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2019年10月23日 14:45:54

First electric cars, now electric planesGM (MTLQQ) has earned high praise this summer – and deservedly so – for its announcement that the forthcoming Chevy Volt electric car will get as much as much as 230 miles per gallon for in-town driving. But while Detroit was stealing headlines on the ground, a little-known Chinese company was doing something even more incredible in the skies. At the OshKosh AirVenture show a few weeks ago, Beijing startup Yuneec International took the wraps off the world’s first commercially produced electric aircraft, the E430. Powered by lithium polymer batteries, weighing close to a thousand pounds, and sipping about .50 worth of electricity per hour of flight, the E430 has completed more than 20 hours in test runs during the last couple months, including one in Camarillo, CA, that can be seen here. Little more has been revealed about the E430, other than some technical specifications and that it can operate for up to three hours without a charge. Today: adding electricity-powered systems And while the E430 may be the aircraft equivalent of an auto show concept-car, there’s a good deal of progress being made in the advancement of electrical aeronautics on the whole. “What’s going on with modern aircraft is a revolution, whether you’re thinking about commercial or military aircraft,” says Bob Smith, VP of advanced technology at Honeywell Aerospace, a unit of Honeywell (HON). Smith doesn't mean fully electric-powered aircraft – at least not yet. In aeronautic jargon, he’s talking about developing More Electric Architecture (MEA). Enabled by much larger and more sophisticated next-gen aircraft and more efficient generators, Honeywell is replacing the pneumatic and hydraulic power transference systems of with new electric versions. “If you look at how much power a Boeing 777 generates, it’s on the order of 200-300 kilowatts. If you look at the 787, a next-gen aircraft, it’s 1.5 megawats,” he says. “That’s a massive change, because the generator technology has improved so much.” Moving power around aircraft has always been cumbersome. In last-gen aircraft, high-pressure gas is taken from the engine and transported through bleed valves to the auxiliary power system, which controls air-conditioning, for example. This is a massively inefficient process due to the energy required to heat and cool the gases and because of the weight of the systems. “If you can put a more efficient generator in there, you have a power station as opposed to a boiling room,” says Smith. Electrical systems are now being used to power reverse-thrusters – air brakes, essentially - in aircraft like the A380 – and for de-icing wings. The upside: gains in fuel efficiencies But two of the greatest benefits electrical systems provide are simplicity and merely lightening the load. Eliminating hydraulic systems reduces the complexity of repairing leaks and eliminating hundreds of pounds of tubing. This can lead to as much as 30% gains in fuel consumption. For military aircraft, such a system is revolutionary. In the F35 Joint Strike Fighter, Honeywell’s system carved 1,000 pounds off the weight and 11 inches off the length of the plane. Does Honeywell have its own E430 for prime time? Not quite, but Smith suggests the real near-term potential for fully electric aircaft comes in the form of unmanned drones. Think about light-weight drones that travel constantly, their electric systems being continually replenished by advanced technologies like super capacitors, fuel cell systems and solar power. “Once you have large power-generating systems, you have the capability of moving the power around a lot of different ways,” says Smith. “Then things get pretty interesting, allowing you to get into very long surveillance periods.” /200908/82564福清那家男科医院好Microchip Technology isn#39;t the biggest chipmaker in the world, but a warning from Steve Sanghi, its chief executive, has rattled the rest of the industry.美国微芯公司(Microchip Technology)并非全球最大芯片制造商,但该公司首席执行官史蒂夫#8226;桑吉(Steve Sanghi)发出的警告,令该行业其他企业感到恐慌。The company, which is worth bn, said on Friday that demand in the industry was on the cusp of a correction led weaker appetite in China. Mr Sanghi said:这家市值80亿美元的公司周五表示,在中国需求放缓的带动下,全球芯片行业需求将开始出现修正。We believe that another industry correction has begun and that this correction will be seen more broadly across the industry in the near future.桑吉表示:“我们认为,另一轮行业性修正已开始,近期行业性修正的规模将更为广泛。”The forecast from Microchip came alongside sales figures which fell short of Wall Street#39;s forecasts.在微芯公司做出此番预测之际,芯片行业销售数据未达到华尔街预期。Analysts at Credit Suisse said Microchip is historically an ;extremely good industry barometer; for its short lead-times and diversified client base.瑞信(Credit Suisse)分析师表示,由于生产周期短以及客户基础多样,微芯一直是一个“非常不错的行业晴雨表”。This event is NOT company-specific and has NEGATIVE implications for the sector. In addition, while the line between excess supply and disappointing demand is always blurred, the rapid pace of decline would argue a demand shock.此次事件并非仅影响个别企业,对于整个行业都会造成负面影响。另外,尽管供应过剩以及需求疲弱的界限总是很模糊,但此番销量下滑速度之快明了需求受到巨大冲击。Microchip last pre-announced weaker results in the second quarter of 2011, Citi analysts add, just ahead of an industry downturn.花旗(Citi)分析师补充称,微芯上一次预测业绩下滑是在2011年第二季度,恰恰就在该行业出现低迷之前。Shares of Microchip tumbled 11 per cent to .49. Rival Intel declined 4 per cent to .31, Advanced Micro Devices fell 4 per cent to .83 and Nvidia slipped 4 per cent to .22.微芯股价下挫11%至40.49美元。竞争对手英特尔(Intel)股价下滑4%,至32.31美元,Advanced Micro Devices下跌4%至2.83美元,英伟达(Nvidia)下跌4%至17.22美元。 /201410/335275福清腋臭的症状城头镇中心医院看男科

