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MARTIN R. ANDERSON, 65, squints to appreciate the geometry of paintings at the museum. Kate Davis, 24, says the sunlight that bounces off museum walls and onto the art can’t be reproduced. 65岁的马丁#8226;R#8226;安德森(Martin R. Anderson)眯着眼睛观赏物馆中油画的几何构图。24岁的凯特#8226;戴维斯(Kate Davis)说,从物馆墙壁反射到艺术品上的阳光是不可复制的。Stan Kaplan, 65, flies across the country just to see a Leonardo da Vinci drawing “more beautiful” than the Mona Lisa. And an elderly woman posts to Facebook a selfie of herself beside a masterwork, presumably commencing an avalanche of social-media approval.65岁的斯坦#8226;卡普兰(Stan Kaplan)坐飞机穿越整个国家,就为了看一眼列奥纳多#8226;达#8226;芬奇(Leonardo da Vinci)比《蒙娜#8226;丽莎》“还要美”的一幅画。一位年长的女人在Facebook主页上贴出了一张她在一幅大师杰作旁边的自拍,估计会得到社交媒体上的大量点赞。As for those interviewed, they included students who said museums were like “eating your vegetables” and romantics who cherish their lunch breaks, when they can hop in a cab to go steal a few quiet minutes in front of a beloved painting they have aly gazed at dozens of times before.受访者中有学生,他们说来物馆就像“吃蔬菜”,还有趁着午休时赶来的浪漫主义者,他们愿意坐出租车赶来,在心爱的油画面前享受安静的几分钟时间,而这些画他们之前其实已经看过几十次了。A handful of works in particular generated the most comment (a deathbed portrait of an artist’s mistress, a painting of someone being skinned alive) and common themes emerged over time (the ubiquity of technology, people’s short attention spans).有几幅作品获得了特别多的评价(比如一位艺术家的情妇临终时刻的油画,一幅表现活剥人皮的油画),随着采访进行,有一些共同的主题渐渐开始出现(技巧的普遍性,人们的注意力持续时间之短)。Here’s what museumgoers said.下面是一些来物馆的人说的话。The artwork: “James Hunter Black Draftee” (1965) by Alice Neel艺术品:《詹姆斯#8226;亨特黑人新兵》(James Hunter Black Draftee,1965),爱丽丝#8226;尼尔(Alice Neel)Mr. Anderson’s take: “He probably did get killed because his family would have heard about this painting and said something by now.”安德森的观点:“他可能已经被杀死了,否则他的家人肯定会听说过这幅画,时至今天,他们会出来说点什么。”Another perspective: “When I saw this image in the advertisements, I saw it as contemporary, like an album cover.” — Steve Wolkwitz, 25, a student另一种角度:“当我看到这幅画被用在广告里时,我觉得它是当代艺术,就像唱片封套一样。”——史蒂夫#8226;沃尔克维茨(Steve Wolkwitz),25岁,学生The artwork: “Self-Portrait With Wig” (1898-1900) by Pablo Picasso艺术品:《戴假发的自画像》(Self-Portrait With Wig,1898-1900),巴勃罗#8226;毕加索Ms. Kops’ take: “He was probably drunk.”科普斯(Ms. Kops)的观点:“他可能喝醉了。”Another perspective: “I didn’t know it was a Picasso. And then like, whoa. It’s a Picasso.” — Normandie Syken, 20, an illustrator另一种角度:“我一开始不知道这是毕加索的画,知道了以后才觉得,哇。这是毕加索。”——诺曼迪#8226;西肯(Normandie Syken),20岁,插画家The artwork: “Untitled I-VI (Green Paintings)” (circa 1986) by Cy Twombly艺术品:《无标题 I-VI(绿色油画)》(Untitled I-VI [Green Paintings],约1986),赛#8226;通布利(Cy Twombly)Mr. Meyerhofer’s take: “I want to hate it, but it’s so good.”梅尔霍夫(Mr. Meyerhofer)的观点:“我本想讨厌它,但它实在太棒了。”“It’s awful algae green. But you can’t deny it. It grabs you. But part of me thinks it is so crude.”“它是一种可怕的水藻绿。但是你无法抗拒。它能吸引你的注意力。