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2019年10月23日 19:56:14 | 作者:泡泡门户 | 来源:新华社
Ford will build a totally self-driving car by 2021 as it seeks to take the lead in the global race to produce the world’s first high-volume driverless vehicle.福特将最迟在2021年打造一款完全自动驾驶的汽车,试图在量产世界上首款无人驾驶汽车的全球竞赛中占据领先地位。The car, which will not have a steering wheel or pedals, will be used in the driverless taxi services with which Ford said it expects to dominate the market in the coming decade.这种车将不会配备方向盘或踏板,它将被用于无人驾驶的出租车务。福特表示,预计这种务会在今后10年主导市场。The company announced a suite of investments in technology groups, including one alongside Chinese search engine Baidu, and a doubling of its operation in Silicon Valley yesterday, to bolster its position in the race to develop the autonomous technology that is expected to revolutionise the motor industry.该公司宣布了对多家高科技集团的一系列投资,以增强其在这场竞赛中的地位,开发预计会引发汽车业革命的自动化技术。这些投资包括与中国搜索引擎百度(Baidu)联手投资一家公司,还包括将其硅谷业务扩大一倍。“There’s a real business rationale for this,” said chief executive Mark Fields. “Vehicle autonomy could have as big an impact on society as the Ford mass assembly line had over 100 years ago.”福特首席执行官马克#8226;菲尔茨(Mark Fields)表示:“此举是出于真切的商业逻辑。汽车自动驾驶对社会的影响,可能会与100多年前福特的大规模流水线一样大。”He said the cars will be “specifically designed for commercial” services such as ride-booking or ride-sharing.他说,首款无人驾驶汽车将“专为(网约车或拼车等)商业务设计”。The move pits Ford directly against Google and Apple as well as rival car manufacturers such as BMW, which has formed a joint partnership with Intel and Mobileye to develop a fully driverless vehicle by 2021.此举令福特不仅要和宝马(BMW)等汽车制造商对手较量,还要与谷歌(Google)和苹果(Apple)正面竞争。宝马已和英特尔(Intel)及Mobileye组建合资企业,在2021年以前开发一款完全无人驾驶的汽车。When it announced the deal last month, the German carmaker said it wanted to become the “number one in autonomous driving”.上月公布该协议时,这家德国汽车制造商表示希望成为“自动驾驶领域的头号企业”。But Ford has announced a number of investments it hopes will give it the edge over its rivals. The company has bought Israeli machine learning group SAIPS, as well as investing m in laser-based driverless system company Velodyne Lidar and forming an exclusive deal with vision-processing group Nirenberg Neuroscience. The investment in Velodyne was made alongside Baidu.不过,福特已公布一系列投资,希望这些投资会令它获得相对于竞争对手的优势。该公司已买下以色列机器学习集团SAIPS,并向基于激光的无人驾驶系统公司Velodyne Lidar投资了7500万美元,还与视觉处理集团Nirenberg Neuroscience达成了独家协议。其中,对Velodyne Lidar的投资是与百度联手作出的。Ford previously invested in Californian mapping group Civil Maps.此前,福特曾投资加州地图集团Civil Maps。A number of carmakers have entered deals with technology companies.多家汽车制造商已和高科技企业达成协议。Fiat has done a deal to collaborate with Google to develop autonomous minivans, while Toyota has taken a stake in Uber and Volkswagen has invested in Gett, the taxi-booking service.菲亚特(Fiat)已敲定协议,与谷歌合作开发自动驾驶面包车。与此同时,丰田(Toyota)已入股优步(Uber),大众(Volkswagen)已投资出租车预订务公司Gett。General Motors earlier this year invested 0m in Lyft, a taxi service.今年早些时候,通用汽车(General Motors)曾向出租车务公司Lyft投资5亿美元。The industry believes that driverless cars will result in far fewer road deaths globally. But the interim technology, in which the car hands back control to the driver in some situations, has faced questions over its limitations.