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乔治小王子三岁啦! 光脚丫荡秋千笑容暖萌 -- :01:57 来源: 乔治小王子从出生到现在,一举一动都备受关注,每回公开现身必成媒体焦点,抢走爸爸威廉王子和妈咪凯特王妃的风采现在,小王子也三岁了,让我们来看下他的暖萌照吧 New pictures showing Prince George at play on a swing and with the family dog Lupo have been released by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to mark their son’s third birthday.7月日,英国乔治小王子欢度3岁生日,剑桥公爵夫妇威廉王子和凯特王妃分享了小王子荡秋千以及和爱犬卢波玩耍的照片庆生William and Kate thanked well-wishers messages of support they have received marking their eldest child’s milestone on Friday.威廉王子和凯特王妃感谢大家对他们的大儿子三岁生日的祝福Four images have been issued by the royal couple showing the young prince in the grounds of their Norfolk home Anmer Hall.他们发布了乔治小王子在诺福克郡安墨堡拍摄的四张照片George in three of the pictures is wearing a striped blue T-shirt and dark blue shorts - which are likely to sell out almost immediately.其中三张照片里,乔治小王子都穿着一件条纹蓝色T恤和深蓝色短裤——这套衣很快会遭遇疯抢In the fourth picture, where he has been captured walking, the young prince is wearing a striped jumper with the image of a whale on the front, beige shorts and dark trainer-style footwear.还有一张照片是摄影师抓拍的他走路的样子小王子穿着一件条纹套头针织衫,胸前装饰有一条鲸鱼图案,米黄色的裤子以及深蓝色休闲鞋A Kensington Palace spokesman said: "The Duke and Duchess hope that people will enjoy seeing these new photographs.肯辛顿宫发言人表示:“公爵夫妇希望人们会喜欢这些照片”"They would like to thank everyone all the lovely messages they have received as Prince George celebrates his third birthday."“他们感谢每个人,感谢他们为乔治小王子送上的甜蜜的生日祝福”The first of the pictures, taken in mid-July by photographer Matt Porteous, show George standing barefoot on a swing, which has been carved with the names of his parents, "William Catherine".第一张照片是由摄影师Matt Porteous在7月中旬拍摄的,显示小王子光脚站在秋千上,这张秋千上刻着剑桥公爵夫妇给它命的名“William Catherine”In another image, he is sitting on the swing looking straight at the camera.在另一张照片里,他坐在秋千上望着镜头In the third, the prince is shown walking and in the final image he is sitting on a rug with the family pet Lupo as he offers the dog a taste of his ice cream.第三张照片里他在走路,最后一张里他和爱犬卢波一起坐在草地上的地毯上,他正在给尝自己的冰淇淋Mr Porteous said: "I really enjoyed the opporty to take these photographs of Prince George. It was a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. I’m honoured that they have decided to share these images with the public to mark his third birthday."摄影师Matt Porteous表示,“能为乔治小王子拍照我真的非常开心那是一个非常放松和愉快的氛围剑桥公爵夫妇决定公开这些照片以庆祝小王子的生日,我非常荣幸”Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born at St Mary’s Hospital’s private maternity , the Lindo Wing, at .pm on July , weighing 8lbs 6oz.年7月日下午:分,乔治.亚历山大.路易斯王子诞生于伦敦圣玛丽医院林多分院,重8磅6盎司手游Pokemon Go大热,任天堂市值暴增 -- 3::57 来源: 最近两天一款叫做Pokemon Go的手游大热,不仅席卷了安卓和iOS平台,还带动了任天堂的股价大涨 Shares in Japanese gaming company Nintendo jumped by nearly a quarter on Monday following the success of its new Pokemon Go smartphone game.日本游戏公司任天堂推出的智能手机游戏Pokemon Go(口袋精灵 GO)收到热捧,周一拉动任天堂股价暴涨5%It debuted at the top of gaming charts in the US last week and is set to be released in Japan soon, although it is not available yet in the UK.上周Pokemon Go率先在北美上架,很快就登上了美国免费应用程序排行榜的冠军宝座接下来该游戏将在日本市场上线,目前还未有在英国上线的打算Pokemon Go requires users to try to catch on-screen characters like Pikachu using their real-world locations.Pokemon Go这款游戏需要玩家在实景地理位置捕获皮卡丘这样的虚拟角色Millions of users have aly downloaded the game.目前这款游戏的下载量已经超过数百万The game was downloaded onto more US Android smartphones than the dating application Tinder within a day of its launch, according to data from Similar Web.根据据美国调查公司SimilarWeb统计,该游戏在北美安卓平台上线仅一天后,其下载量就已经超过热门约会应用TinderIt has aly generated headlines from armed robbers using it to lure gamers into a trap, to a person discovering a dead body in a river while searching a Pokemon character.随着该游戏的火爆开始有负面报道见诸报端,有报道称罪犯利用游戏设计圈套诱惑玩家上钩,实施抢劫还有报道称有玩家在搜寻宝可梦角色的河流发现了死尸The rally in Nintendo’s shares since the debut of Pokemon Go on 6 July has added more than bn (5.bn pounds) to the company’s market value.Pokemon Go自7月6日上线以来,任天堂的股价大涨,市值增加逾70亿美元(约5亿英镑)Evan Lucas, a market strategist at IG has called the investor speculation around the app "amazing" but said that the company will need to do more to justify the jump in its share price.IG市场策略师卢卡斯用“令人吃惊”来形容投资者对这款应用的投机热情,但是他也表示任天堂不能满足于此,它需要让投资者看到其股价物有所值"The question with all apps is monetisation. In-app purchases will be key to its long term monetary success; clearly the market believes there will be a windfall," he told the B.卢卡斯对B说:“对所有应用来说都需要考虑货币化的问题;实现应用内付费是保障其长期利润的关键因素;很显然,市场很看好该游戏的“钱景””There is also a question as to how much profit Nintendo will actually receive from Pokemon Go given it was not the main developer of the augmented reality game.