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记得要为你的大脑吃东西Can you name the 50 state capitols? I could in 5th grade. Today is a different story, however. I'd probably remember about 35 of them or so. Just chalk it up to the arbitrary filing system of the human intellect. Being able (or not being able) to recall such facts clearly are indicative of this fact, but in some cases it could be due to a decline in our overall brain function.To help remedy such a decline, nature has provided us with several brain-boosting foods, many of which are available at your local supermarket.You would think that we, as a nation, would remember every fact and figure since the dawn of time, given the amount of coffee we consume. It's key nutrient, caffeine, can improve concentration and reaction time. Also, studies from the French National Institute of Medical Research of Montpelier (which is also the capitol of Vermont -- booyah) found that drinking caffeine daily may help aging adults better remember names and words.Packed with protein, lentils make for a great, healthy meal. But, it's the folic acid they contain that may cause people to have better recall ability than those who are deficient in this B vitamin. And, similarly to caffeine, people who have high blood levels of this B vitamin may see less decline in their verbal skills as they age.While eating them in pancakes is delicious, blueberries are far healthier when eaten as-is. Taste aside, eating these high-antioxidant berries in any fashion will help combat free radicals and inflammation of brain tissue, thereby helping to ensure that cognitive function remains strong.I wonder if eating these foods will help me remember those other 15 state capitols. I tell you, it's always the Carolinas that get me. Raleigh ... and ... argh!! Forget it.你能说出50州的议会大厦都叫什么名吗?我5年级的时候就会了。但是今天要说的不是这件事。我可能还记得35个左右。只是随意的记录在了人类智力的文件系统中。能否清楚的想起这些事,就表明了以上这个事实,但是在某些情况下,可能要归因于我们整个大脑功能的衰退。为治疗这种衰退,大自然为我们提供了几种能够增强大脑的食物,其中很多都可以在你当地的超市中买到。你可能会认为,我们这个民族,如果喝足够多的咖啡,会记得开天辟地以来的每件事和图形。咖啡因非常有营养,又能改善集中注意力的时间和反应时间。同时,位于蒙彼利埃的法国国家医疗研究所(蒙彼利埃同时也是佛蒙特的首府,嘘,呵呵)发现,每天喝咖啡因饮料能够帮助年纪大的人记住更多的名字和单词。小扁豆含有蛋白质,可以做成很好的健康食品。但是,其中含有的叶酸可能让食用者比缺乏这类B族维生素的人群有更好的。血液中含有较高含量的B族维生素的人,可能不像同龄人语言能力下降的那么快。蓝莓加入簿烤饼中很好吃,但是生吃更加健康。除了味道,以任何方式食用这种抗氧化剂较高的浆果,都可以帮助抵抗自由基和大脑组织炎症,从而有助于确保认知功能仍然强健。我想知道,吃这些食物是否能帮助我记住另外15个州议会大厦。我跟你说吧,每次都卡在卡罗莱纳上面。一个是Raleigh,一个是argh!!还是忘了它吧。 /200803/31592

Law and Order 美国的法律与秩序 What does it mean to obey the law? That depends on where you are. Different cultures have very different views of obeying the law. In some cultures, law-abiding citizens try to keep the letter of the law. That is, whatever the law says, they do. In other cultures, good citizens live by the spirit of the law. They see the law only as a general guideline. Often they obey the law only when someone official is looking. The situation in America fits into the first category. That doesn't mean all Americans keep the law. But American culture teaches people to respect the law--even to the smallest detail. 守法的定义是什么? 那要视你身处何地而定, 不同的文化对守法有不同的看法. 在一些文化中, 守法的公民会试着完全遵守法律的字面规定, 也就是说, 不管法律怎么规定, 他们都会照着去做. 而在其它文化中, 好公民则按着法律的精神来做, 他们视法律为一般的准则, 通常只有在执法人员会看到的情况下才守法. 美国的情况是属于第一种, 但这并不表示所有的美国人守法. 