但是我也觉得它有点粗糙。”The artwork: “The Flaying of Marsyas” (probably 1570s) by Titian艺术品:《马斯亚斯的剥皮》(The Flaying of Marsyas,可能是16世纪70年代),提香。Mr. Meyerhofer’s take: “It’s so violent and awful. My husband would say, ‘I wouldn’t want this on the wall of my living room.’ This must have been the equivalent of a horror movie back in the day.”梅尔霍夫先生的观点:“它非常暴力,非常吓人。我的丈夫会说,‘我可不想在起居室里挂这么一幅画。’这在当年可能就相当于恐怖片吧。”Another perspective: “You’re imagining what is he going to do with that knife. The bucket: Is it enough to hold? And his eyes — he can see the pain coming.” — Stan Kaplan, 65, Los Angeles另一种角度:“你会想像他拿着这把刀要干什么。那个桶,足够用来盛血吗?还有他的眼睛——他可以看到痛苦正在到来。”——斯坦#8226;卡普兰,65岁,洛杉矶The artwork: “The Vision of Saint John” (1609-14) by El Greco艺术品:《圣约翰的形象》(The Vision of Saint John,1609-14),埃尔#8226;格列柯(El Greco)Ms. Campbell’s take: “It could have been a blue sky, but maybe it was going to be dark and stormy.”坎贝尔女士(Ms. Campbell)的观点:“天本来应该是蓝的,可能会阴沉下去,下起狂风骤雨。”Another perspective: “It’s so modern. And what’s with these crazy babies floating around?” — William Meyerhofer另一种观点:“它很现代。这些疯狂的婴儿们飘来飘去是干什么的?”——威廉#8226;梅耶霍夫(William Meyerhofer)The artwork: “Head of a Woman (La Scapigliata)” (1500-5) by Leonardo da Vinci艺术品:《女子头像(La Scapigliata)》(Head of a Woman [La Scapigliata],1500-5),列奥纳多#8226;达芬奇Mr. Miozzo’s take: “This is unfinished, but you can see the psychology of a character. It forces you to think what is in the mind of this young woman. It makes me think, Who was she? What was she thinking?”米奥佐先生(Mr. Miozzo)的观点:“这幅画没有完成,但是你可以看出人物的心理。它迫使你去思考,这个年轻女人的心里在想什么。它让我去思考,她是谁?她在想什么?”Another perspective: “I think about how much more beautiful she is than the Mona Lisa.” — Stan Kaplan另一种角度:“我觉得她比蒙娜#8226;丽莎美多了。”——斯坦#8226;卡普兰Another perspective: “You need to see this one with your own eyes. No reproduction I’ve seen comes close to this.” — Martin R. Anderson另一种角度:“你应该亲眼看看这幅画。我见过的复制品都不能与它相比。”——马丁#8226;R#8226;安德森The artwork: “You or Me” (2005) by Maria Lassnig艺术品:《你或我》(You or Me, 2005),玛丽亚#8226;拉斯尼戈(Maria Lassnig)Ms. Choi’s take: “It made me think about women in Korea, where I that the suicide rate is [very high]. For some reason, I thought about that.”崔女士(Ms. Choi)的观点:“它让我想起韩国的女人,我读到那里的自杀率(非常高)。出于某些原因,我就是想起这个。”Another perspective: “This is brave. She’s old. She’s overweight. Think about how courageous this is.” — Michele Miozzo另一种角度:“这很勇敢。她很老,她很胖。想想这有多么勇敢吧。”——米歇尔#8226;米奥佐(Michele Miozzo)The artwork: “Cart Full of Action” (1986) by Cady Noland艺术品:《装满物品的推车》(Cart Full of Action, 1986),卡迪#8226;诺兰(Cady Noland)Ms. Davis’ take: “I don’t like this. I think the question is not even if it is finished but is this even art? I could see this in a parking lot.”戴维斯女士的观点:“我不喜欢它。我觉得问题不是它有没有完成,而是它究竟算不算艺术?我在停车场里也能看见这样的东西。”Another perspective: “This is what the artist is putting into the world. Nothing is a waste of space.” — Tony White, 29, Louisville另一种角度:“这就是艺术家带给世界的东西。没有什么是对空间的浪费。”