还有一个问题就是任天堂能从该游戏得到多少实际盈利,因为任天堂并不是这款AR(增强现实)游戏的主开发商It has partnered with US-based game developer Niantic and the Pokémon Company, which owns the rights to the characters.该款游戏由任天堂、Niantic和精灵宝可梦(拥有游戏角色归属权)联合推出Nintendo, which is also behind the iconic Super Mario game, has traditionally relied on sales of its gaming consoles.任天堂曾推出过经典游戏超级马里奥,一直以来其主要受收益来自于售卖游戏主机However, sales of those have been slowing in recent years as more gamers move online and onto portable devices.但是近几年,随着越来越多的玩家转向在线平台和移动端,任天堂的游戏机销量呈放缓趋势Analysts have criticised the company lagging its rivals like Sony and being late to the game in catering to the growing smartphone market.任天堂不仅落后于竞争对手SONY,面对日益繁荣的手游市场也迟迟没有动作,这些都受到分析人士的批评In March, Nintendo released its first-ever mobile game Miitomo, which has done well. It gained a million users within three days of its launch.三月份,任天堂发布了其首款手游Miitomo,表现不俗首发3天就获得了百万用户The Japanese company has said it plans to launch four more smartphone games by the end of March .任天堂表示截止年3月,公司还将推出款手游冰淇凌和花生酱为什么会导致胃炎 -- ::9 来源: 某些食品添加剂可能会干扰肠道细菌,从而导致肠道炎,由此增加患慢性疾病的风险 Certain food additives may interfere with your gut bacteria, causing changes that boost inflammation in the intestines and potentially promote the development of some chronic diseases, a new study suggests.一项最新的研究表明,某些食品添加剂可能会干扰肠道细菌,从而导致肠道炎,由此增加患慢性疾病的风险In the study, researchers looked at ingredients called emulsifiers, which are added to many processed foods, including ice cream and peanut butter, to improve those foods’ texture and extend their shelf life.参与这项研究的调查员研究了一种叫乳化剂的添加剂这种添加剂常被用在冰淇凌和花生酱等多种加工食品中,提高食物的质地和保质期The researchers used a special piece of lab equipment that’s intended to simulate the human gut, including its bacteria, and consists of a series of pumps and glass containers. The scientists added two emulsifiers called carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and polysorbate-80 (P80), to a simulation of normal gut contents.研究人员使用了一种小型实验设备来模拟人类肠道,也包括肠道里的细菌其他的实验设备还包括打气管和玻璃容器科学家向设备中加入了两种乳化剂,分别为羟甲基化纤维素(CMC)和聚山梨酯-80(P80),模拟真实的肠道环境Adding the emulsifiers led to a dramatic increase in a marker of gut inflammation, said study co-author Benoit Chassaing, an assistant professor of biomedical science at Georgia State University. Chassaing presented the study here on Saturday (May 1) at Digestive Disease Week, a scientific meeting focused on digestive diseases.Benoit Chassaing是乔治亚州州立大学生物医学科学的助理教授,同时也是这项研究的合著者他指出,加入这些乳化剂导致肠道患炎症的风险增加在周六(5月1日),他在以消化疾病为关注点的消化系统疾病周上发布了这项研究成果The researchers then took the altered commy of gut bacteria out of the lab equipment and implanted it into mice that didn’t have any gut bacteria of their own. These mice also developed intestinal inflammation and showed signs of metabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions that includes obesity, high blood sugar and insulin resistance.调查人员随后将这些混合细菌群拿出实验设备并将之植入到老鼠体内,老鼠的肠道本身是没有任何细菌的结果这些老鼠也出现了肠道炎,并伴有代谢综合症症状其余的症状有肥胖,高血糖和胰岛素抵抗综合症The study shows that emulsifiers directly affect gut bacteria, Chassaing said. However, the researchers still need to test whether emulsifiers have the same effect in people, and so the investigators are aly planning a study, he told Live Science.Chassaing指出,这项研究表明乳化剂会直接影响到肠道细菌但是研究人员还需要测量乳化剂是否会对人体产生相同的影响他向生活科学杂志透漏,研究人员已经开始着手准备下一个研究了The new findings add to those of a study by the same group of researchers, which found that emulsifiers promote the development of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in mice that are genetically predisposed to the condition. The study also found that emulsifiers were linked with inflammation in normal mice (that were not genetically predisposed to gut diseases). However, at the time, the researchers didn’t know if the emulsifiers directly affected the gut bacteria, or if they instead affected the mouse’s own cells.这项新发现对他们在年的研究结论做了补充年,他们发现乳化剂会引发携带炎症性肠病(IBD)遗传基因的老鼠患病而且他们还发现乳化剂还会造成正常的老鼠(不具有炎症性肠病遗传基因的老鼠)患炎症然而,当时研究人员并不清楚乳化剂是直接影响到肠道细菌还是仅仅影响老鼠体内的细胞The new study was able to rule out any impact of the mouse’s own cells, because the simulator used is a mechanical model of the gut, the researchers said.研究人员称,这项新的研究能够排除老鼠个体细胞的影响因为这次研究采用的是肠道机械模型来模拟实验In the upcoming study in people, the researchers will likely put participants on an emulsifier-free diet a month, and then switch some of the participants back to a diet that includes emulsifiers, Chassaing said. The researchers will then examine whether the two groups show differences in gut inflammation and changes in bacteria, he said.Chassaing指出,在下一次研究中,研究人员很可能为实验者连续一个月提供无乳化剂的饮食,然后转而为部分实验参与者提供含有乳化剂的饮食然后测量这两组样本人员在肠道炎患病率和肠道细菌变化方面有没有差别Emulsifiers are listed on ingredient labels, but the additives go by many different names, Chassaing said. This makes it hard to avoid emulsifiers simply by ing food labels. The best way to keep from eating emulsifiers is to avoid processed food, he said.Chassaing 指出,乳化剂被列入食品成分表上,但是含有乳化剂的食品添加剂有许多种仅仅希望通过识别食品成分表来避免摄入乳化剂是十分困难的最好的避免摄入乳化剂的方法就是戒掉加工食品

