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You don’t have to spend your internship at the copy machine praying for the day to end. Jump in with both feet to make it more than just a line on your resume.实习期间,你不需要一天到晚站在复印机前,祈祷一天快点结束。认真对待,让这次实习不仅仅是你简历上面的一段介绍。You Will Need你需要An interest in the company对该公司的兴趣Goals目标Initiative进取心Steps步骤Step 1 Take an interest1.培养兴趣Take an interest in the company you will be working for. Prior to the start of your internship, up on their history, their work, and their goals.培养对你实习所在公司的兴趣。实习开始之前,了解公司的历史,主要业务和发展目标。Step 2 Set goals2.设立目标Set goals for what you’d like to accomplish or learn during your internship. This will give you something to strive for while you are there.设立目标,你想在实习期间收获什么,学到什么。这样,当你在那里实习的时候就有了奋斗的目标。Make sure your internship supervisor is aware of any academic requirements or standards that you must meet during the course of your work.确保你实习期间的主管了解在这段工作期间需要达到什么样的学术要求或标准。Step 3 Arrive early3.早点到公司Arrive early, and if they need the help, stay late. Treat your internship like a real job, even if you are not being paid for the work you do.早点到公司,如果需要的话,晚一点下班。把这次实习当作真正的工作,即使这段工作没有报酬。Step 4 Relish the mundane4.单调中寻找乐趣Relish mundane tasks like photocopying or filing as though they were much more interesting than they actually are. This will help you do a better, faster job so you can move on to bigger things.从复印或存档等枯燥的任务中寻找乐趣,就好像他们比实际有趣的多一样。这样可以帮助你做的更快,更好,这样你才能接受更重要的任务。Step 5 Show willingness5.表现出意愿Show willingness to learn new skills and initiative to take on projects beyond the mundane. Don’t wait for someone to hand you something interesting -- ask for it.表现出学习新技能的意愿和接受不那么单调的新项目的进取心。不要等待别人交给你有趣的任务——主动要求。Step 6 Acquire take-aways6.要求带走资料Acquire tangible take-aways, such as completed projects that you can use for your portfolio and the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of co-workers or supervisors who can give you references in the future.要求带走一些有形的资料,例如可以放在文件夹的已经完成的项目,同事或主管的电话号码和邮箱地址,将来你可以和他们联系。Step 7 Get credit7.获得学分Get college credit or apply the internship toward your degree requirements if these options are available.如果可以的话,拿这段经历换取学校学分,或者作为学历要求的一部分。Many famous people, including Brooke Shields, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, and Frank Lloyd Wright, completed internships before rising to stardom.许多名人,包括波姬·小丝(Brooke Shields),斯蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格(Steven Spielberg),比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates)和弗兰克·赖特(Frank Lloyd Wright)成名之前都曾经是实习生。视频听力节目由。201308/253950

Despite having free rein to use special effects,it was something Bruce Lee avoided.尽管可以随意使用特效,但李小龙还是不感冒。For Lee, realism was everything.对他而言 真实就是一切The portrayal of his martial arts had to be as close to real life as possible.他的电影必须更好地接近现实生活When you look at the guys who came before him,especially in Hong Kong cinema, these movies contained very little authentic martial arts at all.之后有很多人模仿李小龙的风格,尤其是香港电影 大都只是貌合神离罢了Its mostly a lot of trampolines and wire stunts.Look at the Chinese boxer, the fight scences are terrible.他们只知道用蹦床 吊威亚,看看中国的拳师 格斗场景太烂了。Its a lot of swinging your arms and people falling over and then some very obvious and awkward wire work when people shoot straight up into the air or do flips off trampolines.多是扭胳膊 被打翻,以及一些明显糟糕的吊维亚,生硬的空中踢腿 或是弹跳。Donnie Yen is one of the biggest name in Hong Kong cinema.甄子丹是香港影迷熟知的影星之一Hes appeared in more than 30 action movies in both Hong Kong and Hollywood,including Shanghai Knights with Jacky Chan and Hero.他拍了30多部香港和好莱坞的动作片,其中包括有和成龙一起演的;上海骑士; 还有;英雄;。Bruce Lee believed in having an authentric martial arts,being an authentric martial artist to be a martial art actor who was very first came and said:;look, you have to be a real.When you kick, when you punch you have to be real.;李小龙认为得拍真实的武术,作为一个真正的武术家,做一个真正的武打演员 他是第一个说,必须得真实,踢腿得真踢 出拳也得真的打出手;201402/277251

Remarkable innovations have made amphibians and reptiles...惊人的创意 让两栖类和爬虫类a modern success story.成为现代的成功范例What is more, among their ranks is one reptile...更令人佩的是 其中有一种爬虫类that is still an undisputed top land predator.仍然是陆地上 数一数二的掠食动物The Komodo dragon.科多龙They mostly hunt deer, which they ambush and easily overpower.它们最主要的猎物是鹿 科多龙可轻易的伏击,制它们But in hard times, the dragons risk hunting something much bigger.但年头不好的时候 科多龙会冒险卯上更大的猎物Water buffalo, an animal ten times their size.那就是体型为它们十倍的水牛Until now, a dragon hunt has never been filmed.这是第一次有人拍摄到 科多龙的狩猎过程Its the dry season.现在是旱季A buffalo sleeps through the heat of the day...一头水牛 在硕果仅存的水坑里打盹in one of the last waterholes.度过炎热的白昼Dragons lurk around the margins.一群科多龙在旁埋伏The buffalo seems to view them as just an irritation, not a danger.水牛只觉得它们烦人 并未警觉到危险A serious mistake.这可是大错特错201307/249027

