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%0mx8H;7@aQEoc4)09^IA([!pcToday in History: Friday, September 21, 2012历史上的今天:星期五,2012年9月21日0[Jg_BXb)o[P|#On Sept. 21, 1998 President Bill Clinton#39;s taped grand jury testimony in the Monica Lewinsky scandal was publicly broadcast, showing him answering one question from prosecutors by saying, ;It depends on what the meaning of #39;is#39; is.;1998年9月21日,在莫妮卡·莱温斯基丑闻中比尔·克林顿总统陪审团作录像被公开广播,他这样回答检察官的一个问题“这取决于这是什么意思”zptJoRvMcl[LgRrP。p[x~h4)GDsXxbA6[)S1792, the French National Convention voted to abolish the monarchy.1792年,法国国民大会投票废除君主制fm~-w|cycIFaBm%Cxk6.。i7Uaf,+(fhh4F1897 The New York Sun ran an editorial answering a question from an 8-year-old girl that included the line, ;Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.;1897年,《纽约太阳报》刊登了一篇社论回答一个8岁女孩的问题,“是的,维吉尼亚有一个圣诞老人ejmo%)xLC+G。”[XIAl|NozLAKOg1931 Britain went off the gold standard.1931年,英国放弃金本位制度o|EQJnlt_J)sT。*-0iF~wKmBTlS_%!Ax1937 ;The Hobbit; by J.R.R. Tolkien was published.1937年,J.R.R Tolkien著作的《哈比人历险记》出版O^0^Mc*b*jpSJBx*kX。ExASvs_.GUdT1938 A hurricane struck parts of New York and New England, causing widesp damage and claiming more than 600 lives.1938年,一场飓风袭击了纽约和新英格兰部分地区,造成大范围破坏及600多人丧身TViaMHU*i!T6。~!5v#1Z+991948 Milton Berle debuted as permanent host of ;The Texaco Star Theater; on N.1948年,作为N“德士古明星剧场”的老牌主持人弥尔顿·伯雷首次亮相|O6VQi+4,.(@sw9TKvb。|fBTZrE[_F1957 ;Perry Mason,; starring Raymond Burr, premiered on CBS.1957年,由Raymond burr主演的“Perry Mason”在哥伦比亚广播公司首演.ubcJm2Po0wh*a[[C。8%.+^rS]A3udy8ae1964 Malta gained independence from Britain.1964年, 马耳他脱离英国获得独立xzI%tU.,DHx28。H(-5Ji*#pM1970 ;NFL Monday Night Football; debuted on A.1970年,“NFL周一晚间橄榄球”节目在A首次上演qyXB2TwNe~QidJrH。hTm0GQFf~f,d2C.!*g1982 National Football League players began a 57-day strike.1982年,全国橄榄球联盟玩家开始一次为期57天的罢工(B#My^0*YXDa@sE。xr*EXBV(S5.31983 Interior Secretary James G. Watt described a special advisory panel as consisting of ;a black ... a woman, two Jews and a cripple.; Watt later apologized and resigned.1983年,内政部长詹姆斯·瓦特将一个特殊组成的顾问小组描述成“一个黑人,一个女人,两个犹太人和一个跛子%keF4.PagoGPXCP;.#l。”事后瓦特道歉并辞职f]08Vmy9tvn。jwZWOF@D2s!(6,1996 The board of Virginia Military Institute voted to admit women.1996年,弗吉尼亚军事学院董事会投票接纳女性kzqtHD#n0x。jt3-^44se8%OZ1998 Olympic gold medal track star Florence Griffith Joyner, 38, died in her sleep after suffering an epilectic seizure.1998年,38岁的奥运会金牌田径明星Florence Griffith Joyner因患癫痫在睡梦中死去5e-Eo3;Q0Ta!h|zR。a8P#vBV8CMm2001 Congress approved billion to help an airline industry reeling from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.2001年,美国国会批准了150亿美元帮助遭“9·11”恐怖袭击的航空工业[G1!3v9M#]R0q。k!x8fv,+tL,3C)M-r_+2004 The album ;American Idiot; by Green Day was released.2004年,Green Day专辑《美国白痴》发布K+T^,Lx5l9)。p_Pni8V6E)p]b,R#,ZDG2008 ;Mad Men; became the first basic-cable show to win a top series Emmy award.2008年,《广告狂人》成为第一个获得获得最高系列艾美奖基本有线电视节目vUDwi0n[yh9(。~ANrtNIFAc~+Nj|GPF;KKCZltxsfxYS3bXa0. /201209/201046