情侣福利:告诉你如何留住伴侣的心 --01 :5:3 来源: 根据最新研究,一夫一妻制需要的不仅仅是单纯的意志力 Ever wonder what keeps some people faithful while others are sping their cooties all around town? Well, there’s more to monogamy than sheer willpower, according to new research.你是否好奇为什么有些人忠诚,而另一些人却到处沾花惹草?根据最新研究,一夫一妻制需要的不仅仅是单纯的意志力In a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, scientists recruited nearly 50 heterosexual people and had them rate the attractiveness of members of the opposite sex…all in the name of science.一项发表在人格与社会心理学报的研究中,科学家招募了50个异性恋,并要求他们对其他异性成员的吸引力打分...一切以科学的名义In one experiment, people were shown a pic of someone of the opposite sex, as well as a profile that included whether they were single or in a relationship. People who were in a relationship tended to say that single people (who might be a "threat to their relationship," according to the study) were less attractive than other single people deemed them.一项实验中,在向人们展示异性的照片时,附上照片上的人是单身或交往的信息后相比于单身的人,那些正在交往的人会觉得照片上的单身人士比较缺乏吸引力(研究说这是因为单身人士可能会“威胁到他们现在已有的关系”)In a second experiment, people were asked to report how satisfied they were in their relationship bee ranking the attractiveness of others. People who said they were happy with their S.O. once again ranked single folks as less attractive. But, those who weren’t all that satisfied in their relationship were more likely to say those singles were lookin’ mighty fine.另一项研究中,在要求他们为其他人打分前,先询问他们对目前交往关系的满意程度那些对自己的伴侣比较满意的人,会觉得照片上的单身人士吸引力较低但是,对自己交往关系不满意的人,会觉得照片上的单身人士看起来不错While this is super interesting, what does it mean? Scientists say that when we’rehappy in a relationship, we want to keep things that way. As a result, we unconsciously downgrade the looks of other people in our minds so that they don’t tempt us to cheat.很有趣对吧,这意味着什么呢?科学家说:当我们对自己的交往关系满意时,我们想保持现状因而,我们会无意识地为其他人的外观打出低分,这样他们就不会诱使我们出轨Of course, there’s a huge difference between thinking someone is hot and actually stepping out on your S.O., and it’s totally possible to think Zac Efron is sexy while still being into your guy (ahem, just saying...).当然,觉得某个人很火辣,和真的背着你的伴侣出轨之间有着巨大的不同,你可以在忠于你的伴侣的同时,仍觉得Zac Efron性感(咳咳,只是说说…)

女子状告特朗普 称岁被特朗普和一富商先后强奸 --5 18:56: 来源: 一名美国女子日前以强奸罪起诉美国共和党总统竞选人、地产大亨唐纳德.特朗普该女子在起诉书中声称,199年,年仅岁的她在一场派对上被特朗普以及他的一位富商友人先后强奸 Donald Trump faces rape allegations again. An unidentified Calinia woman filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan Federal Court on Monday, which was first reported by the Real Deal.特朗普再次面临强奸指控6月日,一名身份不明的加利福尼亚女子在在曼哈顿联邦法院提起诉讼据纽约权威地产杂志The Real Deal抢先报道The lawsuit claims that Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein raped her when she was years old at a sex party hosted by Epstein in 199. Trump has previously denied the allegations, calling them “categorically false” and “disgusting.”她在起诉书中称,特朗普及其友人杰弗里.爱泼斯坦199年在爱泼斯坦举办的一场派对上强奸了她,当时她才岁特朗普否认此指控,称其“一派胡言”、“让人恶心”Epstein has also been previously accused of sexual deviancy and pedophile activities, but has denied claims as well. He did, however, plead guilty to soliciting a minor in one case filed against him in .爱泼斯坦还曾被指控性变态和有恋童癖,不过均被其否认然而,他在年的一起诱奸未成年少女罪名成立A Los Angeles Federal Court judge dismissed the lawsuit last month.上月,该女子曾向洛杉矶联邦法院提起诉讼,不过被驳回The New York Daily News points out there are many vulgar charges missing from the new case, like an allegation that Trump threw money at the defendant after she expressed fear of pregnancy after the rape. Also missing is the claim that Trump called Epstein a “Jew bastard,” and her original request 《独立日口碑大烂,票房收入惨淡 --6 :: 来源: 《独立日:卷土重来于本月日在全球上映,但是观影人们对其评价却却是一致的“烂” Independence Day: Resurgence came out on Friday to terrible reviews with critics branding it a ’non-movie’ and an embarrassment to the blockbuster genre.《独立日:卷土重来在本周五上映,但是却招致了极其糟糕的,家称其“根本就不是电影”,是一个大片的尴尬And on Saturday, the numbers appeared to have aligned with critics as Deadline reported that the sequel to the 1996 classic was a box-office bomb. The film which cost million to make is predicted to bring in only million on opening weekend.而在周日,Deadline杂志的一篇报道佐了影评家们的批评,据报道这部1996年经典电影续集的票房将爆炸了这部电影的拍摄成本达到了1.65亿美元,而据估计首映周的票房却只有300万美元The publication also divulged that Finding Dory, the DisneyPixar follow up to the film Finding Nemo, is projected to surpass all other new releases and bring in million.