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湖州吸脂手术多少钱湖州南浔区激光治疗痤疮价格There are several ways to recycle old clothes and many reasons you might want to. Closet overflowing? Piles of stuff that no longer fit? Things you simply don’t like any more? If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions, you need to know some ways to recycle old clothes. We’re not talking about upcycling so you can wear them but about the best way to make the most of clothing that still has wear left in it that can be put to good use. There is great benefit to the environment when we recycle old clothes and there’s the philanthropic aspect too – helping others. Let’s take a look at some great ways to recycle old clothes.有许多种方法回收那些旧衣,也有很多你想要回收旧衣的理由。衣塞满了衣橱?不合身的衣都叠成好几堆了?有一些衣你再也不想要穿了?如果对以上其中一个或全部问题的回答是肯定的话,那你就需要知道一些回收衣的方法了。我们不是说要“升级循环”,这样你就可以再穿它们了,而是说要以最好的方式做到最大的利用,投入到更好的用途中去。我们回收旧衣,对环境也是一大贡献,此外也会是一种仁爱的表现—帮助他人。让我们看一看回收旧衣的好方法。1. Give to friends1. 送给朋友An easy way to recycle old clothes that you consider past their wear date, but are still in good condition, is to pass them on to friends. For them, they could be exciting ‘new additions’ for their wardrobe, especially if the clothing suits their style of dressing. They will appreciate your gesture and the fact that you will be saving them money. Don’t forget that item you found lurking at the back of your closet may well be considered on trend again now.如果你认为旧衣过了穿着时段,但它们仍保养得很好,那么重复利用旧衣的一个简单方法就是把它们送给你的朋友。对朋友来说,这“额外的赠予”会让他们兴奋起来,尤其是当衣符合他们的穿衣风格。他们会感激你的举动,同时也谢谢你让他们省了一笔钱。别忘了隐藏在你衣柜里的那些物品,它们可能会再度盛行。2. Give to good causes2. 捐赠给慈善事业Recycle clothes by donating them to your local thrift shops or charity organizations. These places aren’t a dumping ground for rubbish – the clothing should still be of use, but also remember that even if an item is stained, torn or lightly damaged, it can be given a new lease of life at a textile recovery facility.还有一种做法是把它们捐赠给当地的旧货店或慈善机构。这些地方不是垃圾处理厂——你应该保捐赠的衣依旧还能穿着,但也请记住,即使有件衣弄脏了、撕破了或有一点点的磨损,经纺织品返修设备一修补,就能成为一件新的。3. Give to clothes recycling centers3. 送到装回收处理中心Textile recycling recovery facilities sort out items of clothing according to their condition, fabric, type and also refurbish handbags, belts, shoes and hats. They separate the recycled clothing into useful items for distribution to countries worldwide. Some are used again in innovative ways – even tennis balls are made out of recycled clothing.根据衣的质地、面料和类型,纺织品循环利用处理中心会将衣进行分类,此外他们还可以分类翻新过的手袋、腰带、鞋子和帽子。他们从可回收的衣中分拣出有用的物品,并将这些物品分配到世界各国。有些会经过创新后再度投入使用——连网球都是由回收的衣制成的。4. Reuse around the house4. 家居用品再利用One of the simplest and cost-saving ways to recycle clothes is to use articles of soft clothing as polishing cloths, dusters, car and window cleaning materials, drying-up towels and for many other and varied purposes. Recycling is a great way to help the planet’s environment problems.一个最简单又节约成本的方法是把那些软的布料用作擦拭布、抹布、用在汽车和窗户上的清洁布、擦干布以及许多其它各种不同的用途。回收是解决地球环境问题的一个重要方法。5. Get crafty5. 