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港头镇妇幼保健院诊疗龙山街道妇女医院能做人流吗你以前听说过穿着舒的衣就能治病吗?不用吃药更不用打针,这是真的哦,但绝非超自然能力的,这都是有科学依据的。Try wearing a T-shirt to help against dry skin. Or use special bed sheets to help you sleep better. Such ideas might sound strange to westerners, but in India, these products are a new development in a very old tradition.试试能防止皮肤干燥的T恤,或者用用改善睡眠的特殊床单吧!这些想法在西方人听来可能有些怪异,不过在印度,这些产品只是一种把古老传统加以创新发展的结果。Ayurveda is a system of health care that has existed on the Indian subcontinent for hundreds of years. The plants used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat illnesses are now being added to cloth during the dyeing process before it is made into clothes and sheets. The products are being created as part of a special project in Kerala, a state in south-western India. "For skin problems, we select a plant like indigo, and mix turmeric with the plant," dyeing technician Rajan Kay told the B.阿育吠陀是一门在印度次大陆上流传了数百年的医疗保健体系。在传统的阿育吠陀医药中治病用的那些植物现在通过染色工艺被加到了布料中,然后这些布料再被加工成装和床上用品。这种产品将成为印度西南部喀拉拉邦一个特殊项目的一部分。染色工艺师瑞占?凯对英国广播公司的记者说:“针对皮肤问题,我们选择了槐蓝属之类的植物,并将姜黄根粉与之混合。”Companies making the cloth are quick to point out that wearing herb-infused clothing will not actually cure an illness, but can simply help as part of an overall approach. What happens to the herbs when the clothes are washed, however, is a question that's still unanswered.生产这种布料的多家公司很快便指出:穿戴浸过药草的衣物实际上并不能治愈疾病,它仅仅可以作为一套整体的医疗方案的一部分。至于衣经水洗后药草会发生什么变化仍是一个待解决的课题。1. Ayurveda 〈梵〉阿育吠陀,也译作“生命吠陀医学”,是印度一门集治病和保健于一体的古老学问。Ayus指的是“生命”,Veda指的则是“知识或者智慧”,两者结合在一起,意思是指“生命的科学”,或指“生命或长寿的知识”。阿育吠陀医学不单是一门治病的知识,同时还是一种教导人们如何生活、如何保持健康的学问。印度政府对于阿育吠陀医学相当重视,因此阿育吠陀医学在印度的卫生保健事业上一直发挥着重要作用。2. indigo 槐蓝属植物,木蓝属植物,这种植物能产生靛蓝类染料。3. turmeric 姜黄根粉,尤用于制作咖喱等佐料或黄色染料。4. herb-infused 浸入药草的,herb指“叶或茎可用于调味或制药的香草、药草”,infuse有“浸渍、泡制(草药)”之意。 /200807/43148上迳镇妇幼保健院要预约吗 镜洋镇结扎复通多少钱

福清市妇女儿童医院介绍You are essentially trying to balance what has been a year of intense media interest and obviously one hopes consumer interest in VR as a category#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;with the fact that this is a very new kind of product interaction, Mr House says. 一年来媒体对VR技术非常感兴趣,显然我们也希望消费者对VR这类产品感兴趣……然而这也是一类非常新的互动产品,所以基本上你得努力综合考虑这两方面的因素。This is actually something you wear on your head in order to have these experiences.豪斯表示,这种产品是你得真的戴到头上才能体验的。Much of the industry’s focus so far has been on making sure headsets are comfortable and accessible enough for normal consumers, not just game enthusiasts.到目前为止,该行业的关注点在很大程度上是确保头盔佩戴起来足够舒适、足够易于上手——不仅是对视频游戏爱好者、对普通消费者而言也是如此。谷歌79美元的Daydream View主要由纺织面料制成,这让它的重量比Gear VR轻近三分之一。It’s one of those things that maybe in retrospect seems kind of obvious, says Clay Bavor, Google’s head of VR.谷歌VR主管克莱#8226;巴沃尔(Clay Bavor)表示:这一点我们以后回过头来看或许会觉得是明摆着的。It is how comfortable sleep masks and ski masks are built. 佩戴舒适的睡眠眼罩和滑雪面罩就是用的这种面料。You don’t start with the same stuff that your VCR is made out of.用VCR的那种材质来造VR头盔根本行不通。He adds that fabric design, alongside tuning the Android software and display in its new Pixel smartphone for VR, will enable people to spend longer in VR than in Google’s previous effort, the low-cost Cardboard viewer.他补充称,采用纺织面料的设计,再加上在谷歌最新的Pixel智能手机中对安卓软件以及显示进行调整以适配VR,将让人们在VR世界中逗留的时间能够超过谷歌之前的一款低价产品——Cardboard头盔。Yet Mr Bavor warns: It’s going to take years and years and years for the technology to fully mature and for the content to get there.