该家杂志还透露说,由迪士尼和皮克斯联手制作的《海底总动员(该部电影是年电影《海底总动员的续集)将超过其他所有同期上映的电影,首映周的票房预计将达到7500万美元Meanwhile, the disastrous FOX numbers come soon after critics and viewers alike have been tearing the franchises newest film apart.于此同时,在影评家和观影人都将这部最新电影打入谷底后,其授权方福克斯电影也损失惨重’It’s a non-movie, an insult to the blockbuster genre, and should stand only as a perfect example of Hollywood’s more glaring deficiencies as an industry,’ The Atlantic’s David Sims wrote.《大西洋杂志的戴维·希姆斯写道:“这根本就不是电影,这是对大片的侮辱,这部电影最好只作为好莱坞电影产业有缺陷的一个例子”Most viewers seemed the share the critics’ disappointment on Friday, with only a few praising Liam Hemsworth’s permance - but the actor, who plays pilot Jake Morrison, was rated as ’reliably bland’ by The Atlantic.上周五首映后,大多数观影人都和影评家们感到一样失望,只有一小部分人称赞了利亚姆·海姆斯沃斯的表现(他在剧中扮演了飞行员杰克·莫里森的角色),但是《太平洋杂志却批评他“根本不会演戏”Not even Hemsworth - and a million budget - could save Independence Day: Resurgence judging by the downpour of scathing reviews Friday.在周五观影人们严厉的批评下,尽管《独立日:卷土重来有海姆斯沃斯的加盟以及高达1.65亿美元的投入,也不能够避免其上映期间的惨败The film’s concept, branded ’hilariously dumb’ by the Associated Press, could be summarized as follows: What would happen if years after aliens invaded, they came back in a 3,000-mile-wide ship?这部电影被美联社评为“滑稽得令人哑口无言”,它的梗概可以被概括如下:外星人入侵年后会发生什么?他们会乘坐3000英里宽的宇宙战舰卷土重来?The world has changed in the two decades since those hovering ships destroyed the White House and most major cities around the globe, and alien defense is now basically a subset of every military outfit — not just some shadowy undercover operation in an undisclosed base in the middle of the desert, film writer Lindsey Bahr noted.剧本作家林赛·巴尔指出,二十年来世界发生了改变,那些描述盘旋的战舰摧毁白宫、多数大城市毁于一旦的电影不再吃香,而外星人防御这个梗现在只不过是相关军事类题材电影的一部分--而不仅仅只是沙漠中央秘密基地中上演的秘密行动The plot is a big jumble of story lines, nonsense science talk and lots of references to the previous movie.这部电影的剧情简直一片混乱,充斥着毫无意义的科学对话,以及大量前作的内容’Speaking of 1996, there’s nothing even remotely as thrilling or memorable as the first here — no mom, son and pup running through an LA tunnel, no Will Smith complaining about missing a barbecue while dragging a comatose alien through the desert, and no set pieces likely to influence future action movies,’ Bahr added.巴尔指出:“说道1996年,没有哪部电影能够像第一部《独立日那样令人兴奋、难以忘怀--在这部电影里没有妈妈、儿子和小穿过洛杉矶的街道,也没有威尔·史密斯在拖拽昏迷外星人穿过沙漠时抱怨错过了烧烤,当时没有一部电影有可能像《独立日一样影响未来的动作片” million in damages.《纽约每日新闻指出,在本次的案件中,许多粗俗的指控被撤回,比如她声称,在被强奸后担心怀,特朗普曾甩给她现金,还比如特朗普称爱泼斯坦为“犹太杂种”,以及她曾要求 1亿美元的赔偿金She cites in an affidavit: “Immediately following this rape, Defendant Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details of Defendant Trump’s sexual and physical abuse of me, my family and I would be physically harmed if not killed.”她说:“强奸结束后,特朗普还威胁我,不能把事情告诉别人,否则,我和家人可能会被杀,或者有其他后果”《欢乐合唱团演员马克·塞林被控持有儿童色情影片 --30 ::35 来源: 曾在大热美剧《欢乐合唱团中扮演角色的马克·塞林最近陷入了儿童色情丑闻,警方在其居所查获了数起儿童色情图像和影片 mer Glee actor Mark Salling has been mally charged with two counts of receiving and possessing images of child sexual abuse.近日,马克·塞林被正式起诉,罪名是两次接收和持有儿童性虐待图片此前,马克·塞林曾在美剧《欢乐合唱团中扮演角色Authorities said the 33-year-old agreed to surrender himself on 3 June, when he is expected to appear in a federal court in Los Angeles.据官方透露,马克·塞林同意在6月3日的时候认罪,预计届时他将出现在洛杉矶一处联邦法庭上The actor was arrested in December after police seized computer equipment they say contained thousands of images.马克·塞林于去年月的时候被警方逮捕当时警方查获了他的电脑设备,据说里面含有数千张图片If convicted, the charges each carry a maximum -year prison sentence.如果罪名成立,两起指控都将给马克·塞林带来最长年的监禁Police arrested Salling after investigators received a tip he was in possession of images of children being sexually abused. He was released on $,000 (bound 18,000) bail and was initially expected to be charged in Los Angeles County court.当时调查员收到消息,称马克·塞林持有儿童被性虐的图片,随后警方便逮捕了他在缴纳了万美元(约合1万8千英镑)后,马克·塞林被予以保释,警方最初预定在洛杉矶县法庭上对其提起诉讼But after authorities realised the "scope of the collection", the case was handed over to federal prosecutors, the US Attorney’s Office said.但是据美国检察官办公室透露,当局意识到这起案件“影响很大”,于是便将这起案件移交给了联邦公诉人A laptop, a hard drive and a mobile flash drive were seized from Salling’s home. The actor was charged with one count of using the internet to obtain a pornographic still image and of young girls, and a second count of possessing two child pornography s that also feature young girls.在马克·塞林的家里,警方查获了一台笔记本电脑、一个硬盘和一个移动闪存驱动器马克·塞林面临两起指控,第一起指控指出马克·塞林利用网络获取未成年女性色情图像和影片,第二起指控指出马克·塞林持有两部未成年女性色情电影Prosecutors said investigators are continuing to review the material seized.据公诉人透露,目前调查员还在继续审查查获的材料"The traditional stereotype about the kinds of people who commit child sexual exploitation crimes simply doesn’t dovetail with reality," Joseph Macias, a special agent in charge the Department of Homeland Security, said in a statement announcing the charges.