但是美国的文化教导人民要尊重法律--即使是在很小的细节上. Driving habits illustrate American respect for the law. A driver will usually stop for a red light, even when there are no other cars around. People treat the lines marking streets and roads as definite boundaries, not just decora-tions. Vehicles yield to those with the right of way-particularly pedestrians. Actually, though, drivers don't always keep traffic rules. For example, many drivers ignore freeway speed limits. But Americans generally drive with careful attention to the rules. 美国人的开车习惯说明了他们对法律的尊重态度. 开车的人通常会在红灯前停下来, 即使四周没有其它的车也是如此. 人们视街道上的标线为绝对的界线, 而不只是装饰而已. 车辆会让路给有权先行者 - 尤其是行人. 然而, 事实上, 开车的人并没有遵守所有的交通规则, 举例来说, 很多开车的人根本不理会高速公路上的速限. 但是美国人在开车时通常会小心地留意交通规则.History gives several clues to explain American attitudes toward the law. The U.S. Constitution, the basis for all laws in America, reflects many historical influences. The Magna Carta, or "Great Charter," was one. King John of England was forced to sign this document in 1215. It placed the king under the authority of the law. No longer was the king law; rather, the law was king. America's Christian heritage has also shaped how people view the law. For one thing, the Bible reveals God's unchanging laws which people must obey. It also teaches people to respect human authority as established by God. 过去的历史可以提供点线索来解释今天美国人对法律的态度. 美国宪法是美国所有法律的基础, 由它反映出很多历史性的影响. "Magna Carta"或称为"英国大宪章"就是一例, 英王约翰在一二一五年被迫签署这份文件, 它把国王置于法律的权威之下. 国王的命令不再成为法律, 相反的, 法律才是最高的权威. 美国的基督教传统也影响了美国人对法律的看法. 首先, 圣经显示了上帝不改变的律法, 这是人们必须遵守的, 它也教导人们尊重上帝所设立的执政掌权者. Of course, not everyone in America abides by the law. Crime is a growing problem. For that reason, law enforce-ment officials will never be out of a job. Police officers have their hands full trying to arrest lawbreakers. Detective agencies spend countless hours trying to figure out unsolved crimes. Nevertheless, most Americans still like to believe that the "long arm of the law" will eventually nab the bad guys. 当然, 并非每个美国人都守法, 犯罪是一个日益严重的问题. 正因这个原因, 执法人员永远都不会失业, 警察手上堆满了逮捕罪犯的工作, 侦探社花上数不清的时间想办法解决尚未侦破的案件. 尽管如此, 大部份美国人仍相信"法律的长胳臂"终究会逮到坏人的. But even bad guys in America have the right to a fair trial. When a person is brought to an American court, he is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Many ancient Eastern systems, in contrast, viewed an accused person as guilty until proven innocent. They used torture and other extreme measures to find out the truth. The American system tries to protect the rights of the accused. Still, the system is far from perfect. Court cases involving celebrities like O.J. Simpson can become media circuses. Skilled lawyers sometimes use minor issues to get their clients set free. And prison inmates may live even better than many poor citizens. 可是, 即使是坏人, 在美国仍享有接受公平审判的权利. 当一个人被带到美国的法庭时, 在明有罪之前, 会先假设他是无罪的. 相反的, 在很多古老的东方体系中, 在明被起诉者为无辜之前,都视他为有罪, 他们用严刑拷打其它严厉的方法来找出事实的真相.美国的司法系统试着要保护被起诉人的权利, 但是这个系统离完美尚有一截. 像辛普森这种知名人物的法庭案例, 反而成了媒体的马戏; 有技巧的律师有时会用不重要的论点帮客户脱罪; 而监狱里囚犯的生活甚至可能比很多穷人还要好. No one believes a perfect legal system is possible. Yet every society has laws. Whether people follow the letter of the law or just the spirit of the law, they recognize the need for laws to keep order in society. Without them, chaos would result. If every man were a law unto himself, no man would be free. 大家都认为完美的法律系统是不可能的. 但是, 每个社会都订有法律. 不管人们是完全守法还是只遵守法律的精神, 他们认同以法律来维持社会秩序的需要. 没有法律, 社会就会变得杂乱无章, 如果每个人都有自己的一套法律, 就没有人能享有自由. /200804/33378