Her mothers attempts to help her baby are only making matters worse.象妈妈想帮孩子但是越帮越忙Its stuck beneath her and shes pushing it deeper still.小象困在妈妈身下 被妈妈越推越深But now the babys grandmother spots the problem and steps in.小象的外婆发现情况不妙 于是过来帮忙Drastic action! She pushes mother out of the way它毫不客气地with an unceremonious poke in the rump,把女儿一把推开and enables her granddaughter to scramble free.救外孙女脱离泥沼Mother and calf have learned a valuable lesson from grandma.外婆给这对母女上了宝贵的一课Such passing of wisdom across generations跨世代的知识传承has been an important element in the survival of elephants.是大象生存的重要元素之一The largest animal on land, the elephant is a mammal.最大的陆生动物大象是哺乳动物And so are the largest animals in the sea.最大的海洋动物也是哺乳动物A female humpback whale and her calf.这是一对大翅鲸母子Every few years, she will travel 3,000 miles,每隔几年 这只母鲸鱼会从from the rich waters of the Antarctic南极的富饶海域to these warm, but comparatively sterile, waters of the Pacific来到五千公里外温暖 但相对贫瘩的太平洋to give birth to a single calf.产下一只小鲸鱼201308/250684

The trick to revealing your crush is to do it in a way that doesnt jeopardize the friendship. This game plan will help.大胆表白自己感情的技巧就是以不破坏友情的方式。下面的技巧或许会帮助你。You Will Need你需要A keen eye敏锐的双眼Patience耐心Courage勇气Steps步骤STEP 1 Look for signs they feel the same way1.他们是否也对你产生了感情?Look for signs your friend feels the same way – like stealing glances at you when they dont think youll notice, or touching you on the arm or shoulder when theyre speaking to you.查看一些信号,看一下他们是否和你有着同样的感觉——比如是否在你不注意的时候偷偷地看你,或者跟你说话的时候轻触你的手臂或肩膀。If their pupils become bigger when they look into your eyes, it means theyre physically attracted to you. Thats one sign they cant hide!如果他们看你的时候瞳孔变大,这意味着他们对你感兴趣。这是难以隐藏的迹象。STEP 2 Drop some hints2.暗示Give them some clear openings. For instance, if theyre complaining about a bad date, make a joke that maybe you two should be dating instead.给他们一些明确的启发。比如,当他们抱怨一次糟糕的约会的时候,开玩笑说你们两人可以约会。If your best friend is the same sex and straight, its probably best to keep your crush to yourself.如果你最好的朋友和你是同种性别而且是异性恋,最好把你的感情深埋在心中。STEP 3 Weigh the risk3.权衡利弊Weigh the risk of confiding your feelings. If your BFF doesnt feel the same way, would the friendship become too awkward to continue?权衡一下坦白感情的风险。如果对方没有同样的感觉,你们的友情会不会由于尴尬而难以继续?STEP 4 Consider timing4.考虑时间Consider timing, too: Are they free to return your feelings, or are they involved with someone else? If theyre dating someone, examine whether your crush is sincere or is coming from jealousy over the relationship.也要考虑一下他们是否有空回应你的感情,或者他们是否爱上了其他人?如果他们正在和其他人约会,考虑一下你的迷恋是真诚的,还是仅仅出于对他们恋情的嫉妒。Never kiss them out of the blue. If they dont share your feelings, they might feel too uncomfortable to continue the friendship.千万不要出乎意料地亲吻他们。如果他们和你没有同样的感觉,他们会觉得不安,你们的友情也难以继续。STEP 5 Tell them how you feel5.告诉他们你的感觉If you decide to tell them how you feel, be casual. Say something like, ;I had a huge crush on you in grade school,; and see how they react. Make it more of an offhand remark than a confession.如果你决定坦白自己的感受,随意一点。比方说,“我初中时曾经非常迷恋你。”看看他们的反应。尽量看上去像是随意的谈话,而不是表白。STEP 6 Accept whatever happens6.接受结果Be prepared for their reaction. If they say, ;Wow – that would never work,; or laugh hysterically, change the subject and dont bring it up again. If youre aly kissing, well, congratulations!做好准备接受他们的反应。如果他们说,“哇,这不可能,”或者不可抑制地大笑,那就换个话题,不要再提起。如果对方申请地亲吻你,那就祝贺你了!STEP 7 Take a step back7.后退一步If your feelings are not returned and it hurts to be around them, consider putting some distance between you two for a while.如果你的感情没有得到回应,继续留在他们身边会让你伤心,可以考虑暂时保持一段距离。It will put you in a better place to meet someone who will love you back, at which time you might be y to resume the friendship.当你遇到一个能回应你的感情的人时,你的境遇就会改善,这种时候你或许做好准备重新开始你的友情了。Did you know?People know if theyre romantically interested in someone within the first 15 minutes of meeting them!你知道吗?人们在遇见某人的15分钟内就能知道是否对对方感兴趣。视频听力译文由。201406/305430

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