约瑟夫·马西亚斯是一位效力于美国国土安全局的特工,在宣布针对马克·塞林的指控声明中,他说道:“(人们对)儿童性剥削犯罪者的传统印象和事实并不(完全)相符”He added that suspects can be of "all ages and from all walks of life."他补充说道,犯罪嫌疑人可以是“各个年龄、不同职业”Salling played bad-boy football player Noah "Puck" Puckerman on the hit US show Glee from to .在年到年的热门美剧《欢乐合唱团中,马克·塞林扮演了剧中的坏心眼足球运动员Noah PuckermanHis representatives have yet to make a statement on the charges.马克·塞林的律师还未就此项指控做出任何声明图:毕加索名画1.8亿美元拍卖创世界纪录 -- :: 来源:   A painting by Pablo Picasso has set a new world record the most expensive artwork to be sold at auction after reaching m (£1m) in New York.  在纽约某拍卖会上,一幅毕加索画作以1.79亿美元天价创下纪录,成为史上最贵  Women of Algiers (Version O) had been expected to exceed 西班牙推"社区冰箱"分享食物 -- :33: 来源: 西班牙推"社区冰箱"分享食物Commy Fridge in Spain lets people avoid food wasting by sharingFood waste is a growing problem throughout the world; on one hand, we've got so many people starving or living in food insecurity, and on the other hand, in places like Western Europe or the US people are wasting almost 50% of what they eat. It seems rational to find ways to send the excess food to the places where it's most needed, but that doesn't happen nearly as much as it should. With that in mind, people in Galdakao, Spain, took initiative.全球的食物浪费形势越来越严峻一方面,很多人仍然在挨饿或者没有足够的食物;另一方面,西欧、美国等地区吃剩浪费的食物近50%寻找方法把多余的食物送送到最需要食物的地方似乎是一种合理的选择,但是这样的现象并不经常发生考虑到这一问题,西班牙加尔达考的人们积极采取了行动They launched what they call the Commy Fridge – a regular white fridge placed in the middle of the town where anyone can drop food or leftovers and anyone can come in and take it. This one fridge has aly saved 300 kg of food in just two months. The creators of the fridge are adamant that the service is not a charity – anyone can come and just take whatever food they want.他们推出了一种“社区冰箱”,这个普通的白色冰箱被安置在镇中心,任何人都可以把食物或吃剩的饭菜放在这,或来这取食物这个冰箱在仅仅两个月内已经节省了300千克食物这个冰箱的发起者坚称这项务不是施舍,每个人都可以来,想拿走什么就拿走什么Of course, there are a few regulations though – you can"t donate raw fish, meat or eggs, health reasons. Also, all the food has to be within its expiration date and anything homemade should have a label with the ingredients; reasonable rules, and so far, the program seems to enjoy its success. Other Spanish cities have expressed interest in adopting their own Commy Fridge.当然也有些规定,为了健康起见,不能捐赠生鱼、肉和鸡蛋而且,所有的食物必须在保质期内,自制食品必须添加标签说明它的成分,这些都是合理的规定到目前为止,这个项目似乎很成功西班牙其他城市也对安置这种“社区冰箱”颇有兴趣This is not the first time this kind of idea has been put th. In Pumpipumpe in Switzerland residents place stickers on their mailbox to mark goods they can lend to neighbors and that works out just fine. A man in the Saudi city of Hail has also put a fridge outside his house and called on neighbors to fill it with food the needy. However, in Yolo County, Calinia, several University of Calinia graduate students placed a commy fridge on their lawn, sharing what they didn"t need. People loved the idea and it worked just as it should, until the Yolo County Health Department caught wind of the experiment, they shut it down. County officials claimed the fridge was an illegal food facility.此前也有类似的想法倡议在瑞士的Pumpipumpe,当地居民在他们的邮箱上贴上标签,标明哪些物品可以借给邻居,效果还不错沙特海尔市的一名男子也在自家门外放了一台冰箱,号召邻居往里面放食物送给穷人然而,在加州约洛县,加利福尼亚大学的几名研究生在草坪上安置了一台社区冰箱,把他们用不着的食物分享给大家人们觉着这个点子很赞,而且效果也不错,直到约洛县卫生部门听说了这个尝试,他们叫停了这个项目县官员称这台冰箱是非法的食品设施"He's started a food business. The food's not from an approved source. He can't guarantee its safety. There are so many unknowns that there is a high risk to the public,"said April Meneghetti, a Yolo County environmental health specialist.约洛县环境卫生专家阿普丽尔?梅内盖蒂表示,“他开始做食品生意,食物的来源未经认可他不能保食品安全仍有很多未知因素,这将给市民带来很高的风险”That idea doesn't fly in the US, and it seems like some people would rather throw food away than risk sharing it with others, but I certainly think this idea is worth sping. Sure, you need someone to verify the contents of the fridge periodically and take out the food that goes bad, but 0 kg of food per month, with one fridge? I think that's worth it.这种想法并没有在美国流行开来,一些人似乎宁愿扔掉食物,也不愿冒险与别人分享,但是我的确认为这个想法值得传播开来当然,需要有人定期检查冰箱里放的食物,把坏掉的食物拿出来仅用一个冰箱,每个月就能节省0公斤的食物,我认为值得一试Vocabularyadamant: 坚定不移的catch wind of: 听说英文来源:zmescience.com译者:实习生冯佳佳审校编辑:许晶晶m bee the auction but the final price far exceeded those estimates in a sale at Christie’s auction house at a time when collectors’ appetite masterpieces of impressionist, modern and contemporary art is increasing.  在佳士得拍卖行举行的一次拍卖会前,就有人估计《阿尔及尔的女人(O版)的预拍价会超过1.亿美元,但最后成交价远超预期时下收藏者对印象派、现当代画派名作的兴趣不断高涨  On Monday night, several bidders competing via telephone drove the winning bid to 英国将房贷还款年龄延至85岁 -- ::3 来源:chinadaily Nationwide is raising its age limit people paying off mortgages by years to 85, in the latest sign of the impact of rising house prices on buyers.