该行业认为,无人驾驶汽车会大大减少全球的交通事故死亡人数。不过,汽车在某些情形下将控制交还司机的过渡技术,已因其局限而面临质疑。Raj Nair, Ford’s chief technical officer, said Ford had decided to leap to full autonomy “because we have not found a technology that can ensure driver engagement [when not in control]”.福特首席技术官拉杰#8226;奈尔(Raj Nair)表示,福特决定一步到位实现完全自动驾驶,“因为我们找不到一种能够确保司机(在未控制车辆时)保持注意力的技术”。 /201608/461326PHILADELPHIA — Anger and frustration reigned on the first day of the Democratic National Convention, as a divided party grappled Monday with fallout from a email leak that showed its officials trying to ease Hillary Clinton’s path to the presidency while plotting to undermine Sen. Bernie Sanders, her rival for the nomination.费城——周一,内部存在分歧的民主党努力应对一起电子邮件泄露事件造成的后果,民主党全国大会的第一天充斥着愤怒和不满情绪。这些电子邮件显示,民主党官员暗中策划削弱同希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)争夺提名的参议员伯尼·桑德斯(Bernie Sanders),试图为她铺平总统之路。Democrats were supposed to be forging a unified front to take on Donald Trump this week, but instead more than 1,000 supporters of Sanders took to the scalding streets of Philadelphia to vent their frustration, some adopting a Republican rallying cry about Clinton: “Lock her up!”民主党人本应在本周结成统一战线,对抗唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump),但现实情况却是,逾千名桑德斯的持者不顾烈日走上街头,发泄他们的不满。一些人喊出了共和党的一句有关克林顿的集结口号:“把她关起来!”Others jeered Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the outgoing party chairwoman, as she gave a speech to Florida delegates. And they even booed Sanders himself as he encouraged them back Clinton.其他一些人在即将卸任的民主党主席黛比·沃瑟曼·舒尔茨(Debbie Wasserman Schultz)面向佛罗里达州的代表发表演讲时,对她起哄。他们甚至在桑德斯本人鼓励他们持克林顿时,对他发出了嘘声。The convention was called to order Monday afternoon, and nearly every mention of Clinton brought a smattering of cheers and boos, but so far, it did not match the messy, more organized floor fight that greeted the opening of the Republican convention a week before.周一下午,与会者被要求肃静。几乎每次提到克林顿都会引来少许欢呼和嘘声,但迄今为止,民主党大会并不像一周前的共和党全国大会那样,一开幕会场便出现了更有组织的喧嚣争吵。Perhaps none were more divided — or loud — as the California delegation. Delegates waved “Nay!” signs and actively booed every mention of her, while those seated on either side cheered back, waving Hillary buttons and chanting “Hill-a-ry!”加利福尼亚州代表团或许是分歧最严重的——或者说声音最大的。有代表挥舞着“不!”的牌子,每次听到克林顿的名字时都积极地发出嘘声,而坐在两边的人则会发出喝声作为回应,同时挥舞着希拉里徽章,嘴里反复喊着“希-拉-里!”“I’m going to boo, and I’m going to do it for the next four days,” said Jody Feldman, 62, of Sacramento, a lifelong Democrat.“我会嘘她,而且接下来四天都会这么做,”来自萨克拉门托的62岁资深民主党人乔迪·费尔德曼(Jody Feldman)说。But Sanders issued a statement Monday afternoon warning his delegates against “booing, turning our backs, walking out or similar displays” because “that’s what Mr. Trump wants.”不过,周一下午,桑德斯发布了一份声明,告诫持他的代表不要“喝倒、背弃自己人、退场或做出类似的表现”,因为“那正是特朗普想要的结果”。Hopes that Wasserman Schultz’s decision on Sunday afternoon to resign would calm nerves were dashed as the Florida congresswoman publicly addressed her state delegation at a breakfast Monday morning. For those who believed for months that she was rigging the nominating fight, nothing would be forgiven so quickly.一些人本以为沃瑟曼·舒尔茨周日下午做出的辞职决定会安抚人心。