龙田镇妇幼保健院官网龙江街道妇幼保健医院要预约吗A new feature on Google Maps Street View, which rolled out world-wide Wednesday, lets users zip through imagery dating back to Street View#39;s beginning in 2007. The update also lets you view Street View in different seasons and during the night. 谷歌(Google Inc., GOOG)街景地图周三在全球范围内新增了一大特色,用户可以浏览追溯至街景功能2007年推出时的影像。此次更新版还可以让用户浏览到不同季节以及夜间的街景。#39;For the longest time we#39;ve had Street View users asking that we either preserve the imagery we had or that we give them the ability to go back in time and look at imagery the way it was before,#39; said Luc Vincent, the Google Maps Street View director of engineering. Users want to see how their old neighborhood looked years ago, the building of iconic landmarks, or cities before and after natural disasters, he said. 谷歌街景地图工程部门负责人文森特(Luc Vincent)表示,长久以来,街景用户一直在问它们,到底是保存这些影像,还是给用户回到从前、浏览过去图像的能力。他说,用户希望看到他们的老街区几年前是什么样子,看看标志性建筑或者是城市在自然灾害之前和之后的样子。#39;We like to think we were building a 3-D image of the world, and now the mirror is actually 4-D,#39; Mr. Vincent said. 文森特说,公司希望它们一直在建造全世界的3D图像,而现在实际上是4D了。If you see an hourglass in the upper left corner of a Street View panorama, that means there is past imagery you can peruse. Just click the hourglass and a thumbnail of past images will appear. A timeline in the thumbnail allows you to move through history. 如果你看到谷歌街景网页左上角有一个沙漏,就意味着你可以查看过去相应的街景图片。只要点一下这个沙漏,就会出现过去图像的缩略图。根据缩略图的时间轴,你就可以回顾历史了。When you see the period you want to explore, click it and the whole Street View will change. At that point, you can wander around in the past as you would in the current version. 当你看到你想要回顾的时期,只要点一下,整个街景页面就会改变。那时候,你就可以像在当前版本一样在过去徜徉。Before the update, about 6 million miles worth of Street View imagery was available. With the time-machine feature, you can find about 12 million miles worth of sidewalk-level, interactive photos to explore. 在此次更新版发布前,谷歌街景采集的累计里程达到了600万英里(约966万公里)。在推出“时光机”功能后,用户可以查看大约1,200万英里(约1,932万公里)的便道交互式图像。The time machine will be available in almost every location where Street View is in operation. 这项“时光机”功能在谷歌街景记录的几乎所有地点都可以实现。For major metro areas, there will be 20 or more so-called time slices to check out, while for most locations, there will be two or three, Mr. Vincent said. 文森特表示,对于主要的都市区,谷歌街景提供了20个甚至更多的时间片段可供浏览,而对于大多数地点,则提供了两到三个时间片段。#39;What we#39;ve done before now was give users the freshest imagery, because that#39;s typically what#39;s most useful to them,#39; he said. #39;From now on, every time we add imagery, it will be with a time-machine layer.#39; 文森特说,在此之前,公司给用户提供的都是最新的图像,因为通常来说这对他们是最有用的。他说,从现在开始,每次我们添加图像,都会附上一个时光机器按钮。For now, Street View#39;s time-machine feature is only available on desktops, but Mr. Vincent said he would like to see it eventually offered on mobile as well. The hope is that users will find the older Street View maps just as useful as the new photos. Google Inc.目前,谷歌街景的“时光机”功能只适用于台式机,但文森特说,他希望最终这项功能也能在手机上使用。该公司希望用户最终感觉这些街景历史图像和新图像一样有用。#39;This is something educators and scientists could use,#39; Mr. Vincent said. #39;We want this to be a resource for the world. That#39;s why we were intent on launching it world-wide all at once.#39; 文森特补充道,教育工作者和科学家可以利用这项功能。他说,公司希望这成为全球的一项资源;这就是为什么公司有意将更新版在全球同步上线。 /201404/290987龙田镇妇幼保健院妇科检查怎么样福清一都镇有哪些好的男科医院

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