英国房价上涨的影响再显现:全英房屋抵押贷款协会近日将英国居民还清房贷的年龄上限延长了年,至85岁The building society said the increase was due to "growing demand", and the limit would be in ce from July.该协会称,此次调整源于“不断增长的购房需求”新政将于今年7月开始实施It means a 60-year-old could take out a 5-year mortgage as long as they prove they can afd the repayments.这就意味着,只要能明自己可以还得清,一个65岁的人可以申请长达5年的房屋抵押贷款The move comes as Halifax increases its age limit mortgages from 75 to 80 from Monday.就在本周一(5月9日),Halifax(英国最大揭贷款机构)刚刚将办理房屋抵押贷款的年龄上限由75岁提高至80岁There have been calls the industry to do more to help older buyers after tougher mortgage checks, introduced in the wake of the financial crisis, have made it harder middle-aged people to get a home loan.金融危机发生后,房屋抵押贷款门槛提高,导致中年人越发难以获得购房贷款,就有声音呼吁房地产业为大龄购房者争取权益'Controlled manner'当局称新政很“节制”Rising house prices have exacerbated the issue, with many people not able to afd to buy their first home until they are in their thirties or ties.不断上涨的房价进一步恶化了这个问题,因为很多人得等到30多岁甚至0多岁的时候,才能买得起首套房Nationwide said the new age limit would apply to existing customers all its standard mortgages, but the maximum loan size would be £0,000, and could be no greater than 60% of the property value.全英房屋抵押贷款协会称,新的年龄上限适用于所有正在申请标准型抵押贷款的购房者,贷款额上限为万英镑,且不高于房屋总价的60%"Access to the mainstream market has been a challenge older customers, resulting in their needs going unfulfilled. This measure helps to address these needs in a prudent, controlled manner," said Nationwide head of mortgages Henry Jordan.全英房屋抵押贷款协会贷款主管亨利·乔丹表示:“大龄购房者想进入主流购房市场很难,致使他们的需求得不到满足这项新政以谨慎、节制的方式,满足了这部分需求”Tom McPhail, head of pensions research at Hargreaves Lansdown, told the B the change could shake up the mortgage market.兰斯多恩股票经纪公司退休金研究主管汤姆·麦克菲尔告诉B,这项改变可能重新洗牌房贷市场"Why pay off the mortgage at all?" he said.他表示:“还有必要还清贷款吗?”"As long as the value of the property is there to meet the liability in the future, why worry about paying it off when you are alive?" he added.他进一步说:“只要房屋价值仍然能覆盖未来的负债,又何必要趁活着的时候抓紧还贷呢?”House prices grew 7.6% in the year to February, official statistics suggest.官方数据显示,今年前两个月,英国房价上涨了7.6%'Longer'“寿命延长”是主因And a recent survey by Halifax suggested that one in three - to 5-year-olds expected to be working beyond their retirement age to pay off their mortgage.Halifax近日的一项调查显示,为了还房贷,三分之一至5岁的购房人可能不得不延迟退休Halifax said its decision was a response to changing demographics, with people living and working longer.Halifax称,它的决定(提高贷款年龄上限)源于人口结构的变化——人们的寿命和工作时间都延长了The policies of rival mortgage lenders older borrowers varies. Santander, example, says 75 is its cut-off while RBS' upper age limit is 70.其他房贷发放机构针对大龄人士的购房政策不尽相同以Santander为例,它的年龄上限是75,而苏格兰皇家的上限是70HS says it does not turn down mortgages on the basis of age, but reviews applications of those over 75 on "a case by case basis".汇丰称自己不会以年龄为由拒绝向外贷款,但对于75岁以上年龄的申请者,在评估时会“具体问题具体分析”At Barclays the upper age limit is 70, or the customer's retirement date - whichever is sooner.巴克莱的年龄上限是70岁,或者是申请者的退休时间——以先到期的那个为准Vocabularyexacerbate:使加剧;使恶化liability:欠款,负债英文来源:B编译:杜娟m, a final price of ,365,000 including Christie’s commission of just over %.  周一晚,几名竞拍者通过电话竞拍,叫价不管推高,中标价高达1.6亿美元,加上佳士得拍卖行%的佣金,最后的成交价共为9,365,000美元  Previously the most expensive work sold at auction was Francis Bacon’s triptych Three Studies of Lucian Freud, which sold $.m at Christie’s in November .  此前最贵画作是来自弗朗西斯·培根的《卢西安·弗洛伊德肖像画习作(三联画),于年月在佳士得拍卖会上拍出1.亿美元  Experts say the prices are driven by artworks’ investment value and by wealthy new and established collectors seeking out the very best works.  行家指出,艺术品自身的投资价值,以及新旧富豪收藏者对名作兴趣的高涨是价格不断攀高的主要原因  “I don’t really see an end to it, unless interest rates drop sharply, which I don’t see happening in the near future,” Manhattan dealer Richard Feigen said. “  我觉得以后还会有画作拍出更高的价,除非利率暴跌,但这种情况近期显然不会出现,” 曼哈顿交易商理查德·费根如是说  Picasso’s work is a vibrant, multi-hued painting featuring a scantily attired woman amid smaller nudes. The evening sale also featured Alberto Giacometti’s life-size sculpture Pointing Man which reached estimated .3m, earning it the title of most expensive sculpture sold at auction.  毕加索的这幅作品充满生气,且色丰富画面上是一名的女子,其旁边还有些女子裸体片段当晚的拍卖会上,贾科梅蒂的真人大小雕像《Pointing Man以1.亿美元的预拍价成功售出,成为拍卖史上最贵的雕像

