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Love the guy, hate the wardrobe? You are not alone, my friend. Help improve his fashion sense so hell learn what to wear –and what not to wear.深爱这个男孩,但是不喜欢他的衣柜?你并不是一个人,我的朋友。帮助改善他的时尚感,这样他就能学会什么样的衣可以穿,什么样的衣不能穿。You Will Need你需要Patience耐心Clothing gift饰类礼物Positive reinforcement积极的肯定Mens fashion magazine男士时尚杂志Shopping expedition购物之旅Good influences良好的影响Iron熨斗Tailor裁缝Soft, comfy clothes (optional)柔软舒适的装(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Proceed cautiously1.谨慎地进行Proceed cautiously. Criticizing his wardrobe may make him defensive -- and resistant to makeover attempts. Begin by giving him a new piece of clothing as a present.谨慎地进行。批评他的衣柜可能会让他为自己辩护,拒绝你对他进行打扮的企图。从送他一件新衣作为礼物开始。Dont pick anything way out of line with what he normally wears. If its too far off, he wont wear it.不要选择过分偏离他日常着装风格的衣。如果差别太大,他将永远不会穿。STEP 2 Give him positive reinforcement2.给他积极的肯定Whenever he wears the new item, give him positive, but subtle, reinforcement; you want his brain to make a subconscious connection between your adulation and his new clothing. Conversely, have a ;headache; whenever he wears something really outdated.每当他穿新衣的时候,给他积极但微妙的肯定;你希望他的大脑潜意识里把你的谄媚和他的新衣联系起来。相反,当他穿非常过时的衣时,做出“头痛”的表情。STEP 3 Bring home some magazines3.带些杂志回家Bring home a mens fashion magazine and leave it in the bathroom, where hes bound to take a peek at it. Flipping through page after page of well-dressed male models has got to rub off on him, even if its just a teensy bit.带一些男士时尚杂志回家,放在浴室里,他肯定会撇一眼。一页一页地浏览衣冠楚楚的男模肯定能潜移默化地影响他,即使只是一点点。STEP 4 Take him shopping4.带他去购物Now that hes primed for new clothes, drag him to the mall and park near an entrance that leads into the mens department,where you can ;notice; something that would look great on him. Time the trip to a big sale, and steer him to soft fabrics and comfortable cuts so his new clothes will feel as good as they look.现在,既然他已经准备好迎接新的衣,拉他去商场,把车停在必须经过男装区的出口附近。这样你肯定会发现比较适合他的衣。安排好大肆购物的时间,为他选择布料柔软,剪裁舒适的新衣,穿上既漂亮又舒。Never tell him an outfit is ;cute; or that hed look ;adorable; in it. It will be the kiss of death.千万不要告诉他某套衣很“可爱”,或者他穿上之后很“可爱”。这是致命的玩笑。STEP 5 Influence him5.影响他Surround him with examples of stylish men: Point out well-dressed sports heroes; get him hooked on a TV show filled with debonair dudes; take him to a club or restaurant known for its trendsetting clientele.让他置身于时尚男士周围:指出着装有品位的体育英雄;让他看有很多衣装华丽的的电视节目;带他去以客户着装新颖著称的俱乐部或餐馆。STEP 6 If all else fails...6.如果以上全部失败……If all else fails, introduce him to two things: an iron, and a good tailor. Its amazing what a good press and a perfect fit can do, even for the oldest, lamest clothes.如果以上方法全部失败,向他介绍两样物品:熨斗和裁缝。无论是多么落后,多么差劲的衣,这两者都可以化腐朽为神奇。Twenty-two percent of men surveyed said that comfort is the most important factor governing their clothing purchases.22%的受调查男性表示,他们在买衣方面最注重的是舒适。视频听力译文由。201409/330075He was very appealing to anybody whos ever been oppressed because of ethnic reasons or other reason.那些被压迫的人觉得他充满魅力,有民族自豪感的原因或者其他的原因。That time when Bruce was on the rise,we were looking for counter cultural heroes to fight the establishment.Its 40 years. Wouldnt have people forgotten him by now?No, I think a lot of cultures have picked him up as sort of their hero.布鲁斯展露锋芒的时候正是我们在寻找民族英雄来对抗压迫者的时候。过去四十年了,人们会不会已经忘记他了?不会,我觉得很多民族把他当做英雄看待。You had Muhammad Au. You had Malcolm X.You had the Black Panthers.You had a lot of radicalism going on.Bruce Lee represented that same kind of radicalism.我们有穆罕默德·欧,有马尔科姆艾克斯,我们有黑豹党员。有很多这种根本的改革主义,李小龙代表了这种改革主义。