  China plans to launch Kuaizhou-1 solid-fuelled carrier rocket in December, a breakthrough in its commercial rocket launches.我国计划于12月发射快舟一号固体燃料运载火箭,这是我国商业火箭发射领域的一次突破。The news was announced last Wednesday at the 11th China International Aviation And Aerospace Exhibition by Lyu Xiaoge, a spokesperson for China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp.中国航天科工集团发言人吕晓戈于上周三在第十一届中国国际航空航天览会上宣布了该消息。Kuaizhou is a low-cost carrier rocket with high reliability and short preparation period.快舟火箭是一种成本低、可靠性高、准备周期短的运载火箭。It was designed to launch low-orbit satellites weighing under 300 kg.它是为发射重量在300公斤以下的低轨道卫星而设计的。The rocket is launched via a mobile launch vehicle and will primarily launch satellites to monitor natural disasters and provide disaster-relief information.快舟火箭将由一台移动发射车发射,将主要发射监测自然灾害、提供救灾信息的卫星。 /201611/477711。

  The US has launched a stinging attack on the European Commission in a last ditch bid to dissuade Brussels from hitting Apple with a demand for billions of euros in underpaid taxes.美国对欧盟委员会(European Commission)发起猛烈抨击,作出最后努力,劝阻布鲁塞尔不要让苹果(Apple)补缴几十亿欧元税款。The US Treasury department issued a rare warning yesterday that Brussels was becoming a “supranational tax authority” that threatened international agreements on tax reform.美国财政部昨日发出罕见警告,称布鲁塞尔已成为“超国家税务机关”,威胁国际税改协议。The criticism came as the commission was finalising a probe into an alleged sweetheart tax deal that Ireland gave to Apple, the biggest single case in a crackdown on corporate tax avoidance across the EU. A definitive ruling is expected next month.上述批评发出之时,欧盟委员会刚刚完成了对爱尔兰涉嫌给予苹果优惠税收安排的调查,这是欧盟境内打击企业避税的最大个案。欧盟委员会预计于下月作出明确裁决。The Obama administration is stepping up its assault on the probe having failed to deter Brussels earlier this year by arguing publicly that it was setting unfair and “disturbing” precedents as well as singling out US companies.奥巴马(Obama)政府正加强对这起调查的攻击。今年早些时候奥巴马政府公开辩称欧盟正在设置不公平的、“令人不安”的先例,而且专门针对美国企业,但此举未能阻止布鲁塞尔方面。The Apple probe centres on “transfer pricing”, a practice by which companies move profits to low-tax jurisdictions through internal transactions. The commission has accused the Irish authorities of helping Apple minimise its tax bill. 苹果调查案的焦点是“转移定价”,指企业通过内部交易将利润转移到低税司法管辖区。欧盟委员会指控爱尔兰政府帮助苹果将税单降到最低。The company has faced criticism in the US Senate for paying a 2 per cent corporate tax rate in Ireland, far lower than the headline 12.5 per cent rate.苹果还面临美国参议院的批评,称其在爱尔兰仅付2%的企业所得税,远低于公开声称的12.5%。In a white paper commissioned by Treasury secretary Jack Lew, the US touched on sensitivities over Brussels’ accountability by suggesting that the legal approach of the directorate leading the probe amounted to a power grab. 在美国财长杰克#8226;卢(Jack Lew)委托发布的一份白皮书中,美方谈到了关于欧方责任追究机制的敏感问题,暗示领导此次调查的欧盟有关部门的法律行动相当于越权。“This shift in approach appears to expand the role of the [competition directorate] beyond enforcement of competition and state aid law#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;into that of a supranational tax authority that reviews member state” decisions on corporate tax, it said.白皮书称,“这种方法上的转变似乎把(欧盟竞争总司)的角色扩大至执行竞争和国家援助法律的范畴以外……成了一个审查成员国(企业所得税决定)的超国家税务机关”。