somewhere that you can#39;t see it and see if you can recreate it from memory. When you#39;re confident that you can see the Mind Map in your Mind#39;s eye, practise your speech a few times to review the information and commit your speech to memory. You will now be able to deliver the speech without even looking at the piece of paper.现在你已经知道了创建大脑地图的基本要素,下面就是怎样使用这幅地图来记住讲话内容。最主要的是为大脑地图选择恰当的关键词。花费一点时间来思考单个的关键词,然后把这些信息铭记在脑海中。大脑喜欢这些关键词,你只需输入几个关键词就可以记住整篇讲话。确保使用几幅图片,特别是讲话的主题。一旦大脑地图完成,放在你看不到的地方,看一下能否根据记忆来复述。一旦你有信心可以从大脑中看到整个地图,练习几次讲话,复述信息,把讲话内容牢牢地记忆下来。现在,你不需看手稿也可以流利地发表讲话了。Step 3: Recap3.概述To remember your speech, first make a Mind Map.为了记住讲话内容,首先创建大脑地图。Concentrate on using colour, key words and pictures.使用色笔,关键词和图片。Review your Mind Map and practise your speech.复述大脑地图,练习讲话。Good luck!祝你好运!Thanks for watching How To Memorise A Speech Using A Mind Map.感谢收看“如何通过大脑地图来记忆讲话”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201307/248672A strong cold front is affecting most of China. Temperatures in northwest China and Inner Mongolia have fallen by 6 to 12 degrees Celsius, while freezing temperatures have been recorded in the northeast.一股强寒流正在影响中国大部分地区。中国西北及内蒙已经降温达6-12摄氏度,而东北的冰冻气温已经创历史最高纪录。The front is expected to hit southern China later Tuesday, with temperatures expected to drop by 5 to 10 degrees Celsius, with strong winds.该股寒流预计于周二晚些时候袭击华南地区,气温将下降5-10摄氏度,并伴有强风。The state oceanic forecast station has issued an alert for rough weather in the Bohai, Yellow and East China Sea.国家海洋天气预报中心已经发布预警:渤海,黄河及东海将有恶劣天气。 Article/201310/260487

If you want a flawless complexion, what you put into your mouth is as important as what you put on your face.如果你想拥有无瑕的肌肤,入口的食品和涂抹在面部的护肤品同样重要。You Will Need你需要Wild fish野生鱼Walnuts核桃Peanut butter花生酱Water水Multivitamins多种维他命Biotin supplements维生素H补充剂Cooked tomatoes煮番茄Steps步骤Step 1 Eat more fish1.多吃鱼Eat more cold-water fish, like salmon, mackerel, trout, herring, sardines, and tuna. They’re all rich in omega-3 fatty acids, whose anti-inflammatory properties keep wrinkles at bay.多吃冷水鱼,例如鲑鱼,马鲛鱼,鳟鱼,鲱鱼,沙丁鱼和金鱼。这些鱼都含有丰富的omega-3脂肪酸,其抗炎特性可以防止皱纹的出现。Make sure the fish is wild, not farm-raised.确保购买的鱼是野生的,而不是鱼塘饲养的。Step 2 Snack on walnuts2.吃核桃Snack on walnuts, which are also an excellent source of omega-3’s.多吃点核桃,其中也含有丰富的omega-3脂肪酸。Step 3 Have a PBamp;J3.花生酱和果冻三明治Have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich -- just make sure the b is whole wheat and the jelly is added sparingly. Peanut butter is a rich source of omega-6 fatty acids, which come in a close second to omega-3’s when it comes to protecting skin from aging. Avocadoes are good source of omega-6, too.制作花生酱和果冻三明治——确保用全麦面包,少放一点果冻。花生酱中含有丰富的omega-6脂肪酸,在防止皮肤衰老方面是仅次于omega-3脂肪酸的必备佳品。鳄梨中也含有丰富的omega-6脂肪酸。Make sure to eat some #39;good#39; fats every day. Too little fat leads to dry, flaky skin.确保每天都摄入一些好的脂肪。太少脂肪会导致皮肤干燥易剥落。Step 4 Stay hydrated4.补水Stay hydrated -- and keep skin smooth -- by drinking lots of water and cutting back on dehydrating beverages containing caffeine and alcohol. Aim for half your body weight in ounces of water every day.每天喝大量的水,避免含有咖啡因和酒精的容易使皮肤脱水的饮料,保持皮肤水润光滑。保持水含量占体重的一半。Step 5 Take vitamins5.用维他命Take a daily multivitamin, which will ensure that your skin is getting enough Vitamin K and zinc; both help your skin cells repair themselves. And take a biotin supplement; many women who take it to strengthen their nails and hair say it improves the texture of their skin, too.每天用多种维他命,这样可以确保皮肤获得足够的维他命K和锌。两者都可以帮助皮肤细胞自我修复。同时用维生素H补充剂。许多用这种补充剂来增强指甲和头发的女性表示也可以改善皮肤状况。Step 6 Eat less sugar6.少吃糖Studies show sugar causes sagging and wrinkling by attaching itself to the collagen and elastin in skin, causing it to become brittle and break. Sugar also causes dark, under-eye circles.研究表明,糖会自动与皮肤中的胶原质和弹力素结合,导致皮肤脆弱,造成皮肤松弛和褶皱,糖还会造成黑眼圈。Choose green apples over red. They release smaller amounts of sugar.尽量选择青苹果而不是红苹果。青苹果中的糖含量较低。Step 7 Go easy on the dairy7.减少奶制品Go easy on the dairy. Some evidence suggests that a dairy-free diet can help eliminate acne.减少奶制品的摄入量。一些据表明,无奶制品的饮食可以帮助消除痤疮。Step 8 Cook some tomatoes8.煮番茄Cook a big pot of tomato sauce. Cooked tomatoes release lycopene and other antioxidants that prevent skin damage. Mangia!煮一大罐番茄沙司。煮的番茄可以释放番茄红素和其他抗氧化剂,防止皮肤受损。Humans shed about nine pounds of dead skin cells a year.人类每年剥落9磅坏死的皮肤细胞。视频听力译文由。 Article/201402/275932

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