然而,巴沃尔警告称:要想这项技术完全成熟、可用的内容完全跟上,还需要很多很多年。Analysts agree that any company involved in VR is likely to be in an investment phase for some time.分析师们同意这一观点:任何一家涉足VR的公司都可能在较长一段时间里处于投入阶段。It’s just not a mainstream technology at the moment, says Ben Wood of CCS Insight. It doesn’t look right, the experience isn’t good enough, it’s expensive. 简单说,就目前而言这还不是一项主流技术,CCS Insight的本#8226;伍德(Ben Wood)表示,它的外观看起来不顺眼,体验也不够好,而且价格昂贵。But the potential is unlimited, which is why so many people are chasing the rainbow.但它潜力无限,这就是为什么这么多人在不顾一切地进入该领域的原因。Even some people working in the VR industry worry that it may be seen as a novelty, rather than something that becomes as widesp as a games console or smartphone. 甚至一些VR业内人士也担心,它可能被视为一种新奇玩意,而不是一种会像游戏机或智能手机那样普及开来的产品。Maureen Fan, chief executive of Baobab Studios, the developer behind VR animation Invasion!, predicts a long bumpy ride.开发VR动画短片《入侵》(Invasion!)的Baobab Studios的首席执行官Maureen Fan预测,VR将经历漫长而崎岖的发展历程。There needs to be more content out there for VR to become really huge. VR要想真正成功,需要有更多内容制作出来。We are trying to fulfil that need as quickly as possible, she says. When the novelty wears off, the thing that still matters is story and characters.我们正努力尽快满足这种要求,她表示,一旦新鲜感消退,仍然重要的因素还是故事和角色。At this week’s developer event, Oculus showed off social networking inside VR as a way to attract more consumers. 在本周的开发者大会上,Oculus展示了VR内的社交网络互动,作为吸引更多消费者的一种方式。Mr Zuckerberg took a selfie of his avatar with a 360-degree photo of his dog, alongside a call from his wife, to illustrate what social experiences might look like in VR.为展示VR中的社交互动体验可能是什么样的,扎克伯格为自己的虚拟化身(avatar)、实景中他的、以及他妻子打来的视频电话窗口拍了一张自拍照。Facebook’s existing apps can also help build awareness of VR. Facebook现有的应用也能帮助人们建立对VR的认识。Nate Mitchell, vice-president of product for Oculus, says he hopes being able to plug directly into the Facebook news feed, which has 1.7bn monthly active users, will help bring virtual reality to a wider audience.Oculus产品副总裁纳特#8226;米切尔(Nate Mitchell)表示,他希望直接接入Facebook的新闻推送(拥有17亿月度活跃用户)将有助于让更多人认识VR。One of the things that is challenging is showing people ‘what is VR?’ This will help kindle that enthusiasm, he says.一个具有挑战性的问题是向人们展示‘什么是VR’?这将帮助激起人们的热情。他表示。Mr Mitchell adds Oculus apps have expanded beyond blockbuster games full of explosions to display content that appeals to a far more diverse audience, from education and art to karaoke. 米切尔补充称,Oculus应用已不局限于满是爆炸场面的火爆游戏,开始展示吸引不同类型观众的内容——从教育、艺术到卡拉OK。Oculus is investing 0m in content developers to ensure a steady pipeline of new VR games and apps.Oculus将在内容开发者身上投入5亿美元,以确保有新的VR游戏和应用源源不断地推出。Overall we are still investing more than we are generating profit, at a high level. 他表示:总的来说,我们的投资仍大大超过利润。It’s still early days. 现在还处于初期阶段。There are still a lot of hardware and software innovations that have to happen, he says.未来还需要出现大量硬件和软件创新。Given the huge scale of Facebook’s internet business, it’s going to be a while before we get to the place where we are this massive profit generator for Oculus’s parent, Mr Mitchell says, while adding: This Christmas is by no means make or break for Rift. 米切尔表示,鉴于Facebook互联网业务的庞大规模,Oculus要为母公司创造巨大利润尚需时日,同时他补充道,今年的圣诞节绝不是一个决定Rift成败的时刻。But we are set up to have an incredible holiday season.但我们已做好准备迎接一个火热的假日季。 /201610/470272福清第三人民医院咨询电话 When Samsung Electronics introduced its sleek, high-end Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in August, one of its senior executives called it “the most intelligent smartphone that we have ever created.”三星电子(Samsung Electronics)在八月推出光鲜亮丽的高端智能手机盖乐世Note 7(Galaxy Note 7)时,该公司的一名高管称它是“我们造出的最智能的智能手机”。Today, that model — which the South Korean electronics giant was counting on to help it close the gap with Apple, its biggest rival — looks more like an expensive problem that will not go away.这家韩国电子巨头本指望它能帮自己缩小与最大的竞争对手苹果(Apple)之间的差距。但现在,这款手机看上去更像是一个代价巨大、挥之不去的问题。Samsung has temporarily halted production of the Galaxy Note 7, a person familiar with the decision said on Monday, amid reports that a number of the devices had caught fire. The decision comes just five weeks after Samsung said it would recall 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 phones after reports of battery fires, suggesting that it has not been able to fix the problem.一名熟悉相关决定的人士周一表示,在得到不少盖乐世Note 7着火的报告后,三星已经暂时停止生产这款手机。就在五周前,三星在得到电池着火的报告后表示将召回250万部盖乐世Note 7,停产的决定意味着它无法解决相关的问题。On Tuesday, the company asked retailers and carriers to stop selling the phones until the problem was fixed, and said “consumers with either an original Galaxy Note 7 or replacement Galaxy Note 7 device should power down and stop using the device.”周二,该公司请求零售商和运营商停止销售这款手机,直到问题得到解决,并表示“不管是原来的盖乐世Note 7还是换货后的盖乐世Note 7,用户均应关机并停止使用”。Samsung had initially said that the problem was solved, after allowing consumers to trade in their phones for new ones. But production was halted after telecommunications companies in the ed States and Australia said they would not offer the Galaxy Note 7 following reports of fires involving new phones in which the problem was supposedly fixed.起初,三星允许消费者以旧换新,称问题已得到解决。但在号称已解决问题的新手机起火的报道出现后,美国和澳大利亚的电信公司表示将停售盖乐世Note 7,三星随即将其停产。In a disclosure to the South Korean stock exchange on Monday, Samsung said it was “temporarily adjusting the Galaxy Note 7 production schedule in order to take further steps to ensure quality and safety matters.” It said it hoped to provide an update within a month.在周一提交给韩国股票交易所的情况说明中,三星称自己“临时调整盖乐世Note 7的生产计划,以便采取进一步的措施,确保产品质量和安全”。该公司表示希望在一个月内能就此事的进展做出一个说明。Samsung made the decision to halt production for consumer safety reasons and in cooperation with the authorities in the ed States and China, according to the person familiar with the process.据熟悉相关程序的前述人士表示,三星是出于消费者安全的考虑,配合美国和中国当局做出停产决定的。The problems call into question Samsung’s campaign to catch up with Apple. While Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone company by market share, Apple has a strong hold on the expensive end of the market with the iPhone.相关问题引发了对三星追赶苹果的行动的怀疑。尽管按照市场份额来衡量,三星是全球最大的智能手机公司,但苹果凭借iPhone牢牢控制着高价位市场。Samsung is also grappling with problems on another front. Last week, a large American hedge fund, Elliott Management, called for the company to overhaul its structure, putting pressure on Samsung’s leaders to justify their actions.三星在另一个领域也面临着问题。上周,美国大型对冲基金埃利奥特资本管理公司(Elliott Management)要求三星改革公司结构,这让三星的高层面临压力,要明自己的行动的合理性。Samsung had been regaining some ground in the high-end market recently with its latest Galaxy phones, which feature curved edges and offer a more premium feel than its budget phones. The Galaxy Note 7 — with its 5.7-inch screen and a price tag exceeding 0 for a phone not tied to a specific carrier — was supposed to add to that momentum.