——托尼#8226;怀特(Tony White),29岁,路易斯维尔 The artwork: “Gardanne” (1885-86) by Paul Cézanne艺术品:《贾达尼》(Gardanne, 1885-86),保罗#8226;塞尚(Paul Cézanne)Michelle Oliveira’s take: “The curious thing to me is why are these unfinished. What better thing did Picasso or Cézanne feel they needed to go and do? Grab a coffee? Go kiss a girl?”米歇尔#8226;奥利维拉(Michelle Oliveira)的观点:“让我好奇的是,那些作品为什么没能完成。毕加索和塞尚觉得他们最好还是做点别的什么事吗?去喝杯咖啡?去吻一个女孩?”Nilza Oliveira’s take: “An artist is never finished so their art is never finished. When you finish it, you kill it. Leaving it unfinished, you keep it alive.”尼尔扎#8226;奥利维拉(Nilza Oliveira)的观点:“艺术家永远不会止步,所以他们的艺术也永远不会完成。一旦完成就是杀死了它,让它保持未完成的状态,就是让它活着。”The artwork: “Bouquet of Peonies in a Green Jar” (1898) by Paul Cézanne艺术品:《绿色花瓶中的牡丹花束》(Bouquet of Peonies in a Green Jar,1898),保罗#8226;塞尚Mr. Scotch’s take: “Those empty spaces could be light. If you put more there, it’s almost too much information. Like this it is allowed to breathe.”斯科奇先生(Mr. Scotch)的观点:“这些留白应该是光。如果你再添加什么东西,信息就几乎太多了。像这样,就有了呼吸的空间。”Another perspective: “There are only a few strokes here. But I can tell the petals feel velvet.” — Michele Miozzo另一种角度:“画上只有寥寥几笔,但我可以感觉到花瓣丝绒般的质感。”——米切尔#8226;米奥佐 /201608/463531Women who take an aspirin before sex may increase the likelihood of conceiving a baby boy, suggest researchers.研究人员发现,女性若在性生活前用阿司匹林,怀上男孩的可能性会增加。In a recent study, women with a history of miscarriages were more likely to give birth to a male child after taking aspirin around the time of conception compared with women given a placebo. In fact, aspirin increased the likelihood of having a boy by nearly a third, reports the Journal of Clinical Investigation.最新研究发现,有过流产经历的女性在受期间用阿司匹林后,相比于用安慰剂作为对照的女性,她们怀上男孩的概率大大增加。据《临床研究杂志》报道,实际上用阿司匹林后受生男孩的概率会增加近三分之一。Previous research showed that recurrent miscarriage is linked to increased inflammation in the womb. The theory is that the immune system sees the developing embryo as a foreign body, attacking it with inflammatory compounds and immune cells.早前有研究显示,习惯性流产与子宫炎症有关。理论表明,免疫系统会将发育中的胚胎视为异己物质,并联合炎性化合物和免疫细胞对其进行攻击。This inflammation may further reduce the likelihood of the woman having a boy because male foetuses are thought to be more vulnerable.这类炎症可能会导致男性胎儿的减少,因为男性胎儿更容易遭受损害。External harmful factors, such as stress, pollution or smoking around conception have been associated with a reduction in the number of males, and suggest male embryos are more vulnerable for some reason.来自外界的有害因素,例如受期间的生活压力、环境污染及烟尘吸入,都会降低男孩的出生率。这也明了男性胚胎更容易受到伤害。Aspirin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory used to treat pain, fever and inflammation. Several small trials have shown that it increases the pregnancy rate among women undergoing IVF.阿司匹林是一种非甾体抗炎药,具有镇痛、解热和消炎的作用。早前的一些小实验表明,非甾体抗炎药可以增加女性体外受精的怀机率。