但周一早上,当这名来自佛罗里达州的众议员在早餐会上面向自己州的代表团发表公开讲话时,他们的愿望落空了。那些几个月来一直认为是她在暗箱操纵提名大战的人,是不会轻易原谅任何事的。Protesters at her address, wearing Sanders T-shirts and buttons, stood and held signs that “E-MAILS” and “We Don’t Want Cheaters In Our Party Anyway.”在她的演讲现场,身穿桑德斯T恤并戴着桑德斯徽章的抗议者一直站着,举着标语牌,上面写着“电子邮件”和“我们绝不想要党内有骗子”。They booed, loudly, and screamed “fair elections” as Wasserman Schultz took the lectern and said: “It is so wonderful to be able to be here with my home state. All right everybody now, settle down. Everybody settle down, please.”他们发出巨大的嘘声,并高喊“公平选举”,看着沃瑟曼·舒尔茨走上讲台并说:“非常高兴能站在这里,和家乡的代表在一起。好了,大家现在都坐下来。请大家都坐下。”They refused.他们拒绝了她的请求。Sanders, who has vowed to do whatever it takes to stop Trump from winning in November, had little luck trying to make the case to his followers that they should vote for Clinton. In a rare display of rebellion at a gathering of his delegates, the Vermont senator was drowned out by boos when he mentioned the name of the presumptive Democratic nominee.桑德斯承诺不惜一切代价阻止特朗普在11月获胜,却几乎没机会向自己的持者明,他们应该投给克林顿。在持他的代表举行的一场聚会上,这位来自佛蒙特州的参议员罕见地遭到了反对。在提到稳获民主党提名的克林顿的名字时,他的声音被嘘声淹没了。“We have got to defeat Donald Trump and we have got to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine,” Sanders said to a round of jeers.“我们必须打败唐纳德·特朗普,必须选择希拉里·克林顿和蒂姆·凯恩(Tim Kaine),”桑德斯的话引发了一阵起哄。Over chants of “we want Bernie,” he added: “This is a real world we live in. Trump is a bully and a demagogue.”在“我们要选伯尼”的口号中,他接着说:“这是我们所生活的现实世界。特朗普是恶霸,是煽动者。”The dissension comes as Democrats are facing an increasingly tough challenge from Trump, the Republican nominee. A national poll from CNN/ORC released on Monday showed Trump receiving a big bounce from his convention, leading Clinton 44 percent to 39 percent in a four-way race including Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the Libertarian and Green Party candidates.这场纷争出现时,民主党正面临着共和党提名人特朗普发起的日渐严峻的挑战。CNN/ORC周一公布的一项全美民调结果显示,共和党全国大会过后,特朗普的持率大幅反弹,在包括自由意志党候选人加里·约翰逊(Gary Johnson)和绿党候选人吉尔·斯坦(Jill Stein)在内的四人竞争中,以44%的持率领先于克林顿的39%。Richard Ross Jr., the head of the Police Department, estimated that about 1,500 people marched, and around 5 p.m. roughly 30 people were arrested after they tried to breach the barriers outside the Wells Fargo Center, where the convention was getting underway.费城警察局局长小理查德·罗斯(Richard Ross Jr.)估计大约有1500人参加了游行,并表示下午5点左右,大约30人因试图突破会议举办地富国中心(Wells Fargo Center)外面的障碍物而被捕。 /201607/456735A visitor’s eyes never quite adjust to Malta.马耳他的风景向来令游客目不暇接。The fierce glare of the sun. The ocher-colored tones that adorn the island’s medieval architecture. The unimaginable blue of the Mediterranean Sea.强烈而炫目的日光。点缀着岛上中世纪建筑的赭色色调。地中海那不可思议的蓝。And perhaps most shocking — the graffiti.以及也许最令人震撼的——街头涂鸦。Most cities around the world denounce, or grudgingly tolerate, painting on public property. But on the Mediterranean island of Malta, the process is encouraged.世界上的大多数城市对在公物上随意涂画都持谴责或者勉强接受的态度。但在地中海小岛马耳他,这一行为却是被鼓励倡导的。In the shade of a pedestrian bridge, where old men and women sit on the concrete benches, staring out to sea, a wall has been splashed with color and the spray-painted words “NO WAR.”在人行天桥下的阴凉处,老人们坐在水泥长凳上远望大海。这里的一面墙被泼上颜料,喷绘着“NO WAR;(不要战争)。