近来,凭借最新的盖乐世系列手机,三星在高端市场重新获得了一席之地。盖乐世系列的边缘呈弧形,给人的感觉比该公司旗下的平价手机更高端。配备5.7英寸屏、裸机售价超过800美元的盖乐世Note 7本应增强这一势头。When the company announced the recall last month, it identified “a battery cell issue” and said it had stopped using batteries from that supplier, which it did not identify by name. But the recurring problem led industry experts to wonder whether the problem went beyond sloppy production and resulted from a faulty battery or software design.上月宣布召回时,三星确认是因为“一个电池问题”并表示已停止使用来自涉事供应商的电池,但三星未公布该供应商的名字。这个问题反复出现,导致行业专家怀疑该问题是否并非只是生产环节的马虎,而是电池或软件设计存在缺陷。The Galaxy Note 7 boasted a higher-capacity battery to help its increasingly sophisticated features, like an iris scanner for added security. It also supported fast and wireless charging technologies.为了持越来越复杂的功能,如增强安全保护的虹膜扫描仪,盖乐世Note 7的电池容量更大。它还持无线快充技术。Samsung is by far South Korea’s largest and most profitable company, and its smartphones have been one of its main sources of revenue in recent years. The crisis threatens to undermine the brand name the company has taken decades to build.三星是韩国迄今为止最大、最赚钱的公司。近年来,智能手机一直是它的主要收入来源之一。这场危机可能会破坏该公司用数十年时间建立起来的品牌。Last week, Pak Yu-ak, an analyst at Kiwoom Securities Company in Seoul, the capital, estimated that the initial recall was the big driver behind a nearly 40 percent drop in operating profit for Samsung’s IT and mobile device division in the third quarter compared with the second quarter, though he predicted a fourth-quarter rebound.上周,在韩国首都首尔的建佑券(Kiwoom Securities Company)分析师朴裕乐(Pak Yu-ak,音)估计,起初的召回是三星信息技术和移动设备部门第三季度营业利润环比下降近40%的重要原因,不过他预计第四季度会有回升。But that was before major telecom companies began saying they would stop offering the Galaxy Note 7. Lee Se-cheol, an analyst at NH Investment amp; Securities in Seoul, said that if the sales of the Samsung model were to be suspended for the fourth quarter, it would cost 0 million in lost revenue, making the company more dependent on its semiconductor business for profit.但这是在主要的电信公司开始表示将停售盖乐世Note 7之前。首尔NH投资券公司分析师李世哲(Lee Se-cheol,音)表示,如果第四季度停止销售盖乐世Note 7,会带来6.3亿美元的收入损失,致使三星更加依赖半导体业务盈利。Samsung initially won plaudits for the scale of its Sept. 2 recall, the largest ever in the smartphone industry. But the recall has been plagued with problems, including communications issues between Samsung executives and safety officials in the ed States.起初,三星因为9月2日宣布的召回的规模而赢得赞誉。这是智能手机行业迄今为止规模最大的召回。但召回出现了诸多问题,包括三星高管和美国安全官员之间的沟通问题。Last week, a Southwest Airlines flight in the ed States was evacuated after a Galaxy Note 7 began smoking inside the plane. The owner and his family told the news media that the phone was a replacement model. Samsung said it would investigate the incident.上周,因为飞机上的一部盖乐世Note 7手机开始冒烟,西南航空(Southwest Airlines)一架航班上的乘客被疏散。冒烟手机的所有者及其家人对新闻媒体表示,手机是更换后的新机。三星表示将调查此事。On Sunday, the American wireless carrier ATamp;T said it would stop selling or replacing Galaxy Note 7 smartphones because of reports of fires. Another major carrier, T-Mobile, also said it was temporarily halting sales and exchanges of new Galaxy Note 7s.周日,美国无线运营商ATamp;T表示因为收到手机起火的报告,将停止销售或更换盖乐世Note 7智能手机。另一家主要的运营商T-Mobile也表示将暂停销售和更换盖乐世Note 7新机。SK Telecom and other South Korean mobile carriers have not taken similar steps yet, saying that they were closely monitoring the situation.SK电信(SK Telecom)和韩国其他移动运营商尚未采取类似的举措。