In the latest study, researchers at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in the US gave 1,228 women who had a history of miscarriages a low-dose aspirin to take before sex or a placebo pill (folic acid) for as long as they were attempting to get pregnant.最近,来自美国尤尼斯·肯尼迪·施莱佛国立儿童健康与人类发展协会的研究者们,对1228名有过流产经历的女性进行了实验,在她们想要怀期间,性生活前分别用少量的阿司匹林和安慰剂(叶酸)。Thirty-one percent on aspirin had a boy, compared to 23 percent on the placebo. And those on aspirin who had boys had reduced inflammation, suggesting the drug had an effect.用阿司匹林的实验组里有31%的女性生下男孩,而用安慰剂的那组仅为23%。同时,用阿司匹林的实验组中生男孩的女性患炎症的比例下降,说明药物还是起到了一定的作用。Aspirin before conception seems to ensure the chance of a male embryo being rejected is reduced, says Professor Simon Fishel, president of CARE Fertility clinics.卡利生育诊所的总裁西蒙·费舍尔教授认为,受前用阿司匹林确实能够降低男性胚胎与母体发生排斥反应的概率。#39;It is a very interesting conclusion and more studies are needed to confirm if it is a potential solution to the apparent excess of female babies for women with evidence of inflammation. Importantly, it relates only to women who have had miscarriages and evidence of inflammation. It does not have any bearing on sex ratios in normal conceptions where aspirin will not increase the chances of having a boy.#39;“这一结论十分有趣,不过它对于患有炎症的女性来说,是否真的能够解决男孩出生率低的问题,还需要大量实验的进一步实。还有一点也很关键,那就是,这一结论只与流产过和有炎症症状的女性相关,对于正常受的女性来说,用阿司匹林对男孩的出生率将不会产生任何影响。” /201607/456558

An elderly man from Somerset, England had perhaps just a bit of a surprise when he discovered that the crown shoved under his bed in a dirty cardboard box is actually worth about 0,000 to 0,000.英格兰萨默塞特一位长者发现,他床底下一个脏兮兮的纸板箱里藏着一个价值约15万到30万美元的,这还真蛮令人惊讶的。The wreath is about 2,300 years old and believed to be ancient Greek—dating from roughly to the Hellenistic period, the time following the death of Alexander the Great (300 E).这枚花冠可以追溯到2300年前的古希腊,即亚历山大大帝离世不久后的希腊化时期(公元前300年)。The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, possesses many items from his grandfather, who was a well-seasoned traveler. He decided to have appraisers from Duke’s of Dorchester—a nearby auction house—look at a few of the items he had inherited.One of the appraisers, Guy Schwinge, was present at the man rifled through a box filled with crumpled newspaper to bring out the delicate crown.这名男子不愿透露姓名,其祖父是名资深旅人,他从祖父那儿继承了不少物品。他此番决定去附近一家名为“多切斯特公爵”的拍卖行找人看看他继承的几样物品。其中一名鉴赏家圭·斯文哲就亲眼目睹了这名男士从塞满报纸的盒子里拿出精巧的。Despite its age and unusual method of storage (besides being stored under the bed, bits of dirt in the gold suggest it was once buried), the wreath is apparently in marvelous condition.尽管有些年岁了,储藏方式也不同一般(除却放在床底下不说,从金冠上的尘埃可以看出一度被埋起来过),但显然一看就是质地绝佳。Of course, being found in a cottage with no provenance to speak of makes it a challenge to know much about the wreath at all.当然,在一间名不见经传的小屋里发现,也给人们进一步了解这枚花冠带来了困难。#8204;Crowns made of real plants—like branches of laurel, myrtle, oak, and olive trees—that were given to victors in athletic and artistic contests worn in ancient Greece for religious ceremonies.However, the golden versions were so delicate, they were only worn rarely, for special occasions.由月桂、橡树、桃金娘还有橄榄树等真实植物制成的在古希腊是颁给艺术运动竞技的王者的,在宗教场合佩戴。然而,金冠精密又脆弱,所以尽在特别场合戴。As to how the owner’s grandfather got ahold of such a rare artifact, no one’s quite sure. The family believes he probably picked it up during his travels.至于主人的祖父是从何获得这一稀世珍品的,无人能知晓,家人认为大约是旅行途中所得。 /201606/448578