Bruce Lee emerges when America is having a very bad time in Vietnam and cannot beat the Viet Cong,these little yellow guys in pyjamas,so Bruce Lee speaks to that.当美国在越南碰壁,对于那些穿着宽松裤的,越共束手无策的时候,李小龙展露头角,他响应着这种精神。Anywhere you go,everybody is about Bruce Lee and rallies behind him.Hes the underdog.You dont have to start shouting political declarations to be culturally and politically significant.无论你走到哪里,每个人都因为李小龙得到极大的鼓舞,他也是处于劣势的,你不需要高喊你的政治宣言来体现你在政治和文化上的重要性。That Colosseum fight was very accurate.Taking nothing away from Chuck Norris,but I think Bruce Lee would be victorious.That fight scene gave Chuck Norris pretty much a career.那场罗马剧院的对抗很微妙。查克·诺里斯没损失什么,但我觉得李小龙是赢家。这个打斗场景让查克·诺里斯声名大噪。If they said Bruce could have beat Chuck Norris,Id say,;How much do you wanna bet?;I got a fistful of green backs in my pocket.如果有人说布鲁斯能打败查克·诺里斯,我会说,你想赌多少?我口袋里有得是钱。Chuck got chucked out right there in that movie.Thats one of my favourites.Boom. Guillotine choke in the 70s.Hello.Thats being ahead of your time.在那个电影中查克被好好收拾了,那是我最喜欢之一。70年代的颈锁术,那要早我好多年了。201312/269182Solar scientist Mike Lockwood太阳科学家迈克·洛克伍德went looking for clues in the most obvious place.在最显而易见的地方寻找线索The Sun.太阳The Suns energy太阳释放的能量exerts the most important influence on the Earths climate.是地球气候最重要的影响条件It defines the seasons, creates weather patterns它让四季交替 天气变换and drives the oceans currents.也是洋流的驱动力And its what was happening to the Sun 300 years ago正是三百年前太阳上发生的事thats brought him to the river Thames使这位科学家来到泰晤士河and the crucible of British science.以及英国科学的发展之地Were just coming up to Greenwich on the river here.我们就要到达河边的格林威治Greenwich is a really important place in the history of science.格林威治在科学史上是个非常重要的地方It was the first ever purpose-built laboratory,它是第一个有特定目标的实验室and it was built to solve the longitude problem.它被用来解决关于经度的问题But they did other things as well.但是他们也做了些别的研究It was really really useful. They observed the Sun.非常有用 他们观测了太阳They made a great sequence of data他们获得了一系列的数据thats incredibly useful for understanding the Sun.这对于理解太阳活动有极大帮助201410/336981

视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》I think I just couldnt stop smiling for several days after filming.拍摄结束后的好几天我都会情不自禁地笑The relief was just unbelievable.我感到难以置信的宽慰Back at the camera platform, James has had a long night.在摄像平台上 詹姆斯度过了漫长的一晚For over four hours,超过4小时的时间里the elephant tried to shake him out of the tree.大象想要把他从树上摇下来Got down this morning when the Bayaka came to collect me,早上巴彦喀来接我的时候我才下树went to look at the camera,我去查看了摄像机and hed pulled it out of the tree,大象把摄像机从树上扯了下来and hed chewed through the power cable.他还咬穿了电源线He must have gotten a bit of a shock,他肯定被电到了一下I mean only 12 volts, but...虽然只有12伏特的电压 不过...Serves him right, quite honestly.他罪有应得 真的But at least we got a shot of him before he trashed the camera.至少我们在他弄坏摄像机前拍到了图像Silver lining.不幸中的万幸Despite this bumpy start,坎坷的开端之后the elephants soon got used to James,大象们很快习惯了詹姆斯and James got used to the elephants.詹姆斯也熟识了大象们Filming here was never going to be easy,在这里摄像肯定不容易but we were soon able to但我们很快就能够reveal the night life of forest elephants like never before.第一次揭示丛林象们的夜生活201403/281452