它们表示正在密切关注相关情况。Three of Australia’s biggest telecom companies — Telstra, Optus and Vodafone Australia — said they had stopped shipping Galaxy Note 7 phones to customers after reports that the replacement model had caught fire in the ed States.澳大利亚排名靠前的三家电信公司泰尔斯特拉(Telstra)、奥普图斯(Optus)和沃达丰澳大利亚(Vodafone Australia)表示,看到美国出现更换的新机着火的报道后,它们已停止向消费者提供盖乐世Note 7。“We have asked Samsung to provide us with an update on their investigations as a matter of priority and will update our customers as soon as we learn more,” said Steve Carey, a spokesman at Telstra, Australia’s largest carrier. There have been no reported fires in the handsets sold in Australia, Mr. Carey said.“我们首先要求三星向我们介绍调查的最新进展,一旦了解到更多情况,我们将告知消费者,”澳大利亚最大的运营商泰尔斯特拉的发言人史蒂夫#8226;凯里(Steve Carey)说,并表示尚未收到澳大利亚境内售出的盖乐世Note 7着火的报告。 /201610/470824港头镇儿童医院扣扣

一都镇中医院院长是谁From the Sydney Opera House to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, iconic structures went dark as people switched off lights in their homes and skylines dimmed around the world on Saturday to show concern with global warming.Up to 30 million people were expected to have turned off their lights for 60 minutes by the time "Earth Hour" - which started in Suva in Fiji and Christchurch in New Zealand - completed its cycle westward.More than 380 towns and cities and 3,500 businesses in 35 countries signed up for the campaign that is in its second year after it began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia's largest city."Earth Hour shows that everyday people are prepared to pull together to find a solution to climate change. It can be done," said James Leape of WWF International, which was running the campaign.Lights at Sydney's Opera House and Harbor Bridge were dimmed as Australians held candle-lit beach parties, played poker by candlelight and floated candles down rivers.In Bangkok, some of the city's business districts, shopping malls and billboards went dark, although street lights stayed on. One major hotel invited guests to dine by candle light and reported brisk business.In Copenhagen, the Tivoli Gardens and the Royal Palace and the opera darkened for an hour, along with many street lights."In the central square a lot of people were standing looking at the stars," said Ida Thuesen, spokeswoman for WWF Denmark. "It's not often you can see the stars in a city."In a tip of its virtual hat to the event, the background of Google's home page turned to black from white on more than a dozen country sites including Google.com. Floodlights went out at landmarks in Budapest, including its castle, cathedral and parliament.In Britain, 26 town and city councils signed up to switch off nonessential lights as did several historic buildings, including Prince Charles' private residence Highgrove House, London City Hall, Winchester Cathedral and the Government Communication Headquarters radio monitoring station. The south coast town of Brighton turned off the lights on its pier.The movement crossed the Atlantic to the ed States and Canada, where the 553-metre CN Tower in Toronto and the surrounding skyline were plunged into temporary darkness.(China Daily /Agencies)Vocabulary:WWF:世界自然基金会 (World Wide Fund for Nature) /200804/34779 平潭妇幼保健院在哪里福清治疗早泄哪家医院比较好



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