巧手制作Soft cuddly toys like rag dolls and soft teddy bears can be produced out of recycled clothing. Children outgrow their clothes quickly but so many items are in perfect condition that is ideal for further usage. Old clothes can be reused for the bodies of toys or for the stuffing. If you’re feeling crafty, cut material from old clothing into equal strips and reuse them by weaving into shapes to make purses, or even turn them into shopping bags. Bibs, feeders, patchwork quilts and even wall hangings are other methods of recycling old clothes.柔软又可爱的玩具,像布娃娃和柔软的泰迪熊,就可以用回收的装来制作。孩子们的衣很快就不能穿了,但是衣上有很多地方却仍保持完好,它们是可以进一步循环利用的理想之选。旧衣可以重复使用作为玩具的身体部位或是填充物。如果你有奇思妙想,从旧衣上剪下同等大小的条形布条,再把它们缝成各种形状,进而做成钱包,甚至是购物袋。围嘴、奶瓶、小块布缝缀的被罩,甚至是墙壁上的帘布,这些都是重复利用旧衣的方法。6. Sell them6. 出售Selling your unwanted items to shops that specialize in selling fashionable recycled clothes can earn you some extra money. They sell on a consignment basis and take a reasonable commission on sale. You might also find something that you want there, so it becomes a worthwhile exchange and a benefit for your wardrobe.有一些商店专门出售回收的时尚装。你把不需要的东西卖给这些商店可以赚取一些外快。他们采用代销方式,收取合理的销售佣金。也许你在那里也能找到你想要的东西,所以在那里你可以交换到一些有价值的东西,对你的衣柜来说也是一大福音。7. Swap them7. 互相交换One of the most fun ways of recycling unwanted clothes is to get the girls together for a swap meet. Get your BFFs to sort out their unwanted stuff and all gather in one place for a mega swap session. Get in some wine and nibbles and make it a fun girls night in.最有趣的其中一种方法是把女孩们聚在一起来个交换联谊会。让你的死党们将她们不想要的东西分类好,然后聚在一个地方来次盛大的交换会。带些酒和小点心,办一个女孩欢乐夜!If you want easy ways to help save the planet, just recycle old clothes. It is so simple and practical. It takes little effort but has big benefits. What do you do with your old clothes?如果你想寻求一些拯救地球的简单方法,就回收旧衣吧。它是如此简单又实用。花的力气少,带来的好处却很多。现在你打算怎么处理你的旧衣呢? /201302/225079湖州吴兴区鼻头鼻翼缩小多少钱 George Brown and Glynis Johnstone have been madly in love since 1977.The Scottish couple got engaged 32-years-ago in 1980,and believe that if they had ever married they would have gone their separate ways by now.乔治#8226;布朗和格利尼斯#8226;约翰斯通自1977年以来一直处在疯狂热恋中。32年前的1980年这对苏格兰恋人订婚了,他们相信如果他们曾经结婚了现在可能已经各走各路了。Instead George, 58, and Glynis, 55 who have two children Pamela, 23, and Alexandra, 17, are still happily dating and can’t wait to retire together.相反,58岁的乔治和55岁格利尼斯, 有2个孩子,23岁的Pamela和17 岁的Alexandra,他们仍然幸福地约会,迫不及待地要一起退休。Glynis said: #39;It hasn#39;t really bothered us that we have never married. #39;There have been occasions where I’ve thought to myself that I’d like to finally be married, but to be honest more important stuff has always turned up.格利尼斯说:“我们从来没有结婚这这件事并没有真正困扰我们。某些时候我心想我最终还是要结婚的,但实话实说,总是有更重要的东西出现。#39;People keep asking me when I’m going to get married, but we must be doing something right as we’re still together.“人们一直在问我什么时候结婚,但当我们仍然在一起时,我们必须要做正确的事情。”#39;We’ve lasted much longer than most marriages, so it’s probably the fact we’ve not got done it that means we’re still here now.