It added that Brussels’ action set “an undesirable precedent that could lead to other tax authorities#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;[seeking] large and punitive retroactive recoveries from both US and EU companies”.白皮书还称,布鲁塞尔的作法树立了“一个不可取的先例,可能导致其他税务当局……从美国和欧盟企业中(谋取)大额的、惩罚性的回溯性税款”。The white paper said “the US Treasury department continues to consider potential responses should the commission continue its present course”.白皮书表示,“如果欧盟委员会继续当前的作法,美国财政部将继续考虑可能作出的反应”。The commission spokeswoman said there was no bias against US groups. “The commission has been in contact with US authorities on this matter on several occasions and remains available to offer all necessary further clarifications,” she said.欧盟委员会发言人称,不存在对美国企业的偏见。她表示:“欧盟委员会已经就这一问题与美国当局多次进行接触,并准备进一步提供所有必要的澄清。” /201608/462869


  Here’s a situation where takeout is more cost efficient than cooking at home.如今,比起在家烧饭,外卖更为经济实惠。Too Good To Go, an app operating in the UK, allows users to order leftover food at a discount from restaurants, according to the website. The goal is to help curb waste from establishments that typically toss out perfectly edible food at the end of the day.Too Good To Go是一款正在英国运营的手机应用。根据该应用官网介绍,使用该应用的用户能以折扣价从餐厅订购剩余食物。这款应用旨在帮助餐厅控制浪费,因为这些餐厅会在营业结束后将还能吃的食物倒掉。Users simply log in, pick a restaurant, and pay through the app.用户只需进行简单的注册,挑选一家餐厅,并通过应用付款。Then they pick up their food at designated times―usually around closing or after peak meal times, according to the Telegraph.据英国《每日电讯报》报道,用户需要在指定的时间内领取订购的食物——通常是在打烊或是用餐高峰之后。“Food waste just seems like one of the dumbest problems we have in this world,”co-founder James Crummie told Business Green.“The restaurant industry is wasting about 600,000 tonnes of food each year, and in the UK alone there are one million people on emergency food parcels from food banks. Why do we have these two massive social issues that are completely connected, yet there is not much going on to address them?”“食物浪费似乎是世界上最愚蠢的问题之一。”该款应用的联合创始人詹姆斯#8226;克拉米向绿色商业讲道。“餐饮业每年浪费约60万吨食物。单单在英国,每年就有100万人接受来自食品的应急食品包救济。为什么我们会面临两个重大且紧密相关的社会问题,然而对此的解决力度却远远不够呢?”Users also have the option to give meals to people in need by donating 1 British pound or more through the app, according to the website. More than 1,100 meals have been donated so far.该应用官网称,用户还可以通过在软件上捐赠一英镑及以上的钱款,为需要帮助的人提供食物。目前为止,该应用收到了1100多顿餐的捐款。Treat yourself to a nice lunch through TGTG today! Eat well and reduce food waste. #FeedBelliesNotBins 打开TGTG,犒赏自己一顿美味的午餐吧!吃得好,浪费少。#FeedBelliesNotBins—Too Good To Go UK (@TooGoodToGo_UK) July 28, 2016—来自Too Good To Go 英国 (@TooGoodToGo_UK) 2016年7月28日Founded in Denmark last year, Too Good To Go was launched this year in the UK and is expanding to other countries. The app is available in Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, and will be in London later this month.Too Good To Go去年刚在丹麦成立,并在今年正式登陆英国,还正向其他国家扩张业务。目前,这款手机应用在布莱顿、伯明翰、曼切斯特和利兹市等地均可使用。到本月底,伦敦业务即将开通。Food waste is a major problem worldwide. In the US alone, up to 40 percent of food goes uneaten―meanwhile one in six households didn’t have enough money for food last year.在全世界范围内,食物浪费是一个大问题。单单在美国,残剩食物就高达40%。与此同时,去年,每六个家庭中就有一个家庭无法负担食品出。Too Good To Go has aly helped cut a significant amount of waste. So far, the app has saved 600 meals from landfills in the UK, reports Business Green.Too Good To Go应用软件在帮助减少食物浪费上做出了突出的贡献。据绿色商业报道,迄今为止,这款应用为英国节约了600顿餐食。