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According to new data released by the U.S. Census Bureau, the country is getting older and more diverse.根据美国人口普查局公布的新数据,美国正面临老化和越来越多样化。The nation#39;s median age jumped three years from 35 in 2000 to almost 38 in 2016.全国平均年龄从2000年的35岁增加3岁到2016年的近38岁。That#39;s because the baby-boom generation started turning 65 in 2011, causing an increase to the population of people over the age of 65.这是因为2011年婴儿潮一代开始达到65岁,导致超过65岁的人口增加。In regards to race and ethnic groups, the Census Bureau found that each group had seen growth. The populations of Asian people and people who identified as multiracial increased the most, growing by 3 percent.考虑种族和族裔群体,人口普查局发现每个群体都在增长。亚洲人口和认定为混血的人增长最多,上升百分之3.The population that increased the least — non-Hispanic white people. While that group only grew by 5,000, they#39;re still the second-largest population in the country with 198 million people.人口增加最少的是非西班牙裔白人。尽管该群体仅增长5,000,他们仍以1亿9,800万人成为该国第二大人口。The Census Bureau says that demographic had the lowest population increase because it#39;s the only group where deaths are exceeding births.人口普查局表示,特定年龄段的人口具有最低的增长,因为它是唯一群体死亡正超过出生。译文属。 Article/201706/515304

TED演讲视频:一个肯尼亚的寓言肯尼亚国会议员约瑟夫.乐库顿在介绍完他非凡的教育历程后,讲述了一个昭示非洲如何发展的寓言,不啻于希望之声。 Article/201704/501659

There was one emperor, Spanish by birth, who understood that even the world#39;s biggest empire needed to know its limits.一位西班牙血统皇帝深明 无论帝国疆域如何广阔 终有疆界He of course was destined, in Britain at any rate, to be remembered by a wall.在不列颠 他注定因一堵墙而流芳百世When we think of Hadrian#39;s Wall,we tend to think of the Romans rather like US cavalrymen deep in Indian country, defending the flag,想到哈德良长城 我们自然会想到罗马人 如同深入印第安保卫国旗的美国骑兵peering through the cracks and waiting nervously for war drums and smoke signals.提心吊胆地等待着 战鼓与烽烟A place where paranoia sweated from every stone.所及之处 风声鹤唳 草木皆兵It wasn#39;t really like that at all.但事实并非如此As fantastically ambitious as this was,stretching 73 miles from coast to coast from the Solway to the Tyne,它彰显着令人难以置信的雄心 绵延七十三英里 横贯东西海岸 西至索尔韦湾 东至泰恩河口and though Hadrian probably conceived it in response to a rebellion纵然哈德良筑此长城的初衷是抵御叛乱on the part of those people in the Romans loftily referred to as ;Brittunculi;--nasty wretched little Brits.即一部分罗马人口中所指的 卑鄙下流的小不列颠人Almost certainly, he didn#39;t mean it as an impermeable barrier against barbarian onslaught from the north.当然 他从未有意 将此作为抵御北方蛮族侵袭的坚实战壕The wall was studded with milecastles and turrets and forts like this one at Housesteads.长城上设有众多烽火台 炮塔 以及类似豪斯戴斯的堡垒But as Britain settled down in the second century AD,但当不列颠人于公元二世纪在此定居these places became up-country hill stations more like social centres and business centres这些地方便成为了远离喧嚣的避暑胜地 更像是社交与商业的中心than really grim, heavily-manned barracks.而非重兵驻扎的军营所在So the purpose of these forts became not to prevent people going to and fro so much as to control and observe them.所以这些堡垒的作用就变为 并非用于阻止人们穿行 而更大程度上起到了监控作用The forts in particular,became a place where a kind of customs scam was imposed on those trying to do business on one side or the other.这些堡垒的作用 就成了对往来其间的商人 收取赋税的关卡It#39;s better to think of the wall not so much as a fence but rather a spine around which control of northern Britain toughened, hardened and prospered.与其说这是防护墙 不如说是一条中枢脊柱 控制着顽强 坚韧与繁荣的不列颠北部 /201607/452383

The fight against Zika just took a huge step forward.对抗寨卡病毒前进了一大步。The U.S. is enrolling volunteers for testing on an experimental vaccine. This is one of the first Zika vaccine to make it to broader human testing.美国正在招募志愿者进行实验性疫苗试验。这是首个寨卡疫苗进行更为广泛的人体试验。The first volunteer got a dose in Houston in late March. The next step is to test 90 adults with different doses to see which one works best.第一名志愿者三月下旬在休斯敦注射了一定剂量。接下来要对90名成年人进行不同剂量测试,看哪一个效果最好。After that, the researchers aim to test more than 2,000 volunteers from five at-risk countries: Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Peru.在此之后,研究人员的目标是试验超过2,000名来自五个风险国家的志愿者,分别是巴西、墨西哥、巴拿马、哥斯达黎加和秘鲁。Traditionally, vaccines imitate an infection to train the body to fight against it. This one is slightly different.传统上,疫苗会模仿感染训练身体对抗它。这一个略有不同。It#39;s called a DNA vaccine, and it carries genes from the actual virus that resemble Zika to trick the immune system into building up a defense.这就是所谓的DNA疫苗,它携带来自类似寨卡实际病毒的基因,欺骗免疫系统建立防御。Zika#39;s status as a ;public health emergency; was lifted last year, but it#39;s still a big problem in the Americas. The virus can cause severe birth defects if a mother gets it when she#39;s pregnant.去年取消了寨卡“突发公共卫生事件”的状态,但它仍然是美国的一个大问题。当母亲怀时,病毒会导致严重的出生缺陷。Still, the vaccine likely won#39;t be widely available for a while.不过,这种疫苗可能暂时不会广泛使用。译文属。 Article/201704/502109

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