Hi, Im Jessica 嗨,我是Jessicaand today Im gonna talk about a reaction I like to call今天我要讲的化学演示叫作;Midas magic; ;迈达斯的魔术;and before I get started, lets watch the reaction in action在开始之前,我们先来看看实际反应with the help of Dr. Bassam Shakhashiri 演示由Bassam Shakhashiri士来做and here he is 这就是他了hes actually the president of the American Chemical Society他是美国化学学会主席and his motto is science is fun他的格言是,科学很有趣Here he is at MIT and lets see what he has to show us他来到MIT,看他是怎么做的Watch this. I take this clear and colorless liquid看这个,这是一种无色透明液体and I put some of it into beaker, about 100 milliliters将一些倒入烧杯,大约100毫升How do I know its about 100 milliliters?我怎么知道大约是100毫升Im ing the markers here on the beaker 我阅读了烧杯上的刻度and I take about 100 milliliters of a bit different clear and colorless liquid 再倒100毫升的另一种无色透明液体but you dont know its different, they look the same但你们不知道它不同,因为看起来是一样的and look at this look, look whats gonna happen now? 看这个,看看会发生什么Isnt one of the most fascinating observations you make?这非常迷人,不是吗You take 2 clear colorless liquid, you mix them together将两种无色透明液体混合and you get a yellow substance that is insoluble in water 却得到了一种不溶于水的黄色物质This is lead iodide这是碘化铅I mixed potassium iodide solution with lead nitrate solution我混合了碘化钾溶液和硝酸铅溶液So the magician never tells you how the trick works 魔术师不会告诉你们为什么会这样but in science we like to know whats going on 但科学中,我们会解释发生了什么So what is going on? Lets break it down发生了什么呢,我来讲解一下Dr. Shakhashiri started with two clear colorless liquidsShakhashiri士使用了两种无色透明液体He had about 100 milliliters of lead nitrate 他用了大约100毫升的硝酸铅and that aqueous, its in solution 这是溶于溶液的and about 100 milliliters of potassium iodide还有大约100毫升的碘化钾also aqueous 也是溶液状态and when he mixed those together将两者混合he got a yellow precipitate 他得到了黄色沉淀Lets color that in yellow我用黄色来表示A precipitate is a solid沉淀物是一种固体So how do we know what this yellow solid is?我们怎么知道这种黄色固体是什么呢Well, this is a reaction thats called a double displacement reaction这种反应被叫作复分解反应And in this kind of reaction这种反应中the cation and anion pairs switch places阳离子和阴离子相互交换So what exactly does that mean? 什么意思呢Im gonna use some colors to help me out我将用些色来描述So weve got cations and anions in each of these compounds 这两种化合物中都有阳离子和阴离子The cations have positive charge, so阳离子具有正电荷in this case its led which has a 2+ charge 这里铅离子具有2+电荷and nitrate, N03-然后是硝酸根离子 NOYou need 2 of those to have a neutral compound 这需要两个,才能得到中性化合物Our other compound over here has potassium这里另一种化合物拥有钾离子which has a +1 电荷是+1an our anion is iodide 而阴离子是碘离子which is -1 电荷是-1201412/351131

Robin Thickes Desperate Plea to His WifeThe ;Blurred Lines; singer sang Al Greens ;Lets Stay Together; as a message to estranged wife Paula Patton.Singer Robin Thicke on a mission to win back mission-impossible actress and wife-of eight-years Paula Patton. He is only counting on a love song for resconciliation.I mustnt without you.During his Atlantic city concert Sunday night, Thicke broke into outgrowing tip Let Stay Together, a direct message to the mother of their 3-year-old son.Someone yelled out I love Paula and he said I do too. Right after that he wass sort of singing outgrowing Lets Stay Together, which was quite romantic.Thicke began his public begging last Thursday at his first concert since his high school sweetheart announced their split last Monday.Im trying to get my girl back.Then breaking into his 2007 hit Lost Without You which he says he wrote for Patton.But while Thickes continued to scruttle away for his lost love Sunday night still wearing his wedding band, Patton was sparkling on the vanity fair Oscar party red carpet songs ring. The about last night actress hasnt tweeted since Valentines Day when she wrote I love my boys!!! XO, sending this picture presumably of her 3-year-old son robe hanging next to Thickes. But the descriptions of who she is on tweeter still describes her as wife of the amazing, briliiant, genious @Robin Thicke.Perhaps there is still hope we can see and wait back into our life after all.For Good Morning America, A News. New York. /201403/280089People bring up the question:was Bruce Lee a real fighter?