The phrase is part of a mural of a crying child carrying a teddy bear that’s been shot in the head.这是一幅墙壁涂鸦的一部分,图中哭泣的儿童抱着他被子弹击中头部的泰迪熊。This wall, like many on the island, was earmarked by the local council for street art.这面墙,像岛上的其他许多面墙一样,是由当地主管街头艺术的委员会绘制的。Malta is so fond of what other cities would call graffiti, a government agency, Arts Council Malta, teaches street art in schools and even in some retirement homes.马耳他十分热爱这种被其他城市称为街头涂鸦的艺术形式。这里成立了专门的政府机构马耳他艺术理事会,负责在学校甚至养老院教授街头艺术。James Grimaud, the artist who painted the antiwar mural, teaches students to sketch, make stencils and use spray paint.詹姆斯#8226;格里莫德(James Grimaud)是一位绘制反战壁画的艺术家,他还教授学生素描、制作喷刷磨具和喷绘。Sandra Borg, of the arts council, said the street art projects “engage with numerous communities and contribute directly to urban regeneration.”艺术理事会成员桑德拉#8226;格(Sandra Borg)认为,街头艺术项目“连接接洽了无数社区,并且直接为城市的新生做出了贡献。”The island’s streets had traditionally been dotted with works of devotional art, depicting figures like the Virgin Mary, and Mr. Grimaud said “there isn’t a history of vandalism on the island.”这个小岛上的街道一直以来被富有宗教色的艺术所装点,描绘诸如圣母玛利亚之类的人物。“这个岛上从来没有故意毁坏文化艺术的历史。”格里莫德说。That might be part of why the modern murals, which are more likely to focus on political corruption or the commercialization of the island, are still treated with a kind of secular reverence.也许正因为如此,尽管大部分岛上的当代壁画都以政治腐败和商业化加剧为主题,它们仍然得到了世俗的尊重。 /201609/465391

BERLIN — A German publisher of right-wing books has begun selling a reprint of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” originally issued in 1943 by the Nazi party’s central publishing house, a move that risks violating Germany’s law against the distribution of Nazi propaganda.柏林——德国一家右翼书籍出版商,已经开始销售再版的阿道夫·希特勒(Adolf Hitler)的《我的奋斗》(Mein Kampf),该书最初由纳粹党的中央出版社在1943年出版。此举有可能触犯了德国关于不得销售纳粹宣传品的法律规定。A copyright on “Mein Kampf” that was held by the Bavarian government expired on Dec. 31, and an annotated scholarly edition was published this year with government permission.由巴伐利亚州政府持有的《我的奋斗》版权于去年12月31日到期。今年,该书的学术注释版在政府的许可下出版发行。Now, state prosecutors in the German city of Leipzig, where the publisher, Der Schelm, is based, are investigating whether they can press charges . Last week, prosecutors in Bamberg opened a separate investigation after a bookseller, who was not identified, advertised Der Schelm’s edition.前述出版商名叫淘气出版社(Der Schelm),其所在地莱比锡市的州检察官正展开调查,看是否可以对其提起指控。上周,班伯格的检察官针对一个推介淘气版《我的奋斗》的书商启动了单独的调查。该书商的姓名未被公开。Although Hitler’s two-volume treatise, written from 1924 to 1927 and laying out his ideas on race and violence, is widely available on the internet, the annotated version is the only one that is legal in Germany. The 3,500 comments accompanying the text provide context for the work, and they are aimed, in part, at trying to prevent a new generation from taking up Nazi ideologies.希特勒的这一专著分上下两卷,写于1924年至1927年,详细论述了希特勒关于种族和暴力的观点。尽管该书在网络上流传甚广,但在德国,新上市的注释版是唯一合法的版本。与正文一同出现的3500条注释交代了这本书的背景,在某种程度上旨在竭力防止新世代的年轻人接受纳粹的意识形态。“Promoting an edition without annotations is considered a criminal offense,” Christopher Rosenbusch, a spokesman for prosecutors in Bamberg, said on Wednesday.