“我们比大多数的婚姻持续了更长的时间,所以可能是我们还没有结婚意味着我们现在还在一起。”George proposed to Glynis in May 1980. But before buying Glynis an engagement ring he nearly blew it all on an expensive carpet. He said: #39;I got made redundant in 1980 and I had all this money to spend, so I thought why not buy her a ring - but first things first, I bought a new carpet for us.乔治在1980年5月向格利尼斯求婚。但在此之前购买格利尼斯的订婚戒指,他差点因为昂贵的地毯把戒指的事搞砸了。他说:“我在1980年失业了,我只有这么些钱,所以我想为什么不给她买一个戒指呢——但首要的事情,我为我们买了一块新地毯。”#39;I can still clearly remember the night I proposed. I was very nervous, but I’d had a few sherbets, so I suppose I was fine.“我还清楚地记得我求婚的那个晚上。当时我很紧张,但我有几个冰冻果子露,所以我想我还好。”#39;The place was absolutely packed, they stopped the music and I got down on one knee and she said yes.#39;“那个场所绝对装饰了,他们停止了音乐,我单膝跪地,她答应了。”Glynis added: #39;We had been together for about three years at the time.All of a sudden I was pushed into the middle of the dance floor and George got down on one knee and proposed to me. I was so embarrassed, but it was lovely.#39;格利尼斯补充说:“那时我们差不多已经在一起三年了。突然我被人推到舞池中央和乔治单膝跪地向我求婚。我是如此的尴尬,但这件事很有爱。”“George has tried to set a wedding date a number of times since the proposal, but has never managed to see it through.”“求婚后乔治曾多次试图确定一个婚礼日期,但从来没有看到它实现。”He said: #39;I remember about 15 years ago Glynis’s brother was about to get married and I thought that might be a good time to ask again, so I suggested a double marriage. #39;And you know what she said? ;You’re not spoiling my brother’s wedding!;.#39;他说:“我记得大约15年前格利尼斯的弟弟要结婚了,我想这可能是一个好时机再问一下,所以我提出了双份婚礼的计划。 你知道她说什么? ‘你这是在破坏我弟弟的婚礼!’”#39;But to be honest we’re quite happy the way we are. The longer it went on it’s just become normal to be engaged, it doesn’t really matter that we’ve never married.“但说实话,我们很高兴我们现在的状态。时间越长订婚也显得越正常,我们从来没结婚一点关系都没有。”#39;We think it’s quite nice just to live together as a couple and we’ve never really got round to settling a date for marriage.One thing or another would turn up and it would just take a back seat.“我们认为仅仅像夫妻一样住在一起这相当不错,我们从来没有真正确定结婚的日期。一件接一件的事出现,结婚也只能退居二线。”#39;We see our situation as a normal one, it doesn’t bother me. We’ve settled down, got two kids together and life’s good.#39;“我们把我们的情况视为正常,这并没有困扰我。我们已经定下来了,有两个孩子,生活很好。”But neither George nor Glynis would rule out the possibility that they could walk down the aisle sometime in the future.但乔治和格利尼斯并没有排除未来某个时候一起走红毯的可能性。George said: #39;You never know. Perhaps when we are retired we will find the time to do it, but we just take each day as it comes.乔治说:“你永远不会知道。或许当我们退休后我们会找个时间来结婚,但我们只是把每一天当做即将到来的那天。”Glynis said: #39;I did dream about getting married when I was a little girl, but things happen in life, something would always get in the way.#39;But I would never say never.#39;格利尼斯说:“当我还是一个小女孩的时候,我确实梦想过结婚的事,但在生活中总有事情发生,一些事情总是会阻碍结婚。但我永远不会说永不结婚。” /201210/203684湖州市臀部吸脂多少钱