人们提出了一个问题,李小龙是不是一个真正的格斗家Bruce was a brilliant fighter.I saw him beat up a guy on a set of the Enter the Dragon.布鲁斯是一个优秀的格斗家,我看到他在《龙争虎斗》片场痛扁了一个人。It was a gang banger,a tong member who started giving him a bad time.那人是个黑帮混混,一个堂会成员爱找李小龙麻烦Pound for pound,I think hes probably one of the best fighters.He had tons of street fights and with that speed and footwork,hed be a hell of a 135-pounder.在这个重量级里他很可能是最厉害的格斗家,他经历过无数次街头打斗,以他的速度和脚法一定是135磅级别之王[约六十公斤]。He was a 130-something-pound lethal weapon.He has all the attributes that make a good fighter:the agility, the balance, the coordination, the dexterity.他就是一个一百三十磅左右的武器,他有成为优秀格斗者的一切条件,灵活度、平衡性、协调性和敏捷度。People say was he the toughest man that ever lived?He was 130, 135 pounds.Youd grab him and, you know, out the window.And that isnt to put him down.大家都问,他是不是世界上最强的人。他只有130,最多135磅。你可以把他抓住,扔到窗外,但你并没有真正打败他。He was an entertainer, and the best.If he wanted to become an MMA fighter today,he would easily have been that fighter that everyone fears.他是个演员,最好的演员,如果他想成为今天的综合格斗武士,他一定可以轻而易举地成为人见人怕的角色。His technique was beautiful, perfect technique.I dont care how good you are, 1351b wrestler you fight Brock Lesnar youre gonna lose.你的技术很漂亮、很完美。我不管你多厉害,只要你是135磅级别,跟布洛克·莱斯纳打必输无疑。The bigger guy equally trained is always gonna beat the littler guy.But the fact is, it wasnt about mass.He would just put it down no matter how big you were.一个受过同等训练的大块头一般都能打败小个子,但事实是这跟质量无关,不管你多大块头他照样把你放倒。But, then again,everybodys chin is different, you know?Whether Bruce Lee was a great fighter or wasnt a great fighter。不过话说回来,每个人的抗击能力也不一样李小龙到底是不是优秀的格斗家201311/265095科比梅西最新广告:这版广告名为《科比和梅西:机上传奇》(Kobe Bryant and Li-onel Messi: Legends on Board)。一个10多岁的小男孩上了飞机,在走廊里看到了梅西,却被科比勾引走了,于是,上演了一个篮球天王与足球天王的对决,一切都为了抓住这个小男孩的注意力,不过,什么也比不过美丽空送来的冰激凌,到这里,你会不会以为这个广告就是冰激凌广告?最后来了一句土耳其航空公司。以下是广告词的双语文本:Kid: Messi?梅西?Kobe Bean Bryant: Hey kid.嘿,小子。Kid:Kobe Bryant科比.布莱恩特下面是两大巨星的秀技时间......Airline Stewardess: Would you like to have some ice cream young man?年轻人,你要来点冰激凌吗?Kobe Bryant:Ice cream?冰激凌吗?Lionel Andrés Messi: Sí哎..The best fly with Europe’s Best Airline. TURKISH AIRLINES和欧洲最好的航空公司----土耳其航空公司,一起享受最好的旅行。201404/287667

Jon Jones, look, guys like this its important for them to have this kind of confidence I dont look at it as if Im hurting my opponent, my enemy.乔恩·琼斯,对于他们这样的人拥有此种自信十分重要,我并不认为我在伤害我的对手,我的敌人。Its like were brothers painting this picture together.It helps them, until of course, it doesnt which, as we know historically always happens where they run into that guy where ;Oh.This isnt fun.;我们更像共绘一副画的兄弟。这能帮助他们,直到有一天,那一天总会到来的,他们也会遇到高手,发现;挨打一点都不有趣;;This is reality. You can get hurt in there.;事实就是这样 上赛场总会受伤What happens is after several years of that it takes its effect, you know?真正的痛苦在于多年之后,伤病的后遗症开始发作Like when I had to go take my neurological and my hands were going and I couldnt remember where I parked my car in the morning.就像我开始去神经科看病,双手乏力,时常忘记早上在哪停的车It should be regulated.There should be judges and medical staff there.You dont wanna see people get injured.规则是必须的,裁判和医护人员也是必须的。你不会想看见有人受伤。I think my father from a pure martial arts interest and combat interest standpoint would have loved to watch the UFC.我认为父亲出于对于武术和格斗纯粹的热爱,一定喜欢看终极格斗冠军赛I believe that Bruce Lee was a huge fight fan.Hed have been jumping out of his seat getting as excited as any of us.我相信李小龙一定是终极格斗迷,肯定会与我们一样跳下座位,激动不已。I think hed have been proud to be called the father of mixed martial arts.我觉得他对于被称作综合搏击之父,一定颇感自豪。OK.Theres people out there, they got it.很多人都认可这种说法201311/266725

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