f0#jncZnBOKV47n~Kqg(psI8v-[nZINC7E5wAeKtoA[hSo you#39;ve found the home of your dreams, and as soon as you can sell your old place - it#39;ll be yours. We at Polycell are going to show you the 3 golden rules to help you maximise the value of your home and get it sold quick.u]x3]+;5^[SQ@I*nc@m1所以你已经找到你梦想的家,但前提是你要卖掉你的旧所——这就将是你的房子0._jv-T#gMxg)5wKD.。我们将会向您展示3条黄金规则来帮助你最大化房子的价值,然后将它尽快卖掉s~G(ax6i(ID。9D3wEp;6WepR)Rayy;U60zETwlAx10XU[5Wnh0d0 Article/201207/189209The greatest challenge for the team making Frozen Planet摄制组碰到的最大挑战was the extreme remoteness of their locations.是拍摄地点之间相距极远Many of the shoots lasted months at a time许多镜头一拍就是几个月and needed a number of crews to join forces.而且需要许多工作人员协同工作One location that would require such siege tactics有一个拍摄点就需要这样浩大的工程was Mount Erebus, Antarctica#39;s most active volcano.它就是埃里伯斯 南极洲最活跃的火山This magical mountain does not give up her secrets easily.这座神奇的火山绝不轻易透露自己的秘密To capture the full story of Mount Erebus from top to bottom要完整捕捉到埃里伯斯火山的全部required four different film crews.需要四组不同的摄制人员The cave team is dropped off at 12,000 feet,洞穴组在海拔近3700米之处降落close to the crater.以靠近火山口In howling winds and thin oxygen,他们要抵御呼啸的寒风和稀薄的空气their challenge is to find a way into the volcano itself.目标是找出进入火山的道路They are venturing into the unknown.他们要探索未知Somewhere below are spectacular ice caves,地下有一些奇妙的冰洞melted out by volcanic steam.因火山蒸汽的热量融化而成Getting the team safely underground组员安全深入地下is a relief for director Chadden Hunter.让导演查登·亨特尔放心不少Excellent, it#39;s much warmer down here, it#39;s freezing up there.太好了 下面暖和多了 上面冷极了Minus 29.零下29度With him is cameraman Gavin Thurston.和他一起的是摄像师嘉文·瑟斯顿You sort of forget being in here,你会忘记自己在哪里you are actually inside a volcano.其实是在一座火山里You know, above us and below us, there#39;s bubbling lava我们的上面和下面是翻滚的岩浆and you#39;ve got all these gases seeping up through here,这里都被蒸汽渗透了which is how these caves are made,正是蒸汽弄出了这些洞穴so there#39;s also increased carbon dioxide in here.所以这里二氧化碳的含量更高 /201210/206213

The King received the last rites,国王得到了临终圣礼but then, miraculously recovered.然后奇迹般地康复了And, it#39;s from this period that his name从这时开始;Bien-Aime;, the Well-Beloved, dates,他被称为;边·艾梅; 意味被爱戴的because the people were so pleased that their young king因为人们都为年轻的国王had recovered from his illness.得以康复而欣喜非常But Louis#39;s new-found piety didn#39;t last long.但路易的虔诚并未持续多久As soon as he possibly could, he went back to his old ways.一旦情况允许 他立刻重现原形And, within a few months,短短几个月时间Madame de Chateauroux was back in his bed.查特路夫人重新回到了他床上Louis, the beloved, became even more popular in 1745.受爱戴的路易在1745年更加声名大噪He was present on the battlefield as the French army他亲临战场 勉励法国军队crushed the Austrians and the British at the Battle of Fontenoy.在丰特努瓦战役中击败了奥地利和英国France was the dominant power in Europe, once again,法国重获欧洲大陆霸主地位just as she had been in the time of Louis XIV.一如路易十四时代It was the perfect moment for Louis to meet the love of his life.这正是路易遇见毕生真爱的绝佳时机 Article/201205/181377By the time of the North#39;s final victory, over 600,000 men on both sides are dead. Sum 2% of the entire US population.截至北方获胜之时,双方合计阵亡人数超过60万,相当于当时美国人口的2%。In current population terms, that#39;s the equivalent of 6 million people.按比例推算,相当于现在的600万人。Almost half of the dead remain unidentified. The fear of dying forgot on the battlefield leave soldiers for the first time to begin painting their names and unions on their unifo rms.死者中有近半数依然身份不明,由于害怕自己会成为战场上的无名鬼,士兵们第一次开始在军装上画上自己的姓名和部队番号。These crude early versions of the dog tag will make it possible to identify their bodies after they are killed.这些早期的士兵身份识别牌在他们死后可以帮助辨认尸体的身份。For the first time, America#39;s growing postal service, means soldiers can write to their loved ones from the front.此外,美国日益发展的邮政务让前线士兵们首次能够给亲友写信。With none of today#39;s military censorship, it allows soldiers like Robert Stiles to relay the terrifying realities of life on the front line.由于当时还没有如今的军队审查制度,这就让诸如罗伯特·斯泰尔斯的士兵们得以将前线生活的恐怖现实传播出去。The sights and smells that assailed us were simply indescribable. Corpse swollen to twice their original size. Some of them actually burst sunder with the pressure of foul gases and vapours. 萦绕在我们身边的惨状和气味实在让人无法形容,尸体肿胀成了原来的两倍大小,有些尸体甚至会因淤塞的气体的压力过大而爆开。Fueling this carnage lies the deep political animosity that has led to this war.潜藏在这场大屠杀背后深层次的政治仇恨才是战争爆发的根源。In the bitter conflict that has pitted as ;brother against brother;, the South has determined to defend its independence an d the system of slavery. But the North will not allow it to leave the Union of States.在这场被喻为;手足相残;的苦战中,南方决意捍卫其独立地位以及奴隶制,而北方绝不会任由南方脱离联邦。We fought and lost hundreds of thousands of men on both sides fighting for what they believe is right.交战过后双方都损失了数十万军人,都是为了捍卫自己心中的信仰。The unholy alliance of new weapons and outdated battle tactics, means the body count on an industrial scale.新式武器和传统兵法的结合非常恐怖导致了死亡率达到了工业化的规模,The war is locked in a bloody stalemate. Neither side can land a decisive blow. In this bitter war of attrition, victory will come to the last man standing.战争陷入了血腥的僵局,双方都无法发起决定性的一击。在这场相持不下的战争中,胜利属于坚持到最后的人。 /201210/206139

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