1. Whether the restaurant he chose is not only something you like but something that reflects positively on him, as if choosing Olive Garden speaks volumes about the purity of his soul. One of the worst things that can happen to a guy on a date is if their date doesn#39;t like the . The only things worse than that is if our date dies while on the date. And for whatever reason, if we take you to a restaurant we really love, and you don#39;t love it, then we#39;ll never get married. As if ;we don#39;t both love the same Italian bistro; is a valid reason for a breakup.1. 他选择的餐厅不仅要迎合你的喜好,同时也要能反映他的优点,就好像选择橄榄花园餐厅能充分明他灵魂纯洁一样。对于男性同志来说,约会中最糟糕的一件事莫过于自己的约会对象不喜欢菜单上的菜肴。比这更糟糕的就是在约会时我们的对象消失了。无论出于什么样的原因,如果我带你去了我喜欢的餐厅,而你却不喜欢,那么我们永远都不会结婚的。就好像;我们不喜欢同样的意大利餐厅;是令人信的分手理由一样。2. The fact that he basically has to pick you up in a giant garbage can. Some guys really care about their cars, and are out in the driveway every Sunday washing and detailing it. The rest of us drive around smashing fast food into our faces and throwing empty Gatorade bottles into the back seat. This is fine when we#39;re the only ones who have to drive in it, but it#39;s super embarrassing when we forget that our floor is covered in granola bar wrappers after we pick you up.2. 关于他总要用像巨型垃圾桶一样的车接你的事实。有些男人对自己的车十分爱护,甚至每周日都会在车道上冲洗装饰自己的爱车。而其他人车上总是会有快餐盒,后座上也放着空了的佳得乐瓶子。当我们自己不得不开这种车时,我们觉得可以接受,但当我们接你时,忘记了车板上的格兰诺拉麦片包装纸时,我们真的觉得超级丢脸。3. If he chose the right shirt. This is the one fashion thing we have to worry about. We#39;re not worried about our pants (unless we had a split-second moment of panic and grabbed our old JNCOs) and we can get by on our shoes. But if we screwed up the shirt, we#39;re in trouble. Maybe we tried to choose something daring and realized once we got there that we look like a Vegas magician. Or we wore a new shirt for the first time and discovered it puffs up awkwardly in the center, making it look like we#39;re trying to hide a part that#39;s growing out of our torso.3. 关于他是否选对了衬衫。这是我们需要担心的时尚问题。我们不会担心自己的裤子(除非我们一瞬间十分恐慌,选择了旧的JNCO牌裤子),我们的鞋子也还过得去。但如果衬衫穿的不对,那我们的麻烦就大了。也许我们试着穿风格大胆的衬衫,但到了约会地点才意识到自己像维加斯的魔术师。又或者我们第一次穿新买的衬衫,却发现中间部分尴尬的鼓了出来,就好像我们试图隐藏身体中的一部分一样。4. If he#39;s talking enough or if he#39;s just overcompensating and dominating the conversation. A lot of that is our date#39;s personal preference. This would be much easier to figure out if we were psychic.4. 关于他是否说太多话,或者只是在过度补偿和主导对话。很多情况下这都是我们约会对象的个人喜好。这更容易搞清楚我们是否是灵媒。译文属 /201608/461081

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