湖州哪里做祛斑效果好6.Your Sense of Smell Gets Better6.你的嗅觉会变得更加灵敏During pregnancy, your sense of smell increases drastically, as does your sense of taste. Scientists hypothesize that this is to help pregnant mothers avoid eating small levels of toxins that might not be dangerous to an adult, but could be deadly to a fetus. As smoke, alcohol and coffee are all particularly noticeable to pregnant women, this theory certainly seems to be on the right path.在怀期间,你的嗅觉灵敏度会急剧增加,味觉也是一样。科学家们推测这是为了帮助妇们避免吃下对大人无害但却对胎儿致命的微量毒素。妇们对烟,酒和咖啡都特别敏感,这一理论看起来还是有一番道理的。7.Contractions Don#39;t Stop After Birth7.宫缩在生产之后还不会结束Most mothers will have contractions for the first few days after birth. The muscle cramps are the body#39;s way of stopping excess blood loss. On the upside, if you give birth at the hospital, you#39;ll still be pretty drugged up and will probably barely even notice.大多数妈妈在生产之后宫缩还会持续几天。肌肉痉挛是身体为了避免失血过多而采取的机制。往好的方面想,如果你在医院生产的话,你的麻药还没有退,对此你毫无所觉。8.You Don#39;t Really Need To Eat For Two8.你真的没有必要吃两个人的份Despite the widesp rumors that say pregnant women need to gain all the weight they can in order to birth a healthy baby, the truth is that most women will only need an extra 300 calories per day. That#39;s equivalent to about one serving of yogurt and half a bagel. Most women only need to gain about 25 pounds throughout their entire pregnancy.Of course, if you happen to be at the buffet and are having a tough time resisting the desserts section, go ahead and sneak a little extra. No one will give a pregnant woman a hard time if she pigs out.尽管民间广泛流传着妇要生下健康的宝宝就必须尽量增重的谣言,但真相是大多数妇每天只需要多补充300卡路里的热量。这等同于一份酸奶和半个百吉饼的热量。大多数妇在整个期只需要增加大约25磅的重量。当然,如果你碰巧在吃自助餐并且抵制不了甜点的诱惑,那么偷偷地去多拿一点吧。就算一个妇大吃特吃也没有人会去抱怨的。9.Your Feet Can Grow Up To One Full Shoe Size9.你的脚会大上一倍If you#39;re wondering why your feet will get so big when you only gain 25 pounds, it has to do with the excess pressure on your feet paired with relaxed ligaments in your body. As your pregnancy wears on, your body starts to release the tightness of its ligaments to help with the birthing process. Unfortunately for your shoes, this also means your feet start to lose their arch and stretch out on the sides. The flatter, wider shape of your feet will probably be temporary, but if they grew too much, the change could end up being permanent. If your feet do stay a bit larger, it certainly will serve as a great excuse to buy more shoes.如果你在疑惑不解为什么只重了25磅脚却变得如此之大,那么我告诉你这和与放松的韧带成配比的对脚施加的额外压力有关。随着肚子越来越大妇愈加疲惫,你的身体就会开始放松韧带的紧绷度以便于生产。不幸的是你的鞋子就遭殃了。这意味着你的脚开始失去撑点,向两边伸展。这又大又宽的脚或许是暂时的,但是如果情况严重的话,这个改变将会永久存在。如果你的脚稍微变大了一点,也不失为一个给自己买更多鞋子的最好理由!10.The Father Might Show Symptoms of Pregnancy10.爸爸也许也会出现怀的症状It#39;s surprisingly common for a father-to-be to start gaining weight, getting morning sickness and even feel cramps in his lower abdomen. The condition is known as a sympathetic pregnancy or the Couvade Syndrome, which comes from the french word couvee meaning ;to hatch;.准爸爸们增重,晨吐甚至感觉小腹痉挛都是十分普遍的现象。这种病情著称为“苦娃达”或者拟娩综合征,拟娩(Couvade)这个专有名词来自法文couvee,是孵化的意思。翻译:高陈影 来源:前十网 /201509/397205湖州打瘦脸针多少钱 湖州光子嫩肤祛雀斑哪家医院好

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