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职场社交英语 Lesson 47:我有预感你会过来SCENE③ A 吉娜到了文斯的隔间 【我有预感你会过来】Vince: Hi, Zina. I had a feeling you'd be 1) stopping by.文斯: 嗨,吉娜。我就有预感你会过来。Zina: Then you've heard from Vikam?吉娜: 那么你跟“维康”通过电话了?Vince: Yes.文斯: 对。Zina: Look, Vince. I didn't mean to step on your toes, but we need to be 2) decisive.吉娜: 听着,文斯。我不是想要站在你头上,但是我们得要果断。Vince: I know it. WebTracker is playing for keeps. They'll go for our 3) jugular if we give them the chance.文斯: 我知道。“网路搜寻家”这次想要独霸。若我们给他们机会,只怕我们连命都保不住。Zina: This is 4) awkward, I know. I know you're 5) upset. But in two weeks you'll be thanking me.吉娜: 我知道这很令人难堪。我知道你很生气。但是两星期之内你就会感谢我。Vince: Maybe. Maybe I will.文斯: 或许吧。或许我会感谢你。 语言详解:A: Why are you so upset? 你怎么这么不爽?B: I got fired today. 我今天被炒鱿鱼了。 【step on someone's toe 功高震主】step on one's toes 这个表达法,当然可以表达字面上的意思“踩到(某人的)脚趾”,不过在使用上,step on someone's toes 更常用来表达员工很尽力表现,甚至逾越到了本该是主管或老板的工作,掠人之美而让在上位者面子不保,意思就犹如中文里的“功高震主”。A: You'd better watch out, or you'll step on your boss's toes. 你最好注意一点,否则你会把老板的面子都抢光了。B: I'm just trying to do a good job and get everything finished on time. 我只是努力把工作做好,让所有的事情如期完成而已。 【play for keeps 争出你死我活】 这个表达法是从玩“弹珠”marbler 的游戏衍生而来的,游戏可能只是玩好玩的,但有的人是本着认真的心情,赢了弹珠就是要自己留着,没有儿戏的成分。运用在竞争激烈的商场或是有输赢胜负的情况,play for keeps 就是指“争出个你死我活”。 1) stop by 顺道停留,顺道拜访2) decisive (a.) (人)有决断力的;(事)具有决定性的3) jugular (n.) 颈静脉4) awkward (a.) 令人尴尬的,感到尴尬的5) upset (a.) 不爽的,生气 /200602/4263第一句:Thank you for your kindness.谢谢你的好意。A: Tony, do you know how to send a fax?托尼,你知道如何发传真吗?B:Yes. Let me show you.是的。我给你演示一下。A: Thank you for your kindness.托尼,你知道如何发传真吗?第二句:Yes. Thank you for all you’ve done.是的。谢谢你所做的一切。A: Then I press the ;start; button, should I?然后我就按“开始”键,是不是?B: You are right. Youve learned how to do it.是的。你已经学会了 A: Yes. Thank you for all you’ve done.是的。谢谢你所做的一切。背诵句型:I can never thank you enough.我真不知道如何感谢你。I’d like to express my gratitude to you.我想向你表达我的谢意。 /201308/252161