“推销无注释版本被认为是犯罪行为,”班伯格的检察官发言人克里斯托弗·罗森布施(Christopher Rosenbusch)说。The Der Schelm edition is advertised as “unchanged and without comment, for critical assessment.” The house, which also offers a reprinted edition of the German translation of Henry Ford’s “International Jew,” encourages its ers to “have the courage to make your own judgment.”淘气版《我的奋斗》的宣传语是“无修改无注释,谨供批判性评价之用”。该出版社还再版了亨利·福特(Henry Ford)的德译本《国际犹太人》(International Jew),并鼓励读者“鼓起勇气做出自己的判断”。The move comes as a new far-right political party, Alternative for Germany, has risen in popularity, in part, by appealing to fears linked to the arrival last year of a million migrants and by questioning many of the liberal policies and premises that have dominated public discourse in postwar Germany.淘气出版社此举的背景是,一个新成立的极右派政党——德国另类选择党(Alternative for Germany)——已经通过迎合去年到来的100万移民所引发的恐惧心理,以及质疑主导德国战后公共话语的许多自由主义政策和假设,而受到了广泛欢迎。 /201606/447441

As rural India struggles to cope up with the country’s demonetization push, an Indian bank has come forward to help some transition to a cashless society.印度农村目前正在努力应对国家的非货币化浪潮,一家印度也开始提供持,帮助将一些乡村转变为无现金社会。ICICI Bank announced on Monday that it will transform 100 villages into ;Digital Villages; over the next 100 days. The move to help villagers comes roughly a year after ICICI successfully turned Akodara, a village in the western state of Gujarat into a cashless village, CEO Chanda Kochhar said during a conference call.印度工业信贷投资在周一宣布,在未来的100天之内,印度工业信贷投资将会把100个农村转变为“数字乡村”。 印度工业信贷投资的执行总裁Chanda Kochhar在一次电话会议上说,印度工业信贷投资在大概一年之前已经成功将古吉拉特邦西部州的一个乡村Akodara成功转变成了无现金农村,因此这一举措会帮助村民实现数字化。ICICI Bank says it will also make it much easier for people to open a bank account and go about their daily transactions. The financial institution says it will have tablet-based solutions and only need villagers to provide their e-KYC information (as opposed to physical documents) when opening an account. Villagers will be able to pay at stores through an SMS or USSD-based mobile solution.印度工业信贷投资称,这一举措将会让人们开立账户以及处理日常交易更加便利化。金融机构称,它们会引进平板电脑解决办法,在开立账户的时候,只需要村民提供他们的电子认识客户信息(与物理文件相反)。村民可以通过存储管理务或者新型交互式移动数据在商店付账。ICICI Bank said it will provide a month-long vocational training to nearly 10,000 underprivileged villagers, especially women to make them capable of making a good living. ICICI will also extend credit facilities to such people for further help. Any underprivileged villager between the age of 18 to 40 will be eligible to get the training at no charge.印度工业信贷投资称,本将对近10,000的贫困村民提供长达一个月的职业培训,尤其是女性,让他们能够过上更好的生活。印度工业信贷投资也会将信贷业务惠及这些人,对他们给予进一步的帮助。任何年龄在18岁至40岁之间的贫困村民,都可以免费获得培训。Additionally, ICICI Bank will also set up point-of-sale (POS) machines at fertilizer and seed outlets to help farmers pay using a debit card. The bank didn#39;t specify which villages will be transformed, but according to a PTI report, ICICI Bank has aly deployed some mobile branches in the states Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Odisha.此外,印度工业信贷投资还会在肥料和种子销售点,设立零售终端(POS机)设备,帮助农民使用借记卡来付费用。并未明确表示哪些村民将会被转变,但是依据印度报业托拉斯的一份报道,印度工业信贷投资已经在马哈拉施特拉邦,恰蒂斯加尔邦以及奥里萨邦设立了一些移动分公司。 /201703/494962

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