空气刘海、半丸子头……想不想试试这些火上天的... --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:看到《太阳的后裔里乔时尚俏皮的空气刘海,你有没有冲去美发店整个同款的冲动?贝小七都扎丸子头了,你还不赶快动起来?等等,下手之前,请仔细了解一下自己的发质……不然也许别人头上美美哒发型就要在你头上丑出新高度了哦~Whether you’re a fan of South Korean dramas or not, you probably aly know that Descendants of the Sun (《太阳的后裔) is hugely popular across China. The TV series has not only turned its lead actor Song Joong-ki into an international heartthrob, but it has also launched the hairstyle craze sweeping Asia.不论你是不是韩剧粉,想必你已经听说过在国内大火的韩剧《太阳的后裔这部电视剧不仅让男主角宋仲基成为了全球女性的大众情人,也在亚洲刮起了一阵(模仿女主)发型的狂潮Women are rushing to the hair salon to copy lead actress Song Hye-kyo’s trademark bangs. Long and wispy, Song’s bangs dance across her ehead, giving her a sweet, girly look. They’re sometimes called “see-through bangs” (空气刘海) because they’re too thin to obscure the wearer’s ehead. But the truth is, not everyone can pull off this style. Even if you’re as good-looking as Song Hye-kyo, see-through bangs might leave you looking decidedly uncool.女生们纷纷涌向美发店,想要剪一个女主角宋慧乔同款的标志性刘海几缕碎长发在前额来回舞动,给宋慧乔增添了不少甜美的少女气息这种发型有时被称为“空气刘海”,因为太薄,刘海根本遮不住额头但事实上,并不是所有人都能驾驭这款发型即使你有乔一样漂亮的脸蛋,空气刘海也可能会让你看起来非常糟糕Who can pull off this fashionable hairstyle then? It all comes down to the texture of your hair. See-through bangs aren’t people with thick hair. Hairdryers are key to styling thin, see-through bangs, but they tend to leave thick-haired people with a fluffy mane. Also, people with dry hair are more suited to having see-through bangs. That is because oily hair tends to stick together. No one wants to end up looking like the cartoon character Sanmao, after all.那么到底谁才能驾驭这款时尚的发型?这完全取决于你的发质如果你的头发又浓又密,空气刘海就不太适合你因为吹风机是打造轻薄刘海的秘密武器,而它们常常会让本已浓密的秀发变得过于蓬松另外,干性发质的人更适合剪空气刘海这是因为油性发质的头发比较容易粘在一起毕竟谁也不想最后看起来像三毛一样Another hairstyle that’s sweeping the world is the half-bun, also known as the “hun” (半丸子头). Though it has sprouted on a number of actresses’ heads, including that of Gao Yuanyuan and Zhang Yuqi, it looks silly on some celebrities. The problem, once again, comes down to hair type.另一种风靡全球的发型就是扎起一半发髻,也叫“半丸子头”尽管包括高圆圆和张雨绮在内的不少女演员都尝试过,但这种发型却让有些明星看起来傻傻的问题的根源还是发质US actress Anne Hathaway is known her elegant style, but when she sported a “hun” at an event last year in New York City, some style critics were left disappointed. Gossip columnist Perez Hilton wrote on his fashion blog that Hathaway’s half-up, half-down bun was just confusing. “She definitely should have just let her hair down,” Hilton wrote.美国女演员安妮?海瑟薇以品味优雅著称,但当她去年梳着 “半丸子头”在纽约参加活动时,不少时尚家失望极了八卦专栏作家佩雷斯?希尔顿在他的时尚客中写道,完全看不懂海瑟薇一半扎起一半放下的丸子头希尔顿说:“她就应该把她的头发全都放下来嘛”Hathaway’s silky, straight hair was to blame the fashion faux pas. The point of the “hun” is to create a slightly disheveled look. The best way to achieve that effect is to avoid “being too careful and precise,” Gemma Brown, a senior hairstylist in Dubai told Al Arabiya English.海瑟薇这次时尚大灾难的罪魁祸首就是她那头丝般柔顺的直发“半丸子头”的关键是要给人一种略带凌乱的感觉迪拜高级发型师杰玛?布朗在接受阿拉伯电视台英语频道记者采访时说,达到这种效果最好的方法就是避免“太精致 ”女士穿长裤违法 世界9大奇葩法律 -- :59: 来源:   Here is a collection of some of the eccentric laws in the world. We can laugh, we can gasp, we can only wonder…  今天小编给大家介绍世界上一些国家或地区的让人或可笑、或吃惊的奇葩法律法规  1. Think bee you chew  新加坡:嚼口香糖,你就违法了  In Singapore, chewing gum is prohibited. This rule was introduced because of the high cost and difficulty in removing stuck chewing gum from public premises. In particular, chewing gum stuck on the Mass Rapid Transit train doors stopped the trains from moving. It happened a few times and those were a few times too many.  在新加坡,嚼口香糖是被禁止的制定这项规定是因为公共场所的口香糖清理工作非常困难且花费太高另外,因口香糖黏在快速轨道运输车的车门上而阻停列车运行的事情时有发生,所以新加坡制定了此项规定  . Lighten up  丹麦:白天行车也得开大灯  Drivers in Denmark are supposed to drive vehicles with their headlights on. You’d think this law would apply to night driving but it doesn’t. It is considered essential during the day as well or they may face a fine of up to 兰蔻发声明取消与何韵诗合作 -- ::1 来源: 兰蔻因选择于何韵诗合作引起中国大陆网民的不满,其后取消了其在香港的宣传演唱会 French cosmetics giant Lancome has cancelled a promotional concert in Hong Kong after an online backlash in mainland China over an artist apparently set to perm.法国化妆品巨头兰蔻因艺人的选择引起中国大陆网民的不满后,取消了其在香港的宣传演唱会Denise Ho, a well-known pro-democracy activist, said she had been due to sing at the sold-out concert on 19 June.何韵诗作为知名亲民主活动家,称她原本要在6月19日的演唱会上演出,该演出的门票已售罄The news sparked calls a boycott of Lancome in Chinese online ums.该消息引了在中国线上论坛上网民对兰蔻的抵制Lancome cancelled the event citing "possible safety reasons" without clarifying if she was set to perm.兰蔻声称“因潜在的安全因素”取消了该演出,但没有澄清她是否要表演Lancome also added, in a post on Facebook, that Ms Ho, 39, was not the brand’s spokesperson.兰蔻还在脸书上称,今年39岁的何韵诗不是其品牌代言人"Lancome is an international brand. Of course, even an international brand has to fall to its knees in the face of this kind of bullying. We have to seriously face up to this problem," she said.“兰蔻是一个国际品牌当然,即便是国际品牌,也要在这种抵制面前双膝跪地我们必须认真地面对这个问题,”她说Ms Ho was one of the first celebrities to be arrested participating in the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement in , when thousands of people occupied parts of Hong Kong to demand fully free elections.