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The restaurant business is a tough game - according to a study by Cornell University about 30% fail in their first year. So it#39;s not surprising that restaurants have certain tactics to keep costs down and diner numbers up.餐馆业的竞争十分激烈--据康奈尔大学的一项研究显示:30%的餐馆在营业第一年就会倒闭。所以餐馆用一些策略降低成本、吸引更多的顾客,也就没有什么大惊小怪的了。Here are some of the ways eateries ensure success, according to Imogen Edwards-Jones (and her anonymous insider), who wrote the book Restaurant Babylon, available from Amazon.Imogen Edwards-Jones(和她的匿名内部人士)写了一本叫做《巴比伦餐厅》的书,亚马逊网站上即可购买。据她所述,小饭馆有一些确保成功的方法。DINERS WHO BOOK BY PHONE ARE PREFERRED…打电话预订的顾客优先……Apparently, people who book by email are less likely to show up so restaurants prefer customers who call to reserve a table. Email bookers also tend to be computer-literate and that may mean they#39;re a blogger or a reviewer - always a worry for restaurants. They#39;re also harder to track down if they leave without paying.很显然,用邮件预约的客人不太可能会来餐馆吃饭,所以电话预约的客人有优先权。用邮件预约的人也往往会使用电脑,所以他/她可能是位客或员--对餐馆来说总是个担忧。如果他们吃完不付钱就走,也很难再找到他们。…AND SO ARE PEOPLE WHO JUST WALK UP直觉来餐馆的客人也同样优先An increasing number of restaurants don#39;t take bookings, or only offer a small number of reservations. This is, in part, because eateries can #39;turn a table#39; three times with walk-in diners, while customers who book tend to stick around for longer. This policy can work against restaurants, however - it can be harder to move diners on if there#39;s no subsequent booking for their table.越来越多的餐馆不接受提前预约,或者只提供少量的预约桌。部分是因为提前预约的客人往往会停留的更久一点,而同样的时间内,直接来吃的客人可能已经换了三批了。然而,这个策略可能也会不利于餐馆--如果没有人陆续预约,那么餐馆很难继续经营下去。LUNCH DELIBERATELY TAKES LONGER故意让午餐更久一点Because everyone wants to eat lunch at the same time -restaurants are likely to stagger bookings, keep you waiting for your table, or get waiting staff to chat to you so the kitchen can take the strain.因为所有人都想在同一时间吃午餐--餐馆很可能会交错安排预约,让你一直在等待,或者让工作人员与你聊天,这样厨房就可以不用那么热火朝天了。VIPS AND PRETTY WOMEN GET BETTER SEATS贵宾和美女的座位更好The more attractive or famous you are the more likely you are to be seated at the front of the venue. Dating couples and overweight businessmen tend to get relegated to the back.越有魅力、越出名的人就越有可能坐在餐馆的前排位置。约会的情侣和肥胖的商人们往往坐的位置比较靠后。CHEAPER RESTAURANTS ARE OFTEN A FALSE ECONOMY便宜的餐馆通常都是虚假节约You may not be able to afford to spend a fortune on an upmarket meal but you could be getting better value for money if you do. Ingredients, staff, linen, flowers and rent all have to be factored into the pricing of dishes.可能你去不起高档饭店吃饭,但如果你去了可以让钱花的更有所值。配料、员工、桌布、鲜花以及租金都涵盖在了菜价内。译文属 /201608/461786

Toxic air isn#39;t just bad for human lungs and the environment, it#39;s also terrible for the global economy, according a new report.一项最新报告显示,有毒的空气不仅对人类的肺部和环境有害,而且对全球经济也相当不利。Outdoor air pollution could cost the world a whopping .6 trillion a year, or 1% of global GDP, by 2060, says the study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The costs are a result of sick days, medical bills and reduced agricultural output.据经济合作与发展组织的研究显示,空气污染正在造成误工、医疗费用增加及农产量减少,到2060年,室外空气污染将使全球经济每年损失2.6万亿美元,占全球GDP的1%。Countries like China, Russia and India, which are aly wrestling with severe pollution, are expected to be hit especially hard.像中国、俄罗斯和印度这样正在遭受严重污染的国家,估计受到的损失更为惨重。Pollution could also lead to as many as 9 million premature deaths by 2060. Welfare costs associated with these deadly consequences are projected to rise to as much as trillion over the same period. The amount associated with paying for the pain and suffering from illness -- for example, hospital admissions -- is estimated to hit .2 trillion.到2060年,空气污染还可能导致多达900万人过早死亡,从而导致同期的福利出预计也将上升到25万亿美元。因为病痛导致的医疗出--比如住院费用,据估计将高达2.2万亿美元。;The potential economic consequences of both the market and non-market impacts of outdoor air pollution are very significant,; said the report, recommending policies to reduce polluting emissions.该报告指出,“户外空气污染的市场和非市场的潜在经济后果非常有意义。”此外,该报告还推荐了一些政策以减少污染物排放。The highest number of related premature deaths are in China and India, which are among the most polluted countries in the world. Last December, Beijing city officials issued its highest smog warning for the first time.污染引起的过早死亡人数最多的国家是中国和印度,它们是全球污染最严重的国家。去年12月,北京市政府首次启动了最高级别的雾霾警报。The OECD report calls for targeted, local policies to try to tackle the problem. ;There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for reducing the impacts of air pollution as there are large differences among countries in terms of prevalent pollutants and sources,; it said.经合组织在报告中呼吁有针对性的、结合当地的情况来解决这个问题。该报告指出:“不同的国家主要污染物的特点及起源不同,所以,降低空气污染没有万全之策。”The policies it suggests include incentives for cleaner technologies, and tougher standards for air quality, automobile emission and fuel quality standards.其建议的政策包括:鼓励发展清洁技术,更严格的空气质量标准、汽车尾气排放标准以及燃料质量标准。 /201606/450539

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