Narrator: 欢迎收听《白领英语》。Tip Top 贸易公司办公室里的事儿现在有些难处理。Denise 重新回到公司上班,不过她不想再做以前那个只帮大家买办公用品的 Denise 了。这样一来,Tom 也有自己的一些想法和不满,可怜的 Anna 被夹在中间,进退两难。Anna 该找谁帮忙呢?找老板?还是不找呢?(In Pauls office)Paul: So Denise, lets get this straight. You dont want to order the pens anymore, right?Denise: Well, I did say if I came back, I wanted to have a go at doing sales.Paul: Err, yes, you did. Thats right.Tom: Yeah but we got Denise back because we didnt have anyone to order our pens and stuff. Thats her main job.Paul: Err yes, absolutely. I see your point.Anna: Excuse me Paul, could I suggest we all take it in turns to order things like pens and paper… share the responsibility?Denise: Thats a good idea Anna.Tom: Yeah but…Paul: No buts Tom, thats a good solution. Well done Anna. Could you draw up a rota so we know whos going to be ordering the pens, and when, and dont forget to order biscuits too! Phew, Im glad I got that sorted out. Right, back to work everyone.(Door closes)Tom: I cant believe Ive got to order pens, its Denises responsibility… err, are you OK Anna?Anna: No Im not. I cant draw up a rota, not now, Ive got too much to do.Tom: Oh dont panic Anna. Just do what I do.Anna: Whats that?Tom: Nothing! Just do what you can do and then pretend youve forgotten about the other stuff. Easy!Narrator: 哎呀呀,Tom 实在是不怎么敬业 - 你可不能像他呀 Anna. 你需要把要做的事情整理出来然后按照轻重缓急依次来做。Anna: I need to prioritise?Narrator: Yes. 看看哪些事情需要马上做,哪些可以放一下。你也可以考虑让其他人帮你。你可以说 ;Ive got to prioritise, this task is most important so Im going to concentrate on this first.; 这件事儿很重要,所以我需要集中力量先来处理它。你还可以请其他同事帮忙,你可以说 ;It would be great help if you could take on this other task.; 假如你能帮我做些其它的事儿,就再好不过了。你还可以说 ;Ill have to put off some tasks until tomorrow.; 有些事情我得推到明天再做了。最后,如果你还是觉得忙不过来,压力太大,那就找老板说 ;I need help, I have too much to do.; 我需要帮助因为要做的事儿太多了。Anna: Thanks, good advice. Im just writing a list of all the things I need to do on my new mini me-pad.Narrator: 把要做的事儿列个单子,这个方法很不做。祝你好运!Anna: There, thats my list finished. Ah, Denise, sorry to bother you, but you know that rota I was talking about?Denise: The one for ordering pens?Anna: Thats it. Well, Im so busy I was wondering… it would be a great help… if you could make a start on this? Please?Denise: Of course Anna. As its you. If it was Tom asking, I would have said no!Tom: (Calling over) Whats that Denise? Hey Anna, what are we going to do about the designs for that plastic aubergine?Anna: Gosh, our new aubergine. Hmm, Im going to have to put that off until tomorrow Im afraid.Tom: Oh right. Why, have you got something more important for us to do together, eh?Anna: No Tom. Ive just got to prioritise. This new order from NicenCheesy is most important, so Im going to concentrate on that first. OK?Tom: Oh right, yeah sure. Me and you will have to wait until tomorrow! So… so… hows it going with Dave from Computer Support?Anna: Very well thanks Tom. Last night he took me somewhere Id never been to before.Tom: Really. Nice.Anna: Yes, a discount computer shop – he bought me a mini me-pad.Tom: Oh. Just a ;mini; one hey.Anna: Now. If you could take more interest in our NicenCheesy contract than in Dave, it would be a great help.Tom: Oh yes, sure, of course… (trying to make a joke) nicensleazy, thats a good name for Dave!Narrator: 笨蛋!在忙得时候,安排工作要有序、有条理。和同事们多沟通,告诉大家你在做什么。还有别忘了,忙不过来的时候找其他人帮帮忙。我们再来复习一下 Anna 用到的一些表达:Ive got to prioritise. This task is the most important so Im going to concentrate on this first.It would be a great help if you could do this for me please.Im going to have to put that off until tomorrow Im afraid.Narrator: 别忘了,手上事情太多做不完的话,要及时告诉老板。(Door knocks and opens)Anna: Hello Paul, sorry to bother you. Im a bit worried… I just have too much to do and need some help.Paul: Yes of course. I dont want you feeling stressed. Let me think… erm… I know, why dont I do the pen rota?Anna: Its OK, Denise has offered to do that.Paul: Phew, I mean super! Erm… hmm… well, maybe Tom could help you with the launch party?Anna: Launch party? What launch party?Paul: Didnt Tom tell you?Anna: No, he didnt.Paul: Were launching the plastic aubergine on Friday.Anna: Oh no!Narrator: 保持冷静 Anna. 我们可以帮你 – 不过只有一周时间来准备一个产品发布会,确实有点儿紧张。下集《白领英语》我们再会。 听力挑战:Anna 什么时候有时间来看塑料茄子的设计呢?上期:Anna 给 Denise 的第一个任务是什么?(: 查一查客户数据库,看看我们有多长时间没有和客户联系了) /201303/229579

Problems about selling amount销售问题A: Mr. White, business hasnt been very brisk in our line recently.A: 怀特先生,最近我们的生意好像不太好啊。B: Yes, orders have been few and far between, I must admit.B: 是的,我得承认,订单很少,许久才能来一张。A: How do you account for that? No demand or overstock?A: 您认为是什么原因?是市场没有需求,还是库存过剩?B: There are two reasons. One is that the market is sluggish; another is that there are too many suppliers.B: 有两个原因,其一是市场疲软,另一个原因是供应商太多。A: Do you have any branch offices in other parts of Canada?A: 你们在加拿大其他地区有没有设立分公司?B: No, we work solely from Canberra.B: 没有,我们只在堪培拉有独家代理。A: Then you might be missing out on what other areas you have to offer.A: 所以,贵公司可能在其他地区失去很多的报价机会。B: I dont think so. Our representative tours around the country very often.B: 我不认为如此,我们的业务代表经常出差全国各地。A: Anyway, I hope you will think it over.A: 总之,我希望您能仔细考虑一下。B: Ill go into it further, and let you know our decision.B: 我会再仔细考虑的,然后告诉您我们的决定。A: I shall be glad to hear from you.A: 我会很乐意听到你们的决定。 /201601/421858

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