何韵诗是因参加年的亲民主雨伞运动而首先被捕的名人之一,该运动召集了几千人占领香港的一些区域,要求完全自由的选举The pro-democracy protest was seen by observers as the biggest challenge to Beijing’s rule since Hong Kong was returned to China by the British in 1997.该亲民主抗议被观察员认为是自1997年香港从英国回归以来对北京制度的最大挑战She had merly posted pictures of herself with Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, calling him a "loving grandfather".她曾经正式发布她和西藏精神领袖达赖喇嘛的照片,称他为“爱的祖父”Lancome announced the concert last week and Ms Ho said on her Facebook page that she would be perming.兰蔻于上周宣布了该演唱会,何韵诗在其脸书上说她将出席表演Then on Saturday, Beijing newspaper Global Times questioned her appearance, calling her a supporter of Hong Kong independence in a post on micro-blogging site Weibo.然后在周六,北京报纸《环球时报质疑她的出席,在微上称她是“港独”的持者Ms Ho has not publicly expressed her support independence the territory from China.何韵诗没有公开表示过持从中国独立出来The Global Times post, as well as Lancome’s Facebook post, drew an intense reaction from netizens with some condemning the move and other calling a boycott of Lancome products.《环球时报的帖子和兰蔻的脸书帖子,引起了网民激烈的反应,有些人谴责该举动,而有些人号召抵制兰蔻的产品One user said the brand could not both "earn Chinese money" and have "such a person" endorse the brand.一位用户说该品牌不可能同时“赚中国的钱”而让“这样的人”代言该品牌. Studies have shown that this has helped a lot to avoid road accidents in Denmark.  在丹麦开车,司机必须开着车前大灯你可能会以为这是针对夜间行车,但事实可不是这样的该国法律认为打开车前大灯在白天也是必须的,如果违反规定,司机将面临多达0美元的罚款研究显示这样的规定使丹麦的交通事故大幅减少  3. To fail > to jail  孟加拉:考试敢作弊?那就坐牢去吧  In Bangladesh, children and older can be put in jail cheating on their final examinations. Every year, Bangladeshi government takes strong measures to stop cheating and carries out a massive media campaign to ewarn students through print and television.  在孟加拉,岁及以上的儿童如果在期末考试中作弊则会被罚入狱每年,孟加拉都会制定严厉措施来防止考试作弊,并通过报纸、电视等媒体进行大量宣传以对学生提出预先警告  . Picky about chicks  美国俄亥俄州阿克伦:不准给小鸡染色   According to Akron- Ohio Act 95.6, No person, firm, or corporation shall dye or otherwise color any rabbit or baby poultry, including, but not limited to, chicks and ducklings. No person, firm, or corporation shall sell, offer sale, expose sale, raffle, or give away any rabbit or baby poultry which has been dyed or otherwise colored.  美国俄亥俄州阿克伦市规定,任何个人、公司或企业都不允许在小兔子、小鸡、小鸭及其他家禽幼崽身上染色而且任何个人、公司或企业都不允许买卖或遗弃已经被染色的兔子等其他家禽幼崽  5. Keep the change  加拿大:硬币留着容易花着难  In Canada, Currency Act of 1985 prohibits consumers from using unreasonable amounts of coins to pay purchases. This means you can’t pay an item in all coins (especially if it’s over $). Even the use of dollar-coins is limited. The shop owner has the right to choose whether or not he wants to take your coins but doesn’t have to.  在加拿大1985年的货币法案中规定,消费者禁止在购买东西时毫无原因地使用大量硬币这意味着你买东西不能全部用硬币付,即使是买价格不到美元的东西也不行美元的硬币也被禁止使用商店的卖家可以自行决定是否接受你的硬币,但并不强求   6. Sue them pants!  法国:女士禁止穿长裤  In France it is still against the law women to wear pants. The law reportedly has been on the books since 1800.It was amended several times: once in 189 to allow women to sport trousers while riding horses and again in 19 to permit the ladies to wear pants while on bicycles.  在法国女士穿长裤仍然是违法的这项规定始于1800年,之后几经修订:189年时允许女士在骑马的时候穿运动裤,19年时又允许女士在骑自行车的时候可以穿长裤  7. The law with a flaw  美国佐治亚州:关于自行车改装的奇怪规定  In Georgia no bicycle shall be equipped, modified, or altered in such a way as to cause the pedal in its lowermost position to be more than inches above the ground, nor shall any bicycle be operated if so equipped. The question is: Who would ride such a bike?  美国佐治亚州规定,任何自行车的脚蹬不得被加装、改装至最低高度在距离地面英寸以上,如果有类似改装行为,则该自行车不允许上路那么问题来了:谁会把自行车脚蹬改的那么高啊?  8. One Two Three GO!  美国马萨诸塞州:守丧期间吃三明治不能超过三个   In Massachusetts at a wake, mourners may eat no more than three sandwiches. It is one of those laws that was written in books and never removed since then. Bad manners, one might consider it, but in Massachusetts it is a criminal offense.  在美国马萨诸塞州,守丧期间的悼念者吃三明治不得超过三个这条法规自被写入法典后就从未被改变过你可能会觉得有点变态,不过在马萨诸塞州,如果违反那就是犯罪  9.ImPie-ous Christmas  英国:圣诞节当天不准买肉馅饼  In Britain, it is illegal to consume a mince pie on Christmas Day. It is one of the odd old laws on the statute book, although rarely enced by even the keenest police officer. It was brought to existence by Oliver Cromwell, self proclaimed Lord Protector of England. Festivals that promoted gluttony and drunkenness were against the righteous Christian ethics, including Christmas.  在英国,圣诞节那天不允许买肉馅饼这条奇怪的规定很早就被记录在是法典中了不过即使是最负责的警察也很少执行过该项规定它由自称为“英国护国公”的奥利弗·克伦威尔制定的任何会引起暴饮暴食的节日都是违背基督教的道德观的,包括圣诞节<牛人_句子>


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