Orders through the app cost between 2 British pounds (.60) to 3.80 British pounds (about ), according to the website.该应用官网称,通过这个应用下单,单笔订单的花费在2英镑(2.60美元)到3.80英镑(约合5美元)之间。Users aren’t able to the pick the food items, but they get an idea of the type of food that will be available, according to Business Green.绿色商业了解到,用户不能选择食物,但是他们能了解可订购的食物类型。To ensure the entire experience is super eco-friendly, Too Good To Go provides recyclable takeout packaging to participating restaurants.此外,为了确保整个体验更为环保,Too Good To Go为合作餐厅提供了可回收的外卖包装。Restaurants using the app make extra revenue by selling food that would otherwise have been tossed, according to the Telegraph. And Too Good To Go itself makes money by taking a fee from participating restaurants on each sale.《每日电讯报》称,餐厅借助这款应用销售剩余食物,赚取额外收入。而Too Good To Go自己也从每笔交易中收取一定费用。Too Good To Go isn’t the first app to try to tackle food waste. In Spain, the Yo No Desperdicio app allows people to coordinate and exchange surplus food items with each other. In the US, the Food Cowboy app allows food distributors to redistribute“ugly vegetables” ―or produce rejected by groceries for purely cosmetic reasons―to charities and food banks who need them. #8195;Too Good To Go并不是第一款尝试解决食物浪费的应用。在西班牙,人们可通过Yo No Desperdicio应用与他人调整或交换剩余食品。在美国,食品经销商通过Food Cowboy应用将“坏菜”,即纯粹出于品相原因而遭食品杂货店嫌弃的蔬菜,重新出售给需要的慈善机构和食品。 /201608/462417


  Uberwants to be a tech company that Warren Buffett could invest in. 优步(Uber)想成为沃伦.巴菲特(Warren Buffett)可能投资的科技公司。Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio encompasses railroads and airlines — it is not a big leap to urban transport. 伯克希尔哈撒韦(Berkshire Hathaway)的投资组合中包括铁路公司和航空公司——如果投资城市交通的话,也不算大的跳跃。As Uber approaches critical mass, it aspires to a similar investment thesis: dominance of regional markets; prices that rise with inflation; revenues linked to population growth; personal mobility in ubiquitous demand.一步步接近临界规模的优步渴望自身也能够符合这种投资理念:区域市场的主导地位;与通胀一道上涨的价格;与人口增长保持一致的营收;无处不在的个人出行需求。Railroads and airlines make money; Uber does not, yet, even after jettisoning its lossmaking Chinese business. 铁路公司和航空公司能赚钱;但优步仍未盈利——即使是在抛下亏损的中国业务之后。In the third quarter the company lost more than 0m on revenues of .7bn, according to figures first published on Tuesday by The Information website.根据周二最先由The Information网站发布的数据,优步第三财季营收17亿美元,亏损逾8亿美元。This would matter more if Uber also thought of itself as a transportation company. 如果优步也自认为是一家运输公司,盈利问题就更加重要了。But the goal is to be more like theNew York Stock Exchange than the BNSF Railway: a dominant marketplace matching human capital (drivers) and physical assets (cars) with those willing to pay for using them. 但优步似乎更想成为像纽交所(NYSE)、而非北伯林顿铁路(BNSF Railway)一样的公司:一个将人力资本(司机)和实物资产(汽车)与愿意付费使用它们的用户匹配起来的最大市场。The distinction matters in light of a case before the European Court of Justice, due to decide on Uber’s regulatory framework. 考虑到欧洲法院将就适用于优步的监管框架做出判决,这种区别很重要。And it also explains why investors tolerate the cash burn, because exchanges reap a disproportionate share of the rewards a market can offer.这也可以解释,为什么投资者能容忍优步烧钱,因为一个市场所能带来的好处,很大一部分都归了交易所。The analogy with NYSE is not exact (although, like an exchange, to achieve dominance it has to squeeze out competitors). 与纽交所相提并论并不准确(虽然,像交易所一样,要占据主导地位就必须挤走竞争对手)。A stock exchange does not dictate transaction clearing prices, while Uber’s pricing mechanism is intrinsic to its business. 交易所不决定交易结算价格,而优步的定价机制是其业务之本。But most important is the debate about whether drivers should be considered independent from or employed by the company.但最重要的是关于司机应被视为独立个体还是受雇于优步的讨论。If adjudged to be employees, Uber will approximate a taxi company more than an exchange, and the idea of a monopoly in local transportation suffers a blow. 如果司机被视为雇员,优步就更像是出租车公司,而非交易所,而地方交通运输业被垄断的观点将不成立。If not, the question is whether investors will go on patiently watching their money going up in smoke while Uber chases the scale needed to achieve its dream.如果司机不被视为雇员,那么优步面临的问题便是:在优步追求扩大规模以实现梦想的时候,投资者是否会继续耐心地看着自己的钱化作青烟? /201612/484949。


  “蓝精灵”喜迎50岁生日!The little blue cartoon Smurfs are planning to celebrate their 50th birthday this year with a new TV series, books and a film, their human promoters said Monday.Throughout 2008, 20 European cities will be flooded by the minute characters only "three apples high" as in the cartoons.The Belgium cartoonist Pierre Culliford, best known by his pen name, "Peyo," first introduced the tiny blue figures in a comic strip in October 1958. He called them Schtroumpf and they became known worldwide as the Smurfs."The invasion will begin on January 20 and end in October," said Hendrick Coysman, head of the Belgian-based IMPS group which holds the rights to the cartoon characters and is controlled by Peyo's widow Nine and children Veronique and Thierry Culliford.The sale of tens of thousands of small figurines will benefit the ed Nations Children's Fund, Coysman said.A much larger Smurf statue, decorated by an unnamed celebrity, will be auctioned off on October 23, the 50th birthday date, with the proceeds also going to the UN's children's fund.The Smurfs are also to head back to the big screen with a co-production with the US Paramount film group, Coysman said.In an apparent nod to gender parity, new female characters will also be introduced to the Smurf village to help out Schtroumpfette, the only female.The cartoonist Peyo died in 1992 at age 64. Since then, his family and collaborators have continued his work "in the same spirit of humour and creativity," IMPS said in a statement.Since their humble origins in the Belgian children's comic-strip magazine Spirou, the Smurfs have sold 25 million cartoon albums worldwide in 25 languages.A testament of their enduring popularity: One million Smurf DVDs were sold last year alone, Coysman said.  卡通人物“蓝精灵”今年50岁啦!据主办方本周一介绍,为了给这群蓝色的小精灵“祝寿”,以“蓝精灵”为主题的系列新版动画片、图书和电影将与观众见面。据介绍,庆祝活动将持续今年一年,欧洲20个城市将遭到“蓝精灵”的“突袭”,这些小精灵和漫画中一样,只有“三个苹果”高。1958年10月,比利时漫画家皮埃尔#8226;库利福德(笔名:皮尤)创造的“蓝精灵”卡通形象首次出现在连环漫画中,他给这群小精灵起名为“Schtroumpf”,也就是后来享誉全球的Smurfs(“蓝精灵”)。比利时IMPS集团总裁亨德里克#8226;考伊斯曼说:“蓝精灵‘突袭’活动将于本月20日启动,10月份结束。” 拥有“蓝精灵”版权的 IMPS集团由皮尤的遗孀奈茵和他的两个孩子弗洛尼克和希里#8226;库利福德掌控。考伊斯曼说,数万只“蓝精灵”的销售收入将捐给联合国儿童基金会。由一位神秘人物精心装扮的一个“蓝精灵”巨人将于10月23日——“蓝精灵”50岁生日当天公开拍卖,拍卖所得将捐给联合国儿童基金会。据考伊斯曼介绍,“蓝精灵”还将被“派拉蒙”影视公司搬上大荧幕。为了体现性别平等,“蓝精灵”村还将迎来一批女性新成员,家族中唯一的女性成员“蓝”再不会孤单了。“蓝精灵”的创造者皮尤于1992年去世,享年64岁。IMPS集团在一份声明中说,皮尤去世后,他的家人和合作方秉承了他“幽默与勇于创造”的精神,继续他的事业。当年“蓝精灵”首次登上比利时《斯皮鲁》儿童漫画杂志时还是群不起眼的“小家伙”,但自它们面世以来,《蓝精灵》动画片在全球的销量达到2500万张,并以25种语言发行。考伊斯曼说,《蓝精灵》DVD仅去年一年的销量就达到了100万,这足以明“蓝精